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Fri Mar 21 17:08:59 2014 UTClccn-n841770340.00Mrs. Hungerford (Margaret Wolfe Hamilton, 1852-1897), a critical bibliography /0.851.00A short history of the Hospital of St. John : to celebrate the fifth centenary of the endowment of the Hospital by Margaret, Lady Hungerford, April 4th, 1472-April 4th, 1972 /27192964Margaret_Wolfe_Hungerfordn 841770341247718Argles, Margaret, [1855?]-1897Argles, Margaret W. 1855-1897Argles, Margaret Wolfe 1855-1897 Frueherer NameArgles, Margaret Wolfe Hamilton 1855-1897Auteur de "Molly Bawn", L', 1855-1897Author of "Molly Bawn".Author of "Molly Bawn", The, 1855-1897Author of Molly Brown, ca 1855-1897Author of Molly Brown, etcAuthor of Molly Brown, etc., 1855?-1897Author of Phillis, etc., Molly Brown, 1855?-1897Author of Phillis, Molly Brown, etcAuthor of Phillis, Molly Brown, etc., 1855?-1897Author of "Phyllis".Author of "Phyllis" The 1855?-1897Autorka, "Molly Bawn"Duchess.Duchess, [1855?]-1897Duchess 1855-1897 PseudonymHamilton, Margaret, 1855-1897Hamilton, Margaret W. 1855-1897Hamilton, Margaret Wolfe 1855-1897 Frueherer NameHungerford, [1855?]-1897Hungerford, M. W., 1855?-1897Hungerford, Madame, 1855-1897Hungerford, madame, ca 1855-1897Hungerford, MargaretHungerford, Margaret, 1855-1897Hungerford, Margaret Hamilton 1855-1897Hungerford, Margaret W. 1855-1897Hungerford, Margaret Wolfe, [1855?]-1897Hungerford, Margaret Wolfe Hamilton.Hungerford, Margaret Wolfe Hamilton, 1855?-1897Hungerford, Margaret Wolfe Hamilton, ca 1855-1897Hungerford (Margaret Wolfe), Mrs, 1855?-1897Hungerford, Marguerite Wolfe, 1853-1897Hungerford, Mrs.Hungerford, Mrs, [1855?]-1897Hungerford, Mrs. (Margaret Wolfe Hamilton), 1855?-1897Hungerford, Mrs. (The Duchess)Molly Brown, etc., Author ofMolly Brown, etc., Author of, 1855?-1897Mrs. Hungerford, ca 1855-1897Phillis, etc., Author of, Molly Brown, 1855?-1897Phillis, Molly Brown, etc., Author ofPhillis, Molly Brown, etc., Author of, 1855?-1897Phyllis, The author ofThe Duchess 1855-1897Wolfe Argles, Margaret 1855-1897Wolfe Hamilton, Margaret 1855-1897Wolfe Hungerford, Margaret 1855-1897lccn-nr99012939Baden, Frances Henshaw-1911lccn-n81059993Evans, Edmund1826-1905prtlccn-n95000341Fromont, Danieledtlccn-n88079762Smith, Elder, and Copblnp-dian, eDian, E.trlnp-f hamiltonf.Hamiltonlccn-n2005085557Open Content Alliancenp-ryan, jackieRyan, Jackieprfnp-klobas, patKlobas, Patprflccn-n2006061789Marabuto, RonprfDuchess1855?-1897FictionDime novelsLove storiesManners and customsDime novelsDuchess,Short storiesIrelandYoung womenGuardian and wardOlder menEnglish literatureOrphansBook jacketsFictionAlmshousesEngland--Wiltshire1855189718621869187718781879188018811882188318841885188618871888188918901891189218931894189518961897189818991900190119021903190419051906190719081909191019111912191319141915191619171918191919201921192319251927192819291930193219341936193819441945194619531955195619571961196919721982198819891998199920022005200620072008200920102011201240754691763823.8PS2044.H4113ocn080720955ocn084558526ocn461038651ocn4603426031396ocn000052474book18850.66DuchessIn durance vile, and other storiesFiction12434ocn070581327book18900.76DuchessA little rebel a novelFictionDime novelsLove storiesThe professor, sitting before his untasted breakfast, is looking the very picture of dismay. Two letters lie before him; one is in his hand, the other is on the table-cloth. Both are open; but of one, the opening lines - that tell of the death of his old friend - are all he has read; whereas he has read the other from start to finish, already three times. It is from the old friend himself, written a week before his death, and very urgent and very pleading. The professor has mastered its contents with ever-increasing consternation. Indeed so great a revolution has it created in his mind, that his face - (the index of that excellent part of him) - has, for the moment, undergone a complete change. Any ordinary acquaintance now entering the professor's rooms (and those acquaintances might be whittled down to quite a little few), would hardly have known him12025ocn070581325book18900.81DuchessApril's lady a novelDime novels10839ocn566141235book18000.90DuchessMolly Bawn8721ocn297701448book18810.86DuchessFaith and unfaith8632ocn591770314book18860.88DuchessThe duchessFictionDime novelsLove stories8322ocn263179304book18830.88DuchessPortia, or, "By passions rocked"7725ocn681321220book18800.88DuchessLady Branksmere7623ocn020599492book18880.86DuchessMarvelFictionDime novelsLove stories7621ocn020599395book18000.92DuchessDoris7521ocn656984673com18910.86DuchessLady Patty a sketch7427ocn023919921book18860.88DuchessUnder-currents7322ocn300764542book18790.94DuchessAiry fairy Lilian7126ocn657409136book18000.81DuchessPhyllis a novel6924ocn020599494book18000.88DuchessA life's remorse. A novelFictionDime novels6622ocn023919916book18830.93DuchessRossmoyne6427ocn020599483book18880.95DuchessThe Honble. Mrs. Vereker. A novel6112ocn681861969com18960.88DuchessA point of conscienceDime novels5718ocn020599495book18870.86DuchessA modern Circe5111ocn003441829book18950.93DuchessThe professor's experiment41ocn071578733book20020.92Fromont, DanielMrs. Hungerford (Margaret Wolfe Hamilton) (also known as The Duchess or The Author of Phyllis or The Author of Molly Bawn) (1855?-1897) : a critical bibliographyBibliography21ocn054860524book20020.92Fromont, DanielMrs. Hungerford : (Margaret Wolfe Hamilton, 1855?-1897) : a critical bibliographyBibliography22ocn829222019book18870.92Lyall, EdnaThe autobiography of a slander11ocn263075663book19721.00Grubb, P. H. WA short history of the Hospital of St. John : to celebrate the fifth centenary of the endowment of the Hospital by Margaret, Lady Hungerford, April 4th, 1472-April 4th, 1972HistoryChurch history11ocn861345831book2012Fromont, DanielMrs. Hungerford (Margaret Wolfe Hamilton, 1852-1897), a critical bibliographyBibliographyFri Mar 21 15:58:14 EDT 2014batch36829