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Thu Oct 16 18:02:59 2014 UTClccn-n831227120.47Letter: 1873 Aug. 23, Chetham's Library, Manchester, to David Laing /0.791.00[Commonplace book],90717980John_Logan_(minister)n 83122712958335lccn-n84108880Hastings, Warren1732-1818lccn-n80067131Church of Scotlandlccn-nr91006761Bruce, Michael1746-1767lccn-nr93031056Philpott, Charleslccn-n83155712Leaver, Robin, william$1800 1863Mackelvie, William1800-1863edtnp-mackenzie, jamesMackenzie, Jamesedtlccn-n85067318Scott, John1731-1783lccn-n85312085Grahame, James1765-1811lccn-n85028273Falconer, William1732-1769Logan, John1748-1788SermonsCriticism, interpretation, etcHistoryTrials, litigation, etcDramaBiographyPoetryEnglish poetrySermons, EnglishHastings, Warren,Church of ScotlandLiterature, MedievalIndiaPolitical scienceVerse drama, EnglishLogan, John,European literature--RenaissanceGreat BritainBruce, Michael,British Occupation of India (1765-1947)AsiaGovernorsIndia--BengalEnglish poetry--Scottish authorsSocial historyScotlandImpeachmentsOdes, EnglishLord's SupperJuryLord's Supper (Liturgy)LiturgicsStockdale, John,England--LondonShipley, William Davies,Trials (Seditious libel)History, AncientHistoriographyHistory--PhilosophyEnglish drama (Comedy)Poets, ScottishTrials (Libel)Falconer, William,Grahame, James,Scott, John,Scottish poetryGreeceCivilizationDryden, John,Langhorne, John,FriendshipLove poetryAkenside, Mark,Davies, John,--Sir,Addison, Joseph,Chatterton, Thomas,Gray, Thomas,1748178817671770177117801781178217831784178717881789179017921793179517981800180418051807180818101812181318141818181918211822182318251826182918371838183918461851185518731876189219051908190919141953196419701972197819921994199520052010315586272809.02AC475840ocn642347010file17810.82Logan, JohnPoems by the Rev. Mr. Logan, one of the Ministers of Leith43123ocn083321574file17830.82Logan, JohnRunnamede, a tragedyHistoryDrama33121ocn728241374file17900.66Logan, JohnSermons by the late Reverend John Logan, F.R.S. Edin. one of the ministers of Leith. Including a complete detail of the service of a communion Sunday, according to the usage of the Church of ScotlandSermons28013ocn065336409file17880.79Logan, JohnA review of the principal charges against Warren Hastings, Esquire, late governor general of BengalHistoryTrials, litigation, etc22626ocn015439245book17900.93Logan, JohnSermonsSermons1762ocn000090981book17980.82Philpott, CharlesAn introduction to the literary history of the fourteenth and fifteenth centuriesCriticism, interpretation, etc1396ocn083468609file17870.70Logan, JohnA dissertation on the governments, manners, and spirit of Asia13811ocn642332455file17810.77Logan, JohnElements of the philosophy of history. Part first. By the Reverend Mr. Logan, One Of The Ministers Of Leith1307ocn083371131file17880.74Logan, JohnConsidérations générales sur le procès intenté a W. Hastings, écuyer, ancien gouverneur-général du Bengale893ocn406969965book20100.70Logan, JohnA Communion Sunday in Scotland ca. 1780 : liturgies and sermonsSermonsSources for 17th, 18th, and early 19th-century Eucharistic practices in the Church of Scotland are scarce, in part because each minister was free to draw up the form and content of the services he conducted. In addition, many 19th and 20th century liturgical scholars chose to dismiss this form of public worship, instead focusing on the earlier tradition of the Book of Common Order. A Communion Sunday in Scotland ca. 1780: Liturgies and Sermons addresses the dearth of these liturgical studies by presenting a modern edition of a late 18th-century published account of Communion Sunday in the Church of Scotland. --from publisher description+-+75341356354511ocn005537933book18050.93Logan, JohnPoems ; and, Runnamede : a tragedyHistoryDrama273ocn005162246book18220.95Scott, JohnThe poems of Scott, and Logan223ocn015495033book18230.88Grahame, JamesThe poems of James Grahame, John Logan, and William Falconer. With lives of the authors and a portrait of Grahame112ocn013163341art18100.98Logan, JohnThe poems of John LoganPoetry114ocn003519734book18100.77Logan, JohnSermons : including a complete detail of the service of a communion Sunday, according to the usage of the Church of ScotlandSermons113ocn719422819file18380.79Logan, JohnSermons, including a complete detail of the service of a communion sabbath, according to the usage of the Church of Scotland With a life of the author101ocn009353844book18550.79Logan, JohnSermons and expository lecturesSermons102ocn003903988book18070.79Logan, JohnThe poetical works of John Logan81ocn225766298book19940.59Logan, JohnPoems : By The Rev. Mr. Logan72ocn535966198com17810.59Logan, JohnElements of the philosophy of historyHistory1446ocn642433591com17700.77Bruce, MichaelPoems on several occasions. By Michael Bruce325ocn000335539book18370.86Bruce, MichaelLochleven, and other poems203ocn022370942book19140.90Bruce, MichaelLife and complete works of Michael Bruce, poet of Loch LevenBiography121ocn002302656book19640.95Bruce, MichaelLochleven and other poems ... With a life of the author from original sources, by the Rev. William MackelvieBiography71ocn042992863book18140.82Logan, JohnPoems by the Rev. Mr. Logan, one of the Ministers of Leith73ocn565581402file19140.66Bruce, MichaelLife and works of Michael Bruce poet of Loch Leven, author of the "Ode to the cuckoo" and other poems; the Kinnesswood edition31ocn315310986book18230.88Grahame, JamesThe poems of James Grahame, John Logan, and William Falconer. With lives of the authors and a portrait of Grahame32ocn079421403book19050.84Mackenzie, James.*Life of Michael Bruce : poet of Loch LevenBiography22ocn315287645book17710.74LothianThe planters of the vineyard or a kirk-session confounded. A comedy of three acts. As it was performed at Forthtown by the persons of the drama11ocn074402335book17900.74Stockdale, JohnThe whole proceedings on the trial of an information exhibited ex officio, by the King's Attorney General, against John Stockdale for a libel on the House of Commons, tried In The Court Of King's-Bench Westminster, ON Wednesday, the ninth of December, 1789, Before The Right Hon. Lloyd Lord Kenyon, Chief Justice Of England. Taken in short hand by Joseph Gurney. To which is subjoined, an argument in support of the rights of juriesTrials, litigation, etc11ocn702176971mix1.00[Commonplace book]Manuscript, in a single hand, of a collection of about 23 poems, and extracts from poems, by various authors, on primarily sentimental subjects such as death, religion, and nature. The collection includes a copy of "Palestine" by Reginald Heber, as well as poems by Joseph Warton, John Langhorne, John Logan, Amelia Opie, John Dryden, and others. The volume also contains several comic entries11ocn040242017mix18760.47Henderson, EbenezerLetter: 1876 June 9, Astral Villa, Muchart, Perthshire, to David LaingThanks Laing for the copy of Logan's poems and discusses John Burton11ocn607638331mix18730.47Jones, ThomasLetter: 1873 Aug. 23, Chetham's Library, Manchester, to David LaingDiscusses John Logan11ocn040239612mix18730.47Carruthers, RobertLetter: 1873 Aug. 13, Inverness, to David LaingCarruther's views on the poet Logan11ocn040240997mix18730.47Dundas, DavidLetter: 1873 July 24, Ochtertyre, Stirling, David LaingThanking Laing for his edition of Ode to the Cuckoo. Comments on John Miller11ocn607638013mix18730.47Napier, George WLetter: 1873 Sept. 12, Aldersley Edge, Nr Manchester, to David LaingConcerns Ode to the Cuckoo11ocn040242699mix18730.47Greenshields, J. BLetter: 1873 July 23, Kerse [Lesmahagow], to David LaingThanking Laing for his edition of Ode to the Cuckoo. Concerns Pickering's and Sharpe's library sales11ocn040239613mix18730.47Carruthers, RobertLetter: 1873 Aug. 16, Inverness, to David LaingAcknowledging receipt of Laing's edition of Logan's poems, with comments11ocn828275004book17920.74Anderson, RobertA complete edition of the poets of Great BritainCriticism, interpretation, etcBiography11ocn854167612book19140.47Bruce, MichaelLife and complete works of Michael Bruce : poet of Loch Leven, author of the "Ode to the Cuckoo", and other poemsBiography+-+7534135635+-+7534135635Thu Oct 16 16:09:25 EDT 2014batch21904