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Fri Mar 21 17:13:55 2014 UTClccn-n830503550.08The man in the iron mask0.220.93Gérard Depardieu : voleur d'âmes /61572945Gérard_Depardieun 83050355937077Depard'e, Žerar.Depardʹe, Zherar, 1948-Depardieu 1948-Depardieu, GérardDepardieu, Gérard Xavier Marcel, 1948-Депардье, Жерарlccn-n87816835Gaumont (Firm)prolccn-no98037755MGM Home Entertainment Inclccn-no96013286Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment, Incdstlccn-no89015792Jacobi, Derekothcstprfactlccn-n50033841Heston, Charltonothcstprfactlccn-nr97024608Winslet, Kateothprfactlccn-no92010920Berri, Claudeprfaudadpsceprodrtausflmlccn-n88068080Malkovich, Johnprfactlccn-no2012093696Barron, David(Film producer)prolccn-n91023056Auteuil, DanielothprfactDepardieu, Gérard1948-DramaFilm adaptationsHistoryJuvenile worksFictionBiographyTelevision programsInterviewsRecords and correspondenceMilitary historyFranceMan-woman relationshipsRevengeCyrano de Bergerac,Shakespeare, William,Human-animal relationshipsShipwreck survivalOcean travelStorytellingOrphansFathers and daughtersHamlet (Legendary character)DenmarkMartel, YannDalmatian dogRostand, Edmond,Fathers--DeathUnited StatesPiaf, Edith,Women singersCircus performersFrance--ParisAuthors, FrenchMurder victims' familiesPrincesDanton, Georges Jacques,France--ProvenceFarmersRodin, Auguste,Reign of Terror (France : 1793-1794)Claudel, Camille,Robespierre, Maximilien,Depardieu, Gérard,De Vil, Cruella (Fictitious character)Pagnol, Marcel,TouristsRacismPrzybyszewska, Stanisława,Motion picture actors and actressesStrikes and lockoutsHousewivesImmigrantsMarriageStrangersEmigration and immigration lawIndustrial relationsRural conditionsDumas, Alexandre,SculptorsDu Tilh, Arnault,19481969197119721973197419751976197719781979198019811982198319841985198619871988198919901991199219931994199519961997199819992000200120022003200420052006200720082009201020112012201320144985612854326791.4372PN1997ocn826870397ocn166931104ocn137242345ocn054077816ocn721368747ocn294967115ocn045816713ocn062876606ocn294861148ocn024484931ocn044638721ocn039139885ocn417250576ocn037105244ocn043244410ocn421708515ocn420116598ocn419816210ocn421706735ocn421840907ocn294861148ocn419516203ocn443430648ocn085139460ocn767417559ocn858155948ocn694023397ocn867582686ocn693911489ocn320492384ocn294861148ocn051830617ocn811549657ocn635522899ocn191051922ocn264741053ocn829977051ocn658923312ocn674488357ocn661608132ocn658921738ocn056484075ocn070987650ocn820274594ocn060571915ocn721907546ocn055024433ocn301965226ocn721907546ocn659066207ocn742963839ocn781178852ocn762679604ocn691495188ocn742830816ocn075688968ocn742820824ocn742977410ocn075488419ocn743145638ocn742922506ocn742666671ocn742875276ocn742888556ocn762744499ocn766843139ocn658766413ocn658555556ocn661743604ocn658259326ocn764897498ocn659274714ocn766555921ocn767480147ocn722718679ocn723602991ocn723602993ocn723554225ocn723602966ocn723602977ocn076745362ocn722703947ocn723554330ocn723568962ocn441809553ocn442919511ocn444105164ocn024226445ocn033849643ocn725363979ocn469268223ocn463937463ocn416574624ocn742977713ocn407615395ocn221808935ocn220984280ocn676424079ocn190400636ocn864628453ocn743078348ocn451770674ocn780799142ocn781156623301729ocn137242345visu19960.24Branagh, KennethHamletDramaFilm and video adaptationsFilm adaptationsIn this first-ever full-text film of William Shakespeare's work, the Prince of Denmark, Hamlet, returns home to find his father murdered and his mother remarrying the murderer. Meanwhile, war is brewing+-+4981465535324273122ocn826870397visu20130.20Lee, AngLife of PiFictionDramaFilm adaptationsA young Pi Patel, overcoming a cataclysmic shipwreck, finds himself stranded on a lifeboat with the last survivor, a ferocious Bengal tiger named Richard Parker2067119ocn054077816visu19890.19Rappeneau, J.-PCyrano de BergeracHistoryFictionDramaFilm and video adaptationsFilm adaptationsCyrano, a 17th-century soldier-philosopher is secretly in love with the beautiful Roxane. He hesitates to woo her for himself because of his grotesque nose, so he writes the love letters that his friend Christian uses to court her191136ocn039693373visu19960.08Wallace, RandallThe man in the iron maskHistoryFictionDramaHistorical filmsFilm adaptationsAction and adventure filmsIt is a time of both splendor and despair for the deeply divided French nation, where the self-serving King Louis XIV enjoys the riches of the world while his people starve. Believing he is all-powerful, Louis fears no one -- except the one person who could bring an end to his absolute power: the man he condemned to wear an iron mask and imprisoned for