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Fri Mar 21 17:13:41 2014 UTClccn-n830216340.13Myst, the book of Ti'ana /0.210.76Apertures : a study of the writings of Brian W. Aldiss /59207215David_Wingroven 83021634914370ウィンローヴ, デイヴィッドウイングローブ, デイヴィッドviaf-62254069Miller, Randlccn-n79060640Aldiss, Brian W.(Brian Wilson)1925-lccn-no98073276Miller, Robynlccn-n83021633Griffin, Brianfast-1184049Zaoshen (Chinese deity)np-miller, randMiller, Randlccn-n80014492Bowman, Tomilllccn-n85122700Swain, Elizabeth1941-lccn-no2008017110OverDrive, Incviaf-251706692野村, 芳夫1948-Wingrove, DavidCriticism, interpretation, etcFictionHandbooks, manuals, etcScience fictionCatalogsAdventure storiesScience fictionScience fiction, EnglishChinaFantasy fictionScience fiction, AmericanInternational relationsEnglish-speaking countriesLiterature and scienceTwenty-first centuryAldiss, Brian W.--(Brian Wilson),GeneralsZaoshen (Chinese deity)Future lifeImaginary revolutionsDystopiasIslandsMystRevolutionsImaginary wars and battlesTerrorismAsia1954197719801984198519861988198919901991199219931994199519961997199819992000200120022006200720082009201020112012201320149602158443823.087609PR6073.I545ocn463773645ocn807041974ocn802528874ocn799910909128023ocn013667312book19860.25Aldiss, Brian WTrillion year spree : the history of science fictionCriticism, interpretation, etc+-+4315560025104443ocn020013506book19890.18Wingrove, DavidChung KuoFictionIn the future, China rules the world under a program entitled the "Peace of Ten Thousand Years," based on the tenants of New Confucianism, emphasizing stability. In Europe, the "Dispersionists" attempt to reassert Western values of progress+-+356160509532490913ocn010301055book19840.35The Science fiction source bookCriticism, interpretation, etcCatalogsHandbooks, manuals, etc80215ocn032819422book19950.14Miller, RandMyst, the book of AtrusFictionAdventure storiesA fantasy adventure novel based on aCD-ROM game by the same name. It is the story of theD'ni, a race of super-intelligent beings who are able tocreate new worlds. First book in a series+-+740613132561411ocn035174967book19960.13Miller, RandMyst, the book of Ti'ana+-+15161313255356ocn037221245book19970.13Miller, RandMyst, the book of D'niThe world of the D'ni is shaken by the arrival of Ti'ana, known among humans as Anna+-+961613132550317ocn030671036book19890.16Wingrove, DavidThe Middle KingdomFictionScience fictionA masterpiece of world-building to match George R R Martin's Song of Ice and Fire, David Wingrove's extraordinary and ambitious 20-volume Chung Kuo series is a dark glimpse into mankind's destiny. 'Awesome, Chung Kuo carries the hallmark of legend' - SFX+-+961257599545114ocn036045265book19900.16Wingrove, DavidThe broken wheelFictionScience fictionUnder Threat The year is 2207. Chung Kuo's perfect stasis is falling apart. The Seven's dominance is threatened by a series of terrorist attacks as the War of Two Directions intensifies. Howard DeVore, the Seven's greatest enemy, is masterminding the atrocities - but how can they hunt down a man who seems to be invulnerable? Under Attack Kim Ward, the Clay-born scientific genius, is attacked by a group of deadly assassins, bent on destroying his work. And a group of rich young American rebels intend to create Change. At any price+-+037457599536410ocn624418806book20100.15Wingrove, DavidSon of heavenFictionThe brand-new prequel to Chung Kuo, a masterwork of future history standing alongside Herbert's Dune and Asimov's FoundationThe year is 2085, two decades after the great economic collapse that destroyed Western civilization. With its power broken and its cities ruined, life in the West continues in scattered communities. In rural Dorset, Jake Reed lives with his 14-year-old son and memories of the great collapse. Back in '43, Jake was a rich, young futures broker, immersed in the datascape of the world's financial markets. He saw what was coming--and who was behind it. Forewarned, he was one of+-+K97023393633117ocn025160947book19910.16Wingrove, DavidThe White MountainFictionScience fictionA City Under Threat The year is 2207. Currents of unrest and tides of innovation threaten to overwhelm Chung Kuo's stability. And some threats are beyond the immense City's control. When a lethal epidemic strikes the Seven's chief supporters, Li Yuan acts ruthlessly to wipe out the disease. But his actions incur far more fatal consequences for the rule of the Seven. A Ruthless Response