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Fri Mar 21 17:03:59 2014 UTClccn-n842006980.07Doctor Who : the tardis inside out /0.150.47JN-T : the life and scandalous times of John Nathan-Turner /11259035John_Nathan-Turnern 842006981265368Turner, John Nathan-, 1947-Turner, John Nathan-, 1947-2002fast-896044Doctor Who (Fictitious character)lccn-no95005960Warner Home Video (Firm)dstlccn-no96013231BBC Video (Firm)pblviaf-134199040British Broadcasting Corporationlccn-no96062151Davison, Peter1951-prfactlccn-no96062171Fielding, Janet1957-prfactlccn-no99035245BBC Worldwide Ltdlccn-no98132286McCoy, Sylvester1943-hstactnp-sutton, sarahSutton, Sarahprflccn-no97017622BBC Worldwide Americas, IncNathan-Turner, John1947-2002DramaScience fiction television programsJuvenile worksFictionScience fiction filmsTelevision seriesTelevision programsDoctor Who (Fictitious character)Time travelInterplanetary voyagesDoctor Who (Television program : 1963-1989)Great BritainExtraterrestrial beingsPlagueDinosaursSea monstersLife on other planetsHuman-alien encountersTelevision seriesEngland--LondonTelevision--Production and directionRobotsNathan-Turner, John,Good and evilTelevision producers and directorsClosed captioning19472002198119831984198519861989199119921993199419951996199719981999200020012002200320042005200620072008200920102011201220134538143264791.4575PN1992.77ocn037753786ocn039514007ocn039478845ocn039462414ocn044390092ocn795574869ocn843206869ocn047145221ocn054078114ocn225687389ocn026889721ocn026885853ocn054078114ocn0540780841874ocn011783949book19850.07Nathan-Turner, JohnDoctor Who : the tardis inside outJuvenile worksProvides a behind-the-scenes look at the popular television series and discusses the six actors who have portrayed Dr. Who in the past twenty-one years1695ocn239617395visu19990.16Doctor WhoFictionDramaScience fiction television programsThe Doctor's past incarnations are being snatched out of time and space and transported to the Death Zone on Gallifrey, where they are reunited with some old friends and pitted against their deadliest enemies in the Game of Rassion+-+08541346961597ocn841489640visu20040.14Doctor WhoFictionDramaScience fiction television programsScience fiction filmsIt's 1666, and England is in the grip of the Great Plague. But when the Doctor and his companions arrive, they discover an even greater threat: the entire planet is in danger. As the Grim Reaper stalks the countryside, the Doctor uncovers an alien menace intent on wiping out humanity and claiming our planet for themselves. The Terileptils have arrived, and only the Doctor can stop them1455ocn805951858visu20010.16Doctor WhoDramaScience fiction filmsOn the planet Varos, prisoners and guards alike are subject to severest forms of punishment, which are then broadcast to the masses as entertainment. For the Doctor, Varos is the only hope for him to locate the rare mineral Zeiton-7 to power his ailing TARDIS. Arriving on Varos, he and Peri are soon caught up in events beyond their control+-+49982254251275ocn061118635visu19970.17Doctor WhoDramaThe Doctor and Romana decide to forego Brighton beach and take a much-needed holiday on the pleasure planet of Argolis. Ravaged decades before by an interstellar war, Argolis now hosts the Leisure Hive - an ideal retreat for tourists from all over1263ocn049709628visu20010.17Doctor WhoFictionDramaScience fiction television programsTelevision seriesThe Doctor goes back in time 25 years, to Coal Hill Secondary School, where an army group is investigating hostile aliens. The Doctor discovers they are White Imperial Daleks, searching for the Hand of Omega, a remote stellar manipulator left by the first Doctor+-+50401254251234ocn794941091visu20030.16Doctor WhoDramaScience fiction television programsThe TARDIS is dragged down a time corridor, forcing the Doctor, Tegan, and Turlough to materialize in a disused part of London in 1984 which links Earth to a battle cruiser from the future containing the Daleks+-+69022254251071ocn137341711visu20070.16Doctor WhoDramaAfter plummeting from the Pharos Project telescope, the Doctor regenerates. The time travelers escape the Master's clutches, but the Doctor's regeneration is failing, and Adric goes missing+-+37270346961063ocn124070523visu19930.16Doctor WhoFictionDramaThe Doctor and Andric head to Earth to fix the TARDIS's chameleon circuit. Once there they face danger involving a newly regenerated Master and a feisty young air named Tegan+-+22790254253241023ocn785836731visu20120.14Doctor WhoDramaOn the planet Terra Alpha, bright fluorescent lights and garish candy-striped colors abound. The population constantly displays happy smiles. There's no sadness on Terra Alpha. Anyone feeling