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Thu Oct 16 17:52:28 2014 UTClccn-n820432420.06Writings for children0.541.00"Snow-flakes," 1838154602476n 82043242740244Ohio State University. Center for Textual StudiesOhio State University. Ohio State Center for Textual StudiescontainsVIAFID/147860591Ohio State University. Center for Textual Studieslccn-n79007728Hawthorne, Nathaniel1804-1864lccn-n50036241Charvat, William1905-1966edtlccn-n81120119Woodson, Thomasedtlccn-n82214647Smith, L. Nealedtlccn-n78090522Pearson, Norman Holmes1909-1975lccn-n88074206Ellis, Bill1950-lccn-n79017043Bowers, Fredsonedtlccn-n88026372Simpson, Claude M.(Claude Mitchell)1910-1976lccn-n50012395Pearce, Roy Harveyedtlccn-n79017064Bruccoli, Matthew Joseph1931-edtOhio State Center for Textual StudiesFictionPsychological fictionRecords and correspondenceHistoryLove storiesCriticism, interpretation, etcMurderItalyItaly--RomeNobilityAmericansWomen art studentsArtistsNovelists, AmericanAmerican literatureCorrespondence (Hawthorne, Nathaniel)Collective farmsMassachusettsFarm lifeCommunal livingConscienceGuiltUnited StatesConsulsGreat BritainHistorical fictionLove storiesPsychological fictionHawthorne, Nathaniel,Nature and nurturePhilosophical literatureSpencer, Anne,American fictionCenci, Beatrice,ParricideRomance fictionAllegoriesCharvat, William,PhotogravureEnglish literatureEnglandTravelFictionSnowflakesMythology, ClassicalCriticism, TextualTragedyFranceRomance literature1965196719681971198419851987198813611216813.3PS18626773ocn000274693book19710.56Hawthorne, NathanielThe centenary edition of the works of Nathaniel Hawthorne+-+28185796353241731ocn012270661book19850.47Hawthorne, NathanielThe letters, 1843-1853Records and correspondence1512ocn018305868book19880.56Hawthorne, NathanielThe consular letters, 1853-1855Records and correspondence1481ocn016632818book19870.53Hawthorne, NathanielThe letters, 1857-1864Records and correspondence+-+28185796353241281ocn017546144book19870.53Hawthorne, NathanielThe letters, 1853-1856Records and correspondence+-+2818579635324542ocn017428596book19840.50Hawthorne, NathanielThe letters, 1813-1843Records and correspondence+-+2818579635324131ocn000901569book0.06Hawthorne, NathanielWritings for children81ocn220993807book19650.39Hawthorne, NathanielThe Blithedale romance and FanshaweFictionPsychological fiction"Several members of the Transcendentalists begin the Brook Farm socialistic experiment in 1841." "In languaage that is suggestive ... and often erotic, Hawthorne offers a superb depiction of a utopian community that cannot survive the individual passions of its members."31ocn065605848book0.79Hawthorne, NathanielWorks31ocn490393911book19680.33Hawthorne, NathanielThe marble faun; or, The romance of Monte BeniHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etcFictionPsychological fictionLove storiesBefriended by Donatello, a young Italian with the classical grace of the 'Marble Faun', Miriam, Hilda, and Kenyon, three American expatriates, find their pursuit of art taking a sinister turn as Miriam's unhappy past threatens to lead them into tragedy+-+671557963521ocn054005224book19671.00Hawthorne, Nathaniel"Snow-flakes," 183811ocn060326563mix1.00Hawthorne, NathanielPapers of the centenary edition of the works of Nathaniel HawthorneThe collection consists of the working papers of the centenary edition of Hawthorne published by the Ohio State University Press. According to William Charvat in a document within the collection dated November 18, 1964, this centenary edition is "the first edition of a major American writer to be based on a full and rigorous use of modern textual principles ; the first for which all relevant texts are collated ... ; and the first to use the Hinman collating machine. This edition has set the standards for all other editions now in progress or planned for the future. The project was born in a conversation between William Charvat and Roy Harvey Pearce at Ohio State in 1960, when it was observed that the centenary of Hawthorne's death was to be 1964." Volume I, The Scarlet letter, was published in 1962. Volume XXIII, Miscellaneous prose and verse, was published in 1994+-+2818579635324+-+2818579635324Thu Oct 16 15:55:52 EDT 2014batch9120