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Fri Mar 21 17:14:54 2014 UTClccn-n832066990.00Resp. Disputatio historico-politica de regno Romuli. Præs. P. Lagerlŏŏf0.490.94Romvlvs ; and, Tarqvin89106867n 832066991017579lccn-n94105889Remus(Twin of Romulus, King of Rome)lccn-no96006353Bannon, Cynthia Jordanfast-1799647Roman she-wolf (Roman mythology)lccn-n79059167Carandini, Andreaedtlccn-n50037006Abbott, Jacob1803-1879lccn-n50033087Duggan, Alfred1903-1964lccn-n79042051Rockwell, Anne F.lccn-n84212946Malvezzi, Virgiliomarchese1595-1653lccn-n92061056Daning, Tomlccn-n96026517Mazzoni, Cristina1965-RomulusKing of RomeHistoryDramaCriticism, interpretation, etcIllustrationsJuvenile worksBiographyRomulus,--King of RomeRome (Empire)Remus--(Twin of Romulus, King of Rome)Interpersonal relationsBrothers as literary charactersKinship (Roman law)CivilizationFamiliesItaly--RomeMythology, RomanRoman she-wolf (Roman mythology)Excavations (Archaeology)Archaeology and historyArtsFablesLegendsKings and rulersLatin literatureComparative literatureFrench drama (Tragedy)Fables, LatinArtTarquinius Superbus, Lucius,--King of Rome,WolvesHistoriographyVirgilLiteratureIn Vergilii carmina commentarii (Servius)AeschylusAesop's fablesFrench poetryIllumination of books and manuscriptsFables, FrenchFables, ClassicalRomulusDespotismFables, GermanIncunabulaEnglish fictionAntiquitiesLatin literature, Medieval and modernPrinting--Origin and antecedentsAesopFrench dramaZainer, Günther,Germany--AugsburgAmerican dramaSepulchral monumentsServius,Art, Roman155215731579158215831599161416291631163216331635163616371638163916471648164916561659166516661671167616791683168416881709171817191720172217241731173417361739178317891800180618071815182518351836185218531854186018611862186518681869187018731877187818801886188818931896189919001901190219031904190619101914191519161918192219231925192619291933193419351936194019421945194819541959196019611964196619671968197019721976197719781980198319841986198719881989199219931995199719981999200020012002200320042005200620072008200920102011201220136162172337870.9PA6135.F3312ocn023393787book18250.93La Fontaine, Jean deFables inédites des XIIe, XIIIe et XIVe sièclesIllustrations124ocn669785014com18700.63PhaedrusRomulus die Pharaphrasen des Phaedrus und die Aesopische Fabel im Mittelalter101ocn010944381book19220.90AesopEsopusHistory21ocn504717051book1688Romulus; ou, la Mort d'Amulius. Tragédie [in five acts] qui sera representée au Collége d'Harcour. (Le Triomphe de la Moderation; Ballet pour servir d'intermèdes à la Tragédie.)21ocn848182346com19100.81Thiele, GeorgDer lateinische Äsop des Romulus und die Prosa-Fassungen des Phädrus: kritischer Text mit Kommentar und einleitenden UntersuchungenIllustrations21ocn504664701book1688SELLMAN, JonasResp. Disputatio historico-politica de regno Romuli. Præs. P. Lagerlŏŏf21ocn024293046book16830.88Schomberg, RRomulus and Hersilia, or, The Sabine war a tragedy acted at the Dukes TheatreHistoryDrama21ocn561673581book16290.35Malvezzi, VirgilioIl RomuloHistoryBiography11ocn613872306book18060.47AesopFables Latin 180611ocn504716966book1671RomulusL'Ambasciata di Romolo a'Romani, nella quale vi sono annessi tutti trattati, negotiati, satire ... & altre scritture sopra gli interessi di Roma, durante la Sede vacante, cominciando dal giorno della morte di Clemente Nono, sino al giorno della creatione di Clemente Decimo, con la vita, processo, e sentenza di Francesco Borri milanese. Aggiuntovi vn discorso sopra la precedenza tra Francia, e Spagna. [By Gregorio Leti.]11ocn751343976book18520.39Abbott, JacobHistory of RomulusHistoryJuvenile works11ocn406128099book2007Jones, Sarah EFoundation myth images in roman funerary art11ocn771741095book1676L'Ambasciata di Romolo a'Romani, etc. [By Gregorio Leti.]11ocn504716987book1676RomulusL'Ambasciata di Romolo a'Romani, etc. [By Gregorio Leti.]11ocn671511681book19660.86Hervieux, LéopoldLes fabulistes latins depuis le siécle d'Auguste jusqu'à la fin du moyen âgeCriticism, interpretation, etc11ocn751643112book1583BALDUIN, FrançoisFrancisci Balduini I.C. in IIII. Libros Institutionum Iuris Civilis Commentarii. Recogniti & illustrati summariis, Græcorumque interpretatione locupletati studio & opera Henrici Petrei Herdesiani. Accesserunt eiusdem Balduini ad leges Romuli et leges XII. Tabularum libri duo, quibus fontes Iuris Civilis explicantur, etc11ocn752693495book1671L'Ambasciata di Romolo a'Romani, nella quale vi sono annessi tutti trattati, negotiati, satire ... & altre scritture sopra gli interessi di Roma, durante la Sede vacante, cominciando dal giorno della morte di Clemente Nono, sino al giorno della creatione di Clemente Decimo, con la vita, processo, e sentenza di Francesco Borri milanese. Aggiuntovi vn discorso sopra la precedenza tra Francia, e Spagna. [By Gregorio Leti.]9153ocn036372395book19970.56Bannon, Cynthia JordanThe brothers of Romulus : fraternal Pietas in Roman law, literature, and societyStories about brothers were central to Romans' public and poetic myth making, to