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Fri Mar 21 17:13:18 2014 UTClccn-n831481860.00Papers, c. 1960-19950.491.00University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Image Collection,56624890n 83148186976294CainCain, Williamlccn-n82211817Cudjoe, Selwyn Reginaldedtlccn-n78095600Thoreau, Henry David1817-1862lccn-n96104824Philip, Maxwell1829-1888lccn-n80036725Barnet, Sylvanlccn-n50028957James, C. L. R.(Cyril Lionel Robert)1901-1989lccn-n82028693Sadoff, Dianne F.lccn-n80045859Garrison, William Lloyd1805-1879lccn-n80037926Graff, Geraldnc-graff geraldGraff, Geraldlccn-n50034173Burto, WilliamCain, William E.1952-FictionCriticism, interpretation, etcHistoryHandbooks, manuals, etcPsychological fictionSea storiesSourcesStyle manualsAutobiographical fictionUnited StatesCommunal livingFarm lifeEnglish language--RhetoricCriticism--AuthorshipMassachusettsExposition (Rhetoric)LiteratureLiterature and societyCollective farmsAcademic writingReport writingThoreau, Henry David,Literature and historyFathers and sonsBuccaneersSlaveryCollege readersInfluence (Literary, artistic, etc.)Learning and scholarshipCaribbean AreaIntellectual lifeLiterature--Theory, etcCriticismJames, C. L. R.--(Cyril Lionel Robert),Psychological fictionPolitics and literatureAmerican literatureCriticism--Study and teaching (Higher)English literatureGarrison, William Lloyd,Antislavery movementsAbolitionistsCulture conflictCritical pedagogyEducation, Higher--Social aspectsEnglish literature--Study and teaching (Higher)Education, Higher--CurriculaCritical theoryEducation, Higher--Political aspectsCollective settlementsMatthiessen, F. O.--(Francis Otto),Blithedale romance (Hawthorne, Nathaniel)Civilization--HistoriographyHumanitiesLiterature and anthropologyLiterature--PhilosophyPhilosophyWomen and literatureFeminist literary criticism1952197919831984198519871988199119931994199519961997199819992000200120022003200420052006200720082009201020112012201320141002956167808.0668PS3054ocn468715818ocn310601866ocn468995903ocn815538623ocn832383777ocn639004730ocn579924934ocn469342182ocn804135890ocn815538647177612ocn042771763book20000.39A historical guide to Henry David ThoreauHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etcHandbooks, manuals, etc+-+271386046515493ocn043475576file19970.33Philip, MaxwellEmmanuel Appadocca, or, Blighted life a tale of the boucaneersFictionSea storiesA son revenges himself on his father by becoming a pirate. He is Emmanuel Appadocca, a mulatto in the Caribbean whose white father, a sugar planter, abandoned him and his black mother. A reprint of an 1854 novel by a Trinidadian writer+-+012549300632413486ocn045729989file19940.35C.L.R. James his intellectual legacies87425ocn040545369book19990.50Barnet, SylvanA short guide to writing about literatureCriticism, interpretation, etcHandbooks, manuals, etcStyle manualsPart of Longman's successful Short Guide Series, A Short Guide to Writing about Literature emphasizes writing as a process and incorporates new critical approaches to writing about literature. The twelfth edition continues to offer students sound advice on how to become critical thinkers and enrich their reading response through accessible, step-by-step instruction. This highly respected text is ideal as a supplement to any course where writing about literature or literary studies is emphasized. Part I (Chs. 1-5) emphasizes the close connections between reading and writing, reflecting the need for good writers to be effective, analytic readers. Part II (Chs. 6-9) offers strategies and practical guidelines for understanding how literature "works" (form and meaning), and for understanding the differences between interpretation and evaluation. Part III (Chs. 10-15) explores the differences between writing about fiction, drama, and poetry, and includes an in-depth look at the writing of a single author (Langston Hughes). Part IV (Chs. 16-17) offers guidance for writing academic papers including research and formatting. Appendices include two stories that are the subjects of student essays in the book, a glossary of literary terms, and a quick review quiz. A wealth of student papers, including preliminary notes, drafts, and revisions of drafts appear throughout the book. Checklists on a variety of topics offer brief, effective guidelines. - Publisher+-+550175678581918ocn010323916book19840.59Cain, William