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Fri Mar 21 17:04:31 2014 UTClccn-n820591820.00Nautilus 90° severno /0.241.00Interview12428689William_Anderson_(naval_officer)n 82059182756062Anderson, Mr. (William R.), 1921-2007Anderson, W. R.Anderson William 1921-2007Anderson, William R.Anderson, William Robert, 1921-Anderson, William Robert 1921-2007 Vollstaendiger Nameアンダーソン, Wlccn-n81070676Nautilus (Submarine : SSN-571)lccn-n79059051United StatesNavylccn-n95048395Keith, Don1947-lccn-n79018893Blair, Clay1925-1998lccn-n79060195Byrd, Richard Evelyn1888-1957lccn-n79145815Pizer, Vernon1918-lccn-n79133752Baar, James1929-lccn-nb2013021504Howard, William E.1923-lccn-n50005985Nobile, Philipnp-conley, mary roseConley, Mary RoseAnderson, William R.1921-2007BiographyJuvenile worksSourcesHistoryArctic RegionsUnited StatesNautilus (Submarine : SSN-571)Discovery and exploration, AmericanUnderwater explorationArmed Forces--OfficersCold War (1945-1989)Arctic OceanArctic Ocean--Northwest PassageSubmarine captainsAir pilotsAeronautics--FlightsByrd, Richard Evelyn,ExplorersNuclear submarinesNuclear energy--Industrial applicationsNuclear engineeringAnderson, William R.,Berrigan, PhilipBerrigan, DanielProtest movementsCivil disobedience--Religious aspectsVietnam War (1961-1975)Peace movementsUnited States.--NavyDiscoveries in geographyScientific expeditionsAnderson, William R.--(William Russell),AntarcticaSubmarines (Ships)TravelArctic Ocean--North PoleUnited States.--CongressFuchs, Vivian,--SirTrade routesAfricaDraftOnassis, Jacqueline Kennedy,Steel industry and tradeWimbledon ChampionshipsIndustrialistsKentuckyIron industry and tradeAfrican American athletesBarnard, Christiaan,Israel-Arab War (1967)NavigationBrynner, YulHart, Philip A.--(Philip Aloysius),Spring break19212007195019581959196019611962196419651966196819691970197119721973197419811982198619891990200020082009289047115359.32572VA65.N3ocn027462171ocn461798466129323ocn000598715book19500.24Anderson, William RNautilus 90 northJuvenile worksStory of trans-polar voyage of U.S. Navy submarine Nautilus, July - August 1957, leader Cmdr. W.R. Anderson4576ocn001290705book19590.18Anderson, William RFirst under the North pole : the voyage of the Nautilus ...Juvenile worksIllustrated with photographs and drawings4242ocn173248968book20080.18Anderson, William RThe ice diaries : the untold story of the Cold War's most daring missionBiography+-+34027703251804ocn008049657book19810.33Byrd, Richard EvelynSkywardBiographySelvbiografi over Nordpols- og langdistanceflyveren og senere admiral Richard Evelyn Byrd1382ocn000537517book19660.19Anderson, William RThe useful atomJuvenile works1273ocn000438538book19680.16Anderson, William RAtomic submarines4221ocn021256917book19590.33Anderson, William RDie abenteuerliche Fahrt der Nautilus262ocn264789600rcrd20080.08Anderson, William RThe ice diaries [the untold story of the Cold War's most daring mission]BiographyThe Ice Diaries tells the incredible true story of Captain William R. Anderson and his crew's harrowing, top-secret mission aboard the USS Nautilus, the world's first nuclear-powered submarine. Bristling with newly declassified, never-before-published information, The Ice Diaries takes listeners on a dangerous journey beneath the vast, unexplored Arctic ice cap during the height of the Cold War+-+4518403406141ocn015470685book19610.20Anderson, William RThe atomic submarine and Polaris125ocn001632667book19590.21Anderson, William RNautilus 90 ̊Norte121ocn064345330book19590.24Anderson, William RNautilus : met de eerste atoom-onderzeeboot onder het poolijs81ocn421027504rcrd20090.23Anderson, William RThe ice diaries the untold story of the USS Nautilus and the Cold War's most daring