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Fri Mar 21 17:03:17 2014 UTClccn-n831797050.39The writings and speeches of Edmund Burke /0.741.00Remembrance of things past, or, Various escapades in the Harry Ransom Humanities Research Center, 1958-1998 : the annual Carl and Lily Pforzheimer Foundation lecture /12321955n 83179705997933Burton Todd, William 1919-2011Todd, W. B.Todd, William B.Todd, William B., 1919-Todd, William Burton.Todd, William Burton, 1919-Todd, William Burton 1919-2011Tood, William Burtonlccn-n79040055Burke, Edmund1729-1797lccn-n50035887Langford, Pauledtlccn-n79059345Wise, Thomas James1859-1937othfast-949539Guy of Warwick (Legendary character)lccn-n88020501Bowden, Ann1924-collccn-n50006647Mossner, Ernest Campbell1907-othhnrlccn-n79054039Hume, David1711-1776lccn-n79023322University of Texaslccn-n88020508Bernhard Tauchnitz Verlaglccn-n78095541Scott, Walter1771-1832Todd, William B.(William Burton)HistoryRecords and correspondenceBibliographyRomancesDirectoriesBibliography‡vCatalogsCriticism, interpretation, etcCatalogsSourcesConference proceedingsEconomicsFranceRevolution (France : 1789-1799)War--CausesGreat BritainPublic opinion, BritishPolitical scienceBurke, Edmund,Public opinionSmith, Adam,Reflections on the revolution in France (Burke, Edmund)Classical school of economicsWorkPolitical clubsEngland--LondonLiterary forgeries and mystificationsGuy of Warwick (Legendary character)English literatureBook industries and tradeWise, Thomas James,EnlightenmentEnglish imprints--PublishingEnglish imprintsPublishers and publishingEuropePrintingEngland--London Metropolitan AreaBiographyPrintersGermany--LeipzigAmerican literatureScott, Walter,ScotlandLiteratureRelationsColoniesSaving and investmentValueFinance, PublicLiterature publishingAuthors and publishersWealth--Moral and ethical aspectsDivision of laborCapitalGutenberg, Johann,Printing--Origin and antecedentsGermany--Mainz (Rhineland-Palatinate)IncunabulaCommercial policyGutenberg Bible1919201119351936194919501951195219531954195519561958195919601961196219631964196519661968196919721973197419761977197919801981198219831985198819891990199119921994199519961997199819992000200320054957159362330HB161ocn000711936ocn002519351ocn462898059ocn466394360ocn185482504ocn579480438ocn797930706ocn310430819ocn606060271ocn802964994ocn000069837ocn001807000ocn707692410ocn185755957ocn186636198ocn186636766ocn186636068ocn186636473ocn311501181ocn723792968ocn4681967606303ocn000711936book19680.56Guy of Warwick, a knight of Britain who in his day did many deeds of prowessRomances56616ocn000582893book19640.73Todd, William BA bibliography of Edmund BurkeBibliography45728ocn005889781book19810.66Burke, EdmundThe writings and speeches of Edmund BurkeHistoryThis key volume specifically completes the collection of Edmund Burke's Indian Writings and Speeches which is set within the series, and is both an exposition of Burke's views on India from his coverage of the Hastings trial, and his views on maintaining the rule of a universal justice.; The texts for the items, which have appeared in previous editions of Burke's Works, have been reconstructed, largely by the use of manuscripts. Indeed many of the shorter speeches appear here in print for the first time.; The volume includes a key speech which introduced one of the main charges in the trial of Warren Hastings on an impeachment from 1789-1794, and an important report on the conduct of the trial. It closes with the enormously lengthy and significant speech in which Burke summed up the prosecution's case over nine days.; However, this volume is not only a full exposition of Burke's views on India but contains much of great interest about other aspects of his thought. In particular, Burke saw himself in these years as being engaged in a battle against the lawless disruption of society, both in Europe and in Asia, in order to maintain the rule of a universal justice, a main theme of this volume+-+133267346532445421ocn001449313book19740.66Todd, William BHume and the enlightenment : essays presented to Ernest Campbell MossnerCriticism, interpretation, etc3837ocn018534565book19590.73University of TexasThomas J. Wise: centenary studies2937ocn000069837book19690.84Todd, William BSuppressed commentaries on the Wiseian forgeries26410ocn017548148book19880.84Todd, William BTauchnitz international editions in English, 1841-1955 : a bibliographical historyHistoryBibliography CatalogsCatalogsBibliography2545ocn000633005book19720.84Todd, William BA directory of printers and