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Thu Oct 16 18:04:12 2014 UTClccn-n841595490.07The rage against God how atheism led me to faith /0.240.59Christopher Hitchens' "God Is Not Great98819926Christopher_Hitchensn 841595491179878Hičins, Kristofer.Hitchens, Christopher, 1949-Hitchens, Christopher (Christopher Eric), 1949-Hitchens, Christopher Eric 1949-2011ヒッチンス, クリストファーlccn-n79058639Orwell, George1903-1950lccn-n79089957Jefferson, Thomas1743-1826lccn-n79018911Kissinger, Henry1923-dtelccn-n82029644Clinton, Bill1946-lccn-n2001024355Carter, Graydonaftauiedtlccn-n79054179Said, Edward W.lccn-n88157164Friend, David1955-edtnp-lucas, scottLucas, Scottlccn-n79144708TeresaMother1910-1997lccn-n50072888Missionaries of CharityHitchens, ChristopherBiographyControversial literatureHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etcDiariesPortraitsQuotationsInterviewsUnited StatesHitchens, ChristopherAuthors, AmericanReligionJournalistsPolitical sciencePolitical activistsRationalismEthicsIntellectualsBritish AmericansHealthApologeticsDeathTerminally illOrwell, George,ImmigrantsAtheismChristianity and atheismMortalityCancer--PatientsDissentersFaith and reason--ChristianityPresidentsJefferson, Thomas,American essaysHumanismDiplomatic relationsWorld politicsPolitical crimes and offensesKissinger, Henry,StatesmenReligion--PhilosophyClinton, Bill,Political corruptionSexInfluence (Literary, artistic, etc.)Great BritainPolitical and social viewsPalestinian Arabs--HistoriographyArab-Israeli conflict--HistoriographyRights of man (Paine, Thomas)Iraq War (2003-2011)Government, Resistance toWar on Terrorism (2001-2009)Social controlPolitics and cultureConformityRadicalismAtheists194920111971197519761978197919811983198419861987198819891990199119921993199419951996199719981999200020012002200320042005200620072008200920102011201220132014419403301017200CT275.H62575ocn000207958ocn567965085ocn804966527ocn804227962ocn870708812ocn874050369ocn663881858ocn468607045ocn468782599ocn441725858ocn441037414ocn468403065ocn698489407ocn780554403ocn300318811ocn320898645395646ocn070630426book20070.21Hitchens, ChristopherGod is not great : how religion poisons everythingControversial literature"A case against religion and a description of the ways in which religion is man-made"--Provided by the publisher+-+2534201995204526ocn707964976book20110.21Hitchens, ChristopherArguably : essaysEssayist Christopher Hitchens ruminates on why Charles Dickens was among the best of writers and the worst of men, the haunting science fiction of J.G. Ballard, the enduring legacies of Thomas Jefferson and George Orwell, the persistent agonies of anti-Semitism and jihad, the enduring relevance of Karl Marx, and how politics justifies itself by culture--and how the latter prompts the former+-+9227500096163813ocn060525341book20050.21Hitchens, ChristopherThomas Jefferson : author of AmericaHistoryBiographyHitchens brings the character of Jefferson to life as a man of his time and also as a symbolic figure beyond it. Conflicted by power, Jefferson wrote the Declaration of Independence and acted as Minister to France yet yearned for a quieter career in the Virginia legislature. Predicting that slavery would shape the future of America's development, this professed proponent of emancipation continued to own human property. He negotiated the Louisiana Purchase with France, doubling the size of the nation, and authorized the Lewis and Clark expedition, opening up the American frontier. The Barbary War, a lesser-known chapter of his political career, led to the building of the U.S. Navy and the fortification of America's reputation regarding national defense. In the background is the fledgling nation's struggle for independence, formed in the crucible of the eighteenth-century Enlightenment, and, in its shadow, the deformation of that struggle in the excesses of the French Revolution. --From publisher description+-+9143405155155928ocn046240330book20010.24Hitchens, ChristopherThe trial of Henry KissingerHistoryBiographyDrawing on first-hand testimony, previously unpublished documentation and broad sweeps through material released under the Freedom of Information Act, Christopher Hitchens mounts a devastating indictment of a man whose ambition and ruthlessness have directly resulted in both individual murders and widespread, indiscriminate slaughter.