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Fri Mar 21 17:11:05 2014 UTClccn-n831387800.18Sword of the North : a novel /0.461.00Voyages of Nicolo and Antonio Zeno : in 1380294743860n 83138780969704Zen, Antonio, -approximately 1405Zeno, Antonio, d. ca. 1405lccn-n2003033615Zeno, Niccolò-approximately 1395lccn-n83138779Sinclair, HenrySir1345-approximately 1400lccn-n82129253Zeno, Niccolò1515-1565lccn-n50023480Hakluyt, Richard1552?-1616comedtlccn-n50032549Cabot, Sebastianapproximately 1474-1557lccn-n50032548Cabot, John-1498?lccn-n2002049971Di Robilant, Andrea1957-lccn-n50020160Pohl, Frederick Julius1889-1991lccn-n50039449Major, Richard Henry1818-1891edtlccn-n2005037959Jay I. Kislak Reference Collection (Library of Congress)Zeno, Antonio-approximately 1405MapsHistoryAmericaZeno, Antonio,Zeno, Niccolò,Discoveries in geographyVoyages and travelsArctic Ocean--Northwest PassageNatural historyNorth AmericaDiscovery and exploration, ItalianCabot, Sebastian,Sinclair, Henry,--Sir,Cabot, John,ExplorersNorth Atlantic RegionZeno, Niccolò,ItalyFaroe IslandsGreenlandDiscovery and exploration, NorseGrailAntiquitiesRhode IslandScotland--RoslinMassachusettsTemplarsScotlandTravelCartographyPolo, Marco,IranItalians--Foreign countriesZeno, Caterino,HoaxesEarly mapsDiscovery & explorationGazetteersItaly--VeniceArctic RegionsScandinaviaThucydidesSallust,Embryology, HumanKnights Templar (Masonic order)Human reproductionAtlantic Ocean--North SeaRussiaMiddle EastCà da Mosto, Alvise,Early printed booksCaucasus14051558156915741582160016061686168716901808181818241833185018521873187418751877187818831885189018981902190419501951196319641966197019741978198019831992199520012005201020112012373160148973.1E121121ocn829940094com20100.66Zeno, NiccolòThe voyages of the Venetian brothers, Nicolò & Antonio Zeno, to the northern seas in the XIVth centuryMaps+-+010069459632464ocn082914757book15580.96Zeno, NiccolòDe i commentarii del viaggio in Persia di m. Caterino Zeno il k. & delle guerre fatte nell' imperio persiano, dal tempo di Vssuncassano in quà. Libri dve. Et Dello scoprimento dell'isole Frislanda, Eslanda, Engrouelanda, Estotilanda, & Icaria, fatto sotto il polo artico, da due fratelli Zeni, m. Nicolò il k. e m. Antonio. Libro vnoHistory51ocn007882514book15690.86Zeno, AntonioAntonii Zeni patricii Veneti In concionem Periclis & Lepidi : ex libro primo historiarum Thucydidis et Sallustii, commentarius43ocn022635614book14910.92Zeno, AntonioDe natura humana31ocn277733077map18770.81Zeno, NiccolòCarta da navegarMaps31ocn809802222com0.92Zeno, AntonioAntonii Zeni V.P. De natura humana libellus est31ocn015117528book18830.59Nordenskiöld, A. EOm bröderna Zenos resor och de äldsta kartor öfver NordenMaps22ocn076066137book18241.00Zeno, NiccolòVoyages of Nicolo and Antonio Zeno : in 138022ocn772964950book15740.70Ramusio, Giovanni BattistaSecondo volume delle navigationi et viaggi21ocn054242122book15690.92Zeno, AntonioAntonii Zeni patricii veneti In concionem Periclis & Lepidi ex Libro primo historiarum Thveydidis et Sallvstii, commentarivs21ocn043231483book15690.47Zeno, AntonioAntonij Zeni patricij Veneti In concionem Periclis & Lepidi ex libro primo historiarum Thucydidis et Sallustij, commentarius21ocn056784570book1.00Zeno, AntonioLibellus de natura humana11ocn277740776map18771.00Zeno, NiccolòBody of the map of the North Sea and lands, 1380, exhibiting an original identification of Frisland, Islanda, Crolandia, Podanda, Monaco, Icaria, Neome, Grisalda, and the Seven islands (Mimant, etc.), also the Islande of the Zeni narrative and the lost colony of East GreenlandMaps11ocn854765561map16900.47Coronelli, VincenzoMare del nordMaps11ocn850160127book16060.96Ramusio, Giovanni BattistaDelle navigationi et viaggi11ocn786153317book19660.56Hakluyt, RichardDivers voyages touching the discoverie of AmericaFirst published by Richard Hakluyt in 158211ocn700950290book14920.47Zeno, AntonioAntonij Zeni V.P. De natura humana libellus est109217ocn006564949book18500.56Hakluyt, RichardDivers voyages touching the discoverie of AmericaFirst published by Richard Hakluyt in 1582+-+19535535664947ocn001119331book19740.31Pohl, Frederick JuliusPrince Henry Sinclair, his expedition to the New World in 1398BiographyBiography of Henry Sinclair, Prince and Earl of Orkney, who, according to the author, made a voyage to the New World in 1398+-+977645600649020ocn017850015book18730.66Zeno, NiccolòThe voyages of the Venetian brothers, Nicolò & Antonio Zeno, to the northern seas in the XIVth centuryMaps+-+85966535664653ocn676726652book20110.21Di Robilant, AndreaIrresistible North : from Venice to Greenland