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Fri Mar 21 17:12:50 2014 UTClccn-n830418560.24Henrietta Howard : king's mistress, queen's servant /0.730.93Letters, in the original, with translations and messages that passed between the King, Queen, Prince, and Princess of Wales on the occasion of the birth of the young princess46902352George_II_of_Great_Britainn 83041856930216Georg August Braunschweig-Lüneburg, Churprintz 1683-1760Georg August Braunschweig-Lüneburg, Herzog 1683-1760Georg August, électeur de HanovreGeorg August, électeur de Hanovre, 1683-1760Georg August Hannover, Kurfürst 1683-1760Georg August, kurfurste av HannoverGeorg Braunschweig-Lüneburg, Herzog 1683-1760Georg der Andere 1683-1760Georg II.Georg II. Groß-Britannien, König 1683-1760George 02 Of Great BritainGeorge Augustus, kurfurste av HannoverGeorge Augustus, prince de Galles, 1683-1760George Augustus, Prince of WalesGeorge Augustus, Prince of Wales, 1683-1760George Braunschweig-Lüneburg, Herzog 1683-1760George Hannover, Kurfürst 1683-1760George II.George II, Elector of HannoverGeorge II, Elector of Hannover, 1683-1760George II. England, King 1683-1760George II. Grande Bretagne, Roi 1683-1760George II. Great Britain, King 1683-1760George II. Irland, King 1683-1760George II, kung av Storbritannien och IrlandGeorge II, roi de Grande-BretagneGeorge II roi de Grande-Bretagne 1683-1760Georges II, 1683-1760Georges II, électeur de HanovreGeorges II, électeur de Hanovre, 1683-1760Georges II, roi de Grande-Bretagne, 1683-1760Georgius Augustus Brunsvicum-Luneburgum, Electoratus 1683-1760Georgius Augustus Brunsvigia atque Luneburgia, Electoratus 1683-1760Georgius II. Magna Britannia, Francia Et Hibernia, Rex 1683-1760Georgius II. Magna Britannia, Rex 1683-1760Georgius Secundus Magna Britannia, Rex 1683-1760Jorze Augusto II. Graõ-Bretanha, Rey 1683-1760lccn-n79023147Great Britainlccn-n86116595Great BritainSovereign (1727-1760 : George II)lccn-n50047915GeorgeIKing of Great Britain1660-1727lccn-n50038199Hervey, John HerveyBaron1696-1743lccn-n79063445Irelandlccn-n79017964Great BritainParliamentlccn-n85097005CarolineQueen, consort of George II, King of Great Britain1683-1737lccn-n79056234Church of Englandlccn-n50004944Sedgwick, Romney1894-edtlccn-n84024114Bostwick, David1721-1763GeorgeIIKing of Great Britain1683-1760HistoryMilitary historySourcesMusicTrials, litigation, etcPamphletsGeorge--II,--King of Great Britain,Great BritainKings and rulersPolitical scienceIrelandCourts and courtiersLawCaroline,--Queen, consort of George II, King of Great Britain,AnthemsCoronation musicEngland--LondonGeorge--I,--King of Great Britain,CountessesSermons, AmericanRelations with womenCoronationsQueensSeven Years' War (1756-1763)Kings and rulers--Religious aspects--ChristianityAnne,--Queen of Great Britain,Sophia,--Electress, consort of Ernest Augustus, Elector of Hanover,Austrian Succession, War of (1740-1748)International relationsMassachusetts--BostonEulogiesTrials (Murder)AssassinationFranceMistressesSuffolk, Henrietta Hobart Howard,--Countess of,Popular culturePrecedenceMunicipal ceremonialDeath--Biblical teachingHanoverian mercenariesChristianityProtestantismMercenary troopsAugusta,--Princess, granddaughter of George II, King of England,FanfaresChoruses, Sacred (Mixed voices) with orchestraCommerceBeninUnited StatesFrench and Indian War (United States : 1754-1763)Orchestral musicFuneral sermonsKings and rulers--ParamoursHoward, Henrietta,Session laws1683176016991701170517071708171017111712171317141715171617171718171917201721172217231724172517261727172817291730173117321733173417351736173717381739174017411742174317441745174617471748174917501751175217531754175517561757175817591760176117621763176417651769177017711772177317741775177617771778177917801781178217831784178517871789179017921794179818001802180318061808181018151818181918201822182418251826183718431844184618471848185218551860186118621863186818731880188418851887189518981900190519061909191019221931193819451952195519561957196319651966196919701972197319741977198019811982198419851986198719881992199319971998199920002001200320042005200620072008200920102011201220132761812651944782.4AC4ocn258015813ocn832143964ocn257664550ocn844236589ocn249117873ocn246373789ocn832334361ocn832334380ocn257507057ocn257670523ocn013763758ocn831378151ocn831378161ocn831378173ocn832227503ocn255567515ocn846726115ocn846664644ocn8466626951642ocn041948807score18630.70Handel, George