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Thu Oct 16 17:53:06 2014 UTClccn-n830083620.07Fatherless Fanny, or, The memoirs of a little mendicant and her benefactors a modern novel /0.741.00Woman authors graphics collection17228530Clara_Reeven 83008362903451Author of the Old English baronAuthor of the Old English baron 1729-1807C. R 1729-1807C. R. (Clara Reeve), 1729-1807Editor of The Phoenix 1729-1807M *M.*** 1729-1807Old English baron, Author of the 1729-1807Phoenix, Editor of the 1729-1807R, C. 1729-1807R., C. (Clara Reeve), 1729-1807Reeve, Klara 1729-1807Reeves, Clara.Reeves, Clara 1729-1807リーヴ, クレアラlccn-n91052333Trainer, Jamesedtviaf-166900709McGill, Esther Mohredtnp-murtada iban al khafifMurtada iban al-Khafif̄lccn-n2002038170Casler, Jeanine M.1971-edtlccn-n98076362Watt, Jamesnp-c rC., cR., C.lccn-n50043480Chesterfield, Philip Dormer StanhopeEarl of1694-1773np-clarendon, roger$sir$d 1402Clarendon, RogerSird. 1402lccn-n80126297Walpole, Horace1717-1797Reeve, Clara1729-1807FictionHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etcJuvenile worksHistorical fictionEnglish fictionInheritance and successionNobilityEnglandGreat BritainFictionEpistolary fiction, EnglishLiteratureFemale friendshipWidowsRomancesManners and customsWomen--EducationEducation--PhilosophyWomen authorsManners and customs in literatureEducationEnglish poetryNovelists, EnglishChesterfield, Philip Dormer Stanhope,--Earl of,English literatureLiterature--Theory, etcAmerican literatureLiterature, ModernEuropean literatureReeve, Clara,Authors, EnglishWalpole, Horace,Middle AgesItalyConduct of lifeAuthors, ScottishRadcliffe, Ann Ward,Mackenzie, Henry,Richardson, Samuel,Sterne, Laurence,Smollett, T.--(Tobias),Bage, Robert,Johnstone, Charles,Le Sage, Alain René,Fielding, Henry,Cumberland, Richard,Johnson, Samuel,Goldsmith, Oliver,Abandoned childrenYoung women--Conduct of lifeFatherless familiesBenefactorsBenevolenceUpper class17291807176917721777177817801783178417851786178717881789179017911792179317941795179717991800180118021803180518061807180818091810181118131814181618171818181918201821182218231824182518261828183018321833183418361839184018411843184418461849185118521853185418581860186518661867187018721880188318881894192019281930193419591967197019741976197719781980198219851987198819921996199920002002200320042005200620072008201020118148196857823.6PR3658.R5ocn002825854ocn669307305ocn037201903ocn460267907ocn460842556ocn8115441493022283ocn000526958book17780.74Reeve, ClaraThe old English baron: a Gothic storyHistoryFictionHistorical fictionWhen Sir Philip Harclay returns to England after a long absence, he finds that his childhood friend, Arthur, Lord Lovel, is no longer alive, and that the castle and estates of the Lovel family have twice changed hands. But a mysteriously abandoned set of rooms in the castle of Lovel promises to disclose the secrets of the past. After a series of frantic episodes and surprising revelations, culminating in a trial by combat, the crimes of the usurper and the legitimacy of the true heir are finally discovered+-+627853746562949ocn185028565file17830.70Reeve, ClaraThe two mentors a modern story. By the author of The old English baronFiction34619ocn001591540book19300.77Reeve, ClaraThe progress of romance and the history of Charoba, queen of AegyptCriticism, interpretation, etc+-+126031189634317ocn000139952book17850.77Reeve, ClaraThe progress of romance through times, countries, and mannersCriticism, interpretation, etc34122ocn642632273file17770.74Reeve, ClaraThe champion of virtue. a Gothic story. By the editor of The Phoenix. A translation of Barclay's Argenis29120ocn000797856book17920.86Reeve, ClaraPlans of education, with remarks on the systems of other writers28013ocn875132150file17990.90Reeve, ClaraDestination, or, Memoirs of a private family22615ocn050064727book17910.86Reeve, ClaraThe school for widowsFiction"The School for Widows tells the stories of childhood friends Frances Darnford and Rachel Strictland, both of whom have lived hard lives as the virtuous wives of improvident and immoral husbands. Frances, left penniless after the death of her gambler-spendthrift husband (who in an attempt to escape debtor's prison tries to sell her to his friend) opens a school for girls, and eventually takes up residence with another tragic widow, Isabella di Soranzo, whom she rescues from a mental breakdown. Frances, Rachel, and Isabella not only survive their trials, but eventually become productive and beneficial members of society, thus serving as positive examples of the potential opportunity for widows in eighteenth-century England."