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Fri Mar 21 17:05:57 2014 UTClccn-n831675160.189th company0.481.00Sovetskai︠a︡ Armii︠a︡ i Voenno-Morskoĭ Flot v narodnykh pesni︠a︡kh /157043036n 831675161168867506754Armia Radziecka.Red ArmySASojuz Sovetskih Socialističeskih Respublik. Sovetskaâ Armiâ.Sovetskaâ Armiâ.Soviet Union. Armee rougeSoviet Union. ArmiiaSoviet Union. ArmySoviet Union. Raboche-Krestianskaia Krasnaia ArmiiaSoviet Union. Red ArmySoviet Union. Soviet ArmySoviet Union. Sovjetska ArmijaSoviet Union. Советская АрмияSu chünZwiązek Radziecki. Armia Radziecka.Związek Radziecki. Sovetskaja Armija. [t]containsVIAFID/139711702Russia (Federation). Russkai︠a︡ Armii︠a︡containsVIAFID/144248118Soviet Union. Raboche-Krestʹi︠a︡nskai︠a︡ Krasnai︠a︡ Armii︠a︡lccn-n96001922Reese, Roger R.lccn-n81143609Suvorov, Viktorlccn-n80126258Soviet UnionRaboche-Krestʹi︠a︡nskai︠a︡ Krasnai︠a︡ Armii︠a︡nc-russia federation$raboche krestianskaia krasnaia armiiaRussia (Federation)Raboche-Krestʹi︠a︡nskai︠a︡ Krasnai︠a︡ Armii︠a︡lccn-n80137859Garder, Michellccn-n79100280Liddell Hart, Basil HenrySir1895-1970lccn-n80126146Kommunisticheskai︠a︡ partii︠a︡ Sovetskogo Soi︠u︡zalccn-n95027232Braithwaite, Rodric1932-lccn-n50008792Erickson, John1929-lccn-no2008174346Bondarchuk, Fedor1967-drtactSoviet UnionSovetskai︠a︡ Armii︠a︡RulesSoviet UnionSoviet Union.--Sovetskai︠a︡ Armii︠a︡SoldiersMilitary policySoviet Occupation of Afghanistan (1979-1989)AfghanistanWorld War (1939-1945)Soviet Union.--Raboche-Krestʹi︠a︡nskai︠a︡ Krasnai︠a︡ Armii︠a︡Soviets (People)RussiansSocial aspectsCzechoslovakiaSuvorov, ViktorIntervention in Czechoslovakia (1968)Military campaignsTacticsMilitary art and scienceWorld War (1914-1918)Armed Forces--OfficersSociology, MilitaryPolitical sciencePolitical participationRussiaArmiesMilitary-industrial complexMilitary suppliesArmed ForcesSoloviev, Mikhail,Russia (Federation)Russia.--Armii︠a︡Military disciplineArmed Forces--RegulationsJapanBerlin, Battle of (Germany : 1945)Pacific AreaGermanyGermany--BerlinKommunisticheskai︠a︡ partii︠a︡ Sovetskogo Soi︠u︡zaMilitary lawSongs, RussianSoldiers--Legal status, laws, etcArmies--OrganizationChoruses (Men's voices) with accordionMilitary historyWorld politicsArmorAzerbaijani languageMilitary musicChoruses (Men's voices) with piano1815181718181843186518701873187819021903190719081909191019111914191519171918191919201921192219231924192519261927192819291930193119321933193419351936193719381939194019411942194319441945194619471948194919501951195219531954195519561957195819591960196119621963196419651966196719681969197019711972197319741975197619771978197919801981198219831984198519861987198819891990199119921993199419951996199719981999200020012002200320042005200620072008200920102011201220132173712601718355.130947UB795.R9ocn681142670ocn80995464221ocn181663118book19720.97Soviet UnionDist︠s︡iplinarnyĭ ustav Vooruzhennykh Sil Soi︠u︡za SSRRules21ocn181657579book19790.97Soviet UnionObshchevoinskie Ustavy Vooruzhennykh Sil SSSRRules11ocn232154250book19311.00Rezoli︠u︡t︠s︡ii III vsearmeĭskogo soveshchanii︠a︡ sekretareĭ i︠a︡cheek VKP(b) 7-11 mai︠a︡ 1931 g11ocn809954642rcrd19600.47The Red Army sings a revolution in hi-fi11ocn014820744book19261.00Soviet UnionI.Q.K.O. muväkkät intizamnamasï11ocn034219384score19561.00Sovetskai︠a︡ Armii︠a︡ i Voenno-Morskoĭ Flot v narodnykh pesni︠a︡kh11ocn297747244serial0.47Wolność : gazeta frontowa dla ludności Polski11ocn681142670score19600.47The Red Army sings a revolution in hi-fi17585ocn048138856file19990.35Reese, Roger RThe Soviet military experience a history of the Soviet Army, 1917-1991HistoryThis is the first general work to place the soviet army into its true social, political and international contexts. It focuses on the aim to create a new type of army that both protected the people and propogated Marxist ideas worldwide+-+270626857511605ocn009084370book19820.28Suvorov, ViktorInside the Soviet ArmyHistoryThis book describes the general organization, doctrine, and strategy of the Soviet armed forces. It includes vast array of topics, ranging from the organizational structure of the armed forces in peace and war to personal reminiscences about life in the barracks and officers' clubs. The term 2Army3 in the title covers not only the land forces, but also strategic rocket, air, and