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Fri Mar 21 17:11:32 2014 UTClccn-n820949260.00Autograph letters signed from Alfred Bunn to various recipients0.791.00The national drama, or, The histrionic war of majors and minors : a grand! tragic!! romantic!!! operatic!!!! Italian!!!!! French!!!!!! German!!!!!!! zoological!!!!!!!! outlandish!!!!!!!!! drama!!!!!!!! ... /31984954Alfred_Bunnn 82094926791536Bunn, A. (Alfred), 1796?-1860Bunn, A. (Alfred), ca 1796-1860Bunn, Alfredlccn-n81003160Balfe, M. W.(Michael William)1808-1870antcmplccn-n93067228RTÉ Philharmonic Choirprfmuslccn-n80019543Sullivan, Arthur1842-1900lccn-n84130954Spicker, Max1858-1912arrlccn-n91003033Aldrich, Richard1863-1937lccn-n81055096Benedict, Julius1804-1885cmplccn-n82208105Pittman, J.(Josiah)1816-1886lccn-n82098305Wallace, William Vincent1812-1865cmplccn-n83002075Fitzball, Edward1792-1873lbtlccn-n81048042Saint-Georges, Henri1801?-1875lbttrlBunn, Alfred1796-1860HistoryMusicDramaMusical settingsBibliographyUnited StatesManners and customsTravelOperas--Vocal scores with pianoOperas--LibrettosOperasNew EnglandEnglandTheaterAmerican Civil War (1861-1865)United States--Confederate States of AmericaGreat BritainDumanoir,--M.--(Philippe),Caterina Cornaro,--Queen of Cyprus,Bunn, Alfred,Operas--Excerpts--Vocal scores with pianoSongs with pianoSongs (Medium voice) with pianoOperas--Excerpts, ArrangedLind, Jenny,Breach of contractOperas--ExcerptsUnrequited loveBand musicOperas--Juvenile--Vocal scores with pianoSongs, EnglishWebster, Benjamin,Westmacott, C. 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German!!!!!!! zoological!!!!!!!! outlandish!!!!!!!!! drama!!!!!!!! ...11ocn299095804bookBunn, AlfredAutograph letters from Alfred Bunn to various recipientsManuscripts13 autograph letters signed, 1 autograph letter, 1 autograph letter initialled and 1 autograph. Correspondents: L.A. Lowdham, Miss Lowdham, W. Moore, E. Moran, T. Philips, Mr. Settle, Charles Molloy Westmacott, Benjamin N. Webster, Edmund Kean, John Cooper and others. The letter to Kean discusses Hamlet. Some letters undated11ocn492271713bookBunn, AlfredAutograph letter signed from Alfred Bunn, Covent Garden, to HillBunn requests that the recipient "get inserted in tomorrow's Chronicle that last night's new comedy is mine."11ocn027956407book1.00[Handbill]11ocn492268847bookBunn, AlfredAutograph letters signed from Alfred Bunn to various recipientsManuscriptsMost letters related to Bunn's work as a theater manager at Drury Lane and Covent Garden, with many sent from one of these theaters. Recipients: C. Westmacott, Mr. Mitchell, Tom Dibdin, Mr. Crouch (possibly F. Nicholls Crouch?), Mrs. Crouch, [Wm.?] Friswell, C.[J.?] Ward, B. Webster, J. Cooper (likely John Cooper), Mackinlay, J.R. Planché, Mo[or?]ish, Mr. Goldsh[ede?], M. Barnett, and Mr. Bedwell. (1-10) are letters of varying length to Westmacott, some referring to theatrical articles. (8), written from Paris, gives news of the theatrical scene in Paris and mentions that Mrs. C. Gore's new piece at the Haymarket is borrowed from a piece called La duchesse de Lavaubalière, now playing at the Porte St. Martin. (9) refers to "a very true anecdote of young Grattan" and indicates that he, Bunn, is been preparing "A life in 2 large vols. of poor Elliston." (18), dated March 16, 1855 and addressed to B. Webster, asks after Madame Celeste. (20-21) to Cooper both concern the rate of payment for work as manager and actor. (28) consists of a photograph of Bunn and a leaf with a brief biographical statement11ocn270678049book18470.10Vieuxtemps, HenriLondon, 10 May 1847, to Count Mathieu Wielhorsky in St. PetersburgDescribing his visits to Paris and London, mentioning Grisi, Mario, Tamburini, Salvi, Alboni, Jenny Lind and her suit against Bunn at Drury Lane, [Meyerbeer's] Robert le diable, Staudigl, [Bellini's] Sonnambula, Félicien David's Christoph Colomb, Douai's [i.e. Emile Douay's] Jeanne, Gluck, Grétry, Méhul, Boieldieu, Armide, Richard coeur de lion, Joseph en Egypte, La dame blanche, Le désert, [Lacombe's] Manfred, Mme Viardot, Mme Dorus-Gras, Berlioz's success in Russia, Mendelssohn, in whose honor they gave a concert of his music, etc11ocn078497322book18331.00Alfred the little, or Management! A play. As rejected at the theatre royal, Drury Lane, Oct. 183311ocn865089590mixBunn, AlfredAutograph letter signed from Alfred Bunn, Theatre Royal, Drury Lane, to Benjamin WebsterManuscriptsArranges a time to call and requests that Webster "Tell Kean he is Trumpus Major - that is King of the Trumps."11ocn834097191book1829Kemble, CharlesAutograph letter signed from Charles Kemble, London, to Richard Milliken, DublinManuscriptsDiscusses recent difficulties with Edmund Kean and expresses gratitude for Milliken's role in settling accounts with Mr. Bunn11ocn270881291mix18430.10Kean, Charles JohnLondon, to CalcraftAnnouncing his departure for Brighton; expressing concern that the [Daniel] O'Connell trial will take place during their engagement ("such a circumstance would be worse than a General Election"); alluding to "the Covent Garden business"; mentioning that [Alfred] "Bunn broke a blood vessel"; asking for news of "this horrid trial."11ocn084142681bookPastor, TonyParody on You'll remember me.Parodies, imitations, etcMusic11ocn318650679bookBunn, AlfredAutograph letters signed from Alfred Bunn to various recipientsManuscriptsIncludes 2 covers. Some letters undated. Recipients include M. Burke, William Dunn, J. Hendon , R.W. Elliston, William Gore Elliston, J. Winston and a few others. Include a printed circular from M. Burke, Bunn's answer to it and copies of this correspondence. Also, playbills, notes and newspaper cuttings on Bunn, with some notes by him, ca. 1796-1904, and 2 printed addresses from Bunn to J. Winston and Lord W. Lennox, May 27, 1833, bound in a volume, and a letter from George Bunn to Winston, ca. 182201ocn122521531mixWoodward, SidneySidney Woodward collectionCollection consists of 132 letters and 5 contracts of various American and British actors, directors, dramatists, and stage managers. Includes 64 letters to the English actor-manager Benjamin Nottingham Webster (1797-1882)01ocn316607097book1845Jenny Lind and poet BMusicFri Mar 21 15:50:11 EDT 2014batch33915