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Fri Mar 21 17:13:06 2014 UTClccn-n832123940.17Lion rampant /0.581.00Lamentations for the death of ... Prince Henry ... Two sermons: preached in His Highnesse chappell at Saint James62930936Henry_Frederick,_Prince_of_Walesn 832123941021572Frédéric Henri, prince de Galles, 1594-1612Frederick Henry, Prince of Wales, 1594-1612Frederick Henry Wales, Prince 1594-1612Henri, prince de Galles, 1594-1612Henricus.Henricus Fridericus, prince de Galles, 1594-1612Henricus Fridericus, Prince of Wales, 1594-1612Henricus Fridericus Wales, Prince 1594-1612Henrie, prince de Galles, 1594-1612Henrie, Prince of Wales, 1594-1612Henrie Wales, Prince 1594-1612Henry Frederick.Henry Frederick England, Prince 1594-1612Henry Frederick England, Prinz 1594-1612Henry Frederick Wales, Prince 1594-1612Henry, prince de Galles, 1594-1612Henry, Prince of WalesHenry, Prince of Wales, 1594-1612Henry Stuart, prince de Galles, 1594-1612Henry Stuart, Prince of Wales, 1594-1612Henry Stuart Wales, Prince 1594-1612Henry Wales, Prince 1594-1612Henryk Fryderyk Stuart.Prince of Wales Henry FrederickStuart, Henri-Frédéric, prince de Galles, 1594-1612Stuart, Henry Frederick.Stuart, Henryk Fryderyk.lccn-n79117155Heywood, Thomasapproximately 1574-1641lccn-n50010507Strong, Roy C.lccn-n85088704Cornwallis, CharlesSir-1629lccn-no91016266Price, Daniel1581-1631lccn-n85053719Sylvester, Josuah1563-1618lccn-no99039833Fowler, William1560?-1612lccn-n80035841JamesIKing of England1566-1625lccn-n85158533Birch, Thomas1705-1766lccn-n84048283Shrimsley, Bernard1931-lccn-n93068592Williamson, J. W.(Jerry Wayne)1944-Henry FrederickPrince of Wales1594-1612Military historyHistoryPoetryHenry Frederick,--Prince of Wales,Great BritainPrincesEnglandArts, RenaissanceArt patronsEducation of princesKings and rulers--DutiesCivilizationSermons, EnglishEnglish literature--Early modernFuneral sermonsInfluence (Literary, artistic, etc.)Birth of a personWar (Philosophy)Eighty Years' War (Netherlands : 1568-1648)Broeck, Ulrich von Daun,--Graaf van,AssassinationMilitary participation--BritishFinance, PublicElizabeth,--Queen, consort of Frederick I, King of Bohemia,BaptismSidney, William,--Sir,Elegiac poetry, EnglishMasques with musicMusic--Instruction and studyEmblemsFrederick--I,--King of Bohemia,Emblem books, EnglishInternational relationsHenry--III,--King of England,FrancePeaceEnglish poetryCivil War (Great Britain : 1642-1649)Emblem booksPoetryGunpowder Plot (1605)TaxationHenry--I,--King of England,Tenebrae service musicChoruses, Sacred, UnaccompaniedSpainJacobite Rebellion (1745-1746)RhetoricElizabeth--I,--Queen of England,Law, GermanicAmerie, Robert1594161215941599160116031604160516061607160816091610161116121613161416151616161716181620162216241626163016331634163716411644165516571663166916751682168716901703172017321738174517461747175117601764178917931806180818101818184418631872188718881900190619231925194619601963196519661967196819691970197319741975197719781981198419861988199119921993199720002001200220042005200620072010201210580335747782.15PR1121ocn312558996ocn311583435ocn063610881ocn315354695ocn257545680ocn257741440ocn417569317796ocn760775750file16100.76Davies, RichardChesters triumph in honor of her prince As it was performed vpon S. Georges Day 1610. in the foresaid citiePoetry631ocn170935416rcrd19970.63Musicians of the GlobeThe masque of Oberon466ocn606504654book16030.73Willymat, WilliamA princes looking glasse, or A princes direction, very requisite and necessarie for a Christian prince, to view and behold himselfe in containing sundrie, wise, learned, godly, and princely precepts and instructions, excerpted and chosen out of that most Christian, and vertuous Basilikon dōron, or his Maiesties instructions to his dearest sonne Henrie the prince, and translated into Latin and English verse (his Maiesties consent and