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Fri Mar 21 17:09:37 2014 UTClccn-n820836380.00Autograph letter signed from Donald G. Mitchell to William Winter0.741.00Manuscript,2605718Donald_Grant_Mitchelln 820836387803272396716<<An>> Opera GoerAuthor of My farm of EdgewoodAuthor of My farm of Edgewood, 1822-1908Author of Wet days at EdgewoodAuthor of Wet days at Edgewood, 1822-1908Grant Mitchell, Donald 1822-1908Marvel, IkMarvel Ik. 1822-1908Marvel, Ik. 1822-1908 PseudonymMarvel Isaac 1822-1908Marvel, Jk. 1822-1908 PseudonymMarvel, Jke 1822-1908 PseudonymMitchell, Donald G.Mitchell, Donald G. 1822-1908Mitchell, Donald G. (Donald Grant), 1822-1908Mitchell, Donald Grant, 1822-1908My farm of Edgewood, Author ofMy farm of Edgewood, Author of, 1822-1908Reveries of A Bachelor, Author ofTimon, JohnWet days at Edgewood, Author ofWet days at Edgewood, Author of, 1822-1908ミツチエル, ドナルド ジーcontainsVIAFID/13858241Marvel, Ik., 1822-1908lccn-n78047779Kime, Wayne R.lccn-n79058553Darley, Felix Octavius Carr1822-1888illlccn-n50025338Dunn, Waldo Hilary1882-1969lccn-n88023586Rockwood, George Gardner1832-1911illlccn-n79005645Irving, Washington1783-1859lccn-n79074519Titianapproximately 1488-1576lccn-no98121659Indiana UniversityDigital Library Programlccn-n50053857Committee on Institutional Cooperationlccn-nr96023267Trow's Printing and Bookbinding Companyprtlccn-nr90010167Scribner, Armstrong, and CompanypblMitchell, Donald Grant1822-1908Criticism, interpretation, etcFictionHistoryAnecdotesHumorJuvenile worksCountry lifeMitchell, Donald Grant,Manners and customsFarm lifeAgricultureAmerican literatureAuthors, AmericanEnglish literatureConnecticutGreat BritainIntellectual lifeNew York (State)--New YorkAuthorsTravelFebruary Revolution (France : 1848)FranceLiteratureAmerican wit and humorDime novelsIrving, Washington,Titian,Children's literatureUnited StatesClergyStorytellersBachelorsTyler, Daniel,Tyler familyWoodbridge familyFarms, SmallAmerican fictionPeriodicalsGilman, Daniel Coit,Furness, Horace Howard,Lea, Henry Charles,New EnglandBoysReligious fiction, AmericanBrown, Charles Brockden,Spencer, Anne,Field, Eugene,Short storiesDime novels, AmericanEssaysLifestylesHolmes, Oliver Wendell,Home economics, RuralNineteenth centuryFarmsDreams18221908184118421847185018511852185318541855185618571858185918601861186218631864186518661867186818691871187218731874187518761877187818801883188418851886188718881889189018911892189318941895189618971898189919001901190219031904190519061907190819101911191219131914191719221926193019451947195319561957196819691970197119721973197419751976197819841985198719951998200020012002200320042006200920102012201395492851103818.309PS2404ocn003296879ocn817224342ocn028161645ocn023791452ocn191114789ocn8658790461320223ocn011280265book18000.86Mitchell, Donald GrantReveries of a bachelor, or, A book of the heartFiction866133ocn010851696book18420.81Mitchell, Donald GrantDream life, a fable of the seasonsJuvenile worksFiction+-+682977899660345ocn011280019book18630.79Mitchell, Donald GrantMy farm of Edgewood a country book59622ocn001484686book18970.50Mitchell, Donald GrantAmerican lands and lettersHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etcThe New York Times praised this collection as more than a history of our early literature. Prosaic it never is; warm with life and general suggestion it always is." The contents include, Early Painting and Poetry," Thomas Paine," President, Preacher, and Poet," Sea-Stories and Others," and, Washington Irving," among many other interesting topics58853ocn423610074book18500.90Mitchell, Donald GrantThe lorgnette, or, Studies of the townHumorFictionAnecdotes57028ocn000022652book18640.81Mitchell, Donald GrantSeven stories, with basement and atticFiction51132ocn000232734book18870.56Mitchell, Donald GrantEnglish lands, letters and kingsHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etc47429ocn423589490book18610.90Mitchell, Donald GrantDoctor Johns being a