life. When the King's selfish excesses go too far, retired Musketeers Athos, Porthos and Aramis vow to free the mysterious prisoner who may be France's only hope for survival187796ocn018527839visu19850.24Berri, ClaudeJean de FloretteDramaFilm adaptationsBased on the classic novel by Marcel Pagnol, Jean de Florette and Manon des sources stand as masterpieces of modern French cinema, timeless tales of passion, greed and revenge abounding with beautiful imagery and brilliant performances from the greatest French actors of their generation+-+5379937425324180616ocn166931104visu20070.21Cotillard, MarionLa vie en roseBiographyFictionDramaBased on the story of internationally known singer Edith Piaf, and her struggles throughout her life15449ocn046645191visu20000.08Disney, Walt102 DalmatiansJuvenile worksFictionDramaFilm adaptationsStars Oddball, the spotless dalmatian puppy on a search for her rightful spots and Waddlesworth, the wisecracking, delusional macaw who thinks he's a rottweiler. This duo leads a posse of puppies on a mission to outfox the wildly wicked Cruella De Vil133474ocn294967115visu19820.28Wajda, AndrzejDantonHistoryFictionDramaFilm adaptationsMotion picturesStruggle between two revolutionary leaders, Danton and Robespierre130567ocn045816713visu19880.28Nuytten, BrunoCamille ClaudelDramaBiographical filmsFilm adaptationsA historically accurate depiction of one of the most important collaborations in the history of art, that of legendary sculptor Rodin, and the creative prodigy Camille Claudel+-+7025007106324108597ocn042777121visu19800.28Truffaut, FrançoisLe Dernier métro The last metroHistoryFictionDramaIn Nazi-occupied Paris, everyone in a troupe of actors is harboring a crucial secret94544ocn051868730visu19900.18Weir, PeterGreen cardDramaTwo strangers agree to a marriage of convenience. She gets the apartment of her dreams, and he gets a green card to live in the U.S. Before they know it, the two encounter difficulties. And worst yet, they just might be falling in love9364ocn164620550visu20070.20Paris, je t'aime Paris, I love youFictionDramaThe world's top directors and some of America's top stars create a panoramic portrait of Paris. Find yourself transported by these sexy, romantic, haunting, dramatic, and beautiful stories88627ocn039342660visu19820.33Vigne, DanielLe retour de Martin Guerre The return of Martin GuerreDramaSet in 16th-century France, the film centers around the identity of Martin, a moody youth who mysteriously disappears, deserting his beautiful wife and son. Eight years later a handsome, vibrant man returns; the whole village accepts him as Martin. After he demands from his uncle the profit earned from the farm for those eight years, questions are raised as to his true identity. A case is brought against Martin and a tense courtroom drama unfolds. Only his wife holds the key to unlock the mystery86014ocn721368747visu20110.18Ozon, FrançoisPoticheDramaFilm adaptations"A housebound trophy housewife steps in to manage the umbrella factory run by her tyrannical husband after the workers go on strike. To everyone's surprise, Suzanne proves herself a competent and assertive woman of action."--Container80369ocn062876606visu19910.24Corneau, AlainTous les matins du monde All the mornings of the worldBiographyDramaFilm adaptationsBased on the lives of 17th century French composer Sainte Colombe and his protégé Marin Marais, this is a provocative tale of romance, lust, desire, and devotion+-+343557269678735ocn062559900visu19980.20Dayan, JoséeLe comte de Monte CristoHistoryFictionDramaTelevision adaptationsFilm adaptationsTelevision mini-seriesAction and adventure television programsTells the dramatic story of Edmond Dantes, a young French sailor who is falsely denounced as a political traitor and unjustly imprisoned for eighteen years without trial. After a daring escape, Dantes flees to the island of Monte Cristo, where he finds a colossal treasure bequeathed to him by a dying fellow inmate. Using these riches, he assumes a new identity and devises a plan of vengeance upon all those who betrayed him+-+374557269675144ocn051857100visu20000.18NapoleonHistoryMilitary historyFictionDramaFilm adaptationsTelevision programsDrama about the years in the life of Napoleon Bonaparte from his first decisive battle to his bitter defeat and exile+-+909005212569658ocn031602549visu19930.35Berri, ClaudeGerminalDramaFilm adaptationsThe story of a miner's strike that destroys one family, yet plants the seeds of change for future generations66438ocn047669017visu19990.25Joffé, RolandVatelDramaHistorical fictionThe Duc de Condé's