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Fri Mar 21 17:14:47 2014 UTClccn-n840100400.00Arthritis : comprising Arthritis what really works & Arthritis what exercises really work /0.170.47Kansetsutsū no tameno undō /6324138n 840100401151290Klein, Artlccn-n84010041Sobel, Davalccn-n98036787Noel, Brooknp-ke lai en$klein arthur c克萊恩(Klein, Arthur C.)np-huang, yaling黃雅伶np-suo bei er$sobel dava索貝爾(Sobel, Dava)viaf-202454094Daily Telegraph (London)viaf-127240012Daily Telegraphlccn-n85279298Nagler, Willibald(1929- ).viaf-252909070椎野, 泰明1946-np-shiino, yasuaki椎野泰明Klein, Arthur C.Popular worksLife skills guidesArthritisBackache--Exercise therapyArthritis--Exercise therapyUnited StatesSingle mothersSingle parentsSingle-parent familiesBackacheChronic pain--TreatmentArthritis--TreatmentAlternative medicineBack exercisesFathers and sonsFathersNeuromuscular diseases--PatientsKlein, Arthur CPhysical fitness--Health aspects19401985198619891991199219931994199519961997199819992000200120022004200520062012201340972070616.722062RC9339209ocn019815472book19890.17Sobel, DavaArthritis : what worksPopular works"Nutrition. Brand-name, over-the-counter medications. Prescription drugs. Surgery. Experimental treatments. Alternative therapies. Self-help techniques."+-+142805768532485513ocn028422993book19930.17Sobel, DavaArthritis : what exercises workPopular worksA collection of exercises designed to relieve the pain associated with arthritis+-+70758676858008ocn029909762book19940.18Sobel, DavaBackache : what exercises workArgues that exercise is the best therapy for backache, discusses motivation, recommends specific exercises, and covers yoga, meditation,and life-style changes+-+66379676854445ocn011067881book19850.19Klein, Arthur CBackache relief : the ultimate second opinion from back-pain sufferers nationwide who share their successful healing experiencesBackache Relief was written to provide answers that can save you literally months and years of needless pain and incapacitation. No matter how long you've suffered back pain, no matter how many practitioners, treatments, and self-help approaches you've tried, you'll find answers here that will help you. Backache Relief documents the effectiveness and ineffectiveness of more than 100 different practitioners, treatments, and self-help therapies. Its findings are based on an extensive survey that took two years to complete'correspondence and interviews with nearly 500 back sufferers from every state in the nation4062ocn038969526book19980.17Noel, BrookThe single parent resourceLife skills guides+-+99955964361891ocn062301515book20050.17Noel, BrookThe single parent resource : an a to z guide for the challenges of single parentingLife skills guidesAnswers to the top concerns, problems and challenges of single-parent life -- answers that are practical, concise, timely, and relevant. In addition to practical and real-life solutions, find hundreds of resources to help take control of their lives+-+80783278461695ocn046336245book20000.17Klein, Arthur CChronic pain : the complete guide to reliefPopular works+-+9983521325963ocn060370020book20050.13Klein, Arthur CArthritis : the complete to relief using methods that really workPopular works+-+8825470936324933ocn068762053book20050.13Klein, Arthur CBack pain : what really worksPopular works+-+1345470936324465ocn041309624book19990.19Klein, Arthur CBackache : the complete guide to relief comprising, Backache relief & Backache: what exercises really workPopular works+-+2235466936324434ocn038748001book19980.18Sobel, DavaArthritis : the complete guide to relief ; comprising Arthritis what really works & Arthritis what exercises really workAnswers and treatment options for every arthritic problem81ocn042961648book19960.19Sobel, DavaArthritis exercises41ocn079870538book20040.10Sobel, DavaQalabeh bar ārtroz ba varzesh22ocn807184892book20020.10Sobel, DavaEjercicios eficaces contra el dolor de espalda : aunque hayan fallado todos los tratamientos anteriores, estos ejercicios le proporcionarán un total alivio para el resto de su vida+-+942357229323ocn674578959book19940.47Kansetsutsū no tameno undō11ocn749006482book19850.47Klein, Arthur CBackache relief11ocn076795221book19970.10Sobel, DavaVarzisha-yī barāyi darmān-i iltihāb-i mafsal11ocn777317535book19990.47Sobel, DavaBackachePopular worksCombining "Backache Relief" and "Backache: What Exercises Really Work?", this book provides answers and treatment options for every back pain problem+-+223546693632401ocn222675752book1998Sobel, DavaArthritis : comprising Arthritis what really works & Arthritis what exercises really work171ocn034673964book19960.21Klein, Arthur CDad and son : a memoir about reclaiming fatherhood and manhoodBiographyCase studies+-+2666515945+-+9995596436+-+9995596436Fri Mar 21 16:06:34 EDT 2014batch11169