--Publisher description+-+5348934036143824ocn041314539book19990.22Hitchens, ChristopherNo one left to lie to : the triangulations of William Jefferson ClintonHistoryBiographyAn indictment of the person and practices of President Bill Clinton, arguing that the public focus on Clinton's sexual indiscretions has detracted attention from even worse behavior including his cronyism and financial misdeeds+-+1182934036142313ocn156811900book20070.21Hitchens, ChristopherThe portable atheist : essential readings for the nonbelieverControversial literatureDespite the mistaken use of the label "New Atheists," there is a lot of continuity over the past couple of centuries among atheist authors in their critiques of religion, theism, and superstition. Not every argument is identical, and even when the same basic argument is being offered there can be variety in how it is presented. This evolution of atheist critiques of supernatural religion is one of the virtues of Christopher Hitchens' book The Portable Atheist: Essential Readings for the Nonbeliever. Well known for his own atheist book God Is Not Great, Hitchens treads some very heavily-traveled ground here in editing a compendium of atheist writings. Do we really need yet another book of essays, isolated chapters, and other selections from atheists, agnostics, freethinkers and skeptics of the past? What could we get out of this latest offering that we didn't get from the past half dozen that we bought - or the others that we simply skipped? Those are good questions, and reasons why I was skeptical of Hitchens' book, but in the end I think he succeeds in making his book more than "just one more" collection of atheist essays+-+8351631585133210ocn049922535book20020.24Hitchens, ChristopherWhy Orwell mattersCriticism, interpretation, etc"In this trenchant critical essay, Christopher Hitchens assesses the life, the achievements, and the myth of the great political writer and participant George Orwell. In his emulative and contrarian style, Hitchens is both admiring and aggressive, sympathetic yet critical, taking true measure of his subject as hero and problem. Answering both the detractors and the false claimants, Hitchens tears down the facade of sainthood erected by the hagiographers and rebuts the critics point by point. He examines Orwell and his perspectives on fascism, empire, feminism, and Englishness, as well as his outlook on America, a country and culture towards which he exhibited much ambivalence."--Jacket+-+6495850195124121ocn046822456book20010.25Hitchens, ChristopherLetters to a young contrarian"In the book that he quite possibly was born to write, provocateur and bestselling author Christopher Hitchens inspires future generations of radicals, gadflies, mavericks, rebels, angry young (wo)men and dissidents. Who better to speak to that person pitched at an angle of passionate disagreement against the lazy consensus than Hitchens, who has made a career of disagreeing in profound and entertaining ways?" "This book explores the entire range of "contrary positions," invoking mentors such as Emile Zola, Rosa Parks and Vaclav Havel. What they have in common is a commitment to living and thinking, right now, in a society not as it is but as it might be. Hitchens bemoans the loss of the skills of dialectical thinking evident in contemporary society and the sacrifice of true irony, satire and other forms of critical style. He understands the importance of disagreement - to personal integrity, to informed discussion, to true progress - to democracy itself."--Jacket+-+2785850195118211ocn016405291book19870.33Said, Edward WBlaming the victims : spurious scholarship and the Palestinian question+-+4598934036117118ocn080181370book20060.23Hitchens, ChristopherThomas Paine's Rights of manHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etcThomas Paine was one of the greatest advocates of freedom in history, and his Declaration of the Rights of Man, first published in 1791, is the key to his reputation. Inspired by his outrage at Edmund Burke's attack on the French Revolution, Paine's text is a passionate defense of man's inalienable rights. Since its publication, Rights of Man has been celebrated, criticized, maligned, suppressed, and co-opted. But here, polemicist and commentator Christopher Hitchens marvels at its forethought and revels in its contentiousness. Hitchens, a political descendant of the great pamphleteer, demonstrates how Paine's book forms the philosophical cornerstone of the United States, and how, "in a time when both rights and reason are under attack," Thomas Paine's life and writing "will always be part of the arsenal on which we shall