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Fri Mar 21 17:15:29 2014 UTClccn-n830443010.00Dante studies0.751.00The commiato of Dante's sestina Quandunque i colli fanno più nera ombra, sotto un bel verde la giovane donna la fa sparer, com' uom petra sott' erba94946648n 83044301932166lccn-n79046636Bernardo, Aldo S.hnredtlccn-n78095495Dante Alighieri1265-1321lccn-n50026415Singleton, Charles Southward1909-hnrlccn-n79092622Petrarca, Francesco1304-1374lccn-n78087605Boccaccio, Giovanni1313-1375lccn-n81103654State University of New York at BinghamtonCenter for Medieval and Early Renaissance Studieslccn-n79014062Virgillccn-n50039124Dante Society of Americalccn-n78085442Brandeis UniversityLibrarylccn-n79039780Kleinhenz, ChristopherPellegrini, Anthony L.1921-Criticism, interpretation, etcConference proceedingsBibliographyDante Alighieri,Boccaccio, Giovanni,Petrarca, Francesco,Singleton, Charles Southward,Italian literatureDivina commedia (Dante Alighieri)Influence (Literary, artistic, etc.)Comparative literature--Classical and modernComparative literature--Modern and classicalVirgilArt appreciationEnglandCivilization, MedievalLiterature, Medieval1921195319661968197019781981198219831984198519901993199520065961531850.9001PQ4065ocn311534711ocn46176286045110ocn009283420book19820.73Bernardo, Aldo SDante, Petrarch, Boccaccio : studies in the Italian Trecento in honor of Charles S. SingletonCriticism, interpretation, etc703ocn014915756book19840.93The Early Renaissance : Virgil and the classical traditionConference proceedings513ocn064427487book20060.79Bernardo, Aldo SCompanion to Dante's Divine comedy : a comprehensive guide for the student and general reader+-+881793130673ocn311534711book19900.28A miscellany of medieval and renaissance studies in honor of Aldo S. BernardoCriticism, interpretation, etc61ocn042802998com0.95American Dante bibliographyBibliography"Each of the annotated bibliographies of Dante scholarship published annually in Dante Studies from 1953 ... is accessible in a searchable electronic format according to year. All entries in a particular year were published in that year, unless otherwise specified. New bibliographies will be added as they become available. Two other bibliographies are accessible: an Italian Dante Bibliography for the years 1988-1990, prepared by Federico Sanguineti, and a Bibliography of Dante Studies in the British Isles from 1980-1993, prepared by Steven Botterill."31ocn030677630book19810.47Dante studies with the annual report of the Dante SocietyCriticism, interpretation, etcBibliography11ocn065668584book19810.47Bernardo, Aldo SDivine comedy, notes11ocn159848921book19840.10The early Renaissance : Virgil and the class. tradition11ocn502547849book19780.47Bernardo, Aldo SDivine Comedy : notesCriticism, interpretation, etc11ocn042831019book19531.00Pellegrini, Anthony LThe commiato of Dante's sestina Quandunque i colli fanno più nera ombra, sotto un bel verde la giovane donna la fa sparer, com' uom petra sott' erba11ocn011208260serial1.00American Dante bibliography forBibliography11ocn043265677book19701.00Pellegrini, Anthony LDante's illuminators revisited11ocn493455164book19680.59Bernardo, Aldo SA critical study guide to Dante's Divine ComedyCriticism, interpretation, etc11ocn490398277book1966Dante studies02ocn033806254file1993American Dante bibliographyBibliographyContains bibliographies originally published in Dante studies, 1953-1993. Includes Dante translations, studies, and reviews published in North America, including foreign reviews of American publications pertaining to Dante and essays on Dante published in foreign journals by residents of North America+-+8817931306+-+8817931306Fri Mar 21 16:11:02 EDT 2014batch7823