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Thu Oct 16 17:56:51 2014 UTClccn-n830355440.00Duplessis0.320.96Career of Maurice L. Duplessis as viewed through his correspondence, 1927-1939 /24729764n 83035544925246Black 1944- Baron of CrossharbourBlack 1944- Lord of CrossharbourBlack Baron of CrossharbourBlack, Baron of Crossharbour, 1944-Black, C. MBlack, Conrad MoffatBlack Lord of CrossharbourBlack, Lord of Crossharbour, 1944-Black of Crossharbour, Conrad Moffat Black BaronCrossharbour, Conrad Moffat Black of Baronlccn-n79018757Nixon, Richard M.(Richard Milhous)1913-1994lccn-n79022932Roosevelt, Franklin D.(Franklin Delano)1882-1945lccn-n96119256Tombs, Georgelccn-n77005332Amiel, Barbaranp-bower, tomBower, Tomlccn-n50029755Duplessis, Maurice LeNoblet1890-1959lccn-n96019395Siklos, Richard1965-lccn-n2001101027Skurka, Stevenlccn-n91032330Union nationalelccn-no2005016378Stewart, SinclairBlack, ConradBiographyHistoryTrials, litigation, etcUnited StatesPresidentsBlack, ConradCanadaNixon, Richard M.--(Richard Milhous),Roosevelt, Franklin D.--(Franklin Delano),Newspaper publishingCapitalists and financiersPublishers and publishingBusinessmenNewspapers--OwnershipAmiel, BarbaraDiplomatic relationsInternational relationsStrategic cultureInternational relations--AdministrationPolitical scienceQuébecPrime ministersBusinesspeopleDuplessis, Maurice LeNoblet,JournalistsTrials (Fraud)Union nationalePrisonersOntario--TorontoCorruptionPress and politicsPolitical and social viewsSocial problems--Press coveragePublishers and publishing--BiographyTrialsChief executive officersCorporations--Investor relationsExecutives--Salaries, etcSwindlers and swindlingGreat BritainEuropeComputers and childrenViolence in mass mediaWorld War (1939-1945)Canada.--Canadian ArmyFrance--NormandyMilitary campaignsVideo gamesWomen journalistsCommercial criminalsSocial policyPoliticiansDissertations, Academic1944197319771980198219831984198819901992199319941995199619971998199920002001200320042005200620072008200920112012201320147533102242BE856Publishers and publishing187011ocn299790891file20070.26Black, ConradRichard M. Nixon a life in fullBiographyThe acclaimed biographer of Franklin Delano Roosevelt takes on Richard Nixon in the first full biography in a generation, bringing a unique perspective to the life and politics of one of America's most controversial public figures+-+7852721325324178217ocn052341584book20030.23Black, ConradFranklin Delano Roosevelt : champion of freedomBiographyFranklin Delano Roosevelt stands astride American history like a colossus, having pulled the nation out of the Great Depression and led it to victory in the Second World War. Elected to four terms as president, he transformed an inward-looking country into the greatest superpower the world had ever known. Only Abraham Lincoln did more to save America from destruction. But FDR is such a large figure that historians tend to take him as part of the landscape, focusing on smaller aspects of his achievements or carping about where he ought to have done things differently. Few have tried to assess the totality of FDR's life and career. In this biography, Conrad Black makes the case that FDR was the most important person of the twentieth century, transforming his nation and the world through his unparalleled skill as a domestic politician, war leader, strategist, and global visionary--all of which he accomplished despite a physical infirmity that could easily have ended his public life at age thirty-nine. Black also takes on the great critics of FDR, especially those who accuse him of betraying the West at Yalta. Black opens a new chapter in our understanding of this great man, whose example is even more inspiring as a new generation embarks on its own rendezvous with destiny+-+89363913063937ocn809615512book20130.21Black, ConradFlight of the eagle : the grand strategies that brought America from colonial dependence to world leadershipHistoryBlack describes nine "phases" of the strategic rise of the nation, in which it progressed through grave challenges, civil and foreign wars, and secured a place for itself under the title of "Superpower." He discredits prevailing notions that our unrivaled status is the product of good geography, demographics, and good luck. Instead, he reveals and analyzes the specific strategic decisions of great statesmen through the ages that transformed the world as we know it and established America's place in it30016ocn003033534book19770.66Black, ConradDuplessisBiography1487ocn123375727book20050.28Black, ConradRichard Milhous Nixon : the invincible questBiographyFeatures