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Thu Oct 16 17:57:30 2014 UTClccn-n842307790.07Dragons of a lost star /0.110.47Seventh gate suite : a musical accompaniment to Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman's Death Gate Cycle /61572913Tracy_Hickmann 842307791306837Hickman 1955-Hickman, Tracy 1955-Hickman, Tracy Raye 1955-Hickman, Tracy (Tracy Raye), 1955-היקמן, טרייסיトレイシー・ヒックマンヒックマン, Tヒックマン, トレイシーlccn-n84230778Weis, Margaretauiedtcrelccn-n93102003Williams, Michael1952 December 17-ctblccn-nb99055958Hickman, Laura1956-lccn-n88191758Elmore, Larryilllccn-n93044370Copyright Paperback Collection (Library of Congress)lccn-no2012024545Hickman, Laura1956-np-ven, sandra van deVen, Sandra van detrllccn-n88018998Burr, Sandranrtfast-828807Batman (Fictitious character)np-james, lloydJames, LloydnrtHickman, TracyFictionFantasy fiction, AmericanFantasy fictionJuvenile worksFantasy comic books, strips, etcShort storiesYoung adult worksGraphic novelsComic books, strips, etcKrynn (Imaginary place)Death Gate Universe (Imaginary place)DragonsFantasy fictionMagicHeroesQuests (Expeditions)GodsFantasyTwinsImaginary wars and battlesFantasy fiction, AmericanScience fiction, AmericanHickman, TracyPrincesWeis, MargaretInheritance and successionGood and evilFictionElvesComic books, strips, etcUnited StatesScience fictionWizardsShort stories, AmericanImaginary placesAmerican fictionGraphic novelsTime travelSacred stonesKnights and knighthoodFantasy fiction--AuthorshipDwarfsDragons in literatureExplorersSymphoniesGnomes19551982198319841985198619871988198919901991199219931994199519961997199819992000200120022003200420052006200720082009201020112012201320146967910882659813.54PS3573.E3978ocn017280418ocn036977162ocn060285366ocn038236654ocn042253873ocn058836493ocn039231697ocn044002898ocn042698498ocn049236433ocn023819222ocn076543050ocn723184445ocn076102525ocn723607087ocn723040179ocn723033556ocn842823391ocn844321749ocn742999663210732ocn012251953book19850.08Weis, MargaretDragons of winter nightComic books, strips, etcFictionFantasy comic books, strips, etcGraphic novelsYoung adult worksDragons have returned to Krynn. A group of friends battles the evil forces--from the teeming streets of the city of Tarsis to the majestic Tower of the High Clerist--to preserve their homes, their lives, and their honor+-+0451641325200827ocn011540577book19840.08Weis, MargaretDragons of autumn twilightComic books, strips, etcFictionFantasy comic books, strips, etcGraphic novelsDragons from the distant past gather to engulf the world of Krynn in war+-+4920641325179017ocn043644572book20000.13Weis, MargaretDragons of a fallen sunFictionThe start of a new epic trilogy set in the world of Dragonlance. The War of Souls The people of Krynn have known war in past ages. Some are still alive who remember the triumph of good at the conclusion of the War of the Lance. Still more remember the devastation of the Chaos War, which ended the Fourth Age of the world. But now a new war is about to begin, more terrible than any have known. This war is one for the very heart and soul of the world itself. Forty years have passed since the devastating Chaos War, when the gods departed Krynn. Cruel and powerful dragons have seized control of Ansalon, dividing the continent among them and demanding tribute from the people they have enslaved. Heroes of the past have gone to their well-deserved rest. Now new heroes take their place to continue the battle against evil. Change -- for good or for ill -- comes to the world. A violent magical storm sweeps over Ansalon, bringing flood and fire, death and destruction. Out of the tumult rises a strange, mystic young woman. Her destiny is bound up with that of Krynn. For she alone knows the truth about the future, a future strangely and inextricably tied to the terrifying mystery in Krynn's past+-+6910641325176613ocn046677897book20010.07Weis, MargaretDragons of a lost starFictionFantasy fictionFantasy fiction, AmericanThe