employee, François Vatel, is in charge of cooking, and preparing shows for the French King Louis XIV when he visits the castle of Chantilly, owned by de Condé. If Vatel can impress the King, de Condé will gain his favors, and the destiny of France will change. While the King is visiting and three days of banquets ensue, Vatel falls in love with the King's mistress+-+865273332532462557ocn028514458visu19920.24Scott, Ridley1492 Conquest of ParadiseDramaThe film chronicles the first two landmark voyages of Columbus and takes us to the brink of his third and last5926ocn028421945book19940.22Chutkow, PaulDepardieu : a biographyBiographyUne biographie/autoportrait écrite avec la collaboration étroite de Gérard Depardieu, un acteur mondialement connu, doublé d'une dimension quasi mythique+-+78945942151474ocn024749385book19910.31Gray, MarianneDepardieuBiographyBiografi471ocn012809684book19820.90Chazal, RobertGérard Depardieu : l'autodidacte inspiréBiography403ocn039338836book19930.24Billardière, JacquesGérard Depardieu : vingt ans de cinéma françaisBiographyFrench language text - Graded readers, level 3271ocn041530258book19990.86Maheo, MichelGérard Depardieu : 25 ans de cinémaBiographyUne biographie complète et très illustrée de cet acteur qui a marqué le 7e art par ses grandes interprétations262ocn056766105book20040.35Depardieu, GérardVivant!InterviewsDans ces entretiens avec le rédacteur en chef de l'hebdomadaire "Marianne", Gérard Depardieu parle de son enfance, sa famille, ses débuts au cinéma et au théâtre, raconte les dessous des films les plus marquants de sa carrière, son travail avec de grands réalisateurs, actrices et acteurs. Il révèle aussi ses vérités sur l'alcool, l'argent, la politique, la religion ou encore sa passion du vin+-+5892985477324261ocn013702417book19850.84González, ChristianGérard DepardieuUne biographie et une filmographie de cet acteur français de trente-cinq ans, qui a joué en treize ans dans près de cinquante films241ocn071336808book20060.73Violet, BernardDepardieu, l'insoumis : biographieAu-delà de la légende, des souvenirs enjolivés, de la réputation et des déclarations, cette biographie tente d'éclairer d'un jour nouveau les différentes facettes de Gérard Depardieu : l'acteur de cinéma et de théâtre surdoué, l'ancien loubard de Châteauroux, le gentleman-vigneron, le businessman insatiable, l'homme aux brèves passions et aux amitiés durables221ocn022452828book19880.90Dazat, OlivierGérard DepardieuBiography212ocn056821124book20040.93Réali, CarolineGérard Depardieu : voleur d'âmesBiography191ocn166454940book20070.90Rigoulet, PatrickDepardieu : itinéraire d'un ogreBiography182ocn029662085book19880.50Depardieu, GérardLettres voléesBiographyRecords and correspondenceVingt-cinq textes que l'on entend, que l'on voit prononcés par ce comédien dru et cru. Révélation d'une tendresse présumée et d'une sagesse foncière. Sympathique et original162ocn265644561book20080.86Mérigeau, PascalDepardieuBiographyPortrait d'un géant du cinéma français144ocn712630305book20110.86Ruffo, SébastienJeux d'acteurs comparés : les voix de Belmondo, Depardieu, Lebeau et Nadon en Cyrano de BergeracCriticism, interpretation, etc+-+2201657054101ocn032911707rcrd19950.10Chutkow, PaulDepardieuBiographyGerard Depardieu's own extraordinary candor underlies the unique resonance of this full-scale biography, the first to be written with the great French film star's total cooperation. We see his rise from impossible beginnings: one of six children born in extreme poverty; the father a small-town illiterate, alcoholic, almost mute; the boy himself stuttering, barely speaking; the adolescent miraculously gregarious and independent, but exploding into mischief, petty crime, and, on occasion, violence; and, at the same time, escaping into--falling in love with--American movies. Paul Chutkow has spent hundreds of hours over a period of two years talking, visiting, traveling with Depardieu. And he has spoken with hundreds of Depardieu's friends, colleagues, admirers, and critics. His book provides a portrait of a great actor and an authentic inside look at filmmaking in France and America+-+4501561325324102ocn428682370book20080.21Rigoulet, PatrickZherar Depardʹe : putʹ nenasytnogo velikanaBiography101ocn035645224book19910.35Zurhorst, MeinolfGérard Depardieu : seine Filme, sein Leben101ocn062302517book20050.18Depardieu, GérardI︠A︡ vse eshche zhiv! : besedy s Loranom NoĭmanomInterviews81ocn038490280book19970.92Pangon, GérardGérard Depardieu81ocn022494432book19880.63Cohen, GeorgesGérard DepardieuBiography+-+4981465535324+-+4981465535324Fri Mar 21 15:24:32 EDT 2014batch85900