information about Richard Milhous Nixon (1913-1994), the 37th president of the United States, compiled as part of Cyber Grandma's Home Sweet Home. Notes Nixon's birth and death dates, his education, occupation, religion, family life, and political career. Offers access to additional resources+-+44579729363241063ocn084387378book20070.50Black, ConradThe invincible quest : the life of Richard Milhous NixonBiography+-+8118656225592ocn039606402book19980.70Black, ConradRender unto Caesar : the life and legacy of Maurice DuplessisBiography+-+2785817006324376ocn804030337book20130.28Black, ConradFlight of the eagle : a strategic history of the United StatesHistory"In this magisterial new history of the United States, spanning from the New World through the outcome of the 2012 presidential election, acclaimed writer and historian Conrad Black examines the rise of the world's supreme power, its recent decline, and its ultimate strengths and future, and the contributions of leading figures, including Benjamin Franklin, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Andrew Jackson, Henry Clay, Abraham Lincoln, U.S. Grant, Theodore Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Roosevelt and Winston Churchill, Harry S Truman, Dwight D. Eisenhower, John F. Kennedy, Richard M. Nixon, and Ronald Reagan."--pub. desc214ocn815782367file20110.21Black, ConradA matter of principleHistoryBiographyTrials, litigation, etc"I never ask for mercy and seek no one's sympathy. I would never, as was once needlessly feared in this court, be a fugitive from justice in this country, only a seeker of it."-Conrad Black, in his statement to the court, June 24, 2011In 1993, Conrad Black was the proprietor of London's Daily Telegraph and the head of one of the world's largest newspaper groups. He completed a memoir in 1992, A Life in Progress, and "great prospects beckoned." In 2004, he was fired as chairman of Hollinger International after he and his associates were accused of fraud. Here, for the first time, Black describe162ocn040884125book19770.77Black, ConradMaurice DuplessisBiography81ocn041968313book19980.47Black, ConradBritain's final choice : Europe or America?74ocn859019248book19930.35Black, ConradA life in progressHistoryBiography64ocn882575260book20140.47Black, ConradRise to GreatnessHistory53ocn490824982book1977Black, ConradDuplessis41ocn489932165book1977Black, ConradDuplessis43ocn061548124book19730.96Black, ConradCareer of Maurice L. Duplessis as viewed through his correspondence, 1927-193931ocn827790345visu20110.47The trials of Conrad BlackInterviews with Conrad Black about his conviction and time in prison31ocn270533798book19990.10@ stake : As prime minister, I would-- : featuring provocative and innovate solutions for a more prosperous Canada21ocn415776137book1977Black, ConradMaurice Duplessis : 1944-1959, le pouvoirBiography21ocn225322528book20050.10Black, ConradLuosifu zhuan : Franklin Delano Roosevelt : champion of freedomBiography3834ocn301543137file20070.26Tombs, GeorgeRobber baron Lord Black of CrossharbourBiographyBased on rigorous research, hard-hitting interviews, and original documents, this biography stands out as the most complete examination of Conrad Black, builder of the world's third-largest media empire, the Telegraph Group. Author George Tombs not only worked in Black's empire, but maintained steady communication with him over the years as a journalist, giving him exclusive access and insight into Black's opinions, ideas, values, and personality. Including 100 pages of annotated transcripts from Black's most recent fraud trial in Chicago, this up-to-date biography gives an inside view of the mogul's struggles and successes, throughout his past and into the present+-+915377500633910ocn219938081book20110.21Black, ConradA matter of principleHistoryBiographyTrials, litigation, etcAfter being convicted of corporate fraud by the United States government and imprisoned, the Canadian newspaperman discusses the charges, the overturn of some of them on appeal, his life in prison, the American criminal justice system, and the reactions of family, friends, and critics during his ordeal+-+55216562252365ocn177000333book20080.66Skurka, StevenTilted : the trial of Conrad BlackTrials, litigation, etcAn in-depth account of the trials of Conrad Black, provided by the only Canadian writer to attend the trials+-+72427550062359ocn034265663book19950.47Siklos, RichardShades of Black : Conrad Black and the world's fastest growing press empireHistoryBiography+-+24924888952266ocn156770015book20060.19Bower, TomConrad & Lady Black : dancing on the edgeBiography"The rise and fall of media tycoon Conrad Black and his journalist wife, Barbara Amiel, is one of the great stories of the modern business world."