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Fri Mar 21 17:08:50 2014 UTClccn-n820839430.06Scienceworks : 65 experiments that introduce the fun and wonder of science /0.060.07Burn out /22792340n 82083943780628lccn-n85109066Ontario Science Centrelccn-n2001015326Moon, Allanilllccn-n2001015323Pinchuk, Amy Ruth1959-lccn-n85025935Kalman, Bobbielccn-n77009966Penrose, Gordonlccn-n79013191Kropp, Paullccn-n81052217Gulland, Sandralccn-no00099020Ainsworth, Ken1957-viaf-106101842Moreno, Rodrigolccn-n92076034Grant, LesleyHoldcroft, TinaJuvenile worksFictionBiographyHistoryGraphic novelsScience--ExperimentsScientific recreationsNew YearBicyclesToy makingWoodworkScienceCanadaScientistsFarmsStories in rhymePicture books for childrenInventionsVowelsBonesDinosaursEspionageSpiesShelving (Furniture)Bicycles--Equipment and suppliesTunnelsTunnelingGames--Design and constructionArsonDetective and mystery storiesCrimeDrug abuseFiresMechanical toysArchaeologyTreasure trovesShipwrecksOceanMarine accidentsCanadian fictionHigh interest-low vocabulary booksFossils19791982198419851986198719881989199019911992199319941998200120022003200420052006200820092010201120122013747188153507.8Q164ocn012750750ocn012418550ocn047236644ocn026502565ocn021444589ocn016404033ocn027172261ocn007572539ocn012071624ocn3194975129835ocn012750750book19860.06Scienceworks : 65 experiments that introduce the fun and wonder of scienceJuvenile worksProvides instructions for experiments that reveal a variety of scientific principles+-+65321665753248042ocn012418550book19850.06Kalman, BobbieWe celebrate New YearJuvenile worksDescribes the origins of New Year's celebrations and traditions and how they differ throughout the world. Includes games, recipes, songs, customs, and interesting facts from various countries7062ocn050441401book20030.06Pinchuk, AmyThe best book of bikesJuvenile worksDescribes the history of bicycles, its parts, how to maintain a bike, racing and stunts, safety tips, and famous cycling heroes+-+19942894364623ocn047236644book20010.06Pinchuk, AmyMake amazing toy and game gadgetsJuvenile worksProvides easy-to-follow instructions for creating a light box, blinking jewelry, spy camera, and other electric gadgets+-+81722633154437ocn016404033book19870.06Penrose, GordonMagic mud and other great experimentsJuvenile worksA collection of science activities demonstrating basic scientific principles+-+23602257452802ocn025710472book19920.06Ingram, JayReal live scienceJuvenile worksBiographyDemonstrates how to conduct scientific experiments at home and introduces top-notch scientists+-+K2302257452752ocn774094733book20120.06Lawson, JonArnoOld MacDonald had her farmJuvenile worksFictionOld McDonald whips her farm into shape using pulleys, catapults and flying machines2541ocn026502565book19910.06Grant, LesleyDiscover bones : explore the science of skeletonsJuvenile worksA wide-ranging look at bones, covering their structure and function, as well as such topics as growth, animal skeletons, archeology, and fortune telling, with related activities2482ocn021444589book19900.06Penrose, GordonSensational science activities with Dr. ZedJuvenile worksPresents twenty-one projects which can be safely done at home using readily available materials, demonstrating basic scientific concepts, from physics to chemistry to biology2272ocn027172261book19920.06McGowan, ChristopherDiscover dinosaurs : become a dinosaur detectiveJuvenile worksUses hands-on activities to present information about dinosaurs and to show how paleontologists have learned about these prehistoric creatures2001ocn687714895book20110.06Holdcroft, TinaSpy, spy again : true tales of failed espionageHistoryJuvenile worksGraphic novelsIn narrative and graphic novel format, recounts twenty stories of unsuccessful spy missions, from ancient China, ancient India to World War II and the Cold War+-+57776090061871ocn039381122book19980.06Ainsworth, KenBuilding a shelf and a bike rackJuvenile worksA child-centred woodworking experience that focuses on fun and satisfaction rather than "perfect" results+-+K8602850061832ocn049304693book20020.06Pearson, DeboraHidden worlds : amazing tunnel storiesHistoryJuvenile worksDescribes remarkable tunnels from around the world from ancient times to the present+-+79922850061634ocn007572538book19790.07Kropp, PaulBurn outJuvenile worksFictionThree teenagers try to deal with a mysterious set of fires only to end up trapped in the basement of a burning house set on fire by arsonists+-+20631893351624ocn012210482book19840.06Ontario Science CentreScienceworks : an Ontario Science Centre book of experimentsJuvenile worksProvides instructions for experiments that reveal a variety of scientific principles1621ocn039385895book19980.06Ainsworth, KenBuilding a solitaire game and a peg boardJuvenile worksPresents photographic, step-by-step instructions for two woodworking projects designed for parents and children to make together, including a peg board and a solitaire game; and provides information on safety, materials, and equipment+-+67602850061571ocn007572539book19820.06Kropp, PaulHot carsJuvenile worksFictionA teenager faces the consequences of his decision to buy a stolen Corvette from professional car thieves1543ocn007577912book19790.06Kropp, PaulDope dealJuvenile worksFictionBrian learns that his former drug trafficking has disastrous effects upon himself and his family1191ocn051801950book20030.06Holdcroft, TinaHidden treasure : amazing stories of discoveryJuvenile worksPresents ten true stories of treasure hunts from around the world, including the search for Tutankhamun's tomb, the discovery of a Bugatti Royale in a junkyard, and the efforts of a town digging for Captain Kidd's pirate treasure+-+87532850061162ocn055104936book20040.06Holdcroft, TinaHidden depths : amazing underwater discoveriesJuvenile worksTen true stories about things lost and found in the oceans depths, including the sunken city of Port Royal, ancient fossils in the Rocky Mountains, the Lighthouse of Alexandria and a prehistoric fish found alive+-+2713285006+-+6532166575324+-+6532166575324Fri Mar 21 16:04:40 EDT 2014batch15089