others in allied trades, London and vicinity 1800-1840HistoryDirectories2275ocn039235777book19980.86Todd, William BSir Walter Scott : a bibliographical history, 1796-1832Bibliography+-+29136293361979ocn014611815book18580.86Todd, William BNew adventures among old books; an essay in eighteenth century bibliographyBibliography1955ocn023939736book19940.88Writers, books, and trade : an eighteenth-century miscellany for William B. ToddHistory14712ocn009853280book19820.95Todd, William BThe Gutenberg Bible : new evidence of the original printing : a paperHistoryBibliography1137ocn002519351book19540.93Goldsmith, OliverA prospect of societyCriticism, interpretation, etc9215ocn489615314book19760.59Smith, AdamAn inquiry into the nature and causes of the wealth of nationsHistoryConference proceedingsSources"An Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations (generally referred to by the short title The Wealth of Nations) is the masterpiece of the Scottish economist and moral philosopher Adam Smith. It was first published in 1776. It is an account of economics at the dawn of the Industrial Revolution, as well as a rhetorical piece written for the generally educated individual of the 18th century - advocating a free market economy as more productive and more beneficial to society. The book is often considered to have laid the basic groundwork for modern economic theory" -- from Wikipedia+-+1255240135525ocn252554152file20000.59Burke, EdmundThe writings and speeches of Edmund Burke. the Hastings trial, 1789-1794+-+K453573465443ocn300413088file19910.59Burke, EdmundThe writings and speeches of Edmund Burke. the launching of the Hastings impeachment, 1786-1788+-+1332673465324413ocn027339663book19910.86Essays in honor of William B. Todd402ocn001807000book19610.93University of TexasPrize books; awards granted to scholars, 1671-1935, in the schools and colleges of England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, France, Holland, Luxemburg. [Catalogue to an exhibition held in October 1961383ocn220290666book19590.50Burke, EdmundReflections on the revolution in FranceHistoryRecords and correspondenceEdmund Burke's Reflections on the Revolution in France, written and published during 1789-90, has become a classic of English conservatism, and that is the reason it is still being read nearly two hundred years later. John Pocock's edition of Burke's Reflections is two classics in one: Burke's Reflections and Pocock's reflections on Burke and the eighteenth century. - Publisher335ocn037651791book19970.39Burke, EdmundThe writings and speeches of Edmund Burke+-+K06977346541ocn046926156book20000.95Todd, William BA short-title catalogue of Sir Walter Scott in the Todd-Bowden LibraryBibliography CatalogsCatalogs21ocn045741189book19991.00Todd, William BRemembrance of things past, or, Various escapades in the Harry Ransom Humanities Research Center, 1958-1998 : the annual Carl and Lily Pforzheimer Foundation lecture11ocn181654624book1.00Todd, William BPapersRecords and correspondenceConsists of papers pertaining to Prof. William Todd's investigation of the White House transcripts that were released by Richard Nixon, May 1, 1974. Through his analysis, Todd revealed how the transcripts were prepared, that at least five secretaries had worked on them and that there were numerous gaps in the typed record. Includes correspondence with attorney John Doar, Congressman James Jarrell Pickle, Prof. Stephen H. Spurr, and Prof. H. Eldon Sutton. Contains also a mimeograph copy and the privately printed pamphlet of Todd's report The White House transcripts, as well as a typescript of "Logbook on Research pertaining to the Transcripts." A few related clippings and miscellaneous items complete the collection11ocn023285305mix1.00Ransom, Harry HunttRansom, Harry Huntt, papersPhotographsArchivesPapers document Ransom's academic career. A champion of library development, Ransom promoted the concept and construction of UT's Undergraduate Library and Academic Center and of the Harry Ransom Humanities Research Center, a renowned collection which includes rare books, literary manuscripts, and theater arts, film, and photography archives. Materials consist primarily of UT-related correspondence and include reports, agreements, resolutions, rules and regulations, class and research notes, blueprints and photographs, which provide official information on the University of Texas and biographical information on Ransom+-+K069773465+-+K069773465Fri Mar 21 15:46:01 EDT 2014batch22448