narrative of certain events in the life of an orthodox minister of ConnecticutFiction46815ocn011280405book18670.73Mitchell, Donald GrantRural studies with hints for country places39434ocn004324772book18650.84Mitchell, Donald GrantWet days at Edgewood: with old farmers, old gardeners, and old pastorals32717ocn002179523book18770.08Mitchell, Donald GrantAbout old story-tellers : of how and when they lived, and what stories they toldCriticism, interpretation, etcSelections from such traditional favorites as Gulliver's travels, The Arabian nights, Robinson Crusoe, and Ivanhoe accompanied by background information on the authors, the times in which they lived, and the origins of the stories21011ocn002660046book18500.84Mitchell, Donald GrantThe battle summer: being transcripts from personal observation in Paris, during the year 1848History15011ocn002959917book18840.81Mitchell, Donald GrantBound together : a sheaf of papers14519ocn002846383book18840.84Mitchell, Donald GrantOut-of-town places: with hints for their improvement1454ocn795891593com18690.94Mitchell, Donald GrantPictures of Edgewood in a series of photographs1293ocn000649618book19070.76Mitchell, Donald GrantThe works of Donald G. Mitchell696ocn004402233book18980.53The International library of famous literature : selections from the world's great writers, ancient, mediaeval, and modern, with biographical and explanatory notes and with introductions686ocn003296879book18830.86Mitchell, Donald GrantDaniel Tyler: a memorial volume containing his autobiography and war record, some account of his later years, with various reminiscences and the tributes of friends". . . Opens with a fragment of autobiography . . . [with] comparative reticence with respect to his private life and . . . fullness in military and engineering details."669ocn009265588book18830.53Mitchell, LouisThe Woodbridge record: being an account of the descendants of the Rev. John Woodbridge, of Newbury, MassJohn Woodbridge (1613-1691) immigrated in 1634 from England to Newbury, Massachusetts, and in 1639 married Mercy Dudley, the daughter of Governor Thomas Dudley. Descendants lived in New England, New York, Pennsylvania, Virginia and elsewhere586ocn014056553book18840.90Mitchell, Donald GrantSeven stories, with basement and attic5082ocn012104094book19850.56Kime, Wayne RDonald G. MitchellCriticism, interpretation, etc1973ocn000192261book19220.73Dunn, Waldo HilaryThe life of Donald G. Mitchell, Ik Marvel522ocn000184243book18520.84Marvel, IkReveries of a bachelor, or, A book of the heartHistoryFictionAnecdotesA bachelor's sentimental thoughts on boyhood, life in the country, traveling, marriage, and dreaming222ocn002475323book19220.97Hadley, Arthur TwiningCommemorative tributes to Horace Howard Furness, Henry Charles Lea, Donald Grant Mitchell, Daniel Coit Gilman131ocn006572884book18920.73Yale UniversitySemi-centennial historical and biographical record of the class of 1841 in Yale university. Printed for the class92ocn013348649book19300.98Seybolt, Paul SThe first editions of Donald G. Mitchell "Ik Marvel" : a checklistBibliography61ocn013348635book19060.98Mitchell, Donald GrantLooking back at boyhood61ocn007565908book18660.86Mitchell, Donald GrantReveries of a bachelor, or, A book of the heartFiction31ocn611358413com0.19Donald Grant Mitchell : (1822-1908)Criticism, interpretation, etc21ocn191908921visu18660.47Ritchie, Alexander HayAuthors of the United StatesPortraitsSubject: Female as well as male authors22ocn051928699mix1.00Mitchell, Donald GrantManuscriptThe collection consists of a signed manuscript of an unidentified fragment beginning "And when at night, from high over the weather-stained, bullet-scarred front of the Church ..."11ocn016016624mix1.00Townsend familyPapersLetters (1854, May 30-1856, Dec. 19), some with drawings, from journalist, George E. Townsend, in New Haven, Conn., to his cousin, Mary Townsend, in Geneva, N.Y. whom he is courting, describing local customs and