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Fri Mar 21 17:10:15 2014 UTClccn-n832107300.00Property from the collection of Gilbert A. and Anne B. Harrison : auction in New York Thursday 22 May 20080.341.00The gift of a mind33382207n 832107301020276Harrison, Gilbertlccn-n79062874Wilder, Thornton1897-1975lccn-n78095781Saroyan, William1908-lccn-n79006977Stein, Gertrude1874-1946lccn-n79064124Blaine, Anita McCormicklccn-n84160976Sotheby's (Firm)lccn-n83186537University of California, BerkeleyLibrarylccn-n80070601Diamond, I. A. L.collccn-n50013863Toklas, Alice B.lccn-n80019504Lippmann, Walternp-birch, patti cadbyBirch, Patti CadbyHarrison, Gilbert A.BiographyHistoryRecords and correspondenceCriticism, interpretation, etcArchivesAuthors, AmericanUnited StatesStein, Gertrude,Toklas, Alice BWilder, Thornton,AmericansFranceWomenFriendshipLiterature, ModernLiteratureBlaine, Anita McCormickSocial historySocial reformersHarrison, Gilbert AFrance--ParisArt--Collectors and collectingDiamond, I. A. LPolitical scienceInternational relationsBirch, Patti CadbySotheby's (Firm)American Veterans CommitteeAmerican literatureBaltimore Museum of ArtJacob, MiraRivers, Larry,Sheldon, SidneyLos Angeles County Museum of ArtWalter, Paul FAmnesty International USAJewish Museum (New York, N.Y.)PrintsAuction catalogsJohntz, John H.,Johnson, Barbara PiaseckaLauffs, WaltherLauffs, HelgaToledo Museum of ArtHirshhorn Museum and Sculpture GardenThyssen, Tita,Wechsler, Herbert,New York Public LibraryIntellectual lifeUniversity of California, Los AngelesDillon, C. Douglas--(Clarence Douglas),Berman, Muriel,EditorsAmerican dramaScribner, Charles,193219631965196619681969197219731974197519761979198019821983198619961997200020082009201037194086BPS3537.T323ocn000396612ocn001026307ocn003134948ocn001259884ocn001427948ocn440654481ocn580439148ocn462622202ocn760569834ocn740278294145614ocn009646616book19630.25Harrison, Gilbert AThe enthusiast : a life of Thornton WilderBiography8713ocn000396612book19720.35Harrison, Gilbert AThe critic as artist; essays on books, 1920-1970Criticism, interpretation, etc+-+499059623532480816ocn001026307book19650.33Stein, GertrudeGertrude Stein's AmericaExcerpts from the author's essays, novels, plays, poems, lectures and interviews+-+58165962354772ocn005029349book19790.53Harrison, Gilbert AA timeless affair : the life of Anita McCormick BlaineBiography202ocn002543596book19740.96Harrison, Gilbert A"A rare privilege, this, of being an American" : a personal note on Gertrude SteinHistoryBiography109ocn464576922book19730.32Toklas, Alice BStaying on alone; letters of Alice B. ToklasHistoryBiographyRecords and correspondence92ocn006247521rcrd19690.28Harrison, Gilbert AVoices from the radical left Publisher Gilbert A. Harrison probes the nation's political moodSummary : Gilbert A. Harrison probes the political mood of the United States, asking whether political conservatism has swept the nation53ocn730239549book19760.33Lippmann, WalterPublic personsBiographyA collection of the late journalist's portraits of and reflections on important men and women of his time+-+761563769651ocn016729176book19660.63Stein, GertrudeLa tierra natal41ocn643137027book19720.28The critic as artist : Essays on books 1920-1970. With some preliminary ruminations by H.L. Mencken+-+890559623532422ocn315663897book19790.23Harrison, Gilbert AA timeless affair21ocn740278294book20080.47Sotheby'sPrints11ocn270797107art1968Harrison, Gilbert AWhat happens now11ocn251669890book1972Harrison, Gilbert AThe critic as artist11ocn039383982mix1.00Harrison, Gilbert ACollection of material by and relating to Gertrude SteinArchivesCollection contains galley and page proofs for books by and about Stein, and documents regarding the Stein estate. Also includes correspondence, manuscripts, photographs, objects, tape recordings, film, graphics, theatre programs, and exhibition catalogs. Correspondence from Alic B. Toklas and articles about her are included. Original works of art, including an original oil painting of Alice B. Toklas by Pavel Tchelitchev, are cataloged separately11ocn155873612mix1.00to Lewis MumfordCorrespondence to Lewis Mumford from various members of the staff of the New Republic11ocn071014549mix1.00Harrison, Gilbert AGilbert A. Harrison papersCorrespondence, subject files, clippings, pamphlets, articles, and other papers relating principally to Harrison's position