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Fri Mar 21 17:15:46 2014 UTClccn-n833142490.47Howls, raps & roars recordings from the San Francisco poetry rennaissance /0.831.00It had to be you : the poetry of John Wieners /90723960John_Wienersn 833142491087544lccn-n80120492Foye, Raymond1957-edtlccn-n79114007Wilson, Robert A.(Robert Alfred)1922-np-carr, james fCarr, James F.lccn-n89103068Corbett, William1942-lccn-n82149794Gizzi, Michaellccn-n95077784Torra, Joseph1955-lccn-n79032189McClure, Michaellccn-n79109040Ginsberg, Allen1926-1997lccn-no89000033Granary Books (Firm)lccn-n50039676Lamantia, Philip1927-2005Wieners, John1934-2002PoetryDiariesHumorFictionPortraitsAmerican poetryWieners, John,Beat generationPoets, AmericanPoetry, ModernUnited StatesGay men's writings, AmericanAmerican wit and humorCalifornia--San FranciscoManners and customsMotion picture actors and actressesWomenReed, JeremyOlson, Charles,Authors, AmericanHomosexuality and literatureDuncan, Robert,Picture of Dorian Gray (Wilde, Oscar)Wilde, Oscar,Genet, Jean,Influence (Literary, artistic, etc.)Creeley, Robert,American literatureBroadsidesGinsberg, Allen,McClure, MichaelKyger, JoanneDi Prima, DianeOppen, Mary,Bromige, DavidPalmer, MichaelPoetry--Study and teachingOppen, GeorgeCorman, CidSilliman, Ronald,Wah, Fred,Irby, Kenneth,Tarn, NathanielLiterature, ExperimentalDorn, EdwardMarshall, Jack,VersificationMeltzer, DavidSanders, EdCassady, NealAmirkhanian, CharlesPalmer, Michael,Rakosi, Carl,Duerden, RichardKoch, Kenneth,1934200219541958195919611962196319641965196619671968196919701971197219731974197519801982198419851986198719881989199019911992199319961997199819992000200120022003200620072009201020112012201320143487234322811.54PS3573.I35ocn003367456ocn005030928ocn661623952ocn765693100ocn765693112ocn661623960ocn0765496343405ocn013095267book19850.66Wieners, JohnSelected poems, 1958-1984+-+K6110312352817ocn000410347book19710.70Wieners, JohnSelected poems2266ocn001223288book19700.73Wieners, JohnNerves2084ocn018163011book19880.86Wieners, JohnCultural affairs in Boston : poetry & prose, 1956-1985+-+K4820312351829ocn001323155book19580.93Wieners, JohnThe Hotel Wentley poems1656ocn001466446book19640.88Wieners, JohnAce of pentacles1042ocn043481730book20000.79The blind see only this world : poems for John Wieners+-+7988762336994ocn002199286book19750.88Wieners, JohnBehind the state capitol, or, Cincinnati Pike : a collection of poetryPoetry906ocn005751416book19670.93Wieners, JohnPressed wafer812ocn001694522book19680.94Wieners, JohnUnhired811ocn036344150rcrd19930.47Howls, raps & roars recordings from the San Francisco poetry rennaissanceHumorPoetryPresents live poetry readings and comedy routines from the 1950s and 1960s by some of San Francisco's counterculture artists, who would often challenge what they felt was social hypocrisy in the United States794ocn154662980book20070.93Wieners, JohnA book of propheciesPoetry+-+0902442245773ocn005777144book19700.93Wieners, JohnInvitationPoetry711ocn002277084book19660.94Jonas, StephenTransmutations : poems672ocn017475660book19870.96Wieners, JohnConjugal contraries and Quart642ocn017475851book19860.96Wieners, JohnA superficial estimationFiction613ocn001241640book19720.94Wieners, JohnWomanPoetry602ocn006761616book19690.95Wieners, JohnAsylum poems : (for my father)541ocn006787570book19740.96Wieners, JohnHotels451ocn002424391book19700.97Wieners, JohnYouthPoetry1262ocn035178587book19960.92Wieners, JohnThe journal of John Wieners is to be called 707 Scott Street for Billie Holiday, 