people, particularly those from the field of art, literature, and journalism, including Donald G. Mitchell "Ik Marvel" and James G. Percival. Also, journal (1850, July 22-1955, Feb. 16) of Julia Townsend near Geneva, N.Y., chronicling a troubled courtship, social customs in the area, and including several pages of religious notes; and a diary (1853, Jan 1-1856, Nov. 6) of Samuel Henry Townsend (b. 1839) her brother, recounting a trip to Illinois and the Nebraska Territory in 1856. References are made to the "water-cure" located in Geneva, N.Y12ocn702167457mix1.00Salisbury familySalisbury family papersHistoryThe papers consist of correspondence, writings, genealogical notes, and other papers, principally of Edward Elbridge Salisbury, philologist, orientalist, and genealogist. Included are materials on various branches of Salisbury's family gathered in his genealogical research. Also included are papers and correspondence of Josiah Salisbury (1781-1826), Abigail Breese Salisbury (1780-1866), and business papers of Samuel Salisbury (1739-1818) and Stephen Salisbury (1746-1829). In addition there are also letters and papers of other family members11ocn849912665mix1.00Landgren, Marchal EMarchal Landgren papersArt and research files containing correspondence, photographs, and notes on 100 artists, photographers, institutions, organizations, publications, and other subjects including: Berenice Abbott, the Art Students League, Artists Equity Association, Milton Avery, George Collins Cox, Jose de Creeft, Aline Fruhauf, William Morris Hunt, Robert Loftin Newman (3 linear ft.), Elizabeth McCausland, Tadeusz Lapinski, Charles Logasa, the Municipal Art Committee of New York, the New School for Social Research, University of Maryland, and others; manuscripts, typescripts, and notes; a scrapbook of clippings; financial records; and printed materials. Also included are biographical and genealogical material, photographs of Landgren and works of art, miscellaneous correspondence, and art works11ocn435495692book1907Mitchell, Donald GrantAutograph letter signed from Donald G. Mitchell, Edgewood, to William Winter, New York CityMitchell thanks Winter for his "glowing and just appreciation of our grand Prof. Smith." With envelope addressed to Winter at the Tribune Office, New York City12ocn702205640mix1.00Marsh, Othniel CharlesOthniel Charles Marsh papersHistoryThe papers consist of correspondence, diaries, notebooks, school notes and other papers of O.C. Marsh, scientist and first professor of paleontology at Yale and in the United States. Of special interest is the rather extensive correspondence Marsh carried on with many prominent scientists of his time; included are letters from Charles Darwin, Leonard and Thomas Huxley, Simon Newcomb, and Benjamin Silliman Sr. and Jr. Also included are materials relating to Marsh's education at Andover, Yale and in Germany, family papers, and papers reflecting his involvement with the Cardiff Giant Hoax and the Red Cloud Controversy11ocn691314797book1908Mitchell, Donald GrantAutograph letter signed from Donald G. Mitchell to William WinterPresentation letter to William Winter. With accompanying black and white photograph of Mitchell at Edgewood House11ocn702152995bks1.00Skiff, Frederick WA bibliography of Donald Grant Mitchell, LLD, and related papersHolograph manuscript bibliography of the works of Donald Grant Mitchell, six letters written by members of the Acorn Club of Connecticut, and two magazine articles relating to Mitchell11ocn122611180mix1.00Ulmann, AlbertHistoryCorrespondence, manuscripts, notes, clippings, books, and a photograph of Ulmann. There are twenty books from his library, most of which are his copies of his own works. Among the correspondents are Donald Grant Mitchell, Margaret Mitchell, and Francis Hopkinson Smith11ocn082008652book18800.90Cozzens, Frederic SSayings, wise and otherwise+-+6829778996+-+6829778996Fri Mar 21 15:49:05 EDT 2014batch38021