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Fri Mar 21 17:07:14 2014 UTClccn-n820126170.00China : The Coming Power /0.671.00Tax policy and economic growth : a national leadership conference : conference proceedings /221717561Barber_Conablen 82012617709889Conable, Barber 1922-Conable, Barber B. JrConable, Barber B. jun. 1922-lccn-n88168048Singleton, Arthur L.lccn-n79017982United StatesCongressHouseCommittee on Ways and Meanslccn-n81134071Smithsonian InstitutionBoard of Regentslccn-n79125216United StatesCongressSenateCommittee on Rules and Administrationlccn-n78083433Daly, John Charles1914-1991lccn-n78083381American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Researchlccn-n78095330United Stateslccn-n2003018757Fleming, James S.1943-lccn-n79107874United StatesCongressHouselccn-n79043403World BankConable, Barber B.HistoryConference proceedingsPeriodicalsUnited StatesIncome tax--Law and legislationConable, Barber BWorld BankSmithsonian Institution.--Board of RegentsDeveloping countriesSocial security--CostsEconomic historyEconomic policyPolitical scienceUnited States.--Congress.--HouseLegislatorsEconomic assistanceUnited States.--Congress.--House.--Committee on Ways and MeansInternational relations--Law and legislationEconomic assistance, American--EvaluationTechnical assistance, American--EvaluationInternational Finance CorporationEconomic development--Environmental aspectsWomen--Economic conditionsEconomic developmentDevelopment banksAfrica, Sub-SaharanLoans, ForeignBanks and banking, InternationalBudget deficitsAfricaMaternal health servicesClausen, A. WWomen--Health and hygieneResource allocationMothers--Mortality--PreventionPoliticiansMcNamara, Robert S.,Foreign exchangeFinanceTaxation--Law and legislationTaxation of personal propertyInternational financeUnited States.--CongressRepresentative government and representationButler, PatMothers--MortalityBuchen, Philip W.--(Philip William),Loeffler, Thomas Gilbert,Goodell, Charles E.--(Charles Ellsworth),Korologos, Tom Chris,Davis, Glenn R.--(Glenn Robert),Sustainable developmentBaroody, William J192220031965197019721977197819791980198119831984198519861987198819891990199119921993199519992000200220032004207174110343.73052KF63697904ocn019130786book19890.53Conable, Barber BCongress and the income taxHistoryAn insightful account of how Congress works and how tax policy is made2602ocn008035797book19810.81Controlling the cost of social security : held on June 25, 1981 and sponsored by the American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy ResearchConference proceedings1053ocn033377243book19950.95Foreign assistance in a time of constraints814ocn024173016book19910.92Conable, Barber BThe Conable years at the World Bank : major policy addresses of Barber B. Conable, 1986-91208ocn018673526book19860.88McNamara, Robert SAddress to the Board of Governors126ocn026822837visu19910.73World bankingIllustrates how the World Bank is at the leading edge of sustainable development; examines the Bank's new thrusts for the 1990's; looks specifically at Barber Conable's plans for focusing the Bank's resources on the economic development of emerging economies and protecting the environment81ocn028238249book19910.63Conable, Barber BReflections on Africa : the priority of Sub-Saharan Africa in economic development : addresses by82ocn025656216book19840.98Donald S. MacNaughton SymposiumThe Donald S. MacNaughton Symposium, proceedings, 1984 : what should be done about the federal deficit?Conference proceedings71ocn026753648book19910.97Conable, Barber BAfrica's development and destiny41ocn015749479book19870.92Conable, Barber BThe safe motherhood initiative : address and proposals for action, Nairobi, Kenya, February 10, 198742ocn077019297book19870.47Conable, Barber BAddress to the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development42ocn847156476art1992China : The Coming PowerAmerican-Chinese political and trade relations are reviewed. Basic misconceptions about China's economic status, political stability and probable future political development are examined and criticised. The progress of economic reform and pressures for political change are analysed. The concept of "Greater China", i.e. China, Taiwan and Hongkong is used to illustrate the interdependence of these economies and as a basis for trade balance data. China's role in South East Asia is outlined.--SCAD summary31ocn086009016book19870.23Conable, Barber BThe safe motherhood initiative : address and proposals for action, Nairobi, Kenya, 198731ocn716241387book19910.92Conable, Barber BThe Conable years at the World Bank : major policy addresses of Barber B. Conable, 1986-9l31ocn007229097book19781.00Tax policy and economic growth : a national leadership conference : conference proceedingsConference proceedings31ocn847066450art1988Für ein aufrechterhaltbares, gerecht verteiltes WachstumDer Beitrag gibt einen überblick über die zentralen Ziele und Aktivitäten der Weltbank: Verminderung der Armut, Schutz der physischen Umwelt, Ansatz zur Lösung der Schuldenkrise in den hochverschuldeten Ländern.