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Cinema Guildlccn-no96008465Independent Television Servicelccn-no94037810New Yorker Video (Firm)lccn-nr99024192Arte (Firm)lccn-nr2001018622Arte France cinéma (Firm)prolccn-n93074805Castaing-Taylor, Luciencngflmdrtlccn-no99089994Kartemquin Filmslccn-n2006030139James, Steve1955-cngproflmdrtphtlccn-no2011161878CeaseFire (Organization : Chicago, Ill.)lccn-no2012004111Williams, Cobeivelccn-no97001579Ciné Tamaris (Firm)proCinema GuildDramaBiographyHistoryFilm adaptationsThrillers (Motion pictures)InterviewsDocumentary filmsNonfiction filmsEthnographic filmsFictionMan-woman relationshipsFriendshipFranceTexas--AustinIllinois--ChicagoGang preventionViolence--PreventionConflict managementGangsCeaseFire (Organization : Chicago, Ill.)Community organizationUnited StatesBrain damage--Patients--RehabilitationOutsider artistsNew York (State)--KingstonPhotography, ArtisticFathers and daughtersTurkeyMurder--InvestigationVarda, Agnès,Motion picture producers and directorsBeachesSheep ranchersMontanaSheepherdingUnited States--Absaroka RangeRangelandsUnited States--Beartooth MountainsRanchesMotion pictures, TurkishAlabama--MobileCarnivalTexas--Barton Springs/Edwards Aquifer Conservation DistrictFather and childEnvironmentalismMustachesConspiracyWitchesMen--IdentityReal estate developmentSpringsBlessing and cursingSmith, Thorne,Identity (Philosophical concept)Documentary photographyHine, Lewis Wickes,PartnershipRetail trade--OwnershipVintage clothingSisters1945195819601962196319681969197019711972197319741975197619771978197919801981198219831984198519861987198819891990199119921993199419951996199719981999200020012002200320042005200620072008200920102011201220133812814442631791.4372PN1997.2ocn514247217ocn819817463ocn819762329ocn015230105ocn017829426ocn854891908ocn123490284ocn318117421ocn016813212ocn063061477ocn017829426ocn035015896ocn016813212ocn691513814ocn0246737678492ocn769033882visu20110.23The interruptersThe moving and surprising stories of three Violence Interrupters who, with bravado, humility, and even humor, try to protect their Chicago communities from the violence they once employed. Shot over the course of a year, this documentary captures a period in Chicago when it became a national symbol for the violence in America's cities6532ocn688150429visu20100.20MarwencolBiographyAfter being brutally attacked outside a bar and in spite of recovering from a coma and extensive physical injuries, Mark Hogancamp suffered brain damage and nearly total memory loss. Unable to afford therapy he spent the next few years building a scale model, World War II-era town, Marwencol, populated with dolls, where he lived out his fantasy life, and which he documented in photographs. When his photographs were discovered by an art magazine, a New York gallery invited him to show his work, forcing him to choose between his self-contained world and the larger world from which he had retreated5573ocn567957099visu20090.20SweetgrassHistoryEthnographic filmsNonfiction filmsDocumentary films"[D]epicts the twilight of a defining chapter in the history of the American West - the dying world of Western herders, descendants of Scandinavian and northern European homesteaders. The film follows a group of modern-day cowboys as they lead an enormous flock of sheep on an arduous 150-mile up into Montana's breathtaking and often dangerous Absaroka-Beartooth mountains for summer pasture. A project that took nearly a decade to complete, this astonishingly beautiful documentary intimately captures a way of life that has been integral to the fabric of human existence since the dawn of history"--Container5504ocn514247217visu20090.24Les plages d'Agnès The beaches of AgnèsBiography"A reflection on art, life, and the movies. ... [A] richly cinematic self portrait that touches on everything from the feminist movement and the Black Panthers to the films of husband Jacques Demy and the birth of the French New Wave."--Container5283ocn795250080visu20120.20Ceylan, Nuri BilgeBir zamanlar AnadoluʼdaDramaIn the dead of night, a group of men - among them, a police commissioner, a prosecutor, a doctor and a murder suspect - drive through the Anatolian countryside, the serpentine roads and rolling hills lit only by the headlights of their cars. They are searching for a corpse, the victim of a brutal murder. The suspect, who claims he was drunk, can't remember where he buried the body. As night wears on, details about the murder emerge and the investigators' own hidden secrets come to light. In the Anatolian steppes, nothing is what it seems; and when the body is found, the real questions begin4923ocn277245997visu20080.21The order of mythsHistoryThe first Mardi Gras in America was celebrated in Mobile, Alabama in 1703. In 2007, the Mobile Carnival Association (MCA)--an all-white organization--and the Mobile Area Mardi Gras Association (MAMGA)--an all-black organization--select their own separate king, queen, and royal court to represent the city. This lively and revealing portrait of life in the New South examines how blacks and whites coexist peaceably enough but rarely interact, are segregated economically and geographically with a rigor that rivals apartheid South Africa, and inhabit a city imprisoned by tradition and enraptured by the past4711ocn526767496visu20100.2135 rhums 35 shots of rumFictionDramaLionel is a middle-aged widower who makes his living driving a train and shares an apartment with his twenty-something daughter Josephine. Lionel and Josephine have a warm and caring relationship. Lionel's on-and-off girlfriend Gabrielle and their footloose friend Noe live in the same building. Together the four have fallen into a casual family relationship. But when Josephine and Noe become more than friends, Lionel is on edge4682ocn233652744visu20080.21The unforeseen"The American Dream of owning a house with white picket fence goes head-to-head with environmental sustainability ... When an ambitious real estate developer sets out to transform thousands of acres of pristine hill country in Austin, Texas into a suburban development - threatening a nearby natural spring - the community fights back. In the conflict that ensues, we see in miniature a struggle that is playing out in cities and towns across the country"--Container+-+43076063253244241ocn075209384visu20070.19Carrère, EmmanuelLa moustacheFictionDramaThrillers (Motion pictures)When a man shaves off his mustache, a trademark he's had for years, no one around him notices, instead insisting he's never even had one. Is he going insane, or is this some kind of strange conspiracy?