FridericFour coronation anthems : composed for the coronation of King George II, Westminster Abbey, 11 October 1727Music+-+K2715913951494ocn062810922file17440.81Great BritainA copy of the declaration of war of the King of Great Britain, against the French KingHistory1463ocn506040402com17580.81Broadfoot, AlexanderThe case of the King against Alexander Broadfoot, at the sessions of Oyer and Terminer and Goal Delivery held for the city of Bristol and county of the same city on the 30th of August, 1743Trials, litigation, etcBroadfoot was indicted for the murder of Cornelius Calahan, a sailor belonging to His Majesty's ship the Mortal Sloop1448ocn766964624file17440.79Great BritainHis Majesty's declaration of war against the French kingHistorySources1402ocn508884722com17310.63IrelandActs and statutes made in a Parliament begun at Dublin, the twenty eighth day of November, Anno Dom. 1727. In the first year of the reign of our Most Gracious Sovereign Lord King George II. Before His Excellency John Lord Carteret, Lord Lieutenant General and General Governor of Ireland. And continued under His Excellency John Lord Carteret, Lord Lieutenant General and General Governor of Ireland, by several prorogations, until the twenty third day of September, 1729. And further continued under His Grace Lionel Duke of Dorset, Lord Lieutenant General and General Governor of Ireland, by several prorogations, until the fifth day of October, 1731. Being the third session of this present ParliamentHistoryA collection of twenty-three Irish Acts of Parliament passed in the 5th year of George II's reign; the third session of Parliament1392ocn728277962com17280.66IrelandActs and statutes made in a Parliament begun at Dublin, the twenty eighth day of November, Anno Dom. 1727. In the first year of the reign of our Most Gracious Sovereign Lord King George II. Before His Excellency John Lord Carteret, Lord Lieutenant General and General Governor of IrelandHistoryA collection of twenty-seven Irish Acts of Parliament from the 1st year of George II's reign1371ocn508251570com17400.76Great BritainAn Act for the more effectual securing and encouraging the trade of His Majesty's British subjects to America and for the encouragement of seamen to enter into His Majesty's serviceHistory1356ocn187302499file17250.73GeorgePrince George his letter to the KingHistory1319ocn065343873com17370.93GeorgeLetters, in the original, with translations and messages that passed between the King, Queen, Prince, and Princess of Wales on the occasion of the birth of the young princessHistoryPamphlets1254ocn065346150file17430.93Great BritainThe Lords protest on a motion to address His Majesty that His Majesty will be most graciously pleased to give orders that the 16,000 Hanoverians, now in the pay of Great Britain, be no longer continued in the service of this nation after the 25th of this instant December, thereby to put a stop to the jealousies and heartburnings among His Majesty's faithful subjects at home, and His Majesty's British forces abroad : die veneris 9no decembris, 1743Military history1172ocn642350852com17290.59IrelandActs and statutes made in a Parliament begun at Dublin, the twenty eighth day of November, Anno Dom. 1727. In the First Year of the Reign of Our Most Gracious Sovereign Lord King George II. Before His Excellency John Lord Carteret, Lord Lieutenant General and General Governor of Ireland. And continued under His Excellency John Lord Carteret, Lord Lieutenant General and General Governor of Ireland, by several Prorogations, until the twenty third day of September, 1729. Being the second session of this present ParliamentHistoryA collection of twenty-three Irish Acts of Parliament passed in the the 3rd year of George II's reign, the second session of Parliament1154ocn065335850file17310.93TrudoA letter to His Majesty King George, from the Most Victorious and Mighty Trudo Audato Povefau Danger Enjo Suveveveto Ene Mottee Addee Pou a Poulo Co Hullo Necressy, King of Dauhomay, and Emperor of Paupau, who lately conquer'd the great kingdoms of Ardah and Whidah, &c presented to His Majesty on the 3d of May, by Capt. Lambe, who receiv'd the same from the Emperor's hand : to which is annexed, Capt. Lambe's scheme for trade with the said Emperor1102ocn048687429rcrd20010.47King's ConsortThe coronation of King George IIMusic1105ocn015576892book17580.86Great BritainCharter of incorporation of the