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Fri Mar 21 17:13:21 2014 UTClccn-n830407090.00Scientific change, emerging specialties, and research schools /0.561.00Pasteur, laboratory notebooks, and scientific fraud54164273Gerald_L._Geisonn 83040709929561ギーソン, ジェラルド・Llccn-n50050646Pasteur, Louis1822-1895dtelccn-n84005408Shelby Cullom Davis Center for Historical Studieslccn-n86094267Foster, M.(Michael)Sir1836-1907lccn-n84016808Holmes, Frederic Lawrenceedtlccn-n89613890University of PennsylvaniaDepartment of History and Sociology of Sciencelccn-n2006063882Laubichler, Manfred Dietrichlccn-n50040562Brock, Thomas Dale(1926- ...).illlccn-n79141288Dubos, René Jules(1901-1982)lccn-n80034161Trinity College (University of Cambridge)nc-university of cambridge$school of physiologyUniversity of CambridgeSchool of PhysiologyGeison, Gerald L.1943-BiographyHistoryFranceScientistsPasteur, Louis,United StatesPhysiologyLawyersLectures and lecturingJudgesIdeologyProfessions--Social aspectsPresbyterian Church--ClergyProfessionsScience and stateFoster, M.--(Michael),--Sir,EnglandPhysiologistsHeart beatResearch institutesResearchLaboratoriesMedicineHuman physiologyTrinity College (University of Cambridge)England--CambridgeGaskell, Walter Holbrook,AlcoholsChemistryScienceClergyFermentation19432001196919701972197419771978198119831984198719881990199319951997200020012002200331572777BQ143.P2ocn009826366ocn465470533ocn797455640ocn468464015ocn802567483ocn799817246ocn757214336ocn46807487214339ocn031132072book19950.29Geison, Gerald LThe private science of Louis PasteurBiographyThrough his vivid reconstruction of the professional rivalries as well as the national adulation that surrounded Pasteur, Geison places him in his wider cultural context. In giving Pasteur the close scrutiny his fame and achievements deserve, Geison's book offers compelling reading for anyone interested in the social and ethical dimensions of science+-+27998564154487ocn009826366book19840.76Professions and the French state, 1700-1900History4478ocn009392813book19830.81Professions and professional ideologies in AmericaHistory3835ocn003344982book19780.81Geison, Gerald LMichael Foster and the Cambridge School of Physiology : the scientific enterprise in late Victorian societyHistoryBiography25610ocn015083651book19870.88Geison, Gerald LPhysiology in the American context, 1850-1940HistoryA study of physiology in America, this places the development of American physiology in the cultural context of the period. Divided into three parts, the book covers social and institutional history; physiology in relation to other fields; and instruments, materials and techniques1127ocn030335330book19930.70Research schools : historical reappraisalsHistory171ocn029730254book19930.92Research schools : historical perspectivesHistory174ocn036449794book19700.95Geison, Gerald LMichael Foster and the rise of the Cambridge School of Physiology, 1870-1900HistoryBiography143ocn050459855book20000.29Geison, Gerald LReflections on the role of organismal and cultural variation in the history of the biological sciences112ocn708440969book19880.28Dubos, René JPasteur and modern scienceBiography31ocn014432149book19720.92Geison, Gerald LSir Michael Foster and the rise of the Cambridge school of physiology, 1870-1900. New Haven, Conn., 197021ocn045203674book1981Geison, Gerald LScientific change, emerging specialties, and research schools23ocn779802492book1974Farley, JohnScience, politics and spontaneous generation in nineteenth-century France : the Pasteur-Pouchet debate22ocn674536556book20000.47Pasutoūru : Jikken nōto to mikōkai no kenkyū11ocn063904832rcrd19951.00Geison, Gerald LPasteur, laboratory notebooks, and scientific fraudGeison contends that Louis Pasteur, like many great scientists, often took liberties with his experiments. He reviews three instances in which Pasteur committed ethical violations--two involving rabies innoculations and the third his famous public trial of the anthrax vaccine. Geisen explores the tensions between the ethical norms of Pasteur's day and his contributions to the public good11ocn491068448book1987Physiology in the American context11ocn293305111visu19811.00Pasteur's secret efforts to cure symptomatic rabies in humansWhite poster with black and blue-green-yellow spectrum lettering announcing lecture by Princeton University's Gerald L. Geison, Ph.D., Oct. 1981. Also lists sponsor, time, date, location, and reception information. Dominant image on poster is an ink drawing of two men in a lab. Man in foreground, perhaps Pasteur, is seated, injecting himself in the arm and holding a test tube in one hand. He is surrounded by rodents. Behind him are two caged animals, one being tended by a man with glasses11ocn191996324book1969Geison, Gerald LDarwin and heredity : the evolution of his hypothesis of pangenesis11ocn051520706book2003Geison, Gerald LThe private science of Louis PasteurHistory11ocn058343657book20020.47Geison, Gerald LLouis Pasteurin salattu tiede+-+2799856415+-+2799856415Fri Mar 21 15:08:49 EDT 2014batch11297