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Fri Mar 21 17:04:41 2014 UTClccn-n830290340.39Debris0.580.88John Crowe Ransom and Allen Tate : at odds about the ends of history and the mystery of nature /140985695n 83029034919877Fugitiveslccn-n80044856Tate, Allen1899-1979lccn-n50035654Davidson, Donald1893-1968lccn-n84229582Cowan, Louise1916-lccn-n80011591Winchell, Mark Royden1948-lccn-no99069346Bradbury, John M.lccn-n81128241Sullivan, Walter1924-2006lccn-n79058685Rubin, Louis D.Jr(Louis Decimus)1923-2013lccn-n80053320Conkin, Paul Keithlccn-n78091524Warren, Robert Penn1905-1989np-huff, mary nanceHuff, Mary NanceFugitives (Group)PeriodicalsSouthern StatesFugitives (Group)Intellectual lifeLiteratureAmerican literatureAgrarians (Group of writers)Tennessee--NashvilleAuthors, American--Homes and hauntsTennesseeAuthors, AmericanTate, Allen,Politics and literaturePoets, AmericanUnited StatesCriticsDavidson, Donald,CriticismAmerican poetryEnglish teachersPolitical and social viewsInfluence (Literary, artistic, etc.)Literature and societyPoets, American--Homes and hauntsWarren, Robert Penn,CivilizationAmerican fictionGordon, Caroline,Women and literatureO'Connor, FlanneryAuthorship--Sex differencesAuthors, American--Political and social viewsSullivan, Walter,FriendshipVanderbilt UniversityEnglish philology--Study and teachingNew CriticismPoetryPhilosophyRansom, John Crowe,Philosophy in literatureNature in literatureLiterature and historyPsychological fictionEnglish philology--Study and teaching (Higher)Davidson, Donald1914192819361942194719531954195519581959196019611962196319641966196719681969197019711972197419771978197919801981198219851988198919901991199519971998199920002001200320052008200920102012201311703101148811.008PS30141412ocn001570299serial0.73The FugitivePeriodicals711ocn002899652book19660.53The Fugitive; a journal of poetryPeriodicals211ocn030719280book19670.50The Fugitive : April 1922-December 192541ocn706505741book19670.73The Fugitive. Apr. 1922-Dec. 192521ocn181676091book19660.47The fugitive : a journal of poetry : volumes 1-4, 1922-192512095ocn000269867book19580.50Bradbury, John MThe Fugitives, a critical accountCriticism, interpretation, etc11464ocn000958610book19590.50Cowan, LouiseThe Fugitive group; a literary historyCriticism, interpretation, etc10223ocn057417711file20000.50Winchell, Mark RoydenWhere no flag flies Donald Davidson and the Southern resistanceHistoryBiography"Donald Davidson (1893-1968) may well be the most unjustifiably neglected figure in twentieth-century southern literature. One of the most important poets of the Fugitive movement, he also produced a substantial body of literary criticism, the libretto for an American folk opera, a widely used composition textbook, and the recently discovered novel The Big Ballad Jamboree. As a social and political activist, Davidson had significant impact on conservative thought in this century, influencing important scholars from Cleanth Brooks to M. E. Bradford. This work offers a complete narrative of Davidson's life with all of its triumphs and losses, frustrations and fulfillments."--BOOK JACKET+-+89276717357432ocn016710898book19880.53Conkin, Paul KeithThe Southern AgrariansHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etcBiography+-+65104952353247372ocn003481049book19780.53Rubin, Louis DThe wary fugitives : four poets and the SouthCriticism, interpretation, etcBiographyRubin explores the relationships between the poetry, novels, and literary criticism of John Crowe Ransom, Allen Tate, Donald Davidson, and Robert Penn Warren+-+K9095625356882ocn000178498book19680.56Huff, Mary NanceRobert Penn Warren; a bibliographyBibliography5773ocn044090472book20000.50Underwood, Thomas AAllen Tate : Orphan of the SouthBiography+-+15041564155431ocn007999164book19820.63Sullivan, WalterA Band of prophets : the Vanderbilt Agrarians after fifty years5313ocn001053478book19740.63Davidson, DonaldThe literary correspondence of Donald Davidson and Allen TateRecords and correspondence5172ocn001165004book19690.63Fallwell, MarshallAllen Tate; a bibliographyBibliography5021ocn044425473book20010.63Beck, Charlotte HThe fugitive legacy : a critical historyCriticism, interpretation, etc"By 1937, most of the fugitive group had left Vanderbilt and moved on to other locations where they continued, through teaching and editorships, to develop and encourage an ever-widening circle of writers. At least at the beginning of their careers, these young writers were shaped by the Fugitives' critical methods and aesthetic standards, and as they came into their own, these ideas became at least a point of departure for products of their maturity."