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Thu Oct 16 17:58:41 2014 UTClccn-n822547930.12Frankenstein : the real story0.780.97Osservazioni intorno ad una articolo del charissimo signor professore G. Grimelli sulla collezione publicata dall'Accademia delle scienze dell'Instituto di Bolognia : e nuove notizie sul Galvani illustrazioni e difese delle opere sue discorso del Dottor Silvestro Gherardi74068991Luigi_Galvanin 822547931084523Gal'vani, A.Galvani, Aloisio 1737-1798Galvani, Aloisio Luigi 1737-1798Galvani , AloisiusGalvani, Aloisius 1737-1798Galvani, Aloys 1737-1798Galvani Aloysio Domenico 1737-1798Galvani Aloysius 1737-1798Galvani, Ludwig 1737-1798Gal'vani, Luidži.Galvanus, Aloysius 1737-1798lccn-n80149535Volta, Alessandro1745-1827lccn-n83017970Aldini, Giovanni1762-1834edtlccn-n80015691Dibner, Bernlccn-n81065125Pera, Marcello1943-lccn-n79061063Shelley, Mary Wollstonecraft1797-1851lccn-no96037384History Channel (Television network)lccn-nr92019436Arts and Entertainment Networklccn-n86842774Carminati, Bassiano1750-1830lccn-n79132480Fulton, John F.(John Farquhar)1899-1960edtnp-clarke, stuartClarke, StuartprodrtGalvani, Luigi1737-1798HistoryBibliographyGalvani, Luigi,ElectricityElectrophysiologyVolta, Alessandro,Aldini, Giovanni,Shelley, Mary Wollstonecraft,Ure, Andrew,Frankenstein, Victor (Fictitious character)Democritus, Christianus,ItalyElectric stimulationMuscle contractionNeurophysiologyTransplantation of organs, tissues, etcResuscitationMuscles--PhysiologyPhysiologistsAnatomyHorror tales, EnglishScientistsMonsters in literatureEnglandFrankenstein (Shelley, Mary Wollstonecraft)Occultism and scienceFrankenstein's monster (Fictitious character)Women and literatureScience--ExperimentsDe viribus electricitatis in motu musculari comentarius (Galvani, Luigi)SciencePhysiologyMedicineElectrotherapeuticsSpallanzani, Lazzaro,Roussel, P.--(Pierre),Jenner, Edward,Rutherford, Ernest,Edison, Thomas A.--(Thomas Alva),Halley, Edmond,Anaximenes--(Of Miletus)Curie, Marie,Science--PhilosophyBohr, Niels,Darwin, Charles,Kepler, Johannes,Cavendish, Henry,Wallace, Alfred Russel,Mendel, Gregor,Newton, Isaac,Science--Political aspectsGalilei, Galileo,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.93Galvani, LuigiAloysii Galvani De viribus electricitatis in motu musculari commentarius cum Joannis Aldini Dissertatione et notis : Accesserunt Epistolæ ad animalis electricitatis theoriam pertinentes21811ocn000713514book19530.86Galvani, LuigiCommentary on the effect of electricity on muscular motion1896ocn014668173book19530.86Galvani, LuigiCommentary on the effects of electricity on muscular motionHistory1215ocn122691618file18940.88Galvani, LuigiAbhandlung über die Kräfte der Electricität bei der Muskelbewegung (1791)1152ocn014191188book17920.90Memorie sull elettricità animaleHistory1101ocn875134450file17930.90Volta, AlessandroAccount of some discoveries made by Mr. Galvani, of Bologna with experiments and observations on them : in two letters from Mr. Alexander Volta ... to Mr. Tiberius Cavallo1007ocn014797780book18940.84Galvani, LuigiAbhandlung über die kräfte der electricität bei der muskelbewegung, von Aloisius Galvani ... (Comm. Bonon. sc. et art. inst. et. acad. t. 7) (1791)927ocn008333101book17970.95Galvani, LuigiMemorie sulla elettricità animale8510ocn013534912book18410.93Galvani, LuigiOpere edite ed inedite del professore Luigi Galvano raccolte e pubblicate per cura dell'Accademia delle scienze dell'Istituto di Bologna753ocn008316573book18410.94Galvani, LuigiOpere444ocn023634691book17930.77Fowler, RichardExperiments and observations relative to the influence lately discovered by M. Galvani, and commonly called animal electricity. By Richard Fowler4219ocn014822413book17910.88Galvani, LuigiAloysii Galvani, in Bononiensi archigymnasio, & Instituto Scientiarum publici professoris, anatomici emeriti, academici Benedictini, De viribus electricitatis in motu musculari commentarius : cum Joannis Aldini, dissertatione et notis : accesserunt epistolae ad animalis electricitatis theoriam pertinentesElektrizität / Muskel / Physiologie317ocn797558634book19570.94Galvani, LuigiOpere scelte3110ocn237136241book18940.33Galvani, LuigiAbhandlung über die Kräfte der Electricität der Muskelbewegung289ocn014098940book17930.88Galvani, LuigiAloysi Galvani abhandlung über die kräfte der thierischen elektrizität auf die bewegung der muskeln239ocn014545773book19650.82Galvani, LuigiLezioni inedite di ostetricia dei Luigi Galvani. Testo con introduzione a cura di Leonardo GiardinaHistory182ocn013451110book19250.96Galvani, LuigiAloysii Galvani ... De viribus electricitatis in motu musculari commentarius cum Joannis Aldini dissertatione et notis. Accesserunt epistolae ad animalis electricitatis theoriam pertinentes. Mutinae, apud Societatem typographicam, 1792181ocn015503810book18420.97Galvani, LuigiOsservazioni intorno ad una articolo