remotely glum disappears. Quickly. Having heard disturbing rumors, the Doctor and Ace arrive to topple the entire regime overnight1012ocn137341712visu20070.16Doctor WhoFictionDramaTelevision programsTraken is a planet ruled by the all-powered Keeper, who reigns for a thousand years and ensures that his subjects live a life of tranquility and harmony. Now the Keeper is dying and summons the Doctor, who discovers an evil presence that threatens the future of the planet+-+6527034696961ocn230825939visu20080.16Doctor WhoFictionDramaEarth, 2084. Two global superpowers hover on the brink of war913ocn013334003book19860.17Nathan-Turner, JohnDoctor Who : the companions917ocn422780535visu20020.14Doctor WhoDramaThe TARDIS is lured to Earth, London, 1985 by an alien distress signal. Investigating, the Doctor and Peri stumble upon an attempted bank robbery staged through the London sewers by a familiar foe - ex-Dalek agent, Lytton. But who is he working for this time? For they soon discover there is something far nastier lurking in the sewers - Cybermen. Why do the silver giants need a time machine? What is their devastating plan of attack? And what does it have to do with a catastrophic event that happened long ago in the Doctor's past?+-+3057334696863ocn060846961visu19960.15Doctor WhoFictionDrama"London, 1983. An old house mysteriously burns to the ground. One hundred years earlier, the Doctor and Ace arrive at a sinister mansion in the rural hamlet of Perivale. Horrors old and new await the Doctor amongst the peculiar residents of Gabriel Chase, but it is Ace who must confront her own worst nightmares when she discovers that her past and the house's future are inextricably linked."863ocn758003824visu20020.16Harper, GraemeDoctor WhoDramaOn the cave-riddled world of Androzani Minor, the Doctor and Peri inadvertently find themselves enmeshed in a war fought between the ruthless General Chellak and the sinister Sharaz Jek and his army of androids. The duplicitous politician Morgus wants Chellak to execute the time travelers as spies, while the disfigured Jek seeks to keep Peri forever hostage within his stronghold852ocn743311718visu20110.15Doctor WhoDramaAccording to the sales brochure, Paradise Towers is a utopian blueprint for community living, with its fabulous architecture and state-of-the-art facilities. The perfect place for Mel to take a leisurely swim, in fact. But when the TARDIS arrives, the Doctor and his companion discover that the futuristic tower block has fallen into ruin, and a series of unexplained disappearances has the tenants living in fear841ocn056578057visu20040.18Grimwade, PeterDoctor WhoDramaScience fiction television programsTelevision programsAn episode from the science fiction thriller produced by the BBC. A fateful landing on Earth in the 26th Century finds Doctor Who and the TARDIS deep within a system of subterranean caves and even deeper within the mystery surrounding the brutal murder of a group of geologists working there+-+8159425425842ocn236490046visu20080.12Doctor WhoFictionDramaEngland, 1925. The TARDIS materializes on a quiet railway platform where the Doctor, Tegan, Adric and Nyssa soon discover they are expected at an afternoon cricket match. And when the time travelers are invited to stay at Cranleigh Hall for a fancy dress ball, it isn't long before they uncover a terrible family secret. Who is murdering the servants and why? A rare flower may hold the answer844ocn710365911visu20110.15Doctor WhoDramaA hostile force, the Mara, is rapidly gaining control of Tegan's will, making her even more difficult than usual21ocn852810596book20130.47Marson, RichardJN-T : the life and scandalous times of John Nathan-TurnerCriticism, interpretation, etcBiography21ocn012408012book19840.07Rickard, GrahamA day with a TV producerJuvenile works11ocn051099540rcrd20000.10The John Nathan-Turner memoirsBetween 1980 and 1989, John Nathan-Turner produced over 130 episodes of BBC TV's award-winning science-fiction series Doctor Who, and was responsible for casting three of the actors who played the Doctor. His long association with the program began during Patrick Troughton's era, continuing with Jon Pertwee and Tom Baker, when he became Doctor Who's ninth producer. Now, for the very first time, John discusses frankly, and in depth, his many years' involvement with a series of which he is enormously fond and proud. This then, is his story. Packed with a multitude of anecdotes and memories, this special release offers a unique point-of-view of the sometimes difficult, frequently bizarre but always worthwhile business of entertaining the Doctor's millions of loyal fans+-+0854134696+-+0854134696Fri Mar 21 15:59:46 EDT 2014batch19684