--BOOK JACKET+-+85407625355012ocn044841574book20010.66Prown, Katherine HempleRevising Flannery O'Connor : southern literary culture and the problem of female authorshipHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etc"In her short life, the prolific Flannery O'Connor (1925-1964) authored two novels, thirty-two stories, and numerous essays and articles. Although her importance as a twentieth-century southern writer is unquestionable, mainstream feminist criticism has generally neglected O'Connor's work." "In Revising Flannery O'Connor, Katherine Hemple Prown addresses the conflicts O'Connor experienced as a "southern lady" and professional author. Placing gender at the center of her analytical framework, Prown considers the reasons for feminist critical negelct of the writer and traces the cultural origins of the complicated aesthetic that informs O'Connor's fiction, but published and unpublished." "O'Connor's relationship with her mentor Caroline Gordon, and its eventual disintegration, played a significant role in her development. As Prown shows, their relationship underlies the shift from the relatively "feminine" authorial voice of O'Connor's earliest drafts toward the decidedly masculinized tone of her published works. Incorporating an insightful examination of the author in relation to the Fugitive/Agrarian and New Critical movements, Prown provides an original exploration of O'Connor's changing gender perspectives."--Jacket+-+97657486354491ocn017805011book19880.59Sullivan, WalterAllen Tate : a recollectionBiography+-+56396625353244022ocn007795237book19820.70Young, Thomas DanielWaking their neighbors up : the Nashville Agrarians rediscovered2892ocn001313596book19590.66Purdy, Rob RoyFugitives' reunion : conversations at Vanderbilt, May 3-5, 1956Criticism, interpretation, etcInterviewsReproduces the recorded conversations of the Fugitive poets and writers on the unique occasion of their reunion at Vanderbilt, with a small group of critics, in 19562414ocn025475201book19910.50Pratt, WilliamThe fugitive poets; modern Southern poetry in perspectiveLooks at the literary criticism and writings of the group known as the Fugitives, including such notables as Allen Tate, John Crowe Ransom, and Andrew Lytle+-+25569442362032ocn022110064book19900.84The Vanderbilt tradition : essays in honor of Thomas Daniel YoungHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etc2003ocn000402962book19710.76Cowan, LouiseThe Southern critics; an introduction to the criticism of John Crowe Ransom, Allen Tate, Donald Davidson, Robert Penn Warren, Cleanth Brooks, and Andrew LytleHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etc1822ocn051615243book20030.88Montgomery, MarionJohn Crowe Ransom and Allen Tate : at odds about the ends of history and the mystery of natureCriticism, interpretation, etc"In this work, a self-proclaimed third-generation Fugitive-Agrarian concentrates on the history and mystery of nature. The author supports the recovery of fundamental principles required for the economic, social and political health of our communities. He explores Fugitive-Agrarian concepts of nature, history, science, industry, person, family and community. His discussion focuses particular attention on John Crowe Ransom and Allen Tate and how they diverged in their philosophies of intellect and the written word."--BOOK JACKET+-+40896913251581ocn000311922book19670.39Brower, BrockDebrisAn advertising executive returns to a hunting lodge in Carolina and clashes with a fugitive+-+8927671735Fri Mar 21 15:07:35 EDT 2014batch18160