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Fri Mar 21 17:03:12 2014 UTClccn-n840306020.06Ling zu li guan li /0.281.00Some say existence like a pirouot and pirouette, forever in one place stands still and dances, but it runs away /117725178Robert_Fritzn 840306021166029フリッツ, ロバートlccn-n2005092683Bodaken, Brucenp-fu li ci$fritz robert 1943弗利慈(Fritz, Robert, 1943- )viaf-287886818Wijngaarden, Fransviaf-306158707Bakker, Margotpseud. van Geerdina Aaltje Kuipernp-xu, bingxun徐炳勳lccn-n88675871麥倩宜np-bao da ken$bodaken bruce包達肯(Bodaken, Bruce)np-lin, meiying林玫瑩lccn-nr99005069鄭淑芬np-mcallister, rosalindMcAllister, RosalindFritz, Robert1943-ManagementArmies--OrganizationIndustrial organizationOrganizational effectivenessCorporate reorganizationsCreative abilityPersonnel managementPerformance--ManagementSuccessCreation (Literary, artistic, etc.)Self-actualization (Psychology)Celtic musicOrganizational changeIndustrial managementFolk musicIrelandFolk songs, EnglishFritz, Robert,Music--Instruction and study19431977198219841985198619871989199019911992199319941995199619971998199920002001200320042005200620072008201020112012522254124658HD31ocn613984612ocn613984612186310ocn045728105file19990.29Fritz, RobertThe path of least resistance for managers designing organizations to succeed+-+001502120612515ocn045728522file19960.33Fritz, RobertCorporate tides the inescapable laws of organizational structureFritz outlines the basic laws that determine a corporation's success or failure. He describes the difference between structural advancement and structural oscillation, and shows how, if an organization is poorly structured, success in one department can actually cause difficulties in another - increased sales can strain manufacturing capacity; reinvestment can lead to declining market performance. Corporate Tides reveals techniques that can be used at all levels of an organization, from project teams to senior groups doing strategic planning, and demonstrates how to create consistency throughout the organization+-+033705633664316ocn019705206book19840.24Fritz, RobertThe path of least resistance : learning to become the creative force in your own life+-+52885449956034ocn062766163book20060.21Bodaken, BruceThe managerial moment of truth : the essential step in helping people improve performance"The Managerial Moment of Truth explains a powerful new concept that can dramatically improve performance and increase productivity, at no cost, in virtually any company or organization. Developed by organizational consultant and author Robert Fritz and proven in practice by coauthor Bruce Bodaken, the chairman, president, and CEO of Blue Shield of California, the book provides a dynamic technique to help people face up to reality and confront the truth in order to correct mistakes, learn from past performance, and adjust processes to build a more successful organization." "Given human nature, most managers, when faced with the harsh facts of substandard performance, tend to soften the truth with their direct reports, so as not to offend or upset them. They tend to avoid mentioning mistakes, missed dates, an incomplete project, unacceptable quality of work, and the like. Then, if the problem becomes egregious, the manager may suddenly overreact with a contentious confrontation that results in little long-term behavior change. Or else the manager will try to work around the substandard performance, shifting the workload to top performers on the team rather than addressing reality directly with the person concerned. Bodaken and Fritz provide a step-by-step approach for continuous improvement, in which managers deal with performance issues early on, to help employees face the truth without being made to feel denigrated, inept, or incompetent - which would only defeat the desired goal of improvement. Moreover, this approach also greatly enhances the manager's own career success."--Jacket+-+670337892535312ocn023767369book19910.25Fritz, RobertCreatingCreating is a skill that can be learned and mastered. People from all walks of life, and from all backgrounds, can learn to create, in the same way that they can learn to drive a car, swim, or use a computer. As a skill, creating can be used in many realms. When used in music or painting, the results are artistic. When used in technology, the results are inventions. When used in business, the results are production. When creating is used to build a relationship between two people, the results are often deep bonding and a natural expression of love. When creating is used to build your life, the results are often tremendous involvement, vitality, adventure, and expansion. Robert Fritz has discovered many principles that can help you learn and develop your creative process - principles that can encompass the many facets of your life. Through working with these, you will begin to see how your life itself can be the subject of the creative process+-+6653544995612ocn032199731book19940.50Fritz, RobertCorporate tides : redesigning the organization421ocn076162958book20000.33Fritz, RobertDen Weg des geringsten Widerstands managen : Energie, Spannung und Kreativität in UnternehmenInhaltsübersicht: Vorwort von Peter Senge, Dank, Prolog, 1. Der Weg zum Fortschritt, 2. Der Weg der Oszillation, 3. Gestaltungselemente: vom Schaukelstuhl zum Ferrari, Epilog, Anhang, Kontakt, Über den Autor, Register363ocn065377984book19900.19Fritz, RobertDe weg van de minste weerstand : over de kunst van het creërenUitleg over fundamentele principes en wetmatigheden die het creatieve proces van de mens bepalen342ocn813878870book19960.07Fritz, RobertZu li zui xiao zhi lu : yong chuang zao li xun zhao sheng ming chu kou302ocn052302144book20030.21Fritz, RobertYour life as art291ocn071681099book20050.10Fritz, RobertJe leven als kunstAanwijzingen om je eigen leven bewust vorm te geven nadat inzicht in de onderliggende patronen is