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Fri Mar 21 17:14:16 2014 UTClccn-n831342150.06Little Wizard stories of Oz /0.070.47John R. Neill papers,66586670John_R._Neilln 831342151079224Neill, John R.Neill, John ReaNeill, John Rea 1877-1943Neils, Dž. R., 1877-1943lccn-n80110912Baum, L. Frank(Lyman Frank)1856-1919fast-937146Gale, Dorothy (Fictitious character)lccn-n83123612Thompson, Ruth Plumly1893-1976edtlccn-nr96042523Reilly & Lee Copblfast-1076502Princess Ozma (Fictitious character)fast-1176451Wizard of Oz (Fictitious character)fast-1106546Scarecrow (Fictitious character : Baum)fast-881979Cowardly Lion (Fictitious character)fast-1151291Tin Woodman (Fictitious character)lccn-nr98002382Allen, Philip Schuyler1871-1937edtNeill, John R.(John Rea)FictionJuvenile worksFantasy fictionComic books, strips, etcFantasy comic books, strips, etcGraphic novelsFolkloreFairy talesIllustrationsShort storiesOz (Imaginary place)FantasyGale, Dorothy (Fictitious character)Children's stories, AmericanMagicPrincess Ozma (Fictitious character)Wizard of Oz (Fictitious character)Good and evilAnimals, MythicalScarecrow (Fictitious character : Baum)FriendshipKings and rulersFantasy fictionVoyages and travelsPrincessesWitchesTheftKidnappingChildren's storiesIslandsAdventure and adventurersArthur,--KingFantasy comic books, strips, etcCourageUnclesCatsGraphic novelsMermaidsMagiciansAuntsBattlesPractical jokesYouth--Conduct of lifeConduct of lifeQueensWomen soldiersUnited StatesArthurian romancesGirlsTribesWar storiesGoatsEscapesSlavesWizardsFairy talesCowardly Lion (Fictitious character)Comic books, strips, etcBirthdaysRevenge1877194319041905190619071908190919101911191219131914191519161917191819191920192119221923192419251926192719281929193019311932193319341935193619371938193919401941194219451946194719491950195119541959196019611963196419671968196919701971197219731974197519761977197819791980198119821984198519861987198819891990199119921993199419951996199719981999200020012002200320052006200720082009201020112012201332804157898[FIC]PZ7.B327ocn011785446ocn022489063ocn021408660ocn019830264ocn027954036ocn036749818ocn032116162ocn040094532ocn000812495ocn041347855247285ocn019830264book19070.07Baum, L. FrankOzma of OzJuvenile worksComic books, strips, etcFictionFairy talesFantasy fictionWhen a storm blows Dorothy to the land of Ev where lunches grow on trees, she meets the Scarecrow, the Tin Woodman, the Cowardly Lion, and Princess Ozma, and together they set out to free the Queen of Ev and her ten children+-+6781153315241239ocn027954036book19100.07Baum, L. FrankThe emerald city of OzJuvenile worksFictionFantasy fictionDorothy's aunt and uncle get acquainted with Oz after tehy lose their farm and Ozma invites them to live with her+-+1300663315226735ocn021408660book19080.07Baum, L. FrankDorothy and the wizard in OzJuvenile worksFictionFantasy fictionDuring a California earthquake Dorothy falls into the underground Land of the Manaboos where she again meets the Wizard of Oz+-+1173453315213342ocn022489063book19090.07Baum, L. FrankThe road to Oz in which it is related how Dorothy Gale of Kansas, the Shaggy Man, Button Bright, and Polychrome the Rainbow's Daughter met on an enchanted road and followed it all the way to the marvelous land of OzJuvenile worksFictionPictorial worksFantasy fictionRelates how Dorothy Gale of Kansas, The Shaggy Man, Button Bright, and Polychrome the Rainbow's Daughter met on an Enchanted Road and followed it all the way to the Marvelous Land of Oz+-+6244453315209561ocn011785446book19040.07Baum, L. FrankThe marvelous land of ozJuvenile worksComic books, strips, etcFictionIllustrationsFantasy comic books, strips, etcFantasy fictionGraphic novelsFirst issued in 1904, L. Frank Baum's The Marvelous Land of Oz is the story of