their experience of family life, and to their ideas about intimacy among men. Through the analysis of literary and legal representations of brothers, Cynthia Bannon attempts to re-create the context and contradictions that shaped Roman ideas about brothers. She draws together expressions of brotherly love and rivalry around an idealized notion of fraternity: fraternal pietas--the traditional Roman virtue that combined affection and duty in kinship. Romans believed that the relationship between brothers was especially close since their natural kinship made them nearly alter egos. Because of this special status, the fraternal relationship became a model for Romans of relationships between friends, lovers, and soldiers. The fraternal relationship first took shape at home, where inheritance laws and practices fostered cooperation among brothers in managing family property and caring for relatives. Appeals to fraternal pietas in political rhetoric drew a large audience in the forum, because brothers' devotion symbolized the mos maiorum, the traditional morality that grounded Roman politics and celebrated brothers fighting together on the battlefield. Fraternal pietas and fratricide became powerful metaphors for Romans as they grappled with the experience of recurrent civil war in the late Republic and with the changes brought by empire. Mythological figures like Romulus and Remus epitomized the fraternal symbolism that pervaded Roman society and culture. In The Brothers of Romulus, Bannon combines literary criticism with historical legal analysis for a better understanding of Roman conceptions of brotherhood+-+16206564155552ocn666878040book20110.28Carandini, AndreaRome : day oneHistory+-+47748664154333ocn035025762book19970.06Rockwell, Anne FRomulus and RemusJuvenile worksA retelling of the story about Romulus, the legendary founder of Rome, and his twin brother, Remus, who were raised with wolves+-+964763431537922ocn001080623book18800.47Abbott, JacobRomulusHistoryBiography3004ocn001673318book19590.28Duggan, AlfredChildren of the wolfFictionLively re-creating of Rome's first forty years, beginning with the day Romulus outwits his twin brother in their camp by the Tiber2752ocn463454472book20100.76Mazzoni, CristinaShe-wolf : the story of a Roman iconArt"Since antiquity, the she-wolf has served as the potent symbol of Rome. For more than two thousand years, the legendary animal that rescued Romulus and Remus has been the subject of historical and political accounts, literary treatments in poetry and prose, and visual representations in every medium. In She-Wolf: The Story of a Roman Icon, Cristina Mazzoni examines the evolution of the she-wolf as a symbol in western history, art, and literature, from antiquity to contemporary times. Used, for example, as an icon of Roman imperial power, papal authority, and the distance between the present and the past, the she-wolf has also served as an allegory for greed, good politics, excessive female sexuality, and, most recently, modern, multi-cultural Rome. Mazzoni engagingly analyzes the various role guises of the she-wolf over time in the first comprehensive study in any language on this subject"--Provided by publisher+-+K11096670525726ocn000803885book18520.39Abbott, JacobHistory of RomulusHistoryJuvenile works2044ocn063692581book20070.06Daning, TomRoman mythology : Romulus and RemusJuvenile worksComic books, strips, etcGraphic novelsThis book introduces Roman mythology, telling the story of Romulus and Remus and the founding of Rome+-+52488795962017ocn011906830book16830.88Schomberg, RRomulus and Hersilia, or, The Sabine war a tragedy acted at the Dukes TheatreHistoryDrama1714ocn004382758book19590.53Duggan, AlfredFounding fathersHistoryFictionHistorical fiction1341ocn186521464com17240.76La MotteRomulus: a tragedy. From the French of Monsieur de Lamotte. By H. JohnsonDrama1213ocn003808969book19640.88Binder, GDie Aussetzung des Königskindes, Kyros und RomulusFolklore1204ocn013673919book16480.94Malvezzi, VirgilioRomvlvs ; and, Tarqvin998ocn009891106book17240.88La MotteRomulus a tragedyDrama983ocn016620538book19870.90Bruggisser, PhilippeRomulus Servianus : la légende de Romulus dans les Commentaires à Virgile de Servius : mythographie et idéologie à l'époque de la dynastie théodosienneHistory864ocn044698250book20000.90Roma : Romolo, Remo e la fondazione della cittàHistoryExhibition catalogsUrbanisierung - Gefäss - Trachtbestandteil - Rekonstruktion - Rundplastik - Relief - Hausrat863ocn009540093book19400.88Payne, John HowardRomulus, the shepherd kingDrama842ocn001432390book19680.86Strasburger, HermannZur Sage von der Gründung RomsHistory803ocn228196570book20080.07Gowar, MickRomulus and RemusJuvenile worksThe ancient Roman tale of Romulus and Remus+-+0144214925324782ocn297222745book20090.06Daning, TomMitologia romana : Rómulo y RemoJuvenile worksComic books, strips, etcThe Roman myth of Romulus and Remus, depicted in graphic novel format+-+6988830896+-+1620656415Fri Mar 21 15:32:00 EDT 2014batch26994