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Fri Mar 21 17:11:27 2014 UTClccn-n820716270.16The Lost empire0.351.00Hwang, David Henry34580950David_Henry_Hwangn 82071627768410Hwang, David.Hwang David 1957-....ウォン, デイヴィッド・ヘンリーlccn-n98099814Jones, Laura1951-sceauslccn-no95009945LaBute, Neilsceausprfdrtviaf-100242701Levinson, Barrylccn-no2004117817Escoffier, Jean-Yves1950-2003phtviaf-92594662Simpson, Clairelccn-n80017866John, Eltonlccn-no2001099890USA Films (Firm)lccn-n81089073Rice, Tim1944-lyrlccn-no2001090045Falls, Robertlbtlccn-no98073797Paltrow, Gwyneth1972-prfactHwang, David Henry1957-DramaFilm adaptationsCriticism, interpretation, etcFictionMusicalsLibrettosInterviewsHistoryMusicRadio playsChinaCalifornia--San Francisco--ChinatownCalifornia--San FranciscoChinese American womenWomen immigrantsHwang, David Henry,MusicalsAsian AmericansDramaRace relationsUnited StatesPoetsPoetryLove poetry, RomanceAmerican dramaMusicals--LibrettosDiplomatsFranceIdentity (Psychology)SingersSex in espionageEspionage, ChineseChinese AmericansEnglandAsiaDiscoveries in geographyAmericaManuscripts--Collectors and collectingLoveLiterary historiansDeceptionByatt, A. S.--(Antonia Susan),LiteratureMusicals--ExcerptsChristian converts from ConfucianismOperasTheaterGarcía Lorca, Federico,Asian Americans--Race identityActorsFemale impersonatorsRadio playsTony AwardsChinese Americans in literatureNew York (State)--New YorkAmerican literature--Chinese influencesOperas--LibrettosUnited States, WestAmerican drama--Asian American authorsManuscripts19571978197919801981198219831984198519861988198919901991199219931994199519961997199819992000200120022003200420052006200720082009201020112012201313343202438812.54PS3558.W83ocn044512104ocn066899697ocn048006000ocn051530779ocn070170728ocn019617344ocn071002541ocn122899861ocn228040771ocn070255691ocn051644246ocn054078731ocn648743154ocn648743138ocn464983411ocn123096571ocn123096572ocn691839901ocn676484738ocn691906962ocn691759676ocn676612315ocn676433369ocn781365248ocn725296938ocn725308218ocn725080329ocn430364963ocn299043409ocn082775641ocn728679098ocn052552962ocn858634273ocn658358622213640ocn018559427book19860.28Hwang, David HenryM. ButterflyDramaPresents the text of the 1988 Tony Award-winning play in which diplomat Rene Gallimard, a captive of the French government, relives his twenty-year affair with a beautiful, elusive Chinese actress who turned out to be not only a spy, but a man in disguise, and includes comments by the author+-+4407277095120224ocn051287510visu20020.18LaBute, NeilPossessionHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etcDramaFilm adaptationsRoland is an academic researcher who discovers some important letters written by a famous Victorian poet, Randolph Henry Ash. Ash was presumed to have been totally devoted to his wife, but Roland finds letters written to another unnamed woman, and soon determines that the intended recipient was another, less well-known poet, Christabel LaMotte. Roland contacts Maud, an expert on LaMotte's life and work. Despite her skepticism, the two begin to investigate, and uncover a wealth of information about the affair between the two poets8516ocn042397223book19990.50Hwang, David HenryTrying to find Chinatown : the selected playsDramaA major collection by the preeminent Asian-American playwright+-+272618400672710ocn040200279book19980.50Hwang, David HenryGolden childDramaCreating his most personal and emotional work to date, David Henry Hwang draws on the true stories told to him by his grandmother of his great-grandfather's break with Confucian tradition by his conversion to Christianity, and the eventual unbinding of his daughter's feet. Golden Child explores the impact of these decisions on each of his great-grandfather's three wives, and succeeding generations+-+63061840066336ocn020452743book19900.33Hwang, David HenryFOB and other plays5966ocn797816116file20120.47Hwang, David HenryChinglish a playDrama"Chinglish is a hilarious comedy about the challenges of doing business in a country whose language - and underlying cultural assumptions - can be worlds apart from those of the West. The play tells the adventures of Daniel, an American business-everyman from the Midwest, who hopes to establish his family's sign-making business in China, only to learn what is lost and found intranslation." --from back cover5742ocn044512104rcrd20000.20John, EltonElton John and Tim Rice's Aida original Broadway cast recordingDramaMusicalsThis compact disc includes songs that were written by Elton