approbation beeing first had and obtained thereunto) for the more delight and pleasure of the said prince now in his young yeares: by William Willymat191ocn312558996book16120.47Epicedivm Cantabrigiense, In obitum immaturum, semperq[ue] destendum, Henrici, Illustrissimi Principis Walliae, &c91ocn311583435book16120.47Ivsta Oxonjensivm52ocn049841854book16030.79JamesBasilikon dōron. Or His Maiesties instructions to his dearest sonne, Henry the prince51ocn006229154book15860.92Vettori, PietroEpistolarvm libri X. Orationes XIIII. : Et liber de lavdibvs Ioannae Avstriacae41ocn024353066book16131.00Price, DanielLamentations for the death of ... Prince Henry ... Two sermons: preached in His Highnesse chappell at Saint James31ocn004836581book0.93Chapman, GeorgeAn epicede or funerall song31ocn034996617book16130.96Henry FrederickMausoleum; or, The choisest flowres of the epitaphs, written on the death of the never-too-much lamented Prince Henrie31ocn006248929book15940.79Vettori, PetrusPetri Victorii Commentarii In Librvm Demetrii Phalerei de elocutione Positis Ante Singvlas Declarationes Græcis vocibus Auctoris: ijsdemque ad verbum Latine Expressis. Additvs Est Rervm Et Verborvm Memorabilivm Index Copiosvs31ocn057291409book16060.47Sten, SimonPublica gratiarum actio pro admirabili nefariae proditionis patefactione, & memorabili praeter spem conjuratorum regis regnique Britanici conservatione : Academiae Haidelbergensis nomine, in auditorio philosophico ipso electore, multis principibus, comitibus, baronibus, nobilibus praesentibus recitata a Simone Stenio Lomacensi VI. Ianuar. anno MDCVI21ocn247409664book16120.47Sharpe, LionelOratio Fvnebris In Honorem Henrici Excellentissimi VValliæ Principis propriam atque intimam eius effigiem præferens.̤21ocn316369318book16900.93Cotton, RobertA discourse of foreign war with an account of all the taxations upon this kingdom, from the conquest to the end of the reign of Queen Elizabeth : also a list of the confederates from Henry I to the end of the reign of the said queen, shewing which have prov'd most beneficial to EnglandHistoryMilitary history21ocn816037925rcrd19970.47Musicians of the GlobeThe masqve of Oberon21ocn063610881score1.00[Lamentationes Jeremiae, with music]21ocn270795186book16120.76Peacham, HenryMinerua Britanna or A garden of heroical deuises : furnished, and adorned with emblemes and impresa's of sundry natures, newly devised, moralized, and published, by Henry Peacham, Mr. of Artes21ocn258153030book16120.47Luctvs Posthvmvs Sive Erga Defvnctvm Illvstrissimvm Henricvm Walliæ Principem, Collegij Beatæ Mariæ Magdalenæ apud Oxonienses Mecænatem longe indulgentissimum, Magdalenensium officiosa Pietas21ocn270794450book15570.47Originvm ac Germanicarvm antiqvitatvm libri, leges uidelicet, Salicae, Ripuaruae, Allemannorum, Boioariorum, Saxonum, Westphalorum, Angliorum, Werinorum, Thuringorum, Frisionum, Burgundionum, Langobardorum, Francorum, Theutonum21ocn613980752book16241.00Scott, ThomasVox Cœli, Or, Newes From Heaven, Of A Consvltation There Held By The High and mighty Princes, King Hen. 8. King Edw. 6. Prince Henry. Queene Mary. Queene Elizabeth, and Queene Anne; wherein Spaines ambition and treacheries to most Kingdomes and free Estates of Evrope, are vnmask'd and truly rep-resented, but more particularly towards England, and now more es-peci- ally vnder the pretended match of Prince Charles, with the Infanta Dona Maria. Whereunto is annexed two Letters written by Queene Mary from Heauen, the one to Count Gondomar, the Am-bassadour of Spaine, the other to all the Romane Catholiques of EnglandHistory11531ocn049293539file0.25Heywood, ThomasA funeral elegie upon the death of Henry, Prince of Wales6286ocn013784012book19860.35Strong, RoyHenry, Prince of Wales, and England's lost renaissanceHistoryBiography+-+945011762532436719ocn083523400com17600.81Birch, ThomasThe