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Thu Oct 16 17:56:16 2014 UTClccn-n820653740.00James Joyce: the lost notebook0.750.93Finnegans wake, book III, chapters 1-4 : a facsimile of transition pages /255619853n 82065374762218O'Hanlon, John Joseph 1912-lccn-n78004590Rose, Danisothedtlccn-n79056824Joyce, James1882-1941lccn-n91057787Greetham, D. C.(David C.)1941-lccn-n78091493Gabler, Hans Walter1938-lccn-n84120698Deane, Seamus1940-lccn-n78091492Groden, Michaellccn-n88098444Stamperia Valdonegaprtlccn-n79053879Hayman, David1927-lccn-n50042295Lord, John Vernonnp-greetham, d c$greetham david c$1941Greetham, D. C.(Greetham, David C.)1941-O'Hanlon, JohnFictionExperimental fictionPsychological fictionManuscriptsNotebooks, sketchbooks, etcCriticism, interpretation, etcHistorySourcesIreland--DublinDreamsOlder menFamiliesIrelandJoyce, James,Finnegans wake (Joyce, James)ProtestantsHotelkeepersManuscripts, EnglishMiddle-aged menUlysses (Joyce, James)Proofs (Printing)English literatureGreat BritainExperimental fictionStream of consciousness fictionPsychological fictionEnglish fictionGroden, MichaelEnglish fiction--Irish authors1912197719781982198920042010201220147131251823.912PR6019.O9ocn878542675ocn1857305843626ocn008475265book19820.74Rose, DanisUnderstanding Finnegans wake : a guide to the narrative of James Joyce's masterpiece1737ocn020672481book19890.88Joyce, JamesThe lost notebook : new evidence on the genesis of UlyssesNotebooks, sketchbooks, etcSources933ocn762988712book20120.77Joyce, JamesThe restored Finnegans wake"Finnegans Wake" is the most bookish of all books. John Bishop has described it as 'the single most intentionally crafted literary artefact that our culture has produced'. In its original format, however, the book has been beset by numerous imperfections occasioned by the confusion of its seventeen-year composition. Only today, by restoring to our view the author's intentions in a physical book designed, printed and bound to the highest standards of the printers' art, can the editors reveal in true detail James Joyce's fourth, and last, masterwork. This edition is the summation of thirty years' intense engagement by textual scholars Danis Rose and John O'Hanlon verifying, codifying, collating and clarifying the 20,000 pages of notes, drafts, typescripts and proofs comprising James Joyce's 'litters from aloft, like a waast wizzard all of whirlwords' (fw2, 14.16-17). The new reading text of "Finnegans Wake", typographically re-set for the first time in its publishing history, incorporates some 9000 minor yet crucial corrections and amendments, covering punctuation marks, font choice, spacing, misspellings, misplaced phrases and ruptured syntax. Although individually minor, these changes are nonetheless crucial in that they facilitate a smooth reading of the book's allusive density and essential fabric4210ocn607080355book19770.28Joyce, JamesFinnegans wakeHistoryFictionManuscriptsPsychological fictionExperimental fictionPresents an experimental novel depicting a dream of world history, with characters from literature and history appearing and disappearing, written in a dream language that is a comical mixture of all the languages of Europe2717ocn498511701book19770.79Joyce, JamesThe James Joyce archiveManuscripts61ocn217265822book19780.47Joyce, JamesThe James Joyce archive41ocn217265827book19780.10Joyce, JamesThe James Joyce archive22ocn490695989book19780.93Joyce, JamesFinnegans wake, book III, chapters 1-4 : a facsimile of transition pagesManuscripts11ocn750711917book19770.93Joyce, JamesFinnegans wake : Book IV : a facsimile of drafts, typescripts, and proofsCriticism, interpretation, etcManuscripts11ocn834619534com20040.47Dirty surplus accounting flows : international evidence11ocn315538530book1989James Joyce: the lost notebook11ocn810820164book19780.47Joyce, JamesFinnegans wake : by James JoyceManuscriptsThu Oct 16 15:07:57 EDT 2014batch8233