naval forces. Much of what Mr. Suvorov writes about Soviet military affairs tallies with the conclusions reached in Western analyses7095ocn000949222book19590.59Garder, MichelA history of the Soviet ArmyHistoryMilitary history7005ocn009344554book19560.47Liddell Hart, Basil HenryThe Red Army : the Red Army, 1918 to 1945 : the Soviet Army, 1946 to the presentHistoryMilitary history6766ocn751995302file20110.37Braithwaite, RodricAfgantsy the Russians in Afghanistan, 1979-89HistoryChallenging much of what we know about the Soviets in Afghanistan, the author provides an comprehensive, inside look at this little-understood episode using first-hand accounts and piercing analysis of the war+-+60178344653245526ocn009197471book19810.28Suvorov, ViktorThe liberators : my life in the Soviet ArmyHistoryBiography5353ocn000569056book19620.63Erickson, JohnThe Soviet high command; a military-political history, 1918-1941HistoryMilitary history"The "Tukhachevskii Affair" is investigated together with Stalin's murderous military purge and its consequences for the Red Army. Poor Soviet performance in the "Winter War" with Finland prompted hasty reforms, but neither reorganization nor rearmament was complete before the German invasion in June 1941. First suffering catastrophic loss inflicted by the Wehrmacht, the Red Army had recovered sufficiently by December 1941 to defend Moscow and to counter-attack."--BOOK JACKET4706ocn000537470book19440.59Kerr, Walter BoardmanThe Russian army; its men, its leaders and its battles4288ocn641293441visu20050.189th companyHistoryDramaWar filmsThis film depicts a year in the shared lives of a group of young soldiers drafted to serve in Afghanistan during the final year of the war. It is based on a real-life battle that took place 7-8 January 1988 on Hill 3234 during the last large-scale Soviet military operation Magistral, in which the 9th Company was pinned down under heavy fire, and managed to stop twelve attacks by 200-400 Muhjahideen. The film version depicts the company as being forgotten by the military command as the Soviets withdrew from Afghanistan, and that the unit fought on, unaware the war had ended3845ocn011573730book19830.79Avidar, YosefThe party and the army in the Soviet UnionHistoryOversat af Daphna Allon3685ocn007494795book19810.35Isby, David CWeapons and tactics of the Soviet Army3602ocn012554487book19860.32Baxter, WilliamSoviet airland battle tacticsHistory3581ocn008346085book19820.76Smith, Myron JThe Soviet Army, 1939-1980 : a guide to sources in EnglishMilitary historyBibliography3332ocn005707051book19800.73Gabriel, Richard AThe new Red legions+-+21496786853243251ocn001827002book19310.70Golovin, N. NThe Russian army in the world war3163ocn059149232book20050.66Reese, Roger RRed commanders : a social history of the Soviet Army officer corps, 1918-1991HistoryHe tells how these men were shaped by Russian culture and Soviet politics - and how the Communist Party dominated every aspect of their careers but never allowed them the autonomy they needed to cultivate a high level of military effectiveness." "Red Commanders offers new insight into the workings of a military giant and also restores Leon Trotsky to his rightful place in Soviet military history by featuring his ideas on building a new army from the ground up. It is an important look behind the scenes at a military establishment that continues to face leadership challenges in Russia today."--BOOK JACKET+-+32486155252988ocn004239168book19490.79Ely, Louis BThe Red Army todayHistoryIndhold: The Red Army vs. The West; The Infantry - Backbone of the Red Army; Armor; Guns, Howitzers, Mortars, and Rockets; Horse Cavalry; The Rear Services and the Engineers; Air Support for the Red Army; Partisans; The People of the Red Army; The Politburo and the Red Army; The Test of the Red Army; Comparison of Tactical Capabilities; Red Army Capabilities and Possible Objectives; Is This The Battle Payoff In Western Europe?; Advance in the Middle East - Is This Where The Tide Turns?2582ocn000405127book19420.70Benedictoff, M. BerchinThe red army2472ocn032090263book19950.81Dunn, Walter SThe Soviet economy and the Red Army, 1930-1945History2423ocn001514733book19550.50Soloviev, MikhailMy nine lives in the Red Army+-+2706268575Fri Mar 21 15:28:37 EDT 2014batch41722