as editor and publisher of the New Republic and as president of Liveright Publishing Corporation. Persons and topics represented include Dean Acheson, Joseph Alsop, American Civil Liberties Union, American Veterans Committee, Roger N. Baldwin, Saul Bellow, Anita McCormick Blaine, Jimmy Carter, Frank Church, Malcolm Cowley, Felix Frankfurter, J. William Fulbright, John Kenneth Galbraith, Ernest Gruening, Francis Hackett, Lillian Hellman, Irving Howe, Hubert H. Humphrey, Lyndon B. Johnson, Edward M. Kennedy, John F. Kennedy, Anthony Lewis, Walter Lippmann, Eleanor Roosevelt, Bertrand Russell, William Saroyan, Arthur M. Schlesinger, Jr., Gertrude Stein, Adlai E. Stevenson, and Morris K. Udall. Also includes correspondence and other papers of Harrison's wife, Anne "Nancy" Blaine Harrison, relating in part to her activities as an organizer for the Textile Workers Union of America in North Carolina in the 1940's and to Washington, D.C., social life11ocn181039372book19321.00Stein, GertrudeThe autobiography of Alice B. ToklasHistoryBiographyOriginal typescript of the Autobiography of Alice B. Toklas, written by Gertrude Stein in Paris, France, probably during 1932, and containing Stein's ms. additions and corrections to the text in black ink11ocn702171889bks1.00Wilder, ThorntonThornton Wilder and Isabel Wilder letters to Mary Louise AinsworthArchives18 letters from Thornton Wilder and 14 letters from his sister Isabel Wilder to Mary Louise Ainsworth, a student of Wilder's at the University of Chicago. Most of the letters concern social appointments, news of Thornton Wilder's health and travels, and thanks for Ainsworth's compliments on Wilder's work. The collection also contains 5 letters from Gilbert Harrison to Ainsworth written in the course of his research for a biography of Wilder51ocn226828700book20080.96Sotheby's (Firm)Prints41ocn263128032book20080.47Sotheby's (Firm)Impressionist and modern art : including Latin American and Russian art41ocn263131555book20080.97Sotheby's (Firm)Prints : including important contemporary prints from the Helga & Walther Lauffs Collection : auction in New York, Thursday 30 & Friday 31, October 2008Exhibition catalogs31ocn309699156book20090.47Sotheby's (Firm)Impressionist and modern art : including Russian and Latin American art31ocn263127993book20080.47Sotheby's (Firm)American paintings, drawings & sculpture31ocn263128098book20080.47Sotheby's (Firm)Important English furniture, ceramics & decorations22ocn019549359book19821.00Harrison, Gilbert ALiberal perspectivesHistoryInterviewsHarrison recalls his early years, education, and association with UCLA; his career in editing and publishing and many of the authors with whom he worked; and discusses his political philosophy21ocn228497402book20080.47Sotheby's (Firm)Important French furniture & decorations, European ceramics and carpets22ocn018354352book19751.00Guenther, Adaline CarolineThe gift of a mind :Guenther discusses her childhood, her life as an administrator and ongoing friendships with people she met as students21ocn227277518book20080.47Sotheby's (Firm)American paintings, drawings & sculpture21ocn421143786book2008Sotheby's (Firm)Property from the collection of Gilbert A. and Anne B. Harrison : auction in New York Thursday 22 May 2008Catalogs21ocn229431399book20080.47Sotheby's (Firm)Carpets11ocn122571477mix0.47Bliven, BruceBruce Bliven papersCorrespondence, notes, printed materials, photographs, and clippings covering Bliven's journalistic and literary careers11ocn057233037visu1.00Witty, KenThornton Wilder Documentary Project interviewsInterviews13 videocassette recordings of interviews conducted by Ken Witty for the Thornton Wilder Documentary Project. Interviewees: Edward Albee, Sally Begley, Jackson Bryer, William Sloane Coffin, Mia Farrow, A.R. Gurney, Donald Haberman, Gilbert Harrison, Eliza Hobson, Jerome Kilty, Eileen LeGrand, Eileen and Julian LeGrand, Theodore Mann, Jim O'Neil, June and Leonard Trolley, Christopher Wheatley, and Tappan Wilder11ocn702139251bks1.00Stein, GertrudeGertrude Stein and Alice B. Toklas papersHistoryArchivesThe Gertrude Stein and Alice B. Toklas Papers contain manuscripts of writings, letters, clippings, photographs, artworks, and personal papers relating to the life and work of Gertrude Stein and her companion, Alice B. Toklas, and to Gertrude's brother, Leo Stein, an artist and writer. As well as