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Thu Oct 16 17:51:25 2014 UTClccn-n831779730.35Social philosophy & policy0.730.98Studies in social philosophy & policy128620835n 83177973996663Bowling Green State University (Bowling Green, Ohio) Social Philosophy and Policy CenterBowling Green State university Social philosophy and policy centerS.P.P.C.Social philosophy & policy center Bowling Green, OhioSocial Philosophy & Policy Center (Bowling Green State University)Social philosophy & policy centerSocial Philosophy & Policy Center (Bowling Green State University)Social Philosophy and Policy Center.Social Philosophy and Policy Center, Bowling Green State UniversitySPPCSPPC (Social Philosophy and Policy Center ; Bowling Green)lccn-n79012714Paul, Ellen Frankeledtlccn-n81076646Paul, Jeffreyedtlccn-n80107616Miller, Fred D.Jr1944-lccn-n79045320Wildavsky, Aaron B.lccn-n79151498Siegan, Bernard H.lccn-n85268597O'Connell, Francis A.1914-lccn-n79102282Pilon, Juliana Geranlccn-n83328702Coleman, Jules L.lccn-n83039172Vanberg, Viktorlccn-n50059133Cambridge University PressBowling Green State UniversitySocial Philosophy & Policy CenterPeriodicalsTrials, litigation, etcHistoryUnited StatesSocial policySocial sciences--PhilosophyEconomics--Moral and ethical aspectsUncertaintyHealthRiskSafety regulationsPolicy sciencesEqualityMilitary policy--Moral and ethical aspectsNuclear warfare--Moral and ethical aspectsLand use--Law and legislationZoning lawRight of propertyEminent domainLibertyPlant shutdowns--Law and legislationEurope, EasternNationalismRomaniaCapitalismLaw--PhilosophyCivil rightsSocialismSocial sciencesIndustrial hygieneIndustrial safetyOccupational diseasesLaw (Philosophical concept)CharitiesLiberalismEndowmentsBusiness ethicsBowling Green State University.--Social Philosophy & Policy Center1982198419851986198719881989199019911992199719992003200448194381303H61ocn1855312166104ocn017354642book19880.70Wildavsky, Aaron BSearching for safety+-+996238233554115ocn010500490serial0.66Bowling Green State UniversitySocial philosophy & policyPeriodicalsFeatures "Social Philosophy and Policy," an interdisciplinary journal with an emphasis on the philosophical underpinnings of enduring social policy debates, published semiannually by Cambridge University Press. Offers descriptions of current and past issues and subscription information5022ocn012135647book19850.66Paul, Ellen FrankelEthics and economics4822ocn012806974book19850.63Nuclear rights/nuclear wrongs3891ocn036776526book19970.77Siegan, Bernard HProperty and freedom : the constitution, the courts, and land-use regulationOver the past few years, a series of Supreme Court decisions has strengthened the legal protection of private property in the United States by limiting the power of state and local governments to impose zoning ordinances and land-use regulations on property owners. Bernard H. Siegan explores this new direction of the Supreme Court in Property and Freedom: The Constitution, the Courts, and Land-Use Regulation, arguing that this recent jurisprudence implements the objectives of the Framers of the original Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and the Fourteenth Amendment+-+08785551063303ocn011728341book19840.70Liberty and equality3131ocn013760929book19860.82O'Connell, Francis APlant closings : worker rights, management rights, and the lawTrials, litigation, etc2833ocn025282204book19920.79Pilon, Juliana GeranThe bloody flag : post-communist nationalism in eastern Europe : spotlight on RomaniaHistoryIn the aftermath of the collapse of Communism, the future of Eastern Europe is uncertain. After decades under totalitarian regimes, the people of the region are struggling to rediscover their cultural past and to establish political arrangements that will help them to achieve peace and prosperity. The resurgence of nationalist sentiments among the newly liberated peoples of Eastern Europe is powerful evidence of their need to reestablish a strong sense of identity. At the same time, it is potentially the greatest obstacle to peace in the region. Juliana Geran Pilon's The Bloody Flag is a study of nationalism's dual nature. In its positive aspect, nationalism can draw people together; it can give them a sense of self-worth, common purpose, and cultural pride. But it can also drive people apart. At a time when the countries of Eastern Europe are experiencing unprecedented unrest and upheaval in the course of their transition to market economies, nationalism has an alarming, destructive potential. There is a real danger, Pilon warns, that the defeated elites of the old order will attempt to harness nationalist energies for their own ends. If they succeed, the world may witness the rise of new authoritarian regimes to replace the old Communist ones. Designed to appeal to a wide audience, Pilon's study combines inquiry into the nature of nationalism with historical illustrations of its influence. Crucial to her work is an examination of post-Ceausescu Romania, where sizeable minority groups increase the potential for destructive nationalist conflict. The best hope for Romanians, and for all the peoples of Eastern Europe, is to embrace the positive aspects of nationalism while rejecting the negative. The political system which can allow them to do that, Pilon argues, is the classical-liberal model defended by such figures as Ludwig von Mises and Friedrich Hayek - a model which makes possible the harmonious coexistence of different nationalities by protecting the rights of individuals and leaving them free to pursue their interests2714ocn023939973book19860.79Philosophy and law2692ocn029225616book19910.79Reassessing civil rights2601ocn020563208book19890.77Frankel, EllenCapitalism1972ocn020470837book19870.84Equal opportunity1303ocn022311933book19890.84Socialism1245ocn016578373book19870.79Vanberg, ViktorMorality and economics : de moribus est disputandum371ocn863054319file0.35Social philosophy & policy81ocn013040954book19840.97Fessenden-Raden, JuneA philosophical approach to the management of occupational health hazards71ocn017338600serial0.98Studies in social philosophy & policy61ocn012420028book19850.47Ethics of defense policy51ocn013313142book19850.47Payton, Robert LPhilanthropy as a right53ocn263433098serial0.47Liberty and equality11ocn063536898serial0.47Bowling Green State UniversityAnnual report+-+9962382335+-+9962382335Thu Oct 16 16:03:29 EDT 2014batch12389