need to depend." (New Statesman)--From publisher description+-+8004866235110218ocn056991027book20040.24Hitchens, ChristopherLove, poverty, and war : journeys and essaysShowcases America's leading polemicist's rejection of consensus and cliché, whether he's reporting from abroad in Indonesia, Kurdistan, Iraq, North Korea, or Cuba, or when his pen is targeted mercilessly at the likes of William Clinton, Mother Theresa or the Dalai Lama+-+853007510697530ocn033358318book19950.25Hitchens, ChristopherThe missionary position : Mother Teresa in theory and practiceBiographyControversial literatureRecipient of the Nobel Peace Prize, feted by politicians, the Church and the world's media. But what, asks Christopher Hitchens, makes Mother Teresa so divine?+-+K90593403675713ocn127128266rcrd20070.13Hitchens, ChristopherGod is not great [how religion poisons everything]Controversial literaturePoses a case against organized religion that documents the myriad ways in which religion reflects human agendas and distorts sexuality and the perception of the origins of the universe, in a science-based analysis that considers the benefits of a secular world+-+245597551667812ocn020722751book19900.30Hitchens, ChristopherBlood, class, and nostalgia : Anglo-American ironiesWith wit and an eye for eccentric detail, Christopher Hitchens examines the sometimes tragic but more often comic course of the Anglo-American empire+-+655323445532466110ocn028338759book19930.26Hitchens, ChristopherFor the sake of argument : essays and minority reportsBiography'For the sake of argument, one must never let a euphemism or a false consolation pass uncontested. The truth seldom lies, but when it does lie it lies somewhere in between.'. The global turmoil of the last few years has severely tested every analyst and commentator. Few have written with such insight as Christopher Hitchens about the large events - or with such discernment and with about the small tell-tale signs of a disordered culture. For the Sake of Argument ranges from the political squalor of Washington, as a beleaguered Bush administration seeks desperately to stave off disaster and Clinton prepares for power, to the twilight of Stalinism in Prague; from the Jewish quarter of Damascus in the aftermath of the Gulf War to the embattled barrios of Central America and the imperishable resistance of Saralevo, as a difficult peace is negotiated with ruthless foes. Hitchens' unsparing account of Western realpolitik in the end shows it to rest on delusion as well as deception. The reader will find in these pages outstanding essays on political assassination in America as well as a scathing review of the evisceration of politics by pollsters and spin-doctors. Hitchens' knowledge of the tortuous history of revolutions in the twentieth century helps him to explain both the New York intelligentsia's flirtation with Trotskyism and the frailty of Communist power structures in Eastern Europe. Hitchens' pointed reassessments of Graham Greene, P.G. Wodehouse and C.L.R. James, or his riotous celebration of drinkiny and smoking, display an engaging enthusiasm and an acerbic wit. Equally entertaining is his unsparing rogues' gallery, which gives us unforgettable portraits of the lugubrious 'Dr'Kissinger, the comprehensively reactionary 'Mother' Teresa, the preposterous Paul Johnson and the predictable P.J. O'Rourke+-+108964513565711ocn044019539book20000.18Hitchens, ChristopherVanity Fair's HollywoodPortraitsA collection of classic photographs, essays, and caricatures depicting a century of Hollywood power, glamour, myth, and mystery+-+K6964352156322ocn036197065book0.31Isherwood, ChristopherDiariesDiaries+-+45553661556278ocn191882071book20080.23Carter, GraydonVanity Fair, the portraits : a century of iconic imagesPortraits'Vanity Fair Portraits' traces the cultural history of the 20th century and its leading personalities in the pages of a magazine that helped usher in the modern age and which has itself become a benchmark of modern achievement+-+534724563553216ocn045714737book20000.35Hitchens, ChristopherUnacknowledged legislation : writers in the public sphereHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etc"Many have seen the encounter between literature and politics as necessarily fraught. Norman Podhoretz, for instance, examined the intersection under the rubric 'The Bloody Crossroads' (a term he borrowed from Lionel Trilling). Christopher Hitchens, in this sparkling engagement with literature and its producers, prefers a