missionBiographyThe Cold War was in full swing. The Soviet Union had just successfully launched Sputnik, and President Eisenhower badly wanted to redeem the reputation of the US as technologically superior. "Operation Sunshine" was the answer: under top-secret orders, the Captain and crew of one of the first nuclear submarines, the USS Nautilus, crossed under the North Pole and became the first naval vessel to forge all the way under the polar ice pack to emerge near the former Soviet Union. Readers will voyage along with Captain Anderson as he shares newly declassified stories of his sub's encounters with terrible storms, fire in the hold, collisions with ice, broken compasses, and more+-+006109061651ocn443907987book1960Anderson, William RNautilus 90° severno51ocn815116670book19590.47An de xunYing wu luo bei ji hai di hang xing ji55ocn012656282rcrd19590.22Anderson, William RNautilus 90 northAccount of the U.S. submarine Nautilus and its daring voyage under the North Polar ice cap41ocn803048379book19590.28Anderson, William RNautilus 90º Norte32ocn299615342book19690.47Anderson, William RL'atome travaille pour vous31ocn002765922mix19580.81Nautilus (Submarine : SSN-571)Deck log book of the U.S.S. Nautilus (SSN-571) commanded by CDR William R. Anderson, U.S.N., attached to 102 Submarine Division, 10 Submarine Squadron, Submarine Force, Atlantic Fleet, commencing 0000 1 August, 1958, at sea enroute [sic] Europe via geographical north pole, and ending 2359 31 August, 1958, at Groton, ConnHistorySourcesHolograph log book of the first nuclear-powered submarine, giving daily remarks on trip and hourly weather reports when submarine was surfaced31ocn027462171rcrd19580.81The Nautilus under the North Pole21ocn040336479book19590.47Anderson, William RThe Arctic as a sea route of the future962ocn000917142book19710.63The burden of the BerrigansHistory63ocn220042357book19690.08Newton, DerekFuchs, AndersonJuvenile worksBiography31ocn007866964book19720.92Ralph Nader Congress ProjectWilliam R. Anderson, Democratic representative from TennesseeBiography11ocn082427387visu19861.00The Video encyclopedia of the 20th centuryHistoryBiographyPictorial worksA collection of motion pictures and videotape recordings documenting the social, political, and cultural history of the 20th century11ocn166422845art19690.10Anderson, William Robert11ocn868792844visu19711.00Block, Herbert"We loose talkers have to stick together"11ocn730439746book1958Anderson, William RLetterLetter of CDR William R. Anderson to Mr. and Mrs. Donald Currier, 15827 Finch Avenue, Harvey, IL, 23 October 1958, regarding the transpolar voyage of USS Nautilus (SSN-571) and attributing its success to the skill, progress, technology and industrial capability of all Americans. Attached is a print of a black and white photograph of the captain taken in Portland, England in August 195811ocn045191844rcrd20001.00Anderson, William RInterviewInterviewsThe interview focuses almost entirely upon Anderson's role as captain of the nuclear submarine Nautilus in crossing from the Pacific to the Atlantic Ocean on August 3, 1958. Topics include planning for the expedition, unsuccessful efforts, fears that the Navy would cancel the expedition after the first failure, and the importance of Dr. Waldo Lyon in developing the special instruments that enabled the submarine to measure ice thickness and plot the Barrow Sea Canyon. Also of interest are comments about Admiral Rickover and the latter's struggle for recognition11ocn144992607art19640.10Anderson, William R.: research engineer, Colorado Fuel & Iron CorpBiography01ocn276611920book19900.01Anderson, William REoreum badamit notileoseu+-+3402770325+-+3402770325Fri Mar 21 15:31:59 EDT 2014batch17051