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Kraybill, Donald B.

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The riddle of Amish culture by Donald B Kraybill( Book )

40 editions published between 1989 and 2004 in 4 languages and held by 3,177 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

This book addresses questions such as: Why will the Amish ride in cars but refuse to drive them?; How can their old-fashioned farms turn a profit while many modern farms go broke?; Do they ever change their customs? Who decides, and how?; If they'll use pay phones, why not have a phone in the house?; and Why will they use electronic calculators but not computers?
The upside-down kingdom by Donald B Kraybill( )

22 editions published between 1978 and 2018 in 5 languages and held by 3,103 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

Completely revised in 2003, The Upside-Down Kingdom continues to change people's lives. In it, Donald B. Kraybill shows how the kingdom of God announced by Jesus appeared upside-down in first-century Palestine. Jesus wins by serving and triumphs by losing. Today, God's way still looks upside-down as it breaks into diverse cultures around the world. Translated into six languages, and with 100,000 sold, this book continues to call many to radical discipleship
The Amish struggle with modernity by Marc Alan Olshan( )

12 editions published in 1994 in English and held by 2,455 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

Amish grace : how forgiveness transcended tragedy by Donald B Kraybill( Book )

10 editions published between 2007 and 2010 in English and held by 2,024 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

Examines the Amish community's intention to forgive the man who killed five Amish children at the West Nickel Mines School in Pennsylvania in 2006, discussing how the Amish concept of forgiveness has a long tradition in their religion and is part of a deeply embedded belief in pardon and reconciliation
The Amish by Donald B Kraybill( Book )

10 editions published between 2013 and 2018 in English and held by 1,873 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

The Amish have always struggled with the modern world. Known for their simple clothing, plain lifestyle, and horse-and-buggy mode of transportation, Amish communities continually face outside pressures to modify their cultural patterns, social organization, and religious world view. An intimate portrait of Amish life, The Amish explores not only the emerging diversity and evolving identities within this distinctive American ethnic community, but also its transformation and geographic expansion
Mennonite peacemaking : from quietism to activism by Leo Driedger( )

6 editions published between 1993 and 1994 in English and held by 1,434 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

Building communities of compassion : Mennonite mutual aid in theory and practice by Willard M Swartley( )

4 editions published in 1998 in English and held by 1,431 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

On the backroad to heaven : Old Order Hutterites, Mennonites, Amish, and Brethren by Donald B Kraybill( Book )

11 editions published between 2001 and 2002 in English and held by 1,345 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

"On the Backroad to Heaven is a unique guide to the strange world of Old Order Anabaptist groups. Focusing on four Old Order communities - the Hutterites, Mennonites, Amish, and Brethren - Donald B. Kraybill and Carl F. Bowman provide a fascinating overview of their culture, growth, and unique way of life. Following a general introduction to Old Order culture, they show how each group uses a different strategy to create and sustain its identity. The Hutterites, for example, keep themselves geographically segregated from the larger society, whereas the Brethren interact more freely with it. The Amish and Mennonites are more alike in how they engage the outside world, adopting a complex but flexible strategy of compromise that produces an evolving canon of social and religious rules. This first comparative study sketches the differences as well as the common threads that bind these groups together."--Jacket
The Amish way : patient faith in a perilous world by Donald B Kraybill( Book )

12 editions published between 2010 and 2013 in English and held by 1,172 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

"A sensitive and realistic look at the spiritual life and practices of the Amish. This second book by the authors of the award-winning Amish Grace sheds further light on the Amish, this time on their faith, spirituality, and spiritual practices. They interpret the distinctive practices of the Amish way of life and spirituality in their cultural context and explore their applicability for the wider world. Using a holistic perspective, the book tells the story of Amish religious experience in the words of the Amish themselves. Due to their long-standing friendships and relationships with Amish people, this author team may be the only set of interpreters able to provide an outsider-insider perspective. Provides a behind-the-scenes examination of Amish spiritual life Shows how the Amish practices can be applied to the wider world. Written by authors with unprecedented access to the Amish community. Written in a lively and engaging style, The Amish Way holds appeal for anyone who has wanted to know more about the inner workings of the Amish way of life"--
The riddles of human society by Conrad L Kanagy( )

9 editions published in 1999 in English and held by 1,163 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

Riddles of Human Society is a lively and original introduction to social analysis and a critical, questioning approach to sociology
The Amish and the state by Donald B Kraybill( Book )

14 editions published between 1993 and 2003 in English and held by 1,132 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