+-+49878725552077ocn009563931book19820.63Newman, Peter CharlesThe establishment man : a portrait of powerBiography1865ocn057316324book20040.33McNish, JacquieWrong way : the fall of Conrad BlackHistoryBiography"He was possibly the world's most flamboyant and notorious media tycoon. Unapologetic about his right-wing agenda, corporate manoeuvres, and lavish lifestyle, Conrad Black seemed untouchable with a newspaper empire that spanned three continents and a seat in Britain's House of Lords. In the fall of 2003 his carefully constructed world crumbled when his company accused him of siphoning off millions of dollars of corporate money. He now found himself the target of U.S. regulators, an object of ridicule in the international press, and a self-described "pariah" among the rich and famous he once called his friends." "Business reporters Jacquie McNish and Sinclair Stewart have dug deep into Black's career by interviewing leading players and gaining behind-the-scenes accounts of his corporate machinations. Wrong Way offers an in-depth portrayal of how the seemingly invulnerable magnate of Hollinger International Inc. was brought down by his own shareholders and ousted as head of his company."--BOOK JACKET+-+01812103061843ocn030667557book19930.35Black, ConradA life in progressHistoryBiography1721ocn076865958book20060.23Bower, TomOutrageous fortune : the rise and ruin of Conrad and Lady BlackHistoryBiography+-+09619661551053ocn863054139file20130.63Walker, George AThe life and times of Conrad Black : a wordless biographyComic books, strips, etcGraphic novelsDocuments the eventful life of the Canadian-born media baron, from his earliest childhood influences, to his rise to power at the helm of Hollinger International, his membership in the British peerage, and the ruin of his business and his good name after being convicted of fraud952ocn056318828book20040.50Tombs, GeorgeLord Black : the biographyHistoryBiographyFrom not-so-humble beginnings, Conrad Black built a media empire that stretched around the globe. The Daily Telegraph of London, the Jerusalem Post, Canada's National Post, the Chicago Sun-Times and scores of others were all Black newspapers. In this book, journalist Tombs tracks the rise and fall of one of Canada's most colorful figures, a brilliant, complex and driven man+-+1564908245794ocn039052477book19970.53Barlow, MaudeThe big Black book : the essential views of Conrad and Barbara Amiel Black+-+7954028225693ocn057564923book20040.28Siklos, RichardShades of Black : Conrad Black--his rise and fallHistoryBiography+-+4625356225541ocn056652907book20040.47McNish, JacquieThe fall of Conrad Black+-+1273448625324251ocn764570276file20110.47Skurka, StevenTilted the Trials of Conrad Black, Second EditionTrials, litigation, etcSteven Skurka delivers a thorough, in-depth account of the controversial businessman's legal difficulties. Skurka offers analysis, insights, and personal anecdotes to present the clearest picture of the trials to date, featuring interviews with key members of the prosecution and defence, as well as with Black himself202ocn015967700book19830.66Newman, Peter CharlesConrad BlackBiographyPeter Newman consacre le quatrième volume de sa série sur l'establishment financier canadien à ce multimillionnaire torontois qui possède, selon certains, l'indiscutable faculté d'hypnotiser aussi bien ses détracteurs que ses confrères. L'ouvrage est farci d'anecdotes amusantes207ocn317593998visu20040.23Melnyk, DebbieCitizen BlackHistoryBiographyFollows controversial media baron Conrad Black during the most tumultuous period of his life. Includes footage of the 2003 Hollinger International shareholders meeting in New York City171ocn029311234book19930.70Black, ConradConrad Black par Conrad BlackBiography133ocn166688321book20070.47Tombs, GeorgeLe baron BlackHistoryBiography"Dans cette biographie non autorisée, le journaliste et écrivain George Tombs retrace le parcours du dernier des magnats de la presse, en montrant aussi bien ses succès fulgurants que son étonnante mais inévitable chute."71ocn317872028visu20040.63News in review October 2004HistoryBiographyCompilation of current news stories on CBC's The National featuring the following segments: School horror: hundreds die in Russia ; Conrad Black: a tycoon in trouble ; Video games: can some cause violence? ; and Juno Beach: sixty years later+-+8936391306+-+8936391306Thu Oct 16 15:19:31 EDT 2014batch28004