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Fri Mar 21 17:08:49 2014 UTClccn-n822500410.00The Religious novel of Kūkai0.611.00K⁰ukai: major works. Translated, with an account of his life and a study of his thought, by Yoshito S. Hakeda28435525n 82250041Hakeda, Yoshito, 1924-1983Hakeda, Yoshito S.ハケダ, ヨシト, 1924-1983lccn-n80086312Aśvaghoṣalccn-n81023382Kūkai774-835lccn-n82250042Haskel, Peterlccn-n81079786Bankei1622-1693lccn-n79095270American Council of Learned Societieslccn-n50045122De Bary, William Theodoreedtlccn-n50018400Basham, Arthur Llewellynlccn-n90697612Yampolsky, Philip B.viaf-168533741Columbia UniversityDepartment of Historynp-hurwitz, leonHurwitz, LeonHakeda, Yoshito S.Sacred booksCriticism, interpretation, etcBuddhismMahayana BuddhismShingon (Sect)Mahayana Buddhism--DoctrinesZen Buddhism--DoctrinesJapanBuddha (The concept)FaithBuddhist sectsTantric BuddhismWŏnhyo,AśvaghoṣaLanguage and languagesChinaIndiaBuddhist mantrasShingon (Sect)--DoctrinesShingon (Sect)--RitualsYoga--Tantric BuddhismPhilosophy, JapaneseEthicsTantric Buddhism--Rituals192419831960196219651967196919721974197519771983198419861989199019931996200020052006200722451479294.3BQ1138ocn001175651ocn000409627ocn462973707ocn038074572ocn459443005ocn798209887ocn780195143ocn760608422ocn439457670ocn462187440108727ocn001175651book19670.59AśvaghoṣaThe awakening of faith : attributed to AśvaghoshaSacred booksIt forulates the fundamental doctrines of the Mahayana school, and was written by Ashvagosha one of the greatest poets of India+-+K18835687584618ocn000409627book19720.59KūkaiKūkai: major works+-+28840568752719ocn010484639book19840.73BankeiBankei Zen : translations from the Record of Bankei+-+5936867535134ocn611313818book19690.47De Bary, William TheodoreThe Buddhist tradition in India, China & JapanSacred booksThis book, compiled from basic Buddhist writings, presents a survey of Buddhist thought in India, China, and Japan, covering the central doctrines and practices that has profoundly influenced human life in Asia. Developments in practical ethics, social attitudes, philosophical speculation, and religious and aesthetic contemplation are represented by selected excerpts from basic writings with succinct introductions and commentary. From these one may observe not only the remarkable vitality of Buddhism in its spread through Asia, but also the essential links between widely diverse forms, showing how the spiritual message of the Buddha found expression in different historical and cultural circumstances. Thus both its continuity in time and its wide range of influence mark Buddhism as a major spiritual force in the world. Buddha, as the Awakened One, has exemplified to millions of followers throughout the ages a living Truth, a dynamic wisdom and an active compassion. It is these qualities that have inspired hop and courage in men who were asked to face to the stark reality of man's condition: the inevitable involvement in suffering which arises from his persistent egoism and refusal to recognize his finitude+-+014162948575ocn009507870book19600.92Hakeda, Yoshito SCharacteristics of the language of the epics of Aśvaghoṣa especially as compared with that of the epics of Kālidāsa64ocn608510531book19750.95Hakeda, Yoshito SShingon himitsu yuga42ocn674845809book19960.81Kūkai mikkyō33ocn844552483book20000.47KūkaiMajor works+-+288405687522ocn760608422book19840.47BankeiBankei Zen+-+593686753521ocn468781023book19670.10Aśvaghosha The awakening of faith : Attributed to Aśvaghosha11ocn844555896bookAsvaghosa[Mahayanasraddhotpadasastra.11ocn639922049book19721.00K⁰ukai, 774-835K⁰ukai: major works. Translated, with an account of his life and a study of his thought, by Yoshito S. Hakeda11ocn156030484book19620.47Hakeda, Yoshito SBuddhist hybrid Sanskrit words in Aśvaghoṣa's kāvyasCriticism, interpretation, etc11ocn469547760book1965Hakeda, Yoshito SThe Religious novel of Kūkai+-+K188356875+-+K188356875Fri Mar 21 15:40:39 EDT 2014batch9344