While the Seven splinters, Kwibesi, the detention camp for terrorists, continues to establish order. However, rebellion is brutally contain+-+31086759952923ocn009392319book19840.76Griffin, BrianApertures : a study of the writings of Brian W. AldissCriticism, interpretation, etc+-+137987868532427711ocn036045268book19920.16Wingrove, DavidThe stone withinFiction+-+541050599525410ocn030473992book19930.16Wingrove, DavidBeneath the tree of heavenFictionIn the 23rd Century, revolution is brewing on Earth against the rule of the Tangs, the Chinese rulers who are blocking progress. Support for the revolution is coming from Mars which is secretly planning to invade Earth. Fifth volume in a series by the author of The Stone Within+-+18067759952548ocn797114160book20110.15Wingrove, DavidDaylight on Iron MountainFictionScience fictionCHANGE IS ON THE AIR: The generals of the Middle Kingdom await the decision of the emperor.The campaign to secure the border from China to Iraq has reached a strange impasse. Two blood enemies - Arabs and Jews - have united against their common cause1994ocn850156841file20130.16Wingrove, DavidAn inch of ashesFictionScience fictionA restless peace ... it is 2206. As Chung Kuo's population continues to swell, the Seven--the ruling T'angs--are forced make further concessions; laws must be relaxed and the House at Weinmar reopened. Change is coming, whether the Seven like it or not. A secret war ... the tides of unrest unleashed by earlier wars grow faster even than the population. DeVore secretly allies with newly appointed general, Hans Ebert. It seems that DeVore's plans are coming to fruition. But Ebert has his own schemes and plots - he intends to depose the Seven and control the whole of Chung Kuo1917ocn035849077book19950.16Wingrove, DavidDays of bitter strengthFiction"In the spring of 2232, long-denied hopes for a more humane world become manifest in the red-roofed houses of "China on the Rhine." There, Emily Ascher, once a freedom fighter, now lives as Mama Em, mother to the orphan boys of a war-devastated land. But unto the people of Chung Kuo, two children will be born: "Coffin Filler," a baby girl smothered and thrown away but not yet dead, and Josef, a baby boy delivered into a hostile land, yet determined to fight for his life. They are part of a new generation who will see more death than any who have gone before. Although peace seems to reign, the puppet master of an army of giant androids, DeVore, plans one final, absolute destruction. And although the great T'ang, the dictators of Earth, are gone, the mega corporation called GenSyn remains. And soon its pleasure drug called "Golden Dreams" will make Chung Kuo a funeral pyre for golden corpses - until the only escape lies in sending the survivors toward new stars ... or joining Emily Ascher in a battle for liberty and a new Earth."--BOOK JACKET+-+99425059951818ocn033334056book19880.17Wingrove, DavidWhite moon, red dragonFiction+-+16825059951705ocn830170055file20130.17Wingrove, DavidThe Art of WarFictionPeace has returned The year is 2206. After five years of war, the Seven are weak. They have lost three of their members, and the new T'ang are young and inexperienced. Once it was considered inconceivable but now, down in the lowest levels of the immense CIty, new currents of unrest have awoken. Currents that threaten to tear Chung Kuo apart. The fight endures But the demand for CHange is not the only threat to the Seven. Major Howard DeVore will use any means available to destroy them and their world-spanning City. And, from their own ranks, Wang Sau-leyan, appointed T'ang after the su12310ocn038924715book19770.16Wingrove, DavidThe marriage of the living darkFiction+-+90333159853241228ocn821038910book20120.16Wingrove, DavidIce and fireFictionScience fictionSpring 2201 - Spring 2203: The T'ang who make up the ruling Seven are struggling to maintain stasis and prevent change, as the ""War That Wasn't A War"" is fought within the levels of Chung Kuo's great world-spanning City: a war fought not with armies on battlefields but with an inventive evil - with bombs and betrayals, brutal assassinations and sly poisonings. Adding to the pressure for change is the existence of a document that charts the true history of this world, not the version invented and policed by the Ministry - the ""Thousand Eyes""--Who have, for so long, maintained this da+-+7406131325+-+7406131325Fri Mar 21 16:13:09 EDT 2014batch21559