life of Henry Prince of Wales eldest son of King James I. Compiled chiefly from his own papers, and other manuscripts, never before published. By Thomas BirchBiography3411ocn010799152book19840.17Shrimsley, BernardLion rampantHistoryFiction3003ocn003168209book19770.79Williamson, J. WThe myth of the conqueror : Prince Henry Stuart, a study of 17th century personationHistoryBiography+-+79551695952534ocn000527469book19460.79Wilson, Elkin CalhounPrince Henry and English literatureCriticism, interpretation, etcPoetry2328ocn012431152book16820.92JamesBasilikon dōron, or, King James's instructions to his dearest sonne, Henry the PrinceHistory18421ocn071499522file16120.73Sylvester, JosuahLachrymæ lachrymaru[m] or The spirit of teares distilled for the vn-tymely death of the incomparable prince, Panaretus. by Iosuah SyluesterPoetry15815ocn071499519file16120.70Sylvester, JosuahLachrimæ lachrimarum. or The distillation of teares shede for the vntymely death of the incomparable prince Panaretus. by Iosuah SyluesterPoetry1514ocn000154332book19690.66Sylvester, JosuahLachrimae lachrimarumPoetry14512ocn606527596file16130.73Price, DanielLamentations for the death of the late illustrious Prince Henry: and the dissolution of his religious familie Two sermons: preached in his Highnesse chappell at Saint Iames, on the 10. and 15. day of Nouember, being the first Tuesday and Sunday after his decease. By Daniell Price, chaplaine then in attendance1445ocn023951381book16130.84Price, DanielSpirituall odours to the memory of Prince Henry in foure of the last sermons preached in St. Iames after His Highnesse death, the last being the sermon before the bodie, the day before the funerallSermons1392ocn227202603book20070.88Prince Henry revived : image and exemplarity in early modern EnglandHistoryBiographyPortraits+-+42052985461285ocn013091489book16410.90Cornwallis, CharlesA discourse of the most illustrious Prince Henry, late Prince of Wales1287ocn019944883book16120.86Taylor, JohnGreat Britaine, all in blacke for the incomparable losse of Henry, our late worthy princePoetry1224ocn012798761book16410.94Cornwallis, CharlesA discourse of the most illustrious prince, Henry late Prince of Wales written Anno 162612212ocn606538732file16130.70Drummond, WilliamTeares on the death of Moeliades. By William Drummond of HawthorndenPoetry1216ocn065325283com15990.92Het Boeck der secreten inhoudende die conditien, contracten, enz., der Coninginne van Enghelant ende der Gheunieerde Provincien ... besloten den x augusti, anno 1585 : item, vint hier inne die secreten ofte handelinge ... van date den vj augusti 1598 : noch de Beschrijvinghe des ... morts van den Graef van Broeck : mitsgaders eenen brief van den Admirante gheschreven aen den Raedt van Gulick ... : boven desen noch de Beschrijvinghe der gheboorte, enz., van den jonghen Coninck van Schotlandt1168ocn745160698com16130.66Peacham, HenryThe period of mourning. Disposed into sixe visions. In memorie of the late Prince. Together with nuptiall hymnes, in honour of this happy marriage betweene the great princes, Frederick Count Palatine of the Rhene, and the most excellent, and aboundant president of all virtue and goodnes Elizabeth onely daughter to our soueraigne, his Maiestie. Also the manner of the solemnization of the marriage at White-Hall, on the 14. of February, being Sunday, and St. Valentines day. By Henry Peacham, Mr. of ArtsPoetry1154ocn083364289com17320.73Fowler, WilliamA true account of the most triumphant and royal grandeur, at the solemnization of the baptism of his Royal Highness, Henry Prince of Scotland, and afterwards Prince of Wales, son to King James VI. of Scotland, and I. of England. He was baptized the 30th of August, 1594. Exactly reprinted, conform to the old copy printed at London, in the year 1603Sources+-+7955169595Fri Mar 21 15:26:03 EDT 2014batch32802