London-Hospital1061ocn642547637com17310.79IrelandAn Act for explaining and amending an act made in the twenty eighth year of the reign of King Henry the Eighth Intituled, An Act for the Wears upon the Barrow, and other Waters in the County of KilkennyHistory1061ocn642547647com17310.73IrelandAn Act to explain and amend an act Intituled, An Act for the better Regulating the Work-House of the City of Dublin, and to Regulate and Provide for the Poor thereof, and to prevent Mischiefs which may happen by keeping Gun Powder within the said City ; And also, for Explaining and Amending one other Act, Intituled, An Act for the better Enabling the Governors of the Work-House of the City of Dublin to provide for, and Employ the Poor therein, and for the more Effectual Punishment of Vagabonds ; And also, for the better Securing of, and Providing for Lunaticks and Foundling ChildrenHistory1061ocn642547631com17310.76IrelandAn Act to enable ideots and lunaticks who are Seized or Possessed of Estates in Fee, or for Lives, or Terms of Years, in Trust, or by way of Mortgage, to make Conveyances, Surrenders or Assignments of such Estates ; and to prevent Delay in Suits in Equity where Trustees cannot be foundHistory1061ocn642547620com17310.76IrelandAn Act for allowing further time to persons in offices to qualify themselves pursuant to an Act intituled, An Act to Prevent the further Growth of PoperyHistory1061ocn642547497com17310.79IrelandAn Act for repairing the road leading from the city of Cork to the brook which bounds the counties of Cork and Tipperary near the foot of Kilworth MountainHistory1061ocn642547492com17310.79IrelandAn Act for the relief of the creditors of James Mead and George Curtis late bankers In the city of DublinHistory56827ocn062808843com17610.84Davies, SamuelA sermon delivered at Nassau-Hall, January 14, 1761. On the death of His late Majesty King George II.BiographySermons4407ocn000083513book19310.70Hervey, John HerveySome materials towards memoirs of the reign of King George IIHistorySources3993ocn670481521book20110.53Thompson, Andrew CGeorge II : king and electorHistoryBiographyDespite a long and eventful reign, Britain's George II is a largely forgotten monarch, his achievements overlooked and his abilities misunderstood. This landmark biography uncovers extensive new evidence in British and German archives, making possible the most complete and accurate assessment of this thirty-three-year reign. Andrew C. Thompson paints a richly detailed portrait of the many-faceted monarch in his public as well as his private life. Born in Hanover in 1683, George Augustus first came to London in 1714 as the new Prince of Wales. He assumed the throne in 1727, held it until his death in 1760, and has the distinction of being Britain's last foreign-born king and the last king to lead an army in battle. With George's story at its heart, the book reconstructs his thoughts and actions through a careful reading of the letters and papers of those around him. Thompson explores the previously underappreciated roles George played in the political processes of Britain, especially in foreign policy, and as a patron of the arts. He also charts the intricacies of the king's complicated relationships and reassesses the lasting impact of his frequent return trips to Hanover. George II emerges from these pages as an independent and cosmopolitan figure of undeniable historical fascination. - Publisher+-+474366558538025ocn002182958book18480.79Hervey, John HerveyMemoirs of the reign of George the Second : from his accession to the death of Queen CarolineHistory3604ocn000898792book19730.53Chenevix Trench, CharlesGeorge IIBiography3294ocn000877782book19630.59Hervey, John HerveyMemoirs26912ocn085884824book17270.84Foxcroft, ThomasGod the judge, putting down one, and setting up another a sermon upon occasion of the death of our late sovereign lord King George, and the accession of His present Majesty, King George II to the British throne. By Thomas Foxcroft, A.M. Minister of the Old Church in Boston25514ocn642775559com17610.81Mayhew, JonathanA discourse occasioned by the death of King George II. and the happy accession of His Majesty King George III. to the imperial throne of Great-Britain delivered Jan. 4th 1761. And published at the desire of the West Church and congregation in Boston, New-England. By Jonathan Mayhew, D.D. Pastor of the said ChurchSermons2513ocn156832070book20070.76Black, JeremyGeorge