1959Diaries+-+1707862006312ocn052592038book20030.94Friedlander, BenjaminLossCriticism, interpretation, etc231ocn050148440book20020.95Wieners, JohnKidnap notes next, selected notebook entries 1988-1999Diaries121ocn618891058book20100.92Wieners, JohnA new book from RomeDiariesPoetryAn edited version of Wieners journal from July, 1969 to Jan. 1970. Cf. Prelim121ocn033054342book19750.96Wieners, JohnHome-dutyPortraits101ocn811775577book20120.96Wieners, John"The sea under the house" : the selected correspondence of John Wieners and Charles OlsonRecords and correspondence51ocn057555882book20031.00Reed, JeremyIt had to be you : the poetry of John WienersCriticism, interpretation, etc52ocn017781705visu19660.92Robert Duncan and John WienersPresents two contemporary American poets, Robert Duncan and John Wieners. Duncan, who believes his poetry is a product of his environment, appears in his home, where he reads from The architecture, A biographical note, and A statement on poetics. Wieners stands amid the debris of the burned Hotel Wentley in San Francisco, where many of his poems were created, and reads from his poems: A Poem for Painters, and Cocaine51ocn489682879book19960.88Reed, JeremyHeart on my sleeve41ocn052293425visu19650.97Wieners, JohnJohn Wieners in conversation with Robert Duncan outtakes from the NET film series USA: poetryInterviewsInterview with John Wieners at Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, July 196541ocn183194823book20020.96Creeley, RobertFor John WienersPoetry31ocn052816455book20011.00Ballard, MicahNegative capability in the verse of John WienersCriticism, interpretation, etc21ocn020970274art19731.00Wieners, JohnJohn Wieners : an interviewInterviews21ocn061140618book20021.00Robert Creeley reading at John Wieners's memorial : The Poetry Project, New York City, October 10, 2002Portraits21ocn039639343visu19900.47Wieners, JohnJohn Wieners 3/25/90 readingInterviewsAfter he reads a selection from his poems, John Wieners is then interviewed by Kevin Killian21ocn062893116book19641.00Ace of pentacles: a new book of poems by John WienersCriticism, interpretation, etc11ocn122571674mix0.47Gitin, DavidPrimarily incoming letters (42) from George Oppen, 1968-1977, including Oppen manuscripts and photographs. Rough drafts of PRIMITIVE appear occasionally in the correspondence. There is a 39-page photocopy of a corrected typescript by Mary Oppen, a journal kept during the couple's trip to Israel. There are also four folders of letters (and some manuscripts) from other writers, 1971-199311ocn122553242mix0.47Loewinsohn, RonRon Loewinsohn papersCorrespondence, published and unpublished manuscripts11ocn058773595mix1.00Once : a one shot magazine archiveConsists of correspondence with and manuscripts sent to Once's editor and contributor, Tom Clark. Includes material from noted writers and figures, including: Allen Ginsberg, Gerard Malanga, Robert Creeley and George Plimpton11ocn068710282rcrd19820.47Ginsberg, AllenAllen Ginsberg W321 Nov 11 Lit Hist Beat GenHistoryBiographyA recording of Allen Ginsberg teaching a class on the Literary History of the Beat Generation recorded November 11, 1982 at Naropa University. In this class Ginsberg continues a discussion of John Wieners, reading Wieners' vision of American poetry since 1955, which includes and extensive list of poets Wieners admired. The discussion leads into rememberances of Neal Cassady in the 1950's. The class ends with a discussion of Michael McClure and reads the poems The breach, Poem, Night words: the ravishing, Death of 100 whales, Point Lobos, and Peyote poem+-+K611031235+-+K611031235Fri Mar 21 15:58:13 EDT 2014batch21424