--Jacket+-+895386923520512ocn642324215file17990.82Reeve, ClaraThe old English baron a gothic story. Embellished with eight elegant engravings, from new designs17014ocn745283491file17850.66Reeve, ClaraThe progress of romance, through times, countries, and manners with Remarks on the Good and Bad Effects of it, on them Respectively; in a course of evening conversations. By C.R. author of the English Baron, the Two mentors, &c. In two volumesCriticism, interpretation, etc16410ocn536676725file17690.79Reeve, ClaraOriginal poems on several occasions14611ocn745130718file17890.74Reeve, ClaraThe exiles; or memoirs of the Count de Cronstadt. By Clara Reeve, Author of the Old English Baron, Two Mentors, &c. &c. In two volumes.13211ocn745105571file17910.77Reeve, ClaraThe school for widows a novel. In three volumes. By Clara Reeve, Author of the Old English Baron, &c. &c1285ocn642351070file17990.74Reeve, ClaraDestination: or, memoirs of a private family. By Clara Reeve ... In three volumes.1229ocn642493573file17910.74Reeve, ClaraThe school for widows a novel. In two volumes. By Clara Reeve, author of the old English Baron, &c. &c.11814ocn830988066file18000.07Reeve, ClaraFatherless Fanny, or, The memoirs of a little mendicant and her benefactors a modern novelJuvenile worksFiction1034ocn830944308file18410.92Reeve, ClaraThe Hebrew maiden, or, The lost diamond a tale of chivalry983ocn507945990file0.66Reeve, ClaraDestination: or, Memoirs of a private family by Clara Reeve, author of "The old English Baron, " &c. &c. In two volumes792ocn537095368com17930.63Reeve, ClaraMemoirs of Sir Roger de Clarendon732ocn642274143file17880.63Reeve, ClaraThe exiles or, memoirs of the Count de Cronstadt. By Clara Reeve, Author of the Old English Baron, Two Mentors, &c. &c. In three volumes.292ocn013479062book18200.82Reeve, ClaraThe old English baron; a Gothic story. The castle of Otranto; a Gothic story122ocn020309399book19280.66Scott, WalterThe lives of the novelistsCriticism, interpretation, etcBiography42ocn232573226book19880.35Nineteenth-Century literature criticismCriticism, interpretation, etcBio-bibliographyStories, plots, etcPresents literary criticism on the works of nineteenth-century writers of all genres, nations, and cultures. Critical essays are selected from leading sources, including published journals, magazines, books, reviews, diaries, broadsheets, pamphlets, and scholarly papers. Criticism includes early views from the author's lifetime as well as later views, including extensive collections of contemporary analysis21ocn695611036book19960.47Reeve, ClaraClara ReeveHistory11ocn805522597file20111.00Drake, Amanda D"The grin of the skull beneath the skin" reassessing the power of comic characters in Gothic literatureCriticism, interpretation, etcAbstract: Neither representative of aesthetic flaws or mere comic relief, comic characters within Gothic narratives challenge and redefine the genre in ways that open up, rather than confuse, critical avenues. Comic characters in the Gothic texts of Horace Walpole, Ann Radcliffe, and Clara Reeve establish the comic as a serious and legitimate part of the Gothic aesthetic. Comic characters continue to appear in all forms of the Gothic, including its parodies, well into the nineteenth-century, suggesting that these characters endure as necessary and vital elements within the evolving Gothic genre. As the genre evolves, the characters evolve as well, progressing from fool to humorist and then wit. This evolution reflects a shift in comic agency and the changing theories of humor between the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. The comic character's creation of humor, in a literary genre whose sole claim to fame often seems to be the development of terror, creates an axis which reveals much about the Gothic author's aesthetic concerns. In the context of insightful cultural readings delineated by recent Gothic scholars, I demonstrate how a formal reading of Gothic convention can establish not just cultural legitimacy for the genre, but also aesthetic legitimacy by reassessing the ways in which comic characters' humorous wordplay deliberately disrupts readers' expectations about the emotionally charged tenor of the conventional Gothic narrative11ocn041069792visu1.00Marshall, Alice KahlerWoman authors graphics collectionPortraitsThis portion of the collection contains engraved and printed images of, and some with articles about, women authors: Louisa May Alcott, Joanna Baillie, Mrs. C.P. Blair, Mrs. Bray, Anne Brontë, Charlotte Brontë, Emily Brontë, Elizabeth Barrett Browning, Martha Haines Butt, Maria Edgeworth, Amelia Edwards, Elizabeth Frazer, Elizabeth Gaskell, Hannah F. Gould, Mrs. S.C. Hall, M.J. Jewsbury, Helen Keller, Anna M. Lowry, Maria Manning, Florence Marryat, Adah Isaacs Menken, Hannah More, Lady Sydney Morgan, Amelia Opie, Mrs. Harrison Gray (Eliza A.) Otis, Clara Reeve, and Christina Rossetti11ocn811646973book19850.10British novelists, 1660-1800Bio-bibliographyDictionaries+-+8953869235+-+8953869235Thu Oct 16 15:36:21 EDT 2014batch30978