John and Tim Rice for an original musical for Disney. The songs included here are merely a selection of songs written for the musical and are not identical to the ones that will be used on stage4692ocn066899697rcrd20060.27Golijov, OsvaldoAinadamarDramaA stirring tale of political and artistic courage. Dawn Upshaw sings the role created for her as she reminisces about the martyred Spanish writer Federico Garcia Lorca in a series of flamenco-drenched dream-like flashbacks37914ocn325203884visu19930.31Cronenberg, DavidM. ButterflyFictionDramaFilm adaptationsA French civil service officer risks and then abandons everything in his life in his obsessive pursuit of a enigmatic Chinese opera diva who harbors a secret+-+26753346963646ocn048006000score19980.29John, EltonAida+-+491475981536310ocn046336577rcrd19960.19Hwang, David HenryM. Butterfly a dramaDramaRadio playsInspired by an actual espionage scandal, a French diplomat discovers the startling truth about his Chinese mistress+-+42266353063208ocn051773855book20020.27Lee, C. YFlower drum song; a musical playFictionDramaText and lyrics of a Broadway musical+-+27771840062604ocn009242925book19830.35Hwang, David HenryBroken promises : four playsDrama2591ocn051530779rcrd20030.28Rodgers, RichardFlower drum songCriticism, interpretation, etcDramaA revived musical hit of Rodgers and Hammerstein in 1958. Due to the depiction of Chinese-Americans in San Francisco having come under criticism, the playwright, David Henry Hwang rewrote the book, shuffling the order of the songs to fit his purpose and completely recontextualizing them in the process. This musical is centering the action on the Golden Pearl Theater24510ocn047181732visu20000.16The Lost empireDrama"In an ancient manuscript written hundreds of years ago lie the answers to all of history's questions ... Now, a scholar (Thomas Gibson) has come to seek the truth and save the world. His epic adventure begins by a 'chance' meeting with Kwan Ying (Bai Ling), a beautiful goddess who takes him on a mission to rescue the manuscript--or face the world's end. In Nick's attempt to save the world, he must first free the powerful Monkey King (Russell Wong), a god who has been trapped for 500 years. Together they battle against an army of demons and other creations of evil. Nick must fight to save the world, rescue the manuscript, and learn the way of the noble warrior."--Container insert2062ocn070170728rcrd20060.19Collins, PhilTarzan the Broadway musical : original Broadway cast recordingMusicMusicalsRock music2028ocn778435865file20090.59Hwang, David HenryYellow faceDrama"In this mock-documentary play, David Henry Hwang puts himself center stage, as he uses the controversy over color-blind casting for Miss Saigon and the racially motivated federal investigation of his own father to explore Asian identity and the ever-changing definition of what it is to be an American." --Book Jacket+-+659818400620110ocn019617344rcrd19880.28Glass, Philip1000 airplanes on the roofInterviewsDramaThe main character named "M" recalls encounters with extra-terrestrial life forms, including their message, "It is better to forget, it is pointless to remember. No one will believe you. You will have spoken a heresy. You will be outcast."1886ocn019739542book19890.76Glass, Philip1000 airplanes on the roof : a science fiction music-dramaLibrettos1765ocn707972722com20030.63David Henry HwangHistoryInterviewsDavid Henry Hwang has experienced stereotyping firsthand. Today, he dedicates his work as a successful dramatist to dispelling those hackneyed portrayals of Asian-Americans that he encountered in his youth. In this program, ABC News correspondent John Yang interviews the Tony Award-winning playwright who brought M. Butterfly to Broadway and whose latest effort, a contemporary version of Rodgers and Hammerstein's Flower Drum Song, renovates and reshapes the roles of the characters in the musical4463ocn261175928book20080.59Hwang, David HenryYellow faceDrama"The lines between truth and fiction blur with hilarious and moving results in David Henry Hwang's unreliable memoir. Asian-American playwright DHH, fresh off his Tony Award win for M. Butterfly, leads a protest against the casting of Jonathan Pryce as the Eurasian pimp in the original Broadway production of Miss Saigon, condemning the practice as "yellowface." His position soon comes back to haunt him when he mistakes a Caucasian actor, Marcus G. Dahlman, for mixed-race, and casts him in the lead Asian role of his own Broadway-bound