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Thu Oct 16 18:02:59 2014 UTClccn-n820337330.39Evolutionary game theory0.420.95Strategy subsets closed under rational behavior /85306248n 82033733730822Weibull, Jörgen 1948-Weibull, Jorgen W.Weibull, Jorgen W. 1948-ウェイブル, J. Wlccn-n79029215Lindbeck, Assarlccn-n50069343Stockholms universitetInstitutet för internationell ekonomilccn-no93013526Nyberg, Stenlccn-n79011413Basu, Kaushiklccn-n50043280Kornai, Jánoslccn-no00022209CESifolccn-n80051857Ifo-Institut für Wirtschaftsforschunglccn-n79097489Universität Münchenviaf-280411384Farm, Anteviaf-1268462Svensson, Lars-Gunnar1942-Weibull, Jörgen W.Conference proceedingsGame theoryEvolution--Mathematical modelsRegional economicsSpace in economicsUrban economicsWelfare economicsSocial securitySocial normsWelfare stateScarcity--Mathematical modelsQueuing theoryPrices--Mathematical modelsMicroeconomics--Mathematical modelsEquilibrium (Economics)Income tax--Mathematical modelsEconomics--Mathematical modelsEconometric modelsDecision making--Mathematical models194819701975197719781979198119821983198419851986198719881989199019911992199319941995199619971998199920002002200320042005200620072012212884232519.3QA269ocn441762840ocn256232346ocn753314846ocn246630741182339ocn043476853file19950.39Weibull, Jörgen WEvolutionary game theoryThis text introduces current evolutionary game theory--where ideas from evolutionary biology and rationalistic economics meet--emphasizing the links between static and dynamic approaches and noncooperative game theory. Much of the text is devoted to the key concepts of evolutionary stability and replicator dynamics. The former highlights the role of mutations and the latter the mechanisms of selection. Moreover, set-valued static and dynamic stability concepts, as well as processes of social evolution, are discussed. Separate background chapters are devoted to noncooperative game theory and the theory of ordinary differential equations. There are examples throughout as well as individual chapter summaries+-+1636877175173ocn058678687book20020.59Lindbeck, AssarSocial norms and welfare state dynamicsThe paper analyses the interaction between economic incentives and work norms in the context of social insurance. If the work norm is endogenous in the sense that it is weaker when the population share of beneficiaries is higher, then voters will choose less generous bene.ts than otherwise. We also discuss welfare-state dynamics when there is a time lag in the adjustment of the norm in response to changes in this population share, and show how a temporary shift in the unemployment rate may cause persistence in the number of beneficiaries159ocn022867560book19900.95Basu, KaushikStrategy subsets closed under rational behavior127ocn008865990book19770.86Kornai, JánosThe normal state of the market in a shortage economy : a queue model114ocn219862167book19860.77Farm, AnteNoncooperative flexible pricing in a homogenous market117ocn020898274book19890.82Weibull, Jörgen WA new self-enforcement criterion for extensive-form games106ocn019932984book19850.63Weibull, Jörgen WInterpersonal consistency of beliefs in extensive-form games93ocn219815113book19860.59Lindbeck, AssarWelfare effects of alternative forms of public spending93ocn084833846book19870.63Weibull, Jörgen WPersistent unemployment as subgame perfect equilibrium94ocn216469258book19850.66Lindbeck, AssarDebt-financed transfers, public consumption and public investment in an open economy93ocn219985175book19850.59Weibull, Jörgen WOn the continuity of optimal income-tax schedules96ocn470260027book20020.74Vieille, NicolasUniqueness in infinitely repeated decision problems96ocn221803817book19850.47Svensson, Lars GBounds on optimal linear income taxes75ocn023884533book19700.82Weibull, Jörgen WOn self-enforcement in extensive-form games74ocn833247064book19960.77Lindbeck, AssarSocial norms, the welfare state, and voting73ocn180572383book19870.74Lindbeck, AssarStrategic interaction with altruism - the economics of fait accompli72ocn301714116book19780.79Papers presented at an international research conferenceSpatial interaction theory and planning modelsConference proceedings73ocn052649395book20020.47Annual congres of the European economic associationPapers and proceedings of the Sixteenth Annual Congress of the European Economic Association : 30 August - 1 September, 2001, Lausanne75ocn485204257book19970.92Lindbeck, AssarSocial norms and economic incentives in the welfare state75ocn216471404book19850.63Svensson, Lars-GunnarEfficient income taxation in steady state+-+1636877175+-+1636877175Thu Oct 16 15:40:39 EDT 2014batch12610