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Fri Mar 21 17:15:52 2014 UTClccn-n820879510.25Alabama's public libraries as seen by patrons, administrators, and trustees /0.661.00Terminal Requirements for Online catalog in Libraries /88950770n 82087951lccn-n50026965Dougherty, Richard M.lccn-n81118799Heinritz, Fred Johnlccn-n50056375Council on Library Resourcesviaf-306196051Sanders, Nancy P.lccn-n82148438OCLCOffice of Researchlccn-n78015294OCLClccn-n82215498Ferguson, Douglaslccn-n50070937Research Libraries Grouplccn-n82079664Hildreth, Charles R.1938-nc-california$university$libraryCaliforniaUniversityLibraryKaske, Neal K.DirectoriesBibliographyLibrary use studiesCase studiesConference proceedingsLibrary administrationOnline bibliographic searchingUnited StatesLibrary surveysOnline library catalogsLibrary science--ResearchLibrary education (Continuing education)--Societies, etcLibrary employees--Training ofLibrary education (Continuing education)Libraries--AutomationManagement information systemsAcademic librariesLibrary personnel managementLibrary financeGrants-in-aidFederal aid to librariesOCLCResearch Libraries GroupExchange of bibliographic informationLibrary information networksBook theftsLibrary use studiesInformation retrievalLibrary catalogsReference services (Libraries)--Automation--EvaluationLibrarians--Rating ofAlabamaPublic librariesLibrary catalogs and usersLibrary catalogs on microficheCharging systems (Libraries)Academic libraries--EvaluationLibrariesOnline data processingMachine-readable bibliographic dataAcademic libraries--AdministrationUniversity of California, Berkeley.--LibraryLibraries--Security measuresCatalogingLibrarians--In-service trainingLibraries--EvaluationLibrary catalogs--AutomationLibrary circulation and loans--AutomationLibrary planningLibrary science--Mathematical modelsLibrary employees--In-service training19711972197319741975197719781979198019821983198419851986198819908872966025Z6785955ocn007923799book19820.56Dougherty, Richard MScientific management of library operations978ocn009496028book19830.86Kaske, Neal KA comprehensive study of online public access catalogs : an overview and application of findingsLibrary use studies469ocn007505830book19800.93Kaske, Neal KOn-line public access to library bibliographic data bases : developments, issues and priorities : final report to the Council on Library ResourcesThis report describes project activities designed to identify the critical issues and problems in designing and developing library bibliographic retrieval systems for direct patron use. The results of a survey, an issues analysis paper, and a working session indicate four priority areas for study and action: user and use characteristics, interface characteristics, the library environment, and the computing environment. Recommendations made by the working session participants highlight the consensus of their concerns--the analysis of user requirements and behavior, the monitoring of existing public access systems, the development of materials for cost management, and the development of distributed computing and system links. 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