the adventures of the young boy named Tip as he travels throughout the many lands of Oz. Here he meets with our old friends the Scarecrow and Tin Woodman, as well as some new friends like Jack Pumpkinhead, the Wooden Sawhorse, the Highly Magnified Woggle-Bug, and the amazing Gump. They must thwart the wicked plans of the evil witch Mombi and overcome the rebellion of General Jinjur and her army of young women+-+5489053315209232ocn032116162book19130.07Baum, L. FrankThe patchwork girl of OzJuvenile worksFictionDramaFantasy fictionFantasy fiction, AmericanA boy, a patchwork girl, and a glass cat go on a mission to find the ingredients for a charm which will transform some people turned to marble+-+6908863315176238ocn042368221book19190.07Baum, L. FrankThe magic of Oz : a faithful record of the remarkable adventures of Dorothy and Trot and the Wizard of Oz, together with the Cowardly Lion, the Hungry Tiger, and Cap'n Bill, in their successful search for a magical and beautiful birthday present for Princess Ozma of OzJuvenile worksFictionFairy talesFantasy fictionA young citizen of Oz who learns an important magic word falls prey to the wickedness of the Nomes' ex-king who wants to destroy Dorothy, the Wizard, and Princess Ozma+-+9224963315169833ocn034280240book19080.07Baum, L. FrankTik-Tok of OzJuvenile worksFictionFantasy fictionIntroduces Ann Soforth, Queen of Oogaboo, whom Tik-Tok, the clockwork man, assists in conquering the Nome King+-+K008863315157635ocn040094532book19170.07Baum, L. FrankThe lost princess of OzJuvenile worksFictionWhen Princess Ozma and all the magic of the Land of Oz are mysteriously stolen away, Dorothy and the other residents of Oz are determined to find their missing ruler and the thief responsible for her disappearance+-+3024963315149835ocn041347855book19180.07Baum, L. FrankThe tin woodman of Oz a faithful story of the astonishing adventure undertaken by the Tin Woodman, assisted by Woot the Wanderer, the Scarecrow of Oz, and Polychrome, the Rainbow's daughterJuvenile worksFictionFantasy fictionDorothy tries to rescue the Tin Woodman and Scarecrow from the giantess who has changed them into a tin owl and a teddy bear and is using them for playthings+-+1124963315146627ocn036749818book19150.07Baum, L. FrankThe scarecrow of OzJuvenile worksFictionFantasy fictionThe adventures of Trot and Cap'n Bill take them to Jinxland where they help Pon, the gardener's assistant, break the spell that turned his true love's heart to ice+-+9462963315144937ocn044160244book19200.07Baum, L. FrankGlinda of Oz : in which are related the exciting experiences of Princess Ozma of Oz, and Dorothy, in their hazardous journey to the home of the Flatheads, and to the Magic Isle of the Skeezers, and how they were rescued from dire peril by the sorcery of Glinda the GoodJuvenile worksFictionFantasy fictionGlinda of Oz, in which are related the exciting experiences of Princess Ozma of Oz, and Dorothy, in their hazardous journey to the home of the Flatheads, and to the Magic Isle of the Skeezers, and how they were rescued from dire peril by the sorcery of Glinda the Good+-+7324963315138925ocn038978410book19160.07Baum, L. FrankRinkitink in OzJuvenile worksFictionFantasy fictionRinkitink of Oz is a tale of high adventure beginning in the islands of the Nonestic Ocean and eventually culminating in the darkness of the Nome King's Caverns. Rinkitink is the fun-loving runaway king of his eponomous land who accompanied by his beast of burden, a surly talking goat named Bilbil, makes his way to the beautiful and peaceful island of Pingaree. His timing, however, is poor for soon after his arrival the island is overrun by a marauding band of warriors who loot and pillage the entire island and carry all its inhabitants off to slavery