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Fri Mar 21 17:07:40 2014 UTClccn-n841213930.47Augustine Baker : frontiers of the spirit0.730.92The spiritval exercises of the most vertvovs and religious D. Gertrvde More of the holy order of S. Bennet and English congregation of Our Ladies of Comfort in Cambray she called them Amor ordinem nescit and Ideots deuotions, her only spiritual father and director the ven. Fa. Baker stiled them Confessiones amantis, A lovers confessions19821401Augustine_Bakern 841213931207611Baker, AugustinBaker, Augustin, 1575-1641Baker, Augustine.Baker, DavidBaker, David, 1575-1641Baker, David Augustine, 1575-1641lccn-n87893999Clark, John P. H.auiedtlccn-n93006510Low, Anthony1935-lccn-n89643794McCann, Justin1882-1959edtlccn-n85356873More, Gertrude1606-1633lccn-n84107671Cressy, Serenus1605-1674othedtlccn-n81012408Benedictineslccn-n79041716Catholic Churchlccn-no2001023435Sweeney, J. Norbert(James Norbert)1821-1883edtlccn-n79075563Gaffney, Jameslccn-no2007044089Woodward, Michael1959-Baker, Augustine1575-1641HistorySourcesBiographyRulesCriticism, interpretation, etcConference proceedingsChurch historyAsceticism--Catholic ChurchStyle, LiteraryBaker, Augustine,Spiritual life--Catholic ChurchContemplationMonastic and religious lifeGreat BritainPerfection--Religious aspects--Catholic ChurchSpiritual lifeBenedictinesMysticismEnglandSpiritual life--ChristianityTheology, DoctrinalSancta Sophia (Baker, Augustine)MysticsMonastic and religious life of womenMysticism--Catholic ChurchMonksBenedictine movement (Anglican Communion)Catholic ChurchBenedictine nunsMore, Gertrude,FranceChristian lifeSpiritual directionSpainJulian,--of Norwich,Rolle, Richard,Catholics, EnglishTemptationContemplative ordersChristian life--Catholic authorsPrayerDe mystica theologia (Pseudo-Dionysius, the Areopagite)Spiritual exercisesCharterhousesCarthusiansCallà, Antonio,Tauler, Johannes,AsceticismRegula (Benedict, Saint, Abbot of Monte Cassino)Monasticism and religious ordersItalyReligiousnessFénelon, François de Salignac de La Mothe-,Meditation--Catholic ChurchEnglish Benedictine CongregationCloud of unknowingScaramelli, Giovanni Battista,15751641162616501657165816591668185718611870187118731876189019011905190619071910191119221924192519271930193119331936193719381941194319451947194819501952195419551956196019621963196419681970197219801981198219841985198919911995199719981999200020012002200320042005200620072008200920102011201220134390171492282.0924BX4705.B12ocn314680780ocn40709031744626ocn001147765book19240.59The cloud of unknowing, and other treatisesHistorySources35429ocn000672556book18760.63Baker, AugustineHoly wisdom; or, Directions for the prayer of contemplation+-+039077459632415327ocn043916911book19990.88Baker, AugustineDirections for contemplation1399ocn013294648book16570.90More, GertrudeThe holy practises of a devine lover, or, The sainctly [sic] Ideots Deuotions the contents of the booke are contained in the ensuinge page1388ocn011732740book16570.90Baker, AugustineSancta Sophia, or, Directions for the prayer of contemplation &c. extracted out of more then [sic] XL treatises1284ocn009386672book16580.92More, GertrudeThe spiritval exercises of the most vertvovs and religious D. Gertrvde More of the holy order of S. Bennet and English congregation of Our Ladies of Comfort in Cambray she called them Amor ordinem nescit and Ideots deuotions, her only spiritual father and director the ven. Fa. Baker stiled them Confessiones amantis, A lovers confessions668ocn053231147book20010.88Baker, AugustineAlphabet ; and, Order664ocn050569147book20020.88Baker, AugustineThe life and death of Dame Gertrude MoreBiography596ocn014013102book19330.70McCann, JustinMemorials of Father Augustine Baker and other documents relating to the English BenedictinesHistoryChurch historyBiographySources588ocn041439144book19990.81Baker, AugustineFr. Augustine Baker : discretion5711ocn003697030book16570.76Baker, AugustineSancta sophia : or, Directions for the prayer of contemplation.564ocn000652455book19240.56The cloud of unknowing, and other treatises by an English mystic of the fourteenth centuryHistory556ocn040518377book19980.90Baker, AugustineA secure stay in all temptations557ocn047712456book20010.86Baker, AugustineA spirituall treatise-- called A.B.C.533ocn050524623book20020.88Baker, AugustineBook E425ocn060712475book20040.79Baker, AugustineVox clamantis in deserto animae414ocn056110050book20040.79Baker, AugustineCollections I-III and the Twelve mortifications of Harphius395ocn276332205book20080.92Baker, AugustineRemains394ocn184820962book20070.92More, GertrudeConfessiones amantis : the spiritual exercises of the most vertuous and religious Dame Gertrude More383ocn065329290book0.81Baker, AugustineSt. Benedict's RuleRules6572ocn000078754book19700.56Low, AnthonyAugustine Baker1062ocn021460343book19890.90Gaffney, JamesAugustine Baker's inner light : a study in English recusant spirituality+-+5351135945701ocn046602497book20010.79That mysterious man : essays on Augustine BakerBiography573ocn038569776book19970.88Baker, AugustineFr. 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