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Fri Mar 21 17:15:20 2014 UTClccn-n820822930.00The early modern Englishwoman / Part 10.480.84Creative imitation : new essays on Renaissance literature in honor of Thomas M. Greene /97810084n 82082293778987Ferguson, Margaret.Ferguson, Margaret 1948-Ferguson, Margaret W.lccn-n84017807Salter, Mary Joedtlccn-n79065046Stallworthy, Jonedtlccn-n83180238Cary, ElizabethLady1585 or 1586-1639lccn-n50040793Mariamneconsort of Herod I, King of Judeaapproximately 57 B.C.-approximately 29 B.C.lccn-n88174592Weller, Barryedtlccn-n50051417HerodIKing of Judea73 B.C.-4 B.C.lccn-n84161655Vickers, Nancy J.edtlccn-n78087885Quilligan, Maureen1944-edtlccn-nb2001032761Wright, Nancy E.edtlccn-nb2001032760Buck, A. R.Ferguson, Margaret W.1948-Criticism, interpretation, etcHistoryDramaBiographyConference proceedingsSourcesEnglish poetryAmerican poetryEnglandWomen and literatureMariamne,--consort of Herod I, King of Judea,Herod--I,--King of Judea,Dramatists, English--Early modernCary, Elizabeth,--Lady,English literature--Women authorsFrench literature--Women authorsFranceWomen--EducationEuropean literature--Women authorsLiterature, ModernEuropean literature--RenaissanceSex role in literaturePatriarchySex roleEuropeWomen--Legal status, laws, etcEnglish literature--Early modernRight of propertyLaw in literatureProperty in literatureLaw and literatureRenaissanceCriticismPoeticsMilton, John,PostmodernismEnglish dramaFeminist theoryGreene, Thomas M.--(Thomas McLernon),Edward--II,--King of England,Kings and rulersGreat BritainPostmodernism (Literature)FeminismFeminist criticismFeminism and the artsEuropean literatureHerod Antipas,--Tetrarch of GalileePoetryBamboo workFeminism in literatureEmpiricism in literatureLiteracy19481970198019831986198719881991199219931994199619971998199920032004200520072010903833140821.008PR1174ocn468436046ocn314832051ocn797557917ocn802528057ocn807356541ocn781080990ocn438189763ocn803597365ocn329268979ocn462010091220632ocn034547314book19700.25Eastman, Arthur MThe Norton anthology of poetryOver three editions, The Norton Anthology of Poetry has become the classroom standard for the study of poetry in English. A wide and deep quarry of poems from the medieval period to the present, it is a book instructors rely on as a uniquely flexible teaching anthology, and one that students delve into well beyond college. Now, responding to new scholarship, classroom suggestions, and the vitality and diversity of poetry itself, the Fourth Edition introduces a wealth of new poets and poems as well as thoroughly revised editorial apparatus+-+5573148485150314ocn189533515file20030.53Ferguson, Margaret WDido's daughters literacy, gender, and empire in early modern England and FranceHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etcWinner of the 2004 Book Award from the Society for the Study of Early Modern Women and the 2003 Roland H. Bainton Prize for Literature from the Sixteenth Century Society and Conference. Our common definition of literacy is the ability to read and write in one language. But as Margaret Ferguson reveals in Dido's Daughters, this description is inadequate, because it fails to help us understand heated conflicts over literacy during the emergence of print culture. The fifteenth through seventeenth centuries, she shows, were a contentious era of transition from Latin and other clerical modes of lit+-+076897177510383ocn047011297com19940.31Cary, ElizabethThe tragedy of Mariam, the fair queen of Jewry her life / by one of her daughters ; edited by Barry Weller and Margaret W. FergusonHistoryBiographyDrama+-+3414255705101816ocn012946863book19860.56Ferguson, Margaret WRewriting the Renaissance : the discourses of sexual difference in early modern EuropeHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etcConference proceedingsJuxtaposing the insights of feminism with those of marxism, psychoanalysis, and deconstruction, this unique collection creates new common ground for women's studies and Renaissance studies. An outstanding array of scholars--literary critics, art critics, and historians--reexamines the role of women and their relations with men during the Renaissance. In the process, the contributors enrich the emerging languages of and about women, gender, and sexual difference. Throughout, the essays focus on the structures of Renaissance patriarchy that organized power relations both in the state and in the family. They explore the major conequences of patriarchy for