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Fri Mar 21 17:04:00 2014 UTClccn-n841733700.00Meeting the Fox the Allied invasion of Africa, from Operation Torch to Kasserine Pass to victory in Tunisia /0.481.00Papers, 1917-1988127895763n 841733701205999United States. Army. Infantry Division, 34th. Infantry Regiment, 168thlccn-n80020642United StatesArmyRanger Battalion, 4thlccn-n80020643United StatesArmyRanger Battalion, 1stlccn-n50000988United StatesArmyRanger Battalion, 3rdlccn-n88286170United StatesArmy Air ForcesFighter Group, 33rdlccn-n88074730Kelly, Orrnp-taber, john huddleston$1896Taber, John Huddleston1896-np-stewart, lawrence oStewart, Lawrence O.lccn-n79063202United StatesArmylccn-no2010068622Luby, James1856-1925lccn-n2004008483Mills, Quincy Sharpe1884-1918United StatesArmyInfantry Regiment, 168thHistoryPersonal narratives‡vAmericanRecords and correspondenceBiographyMilitary historyRegistersPersonal narrativesDiariesArchivesUnited StatesRegimental historiesMilitary campaignsWorld War (1939-1945)Africa, NorthWorld War (1914-1918)United States.--Army.--Infantry Regiment, 168thSoldiersFranceUnited States.--ArmyJournalistsNew York (State)--New YorkMills, Quincy Sharpe,France--Château-ThierryChâteau-Thierry, Battle of (France : 1918)United States.--Army.--Ranger Battalion, 1stUnited States.--Army.--Ranger Battalion, 4thUnited States.--Army.--Ranger Battalion, 3rdIowaUnited States.--Army Air Forces.--Fighter Group, 33rdTunisiaMilitiaRommel, Erwin,Tunisia--Sīdī Bū Zayd (Wilāyah)Germany.--Heer.--Panzer-Division, 21IndochinaLouisianaDefensive (Military science)Vietnam War (1961-1975)GermanyUnited States.--Army.--Armored Division, 1stPrisonersKefauver, Estes,UniformsArmed ForcesInsurgencyPersonnel recordsItalyUnited States.--Army.--American Expeditionary ForcesSoviet UnionNew York (State)--LockportVeteransUnited States.--Army.--Infantry Division, 42nd1920192319251944196619811985199620022003200920105151620940.5423D766.823103ocn048038357book20020.39Kelly, OrrMeeting the Fox : the Allied invasion of Africa, from Operation Torch to Kasserine Pass to victory in TunisiaHistory"Before Normandy, before Anzio, a fledgling Allied army of inexperienced officers and undertrained, ill-equipped troops launched a perilous amphibious invasion of unprecedented size and scope. Their mission: to fight their way across 1,200 miles of mountain and desert and wrest control of North Africa from the battle-hardened veterans of the Nazis' vaunted Afrika Korps, commanded by legendary Field Marshal Erwin Rommel - the Desert Fox."+-+34796962951602ocn003359523book19250.59Taber, John HThe story of the 168th infantry232ocn017593634book19230.90Stewart, Lawrence ORainbow brightPersonal narratives American61ocn058666253book19230.92Mills, Quincy SharpeOne who gave his life : war letters of Quincy Sharpe Mills : with a sketch of his life and ideals, a study in Americanism and heredityBiographyRecords and correspondencePersonal narratives American41ocn008229247book19810.47The History and contributions to American democracy of volunteer "citizen soldiers" of southwest Iowa : 1930-1945Military history21ocn046956872book19200.32Robb, Winfred EThe price of our heritage; in memory of the heroic dead of the 168 InfantryIn 1888 the Fifth Iowa Regiment of Infantry was merged with the Third Iowa Infantry and the whole became the Third Iowa. In 1917, the Third Iowa Infantry was selected to be part of the 42nd or Rainbow Division and became known as the 168th Iowa Infantry11ocn047137847bookJackson, Charles ACharles A. Jackson papersHistoryArchivesRegistersRecords and correspondencePersonal narratives AmericanGeneral description of the collection: The Charles A. Jackson papers include large amount of personnel records (1942-1974) including diplomas, 201 military file, health records, financial, travel and retirement papers. Personal correspondence (1953-1974) is mainly to family and friends on military assignments. A few materials on WWII include roster of officers in 168th Infantry Regiment (1944). Reports include the role of the military in the Soviet Union, history of the origin of the Army uniform, Indochina and insurgency. Bulk of remainder of collection is on Vietnam War experiences including briefing report with slides on operations Lam Son 719, rebirth of Hue, certificates of merit from the Vietnamese Army and two large scrapbooks of photos of Jackson's Vietnam tour11ocn223755271book19850.23Battle analysis of the battle of Sidi Bou Zid, 14 February 1943, Tunisia, North Africa : defensive, encircled forces11ocn056450631book19960.47Blanchard, Oliver EA chronology of my army and prisoner of war experiences, October 1941 - August 1945BiographyPersonal narratives American11ocn702372102book19660.10La Rue McCall, HowardExcerpts from war letters-World War IRecords and correspondencePersonal narratives American11ocn052420749rcrd2003Kelly, OrrMeeting the Fox the Allied invasion of Africa, from Operation Torch to Kasserine Pass to victory in TunisiaHistoryThis is the story of those first Americans who suffered a vicious lesson in warfare from Rommel, the Desert Fox. It is the story of how, in those first crucial battles in North Africa, the American army learned how to fight a skilled and tenacious enemy, learned which leaders to trust and which to discard, and prepared itself for victory on the ... battlefields of France, Italy, and Germany. - Introd11ocn703880748book2010Kosek, JohnThe Iowa Boys : a remembrance of a killing contestDiariesPersonal narrativesDiary entries and letters written by Charles Kosek, interspersed with excerpts from John Taber's The Story of the 168th Infantry (Iowa City, Iowa : State Historical Society of Iowa, 1925)11ocn840839292visu20090.47Voices of veteransHistoryThis is a DVD copy of one of the films that is shown in the Voices of Veterans theaters at the Sullivan Brothers Iowa Veterans Museum. This film gives a more detailed account of the history and experiences of the 168th Iowa Regiment which was part of the Rainbow Division (so nicknamed by soldiers from a statement made by commanding officer Douglas McArthur.)11ocn005318251book1944United StatesThe history of the 168th Infantry Regiment from January 1, 1944 to January 31, 1944History11ocn122295107mix1.00Wertz, Harvey WilliamIncludes articles by Wertz, correspondence, clippings, diaries, photographs, and other papers involving Wertz's service in the 168th Regiment of the U. S. Infantry during World War I, his work as a journalist, and his political activities, especially in the campaigns of Estes Kefauver11ocn031176525bookLuttrell, James AThe operations of the 168th Infantry (34th Infantry Division) in the Rapido River Crossing, 28 January-10 February 1944 (Rome-Arno campaign) : (personal experience of a cannon company commander)History+-+3479696295Fri Mar 21 15:57:49 EDT 2014batch12528