The opportunity for religious freedom brought the Amish from Europe to North America as early as 1737. And for many generations, conflicts between the Amish and the U.S. government were limited to Amish objections to military service. However, as the government's regulatory power grew in the 20th century, clashes between the Amish and the state escalated dramatically. This book explores the unique series of conflicts between the Amish and the U.S. government during 1925-75. a separate chapter chronicles the interactions between the Amish and Canadian officials. Chapter 1 provides an introduction to the Old Order Amish as well as a conceptual framework for interpreting the confrontations ensuing between the Amish and the state. Chapters 2-10 focus on the Amish view of the state and on areas of conflict over military service and conscription, Social Security and taxes, education, health care, land use and zoning, and regulation of slow-moving vehicles. The chapter on education traces the many conflicts leading to the Supreme Court ruling in support of the claim that compulsory schooling after the eighth grade endangered Amish religious freedom. This ruling granted Amish parents the right to refuse to send their children to high school. This chapter also explains how compulsory public education conflicts with Amish religious beliefs. The last two chapters assess the role and influence of sympathetic outsiders in many of the legal battles and the role of the Amish in preserving religious liberty in the United States. Chapters include: (1) "Negotiating with Caesar" (Donald B. Kraybill); (2) "The Amish View of the State" (Paton Yoder); (3) "Military Service and Conscription" (Albert N. Keim); (4) "The National Amish Steering Committee" (Marc A. Olshan); (5) "Education and Schooling" (Thomas J. Meyers); (6) "The National Committee for Amish Religious Freedom" (William C. Lindholm); (7) "Social Security and Taxes" (Peter J. Ferrara); (8) "Slow-Moving Vehicles" (Lee J. Zook); (9) "Health Care" (Gertrude Enders Huntington); (10) "Land Use" (Elizabeth Place); (11) "The Role of Outsiders" (Robert L. Kidder); (12) "Canadian Government Relations" (Dennis L. Thomson); and (13) "First Amendment Issues" (William B. Ball). The appendix briefly describes 34 legal cases referenced in the text. Contains 280 references and an index. (Author/LP)
Amish grace( Visual )

5 editions published in 2010 in English and held by 1,000 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

When a tragedy takes the lives of five Amish schoolgirls in Pennsylvania, Ida, the mother of one of the girls, faces a profound test of faith. As she begins to feel like an outsider within her own community, Ida must decide whether or not to stay with the Amish, and her beloved husband
Amish enterprise : from plows to profits by Donald B Kraybill( Book )

14 editions published between 1995 and 2004 in English and held by 941 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

Horse-and-buggy Mennonites : hoofbeats of humility in a postmodern world by Donald B Kraybill( Book )

5 editions published between 2006 and 2007 in English and held by 721 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

For many years their main community was based in Lancaster County, but in recent decades they have expanded into eight other states with new communities most recently established in Iowa and Michigan. Despite their continued rejection of modern technology, the Wengers - popularly known as horse-and-buggy Mennonites - continue to thrive on their own terms."
Old Order Amish : their enduring way of life by Lucian Niemeyer( Book )

8 editions published in 1993 in English and held by 702 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

Thoroughly out of place in modern America - yet powerfully reminiscent of the American past - the Old Order Amish inspire both curiosity and admiration. But Amish life is far from the quaint and romantic existence often portrayed in conventional picture books. With extraordinary color photographs and an authoritative text, Old Order Amish captures not only the familiar beauty and charm of Amish life but also its richness and complexity. Photographer Lucian Niemeyer earned the trust and friendship of Amish families by helping to harvest crops on their farms in Pennsylvania's Lancaster County, site of one of the oldest Amish settlements in North America. After "many back-breaking days" in the fields, he gained acceptance in a community that draws sharp lines of separation from the outside world - and has, by tradition, shunned photography. With the encouragement of his Amish friends who welcomed the chance to correct inaccurate accounts of Amish ways, Niemeyer began to assemble this honest and sensitive photographic record. He worked without filters or darkroom manipulations, using only natural light. The results are unprecedented - photographs of families, community gathering, even the seldom seen interiors of Amish homes and schools. These unique images capture the deliberate simplicity and the natural beauty that characterize Amish life in Lancaster County. In the accompanying text, Donald Kraybill - author of the highly acclaimed Riddle of Amish Culture - tells the often surprising story of today's Old Order Amish. His introduction provides a sweeping overview of Amish life in North America and explains how a traditional people have managed not merely to survive but to flourish in the midst of modern life. In thirty-five vignettes throughout the book, Kraybill explains Amish views on issues ranging from "Childbirth" and "Women Entrepreneurs" to "The Riddles of Farm Machinery," "Sowing Wild Oats," and "The Politics of Separation." His concluding essay examines why modern observers are so drawn to the Amish and their traditional values. Old Order Amish details the rigors of hard work, the strength of family and community, the discipline of the religious Ordnung, and the ingenious Amish compromises with modernity. Here at last is an authentic portrait of the Amish - in striking photographs and honest accounts of their daily concerns and enduring traditions
Concise encyclopedia of Amish, Brethren, Hutterites, and Mennonites by Donald B Kraybill( Book )

7 editions published in 2010 in English and held by 662 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

Donald B. Kraybill has spent his career among Anabaptist groups, gaining an unparalleled understanding of these traditionally private people. Kraybill shares that deep knowledge in this succinct overview of the beliefs and cultural practices of Amish, Brethren, Hutterites, and Mennonites in North America. Found throughout Canada, Central America, Mexico, and the United States, these religious communities include more than 200 different groups with 800,000 members in 17 countries. Through 340 short entries, Kraybill offers readers information on a wide range of topics related to religious views and social practices. With thoughtful consideration of how the diverse communities are related, this compact reference provides a brief and accurate synopsis of these groups in the twenty-first century. No other single volume provides such a broad overview of Amish, Brethren, Huterites, and Mennonites in North America. Organized for ease of searching--with a list of entries, a topic finder, an index of names, and ample cross-references--the volume also includes abundant resources for accessing additional information. Wide in scope, succinct in content, with directional markers along the way, the Concise Encyclopedia of Amish, Brethren, Hutterites, and Mennonites is a must-have reference for anyone interested in Anabaptist groups.--Book Jacket
The puzzles of Amish life by Donald B Kraybill( Book )

12 editions published between 1990 and 1998 in 3 languages and held by 633 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

The puzzles of Amish life are many. The unique blend of old and new in Amish life baffles us. Indeed, at first glance, the unusual mixtures look silly to modern folks. These perplexing puzzles, however, are quite reasonable when pieced together in the context of Amish history. Many of the puzzles are practical, cultural compromises-bargains that the Amish have struck between traditional ways and the powerful forces of modernization. Amish settlements are scattered across 22 states and the Canadian province of Ontario. The following essays reflect the life of the Old Order Amish in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, the oldest and most densely populated Amish settlement. The relentless press of urbanization on this community has produced a host of intriguing puzzles. While the details of Amish puzzles vary from settlement to settlement, the cultural values undergirding the puzzles in this book sustain the life of many other Amish communities as well
Renegade Amish : beard cutting, hate crimes, and the trial of the Bergholz barbers by Donald B Kraybill( Book )

7 editions published between 2014 and 2018 in English and held by 433 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

On the night of September 6, 2011, terror called at the Amish home of the Millers. Answering a late-night knock from what appeared to be an Amish neighbor, Mrs. Miller opened the door to her five estranged adult sons, a daughter, and their spouses. It wasnt́ a friendly visit. Within moments, the men, wearing headlamps, had pulled their frightened father out of bed, pinned him into a chair, and ígnoring his tearful protests sheared his hair and beard, leaving him razor-burned and dripping with blood. The women then turned on Mrs. Miller, yanking her prayer cap from her head and shredding it before cutting off her waist-long hair. About twenty minutes later, the attackers fled into the darkness, taking their parents ́hair as a trophy for their community. Four similar beard-cutting attacks followed, disfiguring nine victims and generating a tsunami of media coverage. While pundits and late-night talk shows made light of the attacks and poked fun at the Amish way of life, FBI investigators gathered evidence about troubling activities in a maverick Amish community near Bergholz, Ohio and the volatile behavior of its leader, Bishop Samuel Mullet
Facing nuclear war : a plea for christian witness by Donald B Kraybill( Book )

3 editions published in 1982 in English and held by 356 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

Amish grace : how forgiveness transcended tragedy by Donald B Kraybill( )

9 editions published between 2008 and 2009 in English and held by 302 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

The remarkable response of the Amish Community to the horrific shooting of ten schoolgirls at Nickel Mines, Pennsylvania in October 2006 stunned the larger world. Amish Grace tells the incredible story of this community's reaction to the senseless shooting and explores its profoundly countercultural practice of forgiveness. Outsiders often hold a stereotypical view of the Amish as a stubbornly backwards people--a view rooted in the picturesque images of buggies, beards, and bonnets. But the community's collective and radical act of forgiveness--the loving and compassionate response to the shooter and his family--gives us insights into who the Amish truly are and how they live their faith. In a world where religion spawns so much violence and vengeance, the surprising act of Amish forgiveness begs for deeper consideration
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Amish grace : how forgiveness transcended tragedy
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Donald Kraybill American sociologist

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Kraybill, Don

Kraybill, Donald 1945-

Kraybill, Donald Brubaker 1945-

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クレイビル, D. B.

クレイビル, ドナルド・B


The upside-down kingdomThe Amish struggle with modernityAmish grace : how forgiveness transcended tragedyBuilding communities of compassion : Mennonite mutual aid in theory and practiceOn the backroad to heaven : Old Order Hutterites, Mennonites, Amish, and BrethrenThe Amish way : patient faith in a perilous worldThe riddles of human societyThe Amish and the state