EThe crisis in criticism : theory, literature, and reform in English studiesHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etc+-+66468365353246615ocn030624190book19940.63Teaching contemporary theory to undergraduates+-+04187082354951ocn031765606book19950.50Garrison, William LloydWilliam Lloyd Garrison and the fight against slavery : selections from the LiberatorHistorySources"William Lloyd Garrison and the Fight against Slavery: Selections from The Liberator provides a substantial and wide-ranging selection of writings from The Liberator, the antislavery newspaper founded in 1831 by the preeminent abolitionist of his day, William Lloyd Garrison. The 41 selections offer the opportunity to read and analyze, firsthand, a broad spectrum of Garrison's writings on issues related to slavery. An extensive introductory essay provides historical background on slavery and abolitionism in America as well as a compelling narrative of the events in Garrison's career. Also included are questions to consider when reading Garrison's writings; illustrations, including photographs of Garrison and other famous abolitionists; a chronology of Garrison's life; and a bibliography and index."--BOOK JACKET+-+21385676854584ocn028547587book19930.63Teaching the conflicts : Gerald Graff, curricular reform, and the culture wars4286ocn018051606book19880.70Cain, William EF.O. Matthiessen and the politics of criticismHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etc+-+49646644753653ocn034576731book19960.73Reconceptualizing American literary/cultural studies : rhetoric, history, and politics in the humanitiesCriticism, interpretation, etc+-+96487806353243566ocn009682766book19830.79Philosophical approaches to literature : new essays on nineteenth- and twentieth-century textsCriticism, interpretation, etc2364ocn027896300book19940.84Making feminist history : the literary scholarship of Sandra M. Gilbert and Susan GubarCriticism, interpretation, etc21310ocn059756162book19970.39Barnet, SylvanAn introduction to literature: fiction, poetry, dramaFiction, poetry, & drama+-+76510867851174ocn056194950book20050.47Barnet, SylvanLiterature for composition : essays, fiction, poetry, and drama+-+01450967851005ocn058422865book20030.50Stubbs, MarciaThe Little, Brown readerThis best selling text offers students a balance of contemporary and classic readings that are engaging and promote critical thinking and thoughtful writing+-+4925886785822ocn052728794book20040.53American literature+-+7871666785411ocn062421318book20070.53A little literature : reading/writing and argument+-+2461486785403ocn454378417book20110.59Literature for composition : essays, stories, poems, and plays+-+0408920575105ocn490057830book19960.32Hawthorne, NathanielThe Blithedale romanceHistoryFictionSourcesPsychological fictionAutobiographical fictionFour members of a nineteenth-century utopian commune find themselves emotionally involved in ways they could not have predicted+-+685366768581ocn846856924book20140.33Barnet, SylvanLiterature for composition : an introduction to literature11ocn680333020mix1.00University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Image CollectionHistoryPhotographsMapsPictorial worksThe collection consists of images documenting the history of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill organized into eleven series by broad categories: administration and staff, 1897-1980s; alumni, 1900-1979; athletics, 1890s-1999 and undated; buildings and grounds, 1799-1999 and undated; documents, 1950s and undated; keepsakes, 1980s-1990s and undated; military affairs, 1910-1980s and undated; organizations, 1878-1990s and undated; schools and colleges, 1870-1980s; special events, 1910s-1980s; and students, 1870-1990s. Images are in a variety of formats, primarily black-and-white photographic prints, but also including film negatives, 35mm color slides, 35mm roll film negatives, illustrations, color lithographs, pages from publications, and other types of documents11ocn462019356mix0.47Pinsky, RobertRobert Pinsky papersCorrespondence, literary manuscripts, academic papers, memorabilia, prose and poetry by other writers01ocn122510581mixPinsky, RobertCorrespondence, literary manuscripts, academic papers, memorabilia, prose and poetry by other writers+-+2713860465+-+2713860465Fri Mar 21 15:29:42 EDT 2014batch18608