II : puppet of the politicians?HistoryBiography"Why is George II the forgotten monarch? Despite his lengthy rule (1727-1760) he has been so neglected that most of us know little or nothing of him." "One answer is the lack of easily accessible source material - George left no diary and was not a letter writer. But George has also been dismissed as merely a puppet in the hands of the towering politicians of his time: in particular Wilpole, Pitt and Newcastle." "In this new biography - the first for over 30 years - Jeremy Black reassesses this charge, and demonstrates convincingly that George II is a worthy subject of enquiry. Exploiting rich archival resources, including contemporary satire and the letters written about George rather than by him, he pieces together a figure who was the pivot in an often finely balanced - and sometimes dangerously unbalanced - fledgling political system." "By drawing comparisons between George, his predecessors and successors, his European counterparts and famous ministers of the day, Black goes beyond biography. He not only reveals much about George himself, but also dissects the role of the king and the changing face of monarchical power."--BOOK JACKET+-+02534340352434ocn137221472book20070.24Borman, TracyHenrietta Howard : king's mistress, queen's servantHistoryBiographyBorman's biography reveals a woman who was far more than the mistress to King George II. She was a dedicated patron of the arts, a lively and talented intellectual, a victim of violence and adultery, and a passionate advocate for the rights of women. Above all she is portrayed as a woman of reason in the Age of Reason+-+K15125977524110ocn642777816com17270.81Colman, BenjaminFidelity to Christ and to the Protestant succession in the illustrious House of Hannover a sermon preached at Boston in New-England, the Lord's-Day after the proclaiming of King George the Second ; August 9. 1727. By Benjamin Colman, Pastor of a church in Boston. [Two line from Proverbs]HistoryPamphletsSermons2346ocn083498907com17120.73AnneHer Majesty's reasons for creating the electoral prince of Hanover a peer of this realm or, the preamble to his patent as Duke of Cambridge. In Latin and English; with remarks upon the sameHistory2302ocn037750518book19970.59Van der Kiste, JohnKing George II and Queen CarolineHistoryBiographyThis biography of the last king to lead British troops into battle and his able wife provides intriquing insight into 18th century war and politics. Often derided as the buffoon who ""hated all boets and bainters"", George II was fortunate to be served by Prime Ministers Sir Robert Walpole and William Pitt, and was wise enough to leave the business of government to them. His wife, generally regarded as the ablest of British queens between Elizabeth I and Queen Victoria, used her influence in politics and patronage so that she and Walpole effectively ruled the kingdom betwen them. Her deat+-+067864502522311ocn085799367com17610.81Cooper, SamuelA sermon upon occasion of the death of our late Sovereign, George the Second preach'd before His Excellency Francis Bernard, Esq., captain-general and governor in chief, the Honourable His Majesty's Council and House of Representatives, of the province of the Massachusetts-Bay in New-England, January 1, 1761, at the appointment of the Governor and CouncilSermons2132ocn083356033com17130.79Great BritainAn Act for the better regulating the forces to be continued in Her Majesties service and for the payment of the said forces, and of their quarters2099ocn062806622com17610.84Blair, SamuelAn oration pronounced at Nassau-Hall, January 14, 1761, on occasion of the death of His Late Majesty King George II2065ocn642498132com17280.79Ralph, JamesThe muses' address to the King an ode. By J. RalphPoetry1988ocn065347660com17610.84A Particular account of the solemnities used at the coronation of His Sacred Majesty King George II ...ayor's day followingHistory1965ocn083268439com17140.73AnneThree letters sent, two from Her Most Gracious Majesty, viz. one to the Princess Sophia, the other to the Duke of Cambridge, and one from the Lord High Treasurer to the Duke of Cambridge; relating to his coming over to EnglandRecords and correspondence1944ocn083480951com17140.76Eusden, LaurenceA letter to Mr. Addison on the King's accession to the throne. By Mr. EusdenHistory+-+K271591395+-+K271591395Fri Mar 21 15:43:15 EDT 2014batch58792