War of Souls saga rages on in this sequel to the New York Times best-selling Dragons of a Fallen Sun. As the War of Souls continues, the shield over the elven kingdom of Silvanesti falls. Mina leads her forces triumphantly into that conquered nation, only to face danger from friends and foes alike. Meanwhile, Goldmoon follows the river of the dead, which threatens to engulf them all. "Dragons of a Lost Star" expands on the War of Souls saga and forms the point around which subsequent novels will revolve+-+4263641325176525ocn012626639book19840.08Weis, MargaretDragons of spring dawningFictionFinally armed with dragonlances, a group of heroes, composed of a knight, barbarian, dwarf, and half-elf, faces a deadly showdown with the evil dragons and Takhisis, the Queen of Darkness+-+2430641325171711ocn052282577book20020.07Weis, MargaretDragons of a vanished moonFictionFantasy fiction, AmericanThe flames of war devour Ansalon. The army of dead souls marches toward conquest, led by the mystical warrior Mina, who serves the powerful One God. A small band of heroes, driven to desperate measures, leads the fight against overwhelming odds. Two unlikely protagonists emerge. One is a dragon overlord who will not easily relinquish her rule. The other is an irrepressible kender who has been on a strange and remarkable journey that will end in startling and unforeseen fashion. The stirring climax of the War of Souls+-+7592741325155817ocn033387985book19850.12Weis, MargaretDragons of summer flameFictionFantasy fictionA hot parched summer on Krynn brings with it changes as young mage Palin Majere goes in search of his uncle, the infamous archmage Raistlin, the Dark Queen finds new champions for her cause, and Usha, child of the Irda, arrives in Palanthas claiming to be Raistlin's daughter+-+1436541325153212ocn070216504book20060.12Weis, MargaretDragons of the dwarven depthsFictionFantasy fiction, AmericanThis is the first of a new Dragonlance trilogy set earlier in time than the other series. In this untold story from the beginning of the War of the Lance, each of the Companions face their own challenges. Flint, however, faces the most crucial test, one on which the future of mankind may rest+-+4445941325151223ocn021873785book19900.13Weis, MargaretElven starFictionOn steamy Pryan, never-ending sunlight and plentiful rain have created a jungle so vast that humans and elves dwell high in the trees and only dwarves live anywhere near the ground. From the treetops the aristocratic elves sell weapons to the other races, whose incessant warfare sends a steady steam of profits and essential resources skyward. Now, generations of dissent and race hatred will not heal -- not even under the threat of annihilation at the hands of legendary Titans. Armed with little more than their wits and prophecy, an elf, a human, and a dwarf must unite to try to save the world from destruction+-+8345478005149423ocn054697983book19860.08Weis, MargaretTime of the twinsJuvenile worksFictionFantasy comic books, strips, etcFantasy fictionYoung adult worksIn the uneasy peace following the War of the Lance, Caramon and Tasslehoff the Kender set out to reform Caramon's twin brother Raistlin, the most powerful warrior of evil in the land of Krynn+-+295364132514928ocn126889349book20070.12Weis, MargaretDragons of the highlord skiesFictionFantasy fictionSeeking a dragon orb rescued from the Tower of High Sorcery in Planathus by an elven wizard before its fall to the forces of the Kingpriest, the Dragon Highlord Ariakas assigns the task of retrieving it to Kitiara Uth-Matar+-+0888941325147912ocn184823044book20080.13Weis, MargaretBones of the dragonFictionFantasy fictionThe Vindras people led by Skylan Ivorson must undertake a quest to recover the mysterious and hidden Five Bones of the Vektan Dragons in order to save the Old Gods and themselves+-+8974080125147021ocn024373441book19920.13Weis, MargaretSerpent mageFictionWeakened when Haplo the Patryn causes