on the twin islands of Regos and Coregos. Rinkitink, Bilbil, and the young Prince of Pingaree, Inga, escape capture and with the the help of three magic pearls they set out to rescue the Pingareeans and Inga's father and mother, King Kitticut and Queen Garee. After some successes and failures, they ultimately win the day and free all the slaves on the islands. But not before the wicked King Gos and Queen Cor escape with King Kitticut and Queen Garee as hostages. The action then shifts to the Nome King's Caverns. Inga and Rinkitink join forces with Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz to once more confront the Nomes in the dramatic conclusion to this tale of high adventure in the remoter regions of Oz+-+3572963315110342ocn005873011book19040.07Baum, L. FrankThe land of Oz : being an account of the further adventures of the Scarecrow and Tin Woodman and also the strange experiences of the Highly Magnified Woggle-Bug, Jack Pumpkinhead, the Animated Saw-horse and the Gump ; the story being a sequel to The Wizard of OzJuvenile worksFictionPortraitsFantasy fictionWhen the Scarecrow, now the ruler of the Emerald City, is driven out by General Jinjur and her all-girl army, his friends--the Tin Woodman, a boy named Tip, and Jack Pumpkinhead--try to restore peace+-+1310880985107610ocn012051565book19140.06Baum, L. FrankLittle Wizard stories of OzJuvenile worksFictionFantasy fictionShort storiesSix tales present further the adventures of Dorothy and Toto, Ozma, Tiktok, Jack Pumpkinhead, the Tin Woodman, and other characters from the land of Oz+-+317676331535210ocn001359869book19210.07Thompson, Ruth PlumlyThe royal book of Oz : in which the Scarecrow goes to search for his family tree and discovers that he is the long lost Emperor of the Silver Island, and how he was rescued and brought back to Oz by Dorothy and the Cowardly LionJuvenile worksFictionFantasy fictionThe Scarecrow discovers he in the Emperor of Silver Island after hunting for his ancestors. But Dorothy and her friends must rescue him before he undergoes a terrible enchantment+-+71126913953177ocn000102194book19120.07Baum, L. FrankSky Island, being the further exciting adventures of Trot and Cap'n Bill after their visit to the Sea FairiesJuvenile worksFictionButton-Bright's adventures begin when he finds a magic umbrella that will carry him anywhere in the world+-+57505147452996ocn002003854book19220.07Thompson, Ruth PlumlyKabumpo in OzJuvenile worksFictionKabumpo is an elegant elephant and an important personage in the Kingdom of Pumperdink. When the kingdom is threatened with disappearance unless Prince Pompadore weds the proper fairy princess, Kabumpo and the prince set out on a series of adventures until they reach the Emerald City of Oz+-+003068098528612ocn009713223book19110.07Baum, L. FrankThe sea fairiesJuvenile worksFictionFantasy fictionTrot and her uncle, Cap'n Bill, encounter unusual experiences with mermaids, sea-serpents, and other strange creatures while journeying in the depths of the sea+-+57365913952628ocn003459163book19240.07Malory, ThomasKing Arthur and his knightsJuvenile worksFolkloreFictionAn adaptation of the tales of King Arthur and his Knights1543ocn007117184book19790.07Baum, L. FrankThe lost princess of OzJuvenile worksFictionWhen Princess Ozma and all the magic of the Land of Oz are mysteriously stolen away, Dorothy and the other residents of Oz are determined to find their missing ruler and the thief responsible for her disappearance11ocn742355505mix0.47Neill, John RJohn R. Neill papersMapsIllustrationsTwo of John R. Neill's illustrations for Oz books written or inspired by L. Frank Baum, and a color map of Oz published by the International Wizard of Oz Club+-+5489053315+-+5489053315Fri Mar 21 15:39:03 EDT 2014batch34841