comedy, Face Value. When DHH discovers the truth of Marcus' ethnicity, he tries to conceal his blunder to protect his reputation as an Asian-American role model, by passing the actor off as a "Siberian Jew." Meanwhile, DHH's father, Henry Y. Hwang, an immigrant who loves the American Dream and Frank Sinatra, finds himself ensnared in the same web of late-1990's anti-Chinese paranoia that also leads to the "Donorgate" scandal and the arrest of Los Alamos nuclear scientist Wen Ho Lee. As he clings to his old multicultural rhetoric, this new racist witch hunt forces DHH to confront the complex and ever-changing role that "face" plays in American life today." -- publisher's web site+-+65981840064111ocn030083725visu19940.31Cronenberg, DavidM. ButterflyFictionDramaFilm adaptationsStory of a French diplomat and a Beijing Opera star who carry on a love affair over almost 20 years before the diplomat discovers something shocking about his lover+-+58157254253241852ocn020159211book19890.70Street, DouglasDavid Henry HwangCriticism, interpretation, etc+-+74355893353241472ocn862367889file20130.73Boles, William CUnderstanding David Henry HwangCriticism, interpretation, etc161ocn644704786com20050.47Contemporary literary criticismCriticism, interpretation, etcStories, plots, etcCovers authors who are currently active or who died after December 31, 1959. Profiles novelists, poets, playwrights and other creative and nonfiction writers by providing criticism taken from books, magazines, literary reviews, newspapers and scholarly journals+-+1114212325111ocn058432766book20050.23Contemporary literary criticismCriticism, interpretation, etc+-+111421232561ocn023152376visu19910.63Emanuel Azenberg ; David Henry HwangInterviews42ocn611352025com0.18David Henry Hwang : (1957-)Criticism, interpretation, etc41ocn232824194visu20070.22The best of the Tony Awards the playsHistoryFilm adaptationsCompilation of 19 performances from nominated plays on Tony Awards telecasts+-+025338410632431ocn660502527book20040.47Drama criticism. criticism of the most significant and widely studied dramatic works from all the world's literaturesCriticism, interpretation, etcBio-bibliographyBiographyReviews+-+886311232531ocn228861852visu20070.47Yellow faceDramaAutobiographical work in which playwright Henry David Hwang examines the dilemma of Asian Americans in the performing arts. The play makes reference to his own earlier works M. Butterfly and Face value, and to the controversy surrounding the casting of Welsh actor Jonathan Pryce as a Eurasian character in the 1990 Broadway musical Miss Saigon21ocn048520837art19891.00Hwang, David Henry21ocn186428739book20030.20Drama for students. presenting analysis, context and criticism on commonly studied dramasCriticism, interpretation, etcBiographyReviewsStories, plots, etcEach entry contains author biography, plot summary, characters, themes, style, historical context, critical overview, and criticism+-+403591232521ocn024765803visu19910.47Emanuel Azenberg ; David Henry Hwang ; Larry Gelbert ; Robert WhiteheadInterviews22ocn074817807book20040.92McGrath, Paul DBeyond Asian America : resisting modernity in the plays of David Henry HwangCriticism, interpretation, etc11ocn818192783visu19891.00Forbidden Broadway 1989Parodies, imitations, etcDrama11ocn077065374rcrd19891.00Hwang, David Henry[David Henry Hwang]Discussion following student performance of his play, FOB, with playwright David Henry Hwang11ocn181374355visu19881.00[M. Butterfly's real-life couple on People Magazine Weekly]InterviewsNews segment on French diplomat Bernard Boursicot and Chinese opera performer Shi Pei Pu, subjects of David Henry Hwang's play M. Butterfly. Boursicot mistakenly believed that Shi Pei Pu, who played female roles on stage, was indeed a woman, and only learned the truth after they were romantically involved for several years. Both men are interviewed, and brief excerpts from the Broadway production of Hwang's play are included11ocn607085715book20080.47Lin, Ching Jung AmyMaster Spotlight : Tony Award winning playwright David Henry Hwang11ocn796946232book19940.47Drama criticismCriticism, interpretation, etcStories, plots, etcPresents literary criticism on the works of dramatists of all nations, cultures, and time periods. Critical essays are selected from leading sources, including published journals, magazines, books, reviews, radio transcripts, diaries, newspapers, broadsheets, pamphlets, and scholarly papers+-+4407277095+-+4407277095Fri Mar 21 16:02:06 EDT 2014batch31535