holding the bulk of Stein's literary output (often described as "experimental" or "cubist" writing), the materials document Stein and Toklas' involvement with the literary and art scene in Paris during the first half of the 20th century11ocn226970145mix1.00Harrison, Gilbert APapersArchivesThis collection contains correspondence, typescripts, publications, and newspapers collected by Gilbert Harrison, an alumnus of UCLA. The majority of the materials pertain to two controversies at UCLA: the suspension of 5 student leaders for suspected "radical" activity and contention over Harrison's role as editor of the California Daily Bruin ("The Bruin"). The collection also contains materials from former UC faculty such as George Cox, Kate Gordon, Ernest Moore, and Robert Sproul11ocn768495338book19971.00Wilkinson, FrankMatters of conscience Frank WilkinsonInterviewsThe interview begins with Wilkinson's family background, childhood and education in Charlevoix, Mich., Douglas, Ariz. and Hollywood and Beverly Hills, Calif. It continues with his undergraduate education and student leadership at UCLA, his post-graduation trip to the Holy Land and Europe in 1936-37, and his subsequent public lecture engagements before groups and organizations in the Los Angeles metropolitan area. The interview also includes extensive discussion about Wilkinson's positions and activities as a public housing leader and racial integration advocate with the Citizens Housing Council of Los Angeles and the Housing Authority of the City of Los Angeles, his dismissal from the housing authority immediately after a September 1952 eminent domain hearing relating to sites for future public housing projects in the city, his virtual unemployability until beconing secretary of the Citizens Committee to Preserve American Freedoms (CCPAF) and for one year national field organizer for the National Emergency Civil Liberties committee (ELCL), his subsequent leadership in CCPAF's successor organizations, including the National Committee to Abolish the House UnAmerican Activities Committee (NCAHUAC) and the National Committee Against Repressive Legislation (NCARL), his and Carl Braden's 9-month imprisonment for contempt of Congress while making First Amendment challenges to the legality of the inquisitorial Committee on UnAmerican Activities of the United States House of Representatives. Complementing the historical narrative are Wilkinson's reflections on such contemporary events as the 1992 Los Angeles rebellion following a Simi Valley jury's acquittal of LAPD officers for violating the rights of Rodney G. King, and his discussions about speaking across the country and participating in several states as a part of the American Bar Association's Law-Related Education Program for educators and students11ocn702135983bks1.00Wilder, ThorntonThornton Wilder papersArchivesBibliographyThe collection consists chiefly of correspondence with family, friends, and literary colleagues; and writings, accompanied by related material. There are smaller amounts of personal papers, printed material, photographs, memorabilia, and audio recordings. The material documents Wilder's life and work, in particular his career as a successful novelist and playwright11ocn702202059mix1.00Harrison, Gilbert AGilbert A. Harrison papers relating to Thornton WilderBiographyThe collection contains research files, interviews, correspondence, writings, and other materials relating to Gilbert A. Harrison's biography of Thornton Wilder, The Enthusiast: A Life of Thornton Wilder (New Haven: Ticknor & Fields, 1983). Harrison's research files, which include notes, photocopies of correspondence and writings, and clippings, make up the bulk of the collection. In addition to the research files, the collection includes: sound recordings of interviews with members of the Wilder family, and Alfred Hitchcock and Lillian Gish; correspondence with Wilder family, scholars, and publishers; a corrected draft of the biography and reviews; and other materials, including biographical information, a copy of Wilder's will, and photographs11ocn034370149mix19801.00Wilder, IsabelHamden, Conn., "To Whom it May Concern."Introduces Gilbert A. Harrison as Thornton Wilder's "first and only authorized biographer," and names his literary executor as Donald C. Gallup+-+4990596235324+-+4990596235324Fri Mar 21 15:22:04 EDT 2014batch23367