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Fri Mar 21 17:03:22 2014 UTClccn-n841884580.39Jeff Wall : catalogue raisonné, 1978 - 2004 : [Ausstellung, Schaulager Basel, Münchenstein, 30. April bis 25. September 2005; Tate Modern, London, 21. Oktober 2005 bis 8. Januar 2006] /0.740.90Skulptur im 20. Jahrhundert /100307387n 841884581217235lccn-nr2006026233Schaulager (Basel, Switzerland)lccn-n82126822Museum für Gegenwartskunst Basellccn-no2002077207Dobke, Dirkclblccn-nb99154700Walter, Bernadetteedtviaf-118476147Roth, Dieter1930-1998lccn-n91006566Gober, Robert1954-illlccn-n79021281Museum of Modern Art (New York, N.Y.)edtlccn-nr97039269P.S. 1 Contemporary Art Centeredtlccn-n88646661Garrels, Garylccn-n86807314Wall, Jeff1946-illphtVischer, TheodoraExhibition catalogsCriticism, interpretation, etcCatalogsHistoryBiographyDesigns and plansPictorial worksInterviewsArchitecture, ModernBeuys, JosephHerzog & de MeuronRoth, Dieter,Gober, Robert,Wall, Jeff,Photography, ArtisticConceptual artArt, ModernSwitzerlandSosnowska, Monika,GermanyGermany (West)Dean, Tacita,Sculpture, ModernZittel, Andrea,Video artHill, Gary,Installations (Art)United StatesKoons, Jeff,ArtistsArchitectural drawingHerzog, JacquesArchitectsArchitectural firmsPoland--WarsawRomanticismAlÿs, Francis,MexicoSign paintingGarcía Salazar, JuanPainted signs and signboardsArt--Private collectionsBrandhorst, UdoSwitzerland--BaselBrandhorst, AnetteWallinger, Mark,ArchitectureMeuron, Pierre de,PhotographersCanada195719831984198619881991199219931994199519961997199819992000200320042005200620072008200920102011201220133692140350709.2N6888.B463ocn182724876ocn181433880ocn311682216ocn312954338ocn229450711ocn315153130ocn493690200ocn312109449ocn801723436ocn181568218ocn722482525ocn075897153ocn722470430ocn199191540ocn722996733ocn745895507ocn722598129ocn075808989ocn311981747ocn079738732ocn412034560ocn456342158ocn456795286ocn469477799ocn822856291ocn4700496524097ocn054523118book20030.63Dobke, DirkRoth time : a Dieter Roth retrospectiveExhibition catalogsDeutsche Ausg.: Roth Zeit+-+40855252353606ocn154788478book20070.70Gober, RobertRobert Gober : sculptures and installations, 1979-2007Exhibition catalogs"The present catalogue of sculptures and installations by Robert Gober comprises the years 1979 to 2007. Each work is presented with a full-page reproduction in color, with technical data, information all its history and occasionally notes written by Robert Gober, along with an essay by Elisabeth Sussman which gives an insight into the work of the artist."--BOOK JACKET+-+382967013831411ocn061714912book20050.76Wall, JeffJeff Wall : catalogue raisonné 1978-2004CatalogsExhibition catalogs+-+91866701381849ocn027152206book19920.76Transform : BildObjektSkulptur im 20. Jahrhundert : 14. Juni bis 27. September 1992, Kunstmuseum und Kunsthalle BaselExhibition catalogs17610ocn071633764book20060.79Dean, TacitaAnalogue : drawings 1991-2006Exhibition catalogs+-+64376701381354ocn216939501book20080.81Zittel, AndreaAndrea Zittel : gouachen und illustrationenExhibition catalogsThis title assembles a major selection of Andrea Zittel's gouaches and paintings on wood, a medium the artist has worked with since 1992+-+77726701381357ocn804038199book20120.81Koons, JeffJeff KoonsExhibition catalogsThe inimitable works of art by Jeff Koons (b. 1955 in York, Pennsylvania), one of the most famous artists in the world today, have been causing uproars since the eighties. This publication is an in-depth examination of three major groups of works: "The New" (1980-87), "Banality" (1988), and "Celebration" (ongoing since 1994), each one of which represents a spectacular and consequential phase in Koons's oeuvre. Ready-made objects from "The New" are transformed in "Banality" into wondrous, provocative sculptures created with traditional craftsmanship. A few years later, painting and sculpture appeared on an even par in "Celebration". Hence, these three influential, manifesto-like stages are capable of providing insight into the work and ideas of Jeff Koons1336ocn037157756book19940.86Hill, GaryGary Hill : imagining the brain closer than the eyesCriticism, interpretation, etcExhibition catalogs1168ocn012107501book19840.90Skulptur im 20. JahrhundertExhibition catalogs1052ocn018949140book19880.73Adriani, GötzJoseph BeuysBiographyExhibition catalogsDrawings put aside by the artist over the years, representing his selection of thinking forms in evolution over a period of time962ocn029669142book19910.70Emanuel Hoffmann-StiftungEmanuel Hoffmann-Stiftung BaselHistory877ocn037774625book19970.73Herzog & de MeuronHerzog & de Meuron : Zeichnungen = DrawingsCatalogs+-+30602308457711ocn026267360book19910.76Wang, WilfriedHerzog & de MeuronHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etcDesigns and plansInterviewsExhibition catalogsVergl. Nr. 1059 der BBG 1995725ocn012693836book19830.86Vischer, TheodoraBeuys und die Romantik : individuelle Ikonographie, individuelle Mythologie?Criticism, interpretation, etc672ocn251186420book20080.88Sosnowska, MonikaMonika Sosnowska : Fotografien und Skizzen = Photographs and sketchesPictorial worksExhibition catalogs+-+58726701386311ocn611143264book20050.39Wall, JeffJeff Wall : catalogue raisonné, 1978 - 2004 : [Ausstellung, Schaulager Basel, Münchenstein, 30. April bis 25. September 2005; Tate Modern, London, 21. Oktober 2005 bis 8. Januar 2006]+-+9186670138573ocn027368967book19910.70Vischer, TheodoraJoseph Beuys : die Einheit des Werkes : Zeichnungen, Aktionen, plastische Arbeiten, soziale SkulpturCriticism, interpretation, etc512ocn743193343book20110.63Alÿs, FrancisSign painting projectCatalogs"The sign painting project was carried out over a span of years. ... By mid 1994 Francis Alÿs worked primarily with Juan García, Enrique Huerta and Emilio Rivera, professional sign painters (rótulistas) in Mexico City, and so until the project was closed in 1997. ... The sign painters copied individual paintings by Alÿs, each in their own way. Taking his cue from these personal interpretations, Alÿs developed new motifs and circulated them among the rótulistas, initiating a sequence of images that resulted in seventy-four different motifs."--P. 40+-+0547670138505ocn045799884book19990.70Wallinger, MarkMark Wallinger : lost horizonExhibition catalogs505ocn032965588book19940.73Schmidt, KatharinaZimmer in denen die Zeit nicht zählt : die Sammlung Udo und Anette BrandhorstExhibition catalogs+-+4085525235+-+4085525235Fri Mar 21 15:49:06 EDT 2014batch18757