on the trail of the Zen brothersBiographyExamines the travel narrative describing the journey of the Zen brothers through the North Atlantic in the 1380s and 1390s, and looks at why the Zen's account was called a fraud in the nineteenth century+-+K0341725854212ocn025551149book19920.24Sinclair, AndrewThe sword and the grail : of the Grail and the Templars and a true discovery of AmericaHistoryBiography"More than ninety years before Columbus, Prince Henry St. Clair of Orkney reached North America with a Venetian captain and three hundred colonists. Based on stunning new archaeological evidence, The Sword and the Grail confirms Prince Henry's voyage and reveals the role played by the outlawed Order of the Knights Templar, who later evolved into the Masons of Scotland. This book is both an important revision of the history of the discovery of America and a fascinating revelation of the origins of the Masons. Some of the Templars carried their treasure to the St. Clair castle, where the knights' relics are still buried. The tomb of their St. Clair Grand Master, with the Grail carved on his stone, lies in Rosslyn, the core chapel of the Masonic movement. With the help of the sea skills and wealth of the Templars, Prince Henry tried to found with them a new Jerusalem in the New World, landing first in what is now Nova Scotia and then in New England. Written by a descendant of Prince Henry, The Sword and the Grail reveals startling evidence of the pre-Columbian European settlement of North America. It unveils secrets about the Knights Templar, the Grail, and the Masons that will fascinate the untold numbers of readers whose interest was stimulated by books like Foucault's Pendulum and Holy Blood, Holy Grail. All the research is original, and profound hidden mysteries of the Middle Ages are revealed at last"--Book jacket1482ocn694228223book20110.24Di Robilant, AndreaVenetian navigators : the voyages of the Zen brothers to the far northHistoryBiographyIn the 14th century, Nicolo and Antonio Zen journeyed from Venice up the North Atlantic, encountering warrior princes, fighting savage natives and, just possibly, reaching the New World a full century before Columbus. The story of their adventure travelled throughout Europe, from the workshop of the great cartographer Mercator to the court of Elizabeth I. For centuries, the brothers were international celebrities, until, in 1835, the story was denounced as a 'tissue of lies' and the Zens faded into oblivion. But was it a hoax? And what if these Venetian navigators really did make their incredible journey? Intrigued by the myth, Andrea di Robilant sets out to discover the truth about the Zen voyages. Following in their footsteps, his quest to solve one of Venice's most intriguing mysteries takes him on a fascinating journey of his own, from the crumbling Palazzo Zen in Venice to the Orkney Islands, Shetland, the Faroes, Iceland and even as far as an isolated monastery in Greenland. Part history, part travelogue, "Venetian Navigators" is a charming tale of great journeys, fine detective work and faith against the odds+-+52289762051411ocn009855034book19830.18White, RichardSword of the North : a novelHistoryFiction922ocn006189070book18980.79Lucas, Frederic WilliamThe annals of the voyages of the brothers Nicolò and Antonio Zeno : in the north Atlantic about the end of the fourteenth century, and the claim founded thereon to a Venetian discovery of America526ocn003818857book18180.88Zurla, PlacidoDi Marco Polo e degli altri viaggiatori veneziani più illustri dissertazioni del P. Ab. D. Placido Zurla514ocn008204774book19500.88Pohl, Frederick JuliusThe Sinclair expedition to Nova Scotia in 1398 : a pre-Columbian crossing of the Atlantic definitely dated as to year, month, and day of landing312ocn011393172book15580.92Zeno, NiccolòDe i commentarii del viaggio in Persia di M. Caterino Zeno il K. & delle guerre fatte nell'imperio persiano, dal tempo di Ussuncassano in quà libri due : et dello scoprimento dell'Isole Frislanda, Eslanda, Engrouelanda, Estotilanda, & Icaria, fatto sotto il Polo Artico, da due fratelli Zeni, M. Nicolò il K. e M. Antonio libro uno : con un disegno particolare di tutte le dette parte di Tramontana da lor scoperte313ocn006747427book18750.70Major, Richard HenryThe voyages of the Venetian brothers Zeno to the northern seas in the fourteenth century202ocn031109183book18080.86Zurla, PlacidoDissertazione intorno ai viaggi e scoperte settentrionali di Nicolò ed Antonio fratelli Zeni152ocn007491217book18830.81Steenstrup, J. 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