different approach. Taking inspiration from Shelley's description of the poet as an 'unacknowledged legislator', he shows that whilst the engagement between writers and those in power is not always smooth, it generally embodies a dialectic that is worth investigation." "Hitchens provides rich evidence that his own sallies as a political journalist are nourished by an erudite familiarity with a broad sweep of novelists, essayists and poets. In these pages Oscar Wilde's profound radicalism is uncovered; George Orwell's role as a fulcrum between left and right is carefully appraised; the languid irony and cosmopolitanism of Gore Vidal are celebrated; and a discussion of the fatwah issued against Salman Rushdie prompts a meditation on the West's misunderstood encounter with Islam. Along the way, a refined and knowledgeable palate samples offerings from, amongst others, P. G. Wodehouse, Arthur Conan Doyle, Dorothy Parker, F. Scott Fitzgerald, T. S. Eliot, Christopher Isherwood, Anthony Powell, Saul Bellow, Alan Bloom, Philip Larkin and Patrick O'Brian, and dethrones the overrated, conspicuous among them such figures as Tom Wolfe and Isaiah Berlin."--BOOK JACKET+-+71329340365165ocn011099007book19840.35Hitchens, ChristopherCyprusHistory256926ocn464590644book20100.19Hitchens, ChristopherHitch-22 : a memoirBiographyChristopher Hitchens is one of the most noticed and debated public intellectuals of our time. Hitch-22 tells of his complex and warm relationship with his late mother (whose Jewish heritage he discovered only after her suicide), his formative experiences as a socialist and activist, and the authors who shaped his intellect (from Evelyn Waugh and P.G. Wodehouse, to Karl Marx and Richard Llewelyn).-Derived from book jacket+-+0341101995209124ocn776526158book20120.19Hitchens, ChristopherMortalityBiography"Courageous, insightful and candid thoughts on malady and mortality from one of our most celebrated writers"--Provided by the publisher10734ocn244546543file20040.50Lucas, ScottThe betrayal of dissent beyond Orwell, Hitchens and the new American centuryScathing attack on Hitchens and others who have used Orwell to justify reactionary responses to the 'war on terror'+-+93467809255627ocn611141901rcrd20100.12Hitchens, ChristopherHitch-22 a memoirBiographyChristopher Hitchens, a contributing editor for Vanity Fair, presents his memoir, offering a fascinating look into his complex and unusual viewpoints. From the childhood that drove him to atheism to his outspoken condemnation of the Vietnam War and subsequent support of the war against Islamic Extremism, Hitchens allows listeners insight on his peculiar concepts of religion and politics+-+47873325164114ocn801538525rcrd20120.13Hitchens, ChristopherMortalityBiographyThroughout the course of his ordeal battling esophageal cancer, Hitchens adamantly and bravely refused the solace of religion, preferring to confront death with both eyes open. In a riveting account of his affliction, Hitchens poignantly describes the torments of illness, discusses its taboos, and explores how disease transforms experience and changes our relationship to the world around us. By turns personal and philosophical, Hitchens embraces the full panoply of human emotions3998ocn430840050book20100.21Hitchens, PeterThe rage against God : how atheism led me to faithPartly autobiographical, partly historical, The Rage Against God, written by Peter Hitchens, brother of prominent atheist Christopher Hitchens, assails several of the favorite arguments of the anti-God battalions and makes the case against fashionable atheism.. --from publisher description+-+86857856853586ocn657595815book20110.18Hitchens, ChristopherThe quotable Hitchens : from alcohol to ZionismQuotationsA collection of quotations by author Christopher Hitchens+-+43046315851923ocn463190183file20080.30Day, VoxThe irrational atheist dissecting the unholy trinity of Dawkins, Harris, and HitchensIn The Irrational Atheist Vox Day, writer, columnist and software designer, challenges three authors, Sam Harris, Richard Dawkins and Christopher Hitchens, on their own ground--reason itself. Day argues persuasively that Dawkins, Harris and Hitchens employ false assertions and faulty reasoning throughout their works. From the assertion that religion drives wars to the analysis showing blue states are more moral than red states, Day, in this rigorously documented work, dissects the false conclusions and shows exactly why they are wrong1643ocn783161455book20120.29Seymour, RichardUnhitched : the trial of Christopher HitchensBiographyIrascible and forthright, Christopher Hitchens stood out as a man determined to do just that. In his younger years, a career-minded socialist, he emerged from the smoke of 9/11 a neoconservative "Marxist," an advocate of Americaʹs invasion of Iraq filled with passionate intensity. Throughout his life, he played the role of universal gadfly, whose commitment to the truth transcended the party line as well as received wisdom. But how much of this was imposture? In this highly critical study, Richard Seymour casts a cold eye over the career of the "Hitch" to uncover an intellectual trajectory determined by expediency and a fetish for power. -- Publisher description461ocn863065025visu20070.59Christopher Hitchens' "God Is Not GreatControversial literatureThis ABC News report focuses on author Christopher Hitchens and his belief that religion poisons everything. In his book God is Not Great, Hitchens discusses his belief that God did not make man, but that man made God, and that's why there are so many of them382ocn871258287file20140.59Kaufman, William EA Jewish philosophical response to the new atheists -- Dawkins, Dennett, Harris and HitchensControversial literatureA profound, valuable, scholarly study of theology from a cogent well- written Jewish perspective, exposing the arrogant disregard the ""New Atheists"" bring to the God-controversy by their collective neglect of the great variety of God- concepts embodied in the works of Jewish theologians211ocn644708934com20020.50Witalec, JanetContemporary Literary CriticismCriticism, interpretation, etcPeriodicalsStories, plots, etcCovers authors who are currently active or who died after December 31, 1959. Profiles novelists, poets, playwrights and other creative and nonfiction writers by providing criticism taken from books, magazines, literary reviews, newspapers and scholarly journals+-+K203012325191ocn723943841file20110.47Mann, WindsorThe Quotable Hitchens From Alcohol to Zionism--The Very Best of Christopher HitchensQuotationsA compendium of never-before-collected quotations from #1 New York Times -bestselling author Christopher Hitchens on hundreds of subjects+-+9834631585324142ocn318199408book20080.23Hitchens, ChristopherIs Christianity good for the world?InterviewsThe gloves come off in this electric exchange, originally hosted by Christianity Today, as leading atheist Christopher Hitchens (author of God is not Great) and Christian apologist Douglas Wilson (author of Letter from a Christian Citizen) go head-to-head on this divisive question. The result is entertaining and provocative -- a glimpse into the ongoing debate. - Back cover+-+236695622581ocn828659693book20120.47Barnett, PaulGospel truth : answering new atheist attacks on the Gospels72ocn635577769com20100.07Hitchens, PeterThe rage against God how atheism led me to faithPartly autobiographical, partly historical, the brother of prominent atheist Christopher Hitchens, assails several of the favorite arguments of the anti-God battalions and makes the case against fashionable atheism71ocn495086635book20090.29Eagleton, TerryReason, faith, & revolution : reflections on the God debateOn the one hand, Eagleton demolishes what he calls the "superstitious" view of God held by most atheists and agnostics and offers in its place a revolutionary account of the Christian Gospel. On the other hand, he launches a stinging assault on the betrayal of this revolution by institutional Christianity. There is little joy here, then, either for the anti-God brigade -- Richard Dawkins and Christopher Hitchens in particular -- nor for many conventional believers. --from publisher description+-+442606558571ocn813541495book20120.19Hitchens, ChristopherMortalidadBiography71ocn828586962book20130.22Hitchens, ChristopherSheng ming jiu shi jian chi xin nian, zou dao zui zhong = MortalityBiography61ocn698852130book20100.37Markham, Ian SAgainst atheism : why Dawkins, Hitchens, and Harris are fundamentally wrongMeeting Fred and Natalie -- Getting inside fundamentalist atheism : the gentle atheism of Dawkins, Hitchens, and Harris -- Nietzsche : the last real atheist -- Interlude : the perspective from God -- Appreciating the faith discourse -- Physics, the grown up science -- A revealing God -- Christianity -- Islam -- Suffering, providence, and horrid religious people -- Religion and the future -- Faith and uncertainty : believing the truth+-+5814360596+-+2534201995+-+2534201995Thu Oct 16 15:45:48 EDT 2014batch48162