del charissimo signor professore G. Grimelli sulla collezione publicata dall'Accademia delle scienze dell'Instituto di Bolognia : e nuove notizie sul Galvani illustrazioni e difese delle opere sue discorso del Dottor Silvestro Gherardi172ocn026613025book19580.77Gini, CorradoLe Medie156ocn020053415book19480.84Galvani, LuigiBrasile moderno, "Terra incantata"; con prefazione di Gino LuzzattoHistory4213ocn023386497book19920.66Pera, MarcelloThe ambiguous frog : the Galvani-Volta controversy on animal electricityHistory+-+37603564153241913ocn233541207visu20060.18In search of the real FrankensteinExamines how the experiments of four scientists--Luigi Galvani, Giovanni Aldini, Andrew Ure, and Konrad Dippel--inspired Mary Shelly's Frankenstein1583ocn866986961file17990.93Adams, GeorgeAn essay on electricity explaining the principles of that useful science, and describing the instruments, contrived either to illustrate the theory, or render the practice entertaining : illustrated with six plates : to which is added, a letter to the author, from Mr. John Birch, surgeon, on the subject of medical electricity1482ocn000612693book19520.90Dibner, BernGalvani-Volta : a controversy that led to the discovery of useful electricityHistory1475ocn008497530book18040.93Wilkinson, C. HElements of Galvanism, in theory and practice with a comprehensive view of its history, from the first experiments of Galvani to the present time : containing also, practical directions for constructing the Galvanic apparatus, and plain systematic instructions for performing all the various experiments ...1322ocn013545217file18170.92Carradori, GiovacchinoIstoria del galvanismo in Italia, o, Sia della contesa fra Volta e Galvani e decisione ricavata dai fatti : esposti dai due partitiHistory1311ocn864447397visu20140.12Frankenstein : the real storyHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etcSourcesIt's alive!: Traces the story of Frankenstein through all its artistic renditions, from 19th-century stage adaptations to 1930s silent films to Mel Brooks's satirical Young Frankenstein and Kenneth Branagh's faithful horror interpretation1252ocn010799287book19710.77Dibner, BernLuigi Galvani : an expanded version of a biography prepared for the forthcoming edition of the Encyclopaedia Britannica : with a supplement reproducing three of the four original drawings illustrating the 1791 edition of De viribus electricitatisHistoryBiography1113ocn827841364book20130.82Piccolino, MarcoShocking frogs : Galvani, Volta, and the electric origins of neuroscienceHistory"Frogs, Torpedoes, and Sparks: Galvani, Volta, and Animal Electricity is an English translation of Rane, torpedini e scintille. Galvani, Volta e l'elettricità animale (Torino, Italy: Bollati-Boringhieri, 2003)"--1032ocn508394540file17930.77Fowler, RichardExperiments and observations relative to the influence lately discovered by M. Galvani, and commonly called animal electricity. By Richard Fowler563ocn008891739book18020.95Alibert, Jean-Louis-MarieElogio storico di Luigi GalvaniHistory501ocn014855626book18180.93Bostock, JohnAn account of the history and present state of galvanismHistory392ocn008878327book19370.96Galvani, LuigiMemorie ed esperimenti inediti di Luigi Galvani, con la iconografia di lui e un saggio di bibliografia degli scrittiBibliography322ocn022763874book19860.84Pera, MarcelloLa rana ambigua : la controversia sull'elettricità animale tra Galvani e VoltaHistory261ocn004763521book18060.82Alibert, Jean-Louis-MarieEloges historiques, suivis d'un Discours sur les rapports de la médecine avec les sciences physiques et moralesHistory261ocn746940602file0.37Luigi GalvaniBiography245ocn018211329book19360.96Fulton, John FA bibliographical study of the Galvani and Aldini writings on animal electricityBibliography221ocn082428440visu19960.30Stonebarger, BillThe soul of scienceHistoryJuvenile worksAn audiovisual history of scientific vision from Anaximander to Einstein. Pt. 1 surveys science from its earliest beginnings to the Dark Ages, focusing on the Greeks and the Romans. Pt. 2 surveys science in the 16th-17th centuries and discusses the role of Arabian scholars and the Christian monasteries, as well as discoveries of Galileo, Copernicus, Kepler, and Newton. Pt. 3 surveys science in the 18th-19th centuries including such scientists as Halley, Linnaeus, Cavendish, Galvani, Watt, Whitney, Jenner, Edison, Mendel, Darwin and Wallace. Pt. 4 surveys science in the 20th century including Einstien, Marie Curie, Rutherford and Bohr and highlights modern applications of scientific principles212ocn019299556book17930.77Volta, AlessandroSchriften über die thierische Elektrizität211ocn014844374book18030.79Augustin, Friedrich-LudwigVersuch einer vollständigen systematischen Geschichte der galvanischen Electricität und ihrer medicinischen AnwendungHistory+-+3760356415324Thu Oct 16 16:05:09 EDT 2014batch28666