--SCAD summary31ocn847135387art1991Le développement dans le monde en 1991. Le rapport de la Banque mondiale sur le défi du développementL'étude met en évidence le rôle capital d'une interaction efficace entre Etat et marché pour assurer un développement durable; il identifie les aspects majeurs de cette relation Etat-marché: l'investissement humain, la création d'un environnement favorable aux entreprises et à leur mise en concurrence, l'intégration dans les échanges internationaux, et la stabilité macroéconomique.--SCAD summary32ocn005732913serial0.27Conable, Barber BWashington report from Congressman Barber B. Conable, JrPeriodicals31ocn007394318rcrd19800.10Should the U.S. enact a value-added tax? Representative Al Ullman vs. Representative Barber Conable, JrOne in a series of debates on moral issues, social conflict, and change; the first viewpoint is by Rep. Ullman from Oregon, favoring a value added tax. The opposing viewpoint is by Rep. Conable, a Republican from New York22ocn037040080com19871.00Safe Motherhood International ConferenceSafe Motherhood Conference : [addresses]Conference proceedings1852ocn028011193book19930.66United StatesProviding for the appointment of Barber B. Conable, Jr., of New York, as a citizen regent of the Board of Regents of the Smithsonian Institution : report (to accompany S.J. Res. 28)1722ocn041644810book19930.59United StatesJoint Resolution Providing for the Reappointment of Barber B. Conable, Jr., as a Citizen Regent of the Board of Regents of the Smithsonian Institution1703ocn026529327book19920.70United StatesProviding for the appointment of Barber B. Conable, Jr., of New York, as a citizen regent of the Board of Regents of the Smithsonian Institution : report (to accompany S.J. Res. 259)1552ocn053972199book20040.90Fleming, James SWindow on Congress : a congressional biography of Barber B. Conable, Jr.Biography"Recognizing the importance of Conable's western New York heritage, James S. Fleming traces Conable's story from his childhood in Warsaw, New York to his election to the historic Eighty-ninth Congress of 1965-1966. Fleming's chronicle of Conable's subsequent legislative career offers a window on Congress and on an historic period in American history. As the fourth-ranking Republican leader in the House, Conable played a critical role in the Watergate investigation that led to the resignation of President Richard M. Nixon. As the ranking Republican leader of the Ways and Means Committee, he was a key contributor to the tax legislation passed during the Ford, Carter, and Reagan administrations+-+K37619530642ocn022767766book19890.96Ōshiba, RyōThe World Bank under McNamara, Clausen, and Conable : resource allocation in the World Bank42ocn061861160book20030.47Fleming, James SWindow on congress : a congressional biography of Barber B. ConableBiography+-+K37619530631ocn013352294book19840.27The Role of representative government : at issue21ocn029797585mix1.00Syers, WilliamResearch interviewsInterviewsTranscripts of interviews by Syers with Gerald R. Ford's associates about his congressional career and his approach to congressional relations as president, including former congressional colleagues, White House Congressional Relations Office staff, and other advisers. Persons interviewed include William Baroody, Jr., Philip Buchen, Pat Butler, Richard Cheney, Barber Conable, Glenn Davis, Max Friedersdorf, Charles Goodell, Bryce Harlow, Robert Hartmann, Joseph Jenckes, William Kendall, Thomas Korologos, Melvin Laird, Charles Leppert, Thomas Loeffler, Patrick O'Donnell, Roger Porter, Patrick Rowland, Hugh Scott, and L. William Seidman21ocn002281764book19720.92Ralph Nader Congress ProjectBarber B. Conable, Jr. : Republican Representative from New York11ocn064073240mix1.00Cornell UniversityCornell University Council records11ocn051867451art1984Conable, Barber B., JrBiography01ocn122590118mixCornell UniversityIncludes lists of members; organizational charts; material on the Council's functions and regulations; manuals; minutes of meetings; reports; and tape recordings of meetings and talks at Cornell University, including talks by Carl Sagan, Barber B. Conable, Donald G. Dickason, Richard M. Ramin, Deane W. Malott, Dale Corson, Morris Bishop, A. Henry Detweiler concerning the Sardis Expedition, and recordings of joint Council-Trustee meetings+-+K376195306Fri Mar 21 15:58:49 EDT 2014batch18387