chaos so that the lord of Nexus can establish a new order, the people of the water world Chelestra, one of the four worlds, must outwit lethal and magical sea serpents+-+0596108005145317ocn044167646book20000.12Weis, MargaretWell of darknessFictionFantasy fictionPrince Dagnarus lusts for the Dagger of the Vrykyl, a magic talisman that will give him the power he needs to fulfill his dreams+-+7536056155143619ocn028294010book19930.12Weis, MargaretInto the labyrinth : a Death gate novelFictionFantasy fiction, AmericanTwo assassins and their prey find themselves fighting for their lives in the most dreaded place of all--the deadly prison maze called the Labyrinth+-+5480458005143612ocn029668398book19940.13Weis, MargaretThe seventh gate : a Death Gate novelFictionIn the final volume of the Death Gate cycle, protagonists Alfred, Hugh, Haplo and Marit join forces to prevent the evil ones from reaching the Death Gate and destroying the world. By the authors of Into the Labyrinth+-+3291458005143117ocn022892651book19910.14Weis, MargaretFire seaFictionFantasy fiction, AmericanAbarrach, the Realm of stone. Here, on a barren world of underground caverns built around a core of molten lava, the lesser races -- humans, elves, and dwarves -- seem to have all died off. Here, too, what may well be the last remnants of the once powerful Sartan still struggle to survive. For Haplo and Alfred -- enemies by heritage, traveling companions by necessity -- Abarrach may reveal more than either dares to discover about the history of Sartan... and the future of all their descendants. From the Paperback edition+-+6690478005142613ocn020637705book19900.13Weis, MargaretDragon wingFictionAn assassin and the royal child he has been hired to kill form an unlikely and unstable alliance as the plots of human sorcerers, elven pirates, and dwarf revolutionaries threaten to overwhelm the airborne kingdoms of Arianus+-+5481378005138219ocn047745810book20010.12Weis, MargaretGuardians of the lostFictionFantasy fictionAfter five centuries of peace, the world of Loerem is torn apart by warfare and the rediscovery of the magical Sovereign Stone, and only three unlikely heroes stand against Dagnarus, the immortal prince of the Void, and his forces of darkness+-+4426056155137822ocn026633928book19930.13Weis, MargaretThe hand of chaos : a Death gate novelFictionFantasy fictionYoung adult worksWhile the Lord of the Nexus orders his servant Haplo and Bane, the human child, to further their master's work on Arianus, the resurrected assassin Hugh the Hand seeks to complete his mission+-+1418108005341ocn017348330book19870.18Fonstad, Karen WynnThe atlas of the Dragonlance worldMapsHandbooks, manuals, etcFantasi-rollespil211ocn224965419book20050.08Weis, MargaretThe cataclysmShort storiesDetails a time in Krynn lore when the gods threw a fiery mountain down on Istar and plunged Krynn into centuries of chaos+-+502284132551ocn038059557book19930.24Fonstad, Karen WynnAtlas de la DragonlanceHandbooks, manuals, etc21ocn797303381book19990.10Realms of dragons : the universes of Margaret Weis and Tracy HickmanConcordancesInterviews+-+148705615511ocn065657837mix20050.47Humphrey, RyanSeventh gate suite : a musical accompaniment to Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman's Death Gate CycleMusical settingsMusicThe Seventh Gate Suite is a two-movement piece for symphony orchestra based on themes and events of the Death Gate Cycle by Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman. Its motivic development explores the relationship of two warring peoples who live in constant fear of each other, forgetting the similarities that should unite them. The piece's development and conclusion serve to express the tragedy that results when actions ostensibly taken for the greater good are driven by suspicious pessimism, corrupting the people involved and undermining their otherwise noble intentions+-+8974080125+-+8974080125Thu Oct 16 15:24:36 EDT 2014batch56275