+-+17665726963871ocn516430172visu20100.18BeeswaxDramaRevolves around the personal and professional entanglements of twin sisters Jeannie and Lauren. Jeannie co-owns a vintage clothing store with Amanda, a semi-estranged friend who she fears is trying to end their partnership. Lauren leads a looser, less tethered existence and is considering getting out of the country altogether. A story about families, friends and lovers, and those awkward moments that bring all of them together3852ocn281797139visu20070.24The betrayal NerakhoonBiographyInterviewsThe epic story of a family forced to emigrate from war-torn Laos after the chaos of the secret air war waged by the U.S. during the Vietnam War, to the mean streets of New York City. Kuras has spent the last 23 years chronicling the family's extraordinary journey in this deeply personal, poetic, and emotional film3798ocn036332787visu19840.37America and Lewis HineBiographyPortrays the life of America's pioneer social photographer, Lewis Hine, who recorded the waves of immigration around the turn of the century. Using historical photographs and footage, follows the development of industrial America during the first three decades of the 20th century, from the sweatshops of New York's Lower East Side to the mines, mills, and factories across America+-+42846501063243754ocn858313355visu20130.19Leviathan"A thrilling, immersive documentary that takes viewers deep inside the dangerous world of commercial fishing. Set aboard a hulking fishing vessel as it navigates the treacherous waves off the New England coast-the very waters that once inspired Moby Dick, the film captures the harsh, unforgiving world of the fishermen in starkly haunting, yet beautiful detail"--Container3493ocn314192571visu20090.22Sigle, AndreĭAleksandraHistoryDramaIn a desolate, sun-sorched corner of the world, an elderly woman has come to see her beloved grandson. He is a young officer stationed at a remote military outpost. With the enemy just beyond the compound, she wanders the barracks, observing the routines of military life, before making a sudden trip into the outlying countryside3491ocn664030270visu20100.19Ade, MarenAlle anderen Everyone elseDramaChris and Gitti are a mismatched young German couple involved in a tense, dynamic relationship. He's a tall, pasty, good-looking, charming but distant guy with a weak chin and a worried expression; she's small and robust, a blunt, childlike, free-spirited, boisterous bundle of nervous energy. They are a couple struggling for definition against bourgeois norms, and the film examines their relationship in the petri dish of a vacation at his parents' haute-bourgeois, kitsch-stuffed Sardinian villa. Alternately loving and bickering with each other--and apparently thinking this makes them unique--their relationship is cemented with invented private riffs on a shared sense of humor. An encounter with a former schoolmate of Chris's and his wife prompts changes that may be good, or may spell out the warning in the writing on the wall3201ocn777597821visu20120.17Shakespeare HighShakespeare High is [a] ... documentary that follows a diverse group of California high school students as they prepare for and compete in the 90th Drama Teachers Association of Southern California Shakespeare Festival. Through their passion and working together toward a common goal that reflects and transcends their ethnic and socioeconomic divides, the dedicated teens manage to overcome their own personal hurdles and history. The film focuses primarily on under-privileged teens and highlights the life-changing effects drama programs such [as] this can have on young people. The film follows a compelling group of teens with moving and dramatic personal stories3133ocn855783515visu19800.21Clair, RenéI married a witchFictionDramaFilm adaptationsA comedy about a witch from Salem, who having been burned at the stake, comes to the future to seek revenge on a descendant of the judge who sentenced her, but through her mistake falls in love with the man instead3051ocn438262141visu20090.21Petzold, ChristianJerichowDramaThrillers (Motion pictures)The eternal triangle: a rich guy; his bored, beautiful, blond wife; and a rugged stranger, down on his luck and ready for action. What more do you need? In this case, to know that the rich guy is a Turk who is still, despite having spent virtually his entire life in Germany, a permanent outsider. That the hot blond wife has a colorful past and owes large debts (which hubby now holds over her head). That the rugged stranger is a former soldier who received a dishonorable discharge after serving in Afghanistan, living in his dead mother's house. Jerichow is a nondescript spot in the former East Germany, where capitalism still has a somewhat primitive, half-criminal feel. The film conveys a sense of desperation and defeat, and highlights that what can happen at the crossroads of lust, loneliness, and materialism3021ocn696427926visu20100.18Around a small mountain 36 vues du Pic Saint LoupDramaOn a winding mountain road, Vittorio stops to help Kate, whose car has broken down. After gallantly making the repair, without a single word spoken, he speeds off. When their paths cross again, Vittorio learns that Kate has returned to join her family's traveling circus after leaving under mysterious conditions many years ago. Intrigued by her story, Vittorio stays for the show, and the next one, and little by little is integrated into the circus and the lives of its performers3023ocn813442783visu20110.15Natural selectionDramaHaving discovered that her dying husband has an illegitimate child living in Florida, a devout Christian housewife leaves her sheltered world on a mission to reunite father and son51ocn035026164serial0.92Cinema GuildThe Cinema Guild film and video catalogPeriodicalsCatalogs11ocn754863259mix0.47Cinema GuildProgramsHistory+-+4307606325324+-+4307606325324Fri Mar 21 16:01:43 EDT 2014batch55190