women--their marginalization and lack of identity and power--and the ways in which individual women or groups of women broke, or in some cases deliberately circumvented, the rules that defined them as a secondary sex. Topics covered include representations of women in literature and art, the actual work done by women both inside and outside of the home, and the writings of women themselves. In analyzing the rhetorical strategies that "marginalized" historical and fictional women, these essays counter scholarly and critical traditions that continue to exhibit patriarchal biases. -- Back cover+-+69689717759124ocn666902583com20040.56Women, property, and the letters of the law in early modern EnglandHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etcSources"Women, Property, and the Letters of Law in Early Modern England examines the competing narratives of property told by and about women in the early modern period. Through letters, legal treatises, case law, wills, and works of literature, the contributors explore women's complex roles as subjects and agents in commercial and domestic economies, and as objects shaped by a network of social and legal relationships. By constructing conversations across the disciplinary boundaries of legal and social history, sociology, and literary criticism, the collection explores a diverse range of women's property relationships." "Recent research has revealed fissures in our knowledge about women's property relationships within a regime characterized by competing jurisdictions, diverse systems of nature, and multiple concepts of property. Women, Property, and the Letters of the Law in Early Modern England turns to these points of departure for the study of women's legal status and property relationships in the early modern period. This interdisciplinary analysis of women and property is written in an accessible manner and will become a valuable resource for scholars and students of Renaissance, Restoration, and eighteenth-century literature, early modern social and legal history, and women's studies."--BOOK JACKET+-+920235753561210ocn008495061book19830.63Ferguson, Margaret WTrials of desire : Renaissance defenses of poetry+-+22327555855424ocn026809912book19940.63Cary, ElizabethThe tragedy of Mariam, the fair queen of JewryHistoryBiographyDrama+-+341425570549410ocn016091617book19870.70Re-membering Milton : essays on the texts and traditionsCriticism, interpretation, etc43614ocn029549406book19920.66Feminism and postmodernism+-+73396877353241513ocn428007067book20100.81Teaching early modern English prose"To gain a full understanding of the literature and history of early modern England, students need to study the prose of the period. Aiming to make early modern prose more visible to teachers, this volume approaches prose as a genre that requires as much analysis and attention as the drama and poetry of the time. The essays collected here consider the broad cultural questions raised by prose and explore prose style, showing teachers how to hone students' writing skills in the process+-+9705478516875ocn040782853book19960.73Cary, ElizabethWorks by and attributed to Elizabeth CaryHistoryBiographyDrama+-+084537403661ocn314832051book20040.47Feminism in time41ocn223019274book19930.39Cary, ElizabethThe tragedy of Mariam the fair queen of JewryHistoryBiographyDrama+-+341425570541ocn058750588rcrd20050.10The Norton anthology of poetryOffering over one thousand years of verse from the medieval period to the present, [this book] is the classroom standard for the study of poetry in English. The Shorter Fifth Edition retains the breadth of selection and flexibility that have defined this classic anthology, while improved and expanded editorial apparatus makes it an even more useful teaching tool. -Back cover42ocn312274460book1996The early modern Englishwoman / Part 1+-+617737403631ocn489764418book19920.84Creative imitation : new essays on Renaissance literature in honor of Thomas M. GreeneCriticism, interpretation, etc+-+345634113532ocn266104302book19010.47Ferguson, Margaret WBamboo cane work : for infants' schools and junior classes21ocn469798651book19920.10Remembering Milton : essays on the texts and traditions21ocn489578918book19940.47Cary, ElizabethThe tragedy of Mariam, the fair queen of Jewry / with The Lady Falkland, her life+-+341425570511ocn222722312book19920.47Ferguson, Margaret WThe spectre of resistance : The tragedie of Miriam (1613)+-+0768971775+-+0768971775Fri Mar 21 16:02:44 EDT 2014batch17673