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Fri Mar 21 17:11:41 2014 UTClccn-n820378620.47The new Grove early romantic masters 1 : Chopin, Schumann, Liszt /0.700.88Works for pianoforte solo by continental composers in London : from 1810 to 1850 /46791651n 82037862734907Temperley, Nicholas M.lccn-n83178673Manns, Charles G.1949-lccn-n79072702Bennett, William Sterndale1816-1875lccn-n79091197Berlioz, Hector1803-1869cmplccn-n50004917Searle, Humphreylccn-n80060442Abraham, Gerald1904-1988lccn-n81014129Bush, Geoffreyadpedtlccn-n50041431Clementi, Muzio1752-1832arrcmplccn-n81067984Giordani, Tommaso1733?-1806cmplccn-n80138516Cramer, J. B.(Johann Baptist)1771-1858lccn-n82242981Greenbaum, Matthew1950-clbedtTemperley, NicholasCriticism, interpretation, etcBibliographyBiographyConference proceedingsHistorySymphonies--ScoresMusic--Instruction and studyEnglandGreat BritainHymns, EnglishSchöpfung (Haydn, Joseph)Piano musicChurch musicComposersSacred vocal musicChurch music--Church of EnglandUnited StatesSymphonie fantastique (Berlioz, Hector)Songs with pianoSongs, EnglishLiszt, Franz,Chopin, Frédéric,Schumann, Robert,Selby, William,Taylor, R.--(Raynor),Jackson, G. K.--(George Knowil),England--LondonPsalms (Music)AnthemsWesley familySonatas (Piano)Music--PerformanceSymphonies (Piano), ArrangedEuropeMusic--Social aspectsPerformance practice (Music)PianoSymphonies (Piano, 4 hands), ArrangedSymphoniesOrchestral music--ScoresSymphonies--Scores and partsProgram musicSymphonies--PartsOratorios--LibrettosSchumann, RobertPiano music--Scores193219591961196219631965196619701971197219731977197819791981198219831984198519861987198819891990199119921993199419961997199819992001200320042005200620072008200920102011201210944245623782.23M2ocn008159618ocn007074589ocn858108632ocn858108594ocn858108593ocn012589610ocn228415735ocn049367795ocn492819524ocn180023001ocn804982133ocn864710057ocn864710062ocn076092580ocn724448784ocn071824741103121ocn021442283book19910.53Temperley, NicholasHaydn, the CreationCriticism, interpretation, etcHaydn's Creation is one of the great masterpieces of the classical period. This absorbing and original account of the work provides an indispensable guide for the concert-goer, performer and student alike. The author places the work within the oratorio tradition, and contrasts the theological and literary character of the English libretto with the Viennese milieu of the first performances. The complete text is provided in both German and English versions as a useful reference point for discussion of the design of the work, the musical treatment of the words, including questions of Haydn's pictorialism, and a detailed examination of the different movement types employed. The book also contains a brief history of the reception of the work with appendices of notes on the changing performance traditions and selected extracts from critical accounts from the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.--Publisher description+-+300728670532485239ocn012915290score19840.88Clementi, MuzioWorks for pianoforte solo by continental composers in London : from 1810 to 185060811ocn004005410book19700.63Temperley, NicholasThe music of the English parish churchProfessor Temperley suggests that the Elizabethan metrical psalm tunes were survivors of a mode of popular music that preceded the familiar corpus of ballad tunes. Passed on by oral transmission through several generations of unregulated singing, these once lively tunes changed gradually into very slow, quavering chants. Temperley guides the reader through the complex social, theological and aesthetic movements that played their part in the formation of the late Victorian ideal of the surpliced choir in every chancel, and he makes a fresh assessment of that old bugbear, the Victorian hymn tune. His findings show that the radical liturgical experiments of the last few years have not dislodged the Victorian model for the music of the English parish church. This volume provides an anthology of parish church music of all kinds from the fifteenth century to the twentieth, newly edited from primary sources for study or for performance [Publisher description]+-+32887567054327ocn018441465book19890.63Temperley, NicholasThe Lost chord : essays on Victorian musicCriticism, interpretation, etc42949ocn008159618score19710.59Berlioz, HectorFantastic symphony : op. 14+-+K4711204284168ocn013945535score19860.70Giordani, TommasoThree quintets for keyboard and strings4057ocn005757873score19790.66Bush, GeoffreyEnglish songs, 1800-1860Enthält Werke von Thomas Attwood, Samuel Wesley, John Clarke-Whitfeld, George Frederick Pinto, Henry Rowley Bishop, John Barnett, Michael William Balfe, John Liptrot Hatton, William Vincent Wallace, Edward James Loder, Henry Hugo Pierson, William Sterndale Bennett, George Alexander Macfarren3876ocn009645986book19830.73Temperley, NicholasFuging tunes in the eighteenth centuryBibliography3798ocn037141264book19970.66Temperley, NicholasThe hymn tune index : a census of English-language hymn tunes in printed sources from 1535 to 1820Bibliography+-+45066684653243776ocn012618964book19850.47Temperley, NicholasThe new Grove early romantic masters 1 : Chopin, Schumann, LisztCriticism, interpretation, etcBiography3246ocn050841082book20030.76Temperley, NicholasBound for America : three British composersBiography"In Bound for America, Nicholas Temperley documents the lives, careers, and music of three British composers who emigrated from England in mid-career and became leaders in the musical life of the American Federal era." "William Selby (1738-98) moved to Boston, Rayner Taylor (1745-1825) to Philadelphia, and George K. Jackson (1757-1822) to New York and Boston. All three are generally regarded as pioneers in the building of an art-music tradition in the New World that reflected the esteemed "classical" music of the Continent."--BOOK JACKET+-+82937570752996ocn173879387score20070.76Eighteenth-century psalmody25710ocn008301994book19810.59The Romantic age, 1800-1914Criticism, interpretation, etc2528ocn008875443score19820.84Bennett, William SterndaleThree symphonies2358ocn011506222score19840.84Crotch, WilliamOne symphony2354ocn601331200book20100.79Temperley, NicholasMusic and the WesleysCriticism, interpretation, etcConference proceedingsProviding new insight into the Wesley family, the fundamental importance of music in the development of Methodism, and the history of art music in Britain, Music and the Wesleys examines more than 150 years of a rich music-making tradition in England. John Wesley and his brother Charles, founders of the Methodist movement, considered music to be a vital part of religion, while Charles's sons Charles and Samuel and grandson Samuel Sebastian were among the most important English composers of their time. This book explores the conflicts faced by the Wesleys but also celebrates their triumphs: John's determination to elevate the singing of his flock; the poetry of Charles's hymns and their musical treatment in both Britain and America; the controversial family concerts by which Charles launched his sons on their careers; the prolific output of Charles the younger; Samuel's range and rugged individuality as a composer; the oracular boldness of Sebastian's religious music and its reception around the English-speaking world. Exploring British concert life, sacred music forms, and hymnology, the contributors analyze the political, cultural, and social history of the Wesleys' enormous influence on English culture and religious practices [Publisher description]+-+42122570752325ocn018134338book0.79The Blackwell history of music in BritainCriticism, interpretation, etc+-+09742668153242257ocn011231593score19840.84Temperley, NicholasThe Overture in England, 1800-1840Enthält: Overture to "The miller and his men" ; overture to "Yelva" / Henry Rowley Bishop. - Overture "Antony and Cleopatra" / Philip Cipriani Hambly Potter. - Overture to "Hermann" ; overture to "The shadow on the wall" / John Thomson. - Overture "Romeo and Juliet" / George Alexander Macfarren. - Overture "Parisina", Op. 3 ; overture "The naiads", Op. 15 / William Sterndale Bennett1676ocn077011639book20060.84Bennett, William SterndaleLectures on musical lifeCriticism, interpretation, etcLectures by leading Victorian conductor and composer reveal much about musical life at the time+-+572783893615812ocn012878553score19840.88Pinto, George FrederickComplete works for pianoforte solo1313ocn760293988book20120.76Zon, BennettMusic and performance culture in nineteenth-century Britain : essays in honour of Nicholas TemperleyHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etcThis is the first book to focus upon aspects of performance in the broader context of nineteenth-century British musical culture. An introduction explores Nicholas Temperley's vast contribution to musicology, highlighting his seminal importance in creating the field of nineteenth-century British music studies, and a bibliography provides an up-to-date list of his publications, including books and monographs, book chapters, journal articles, editions, reviews, critical editions, arrangements and compositions+-+3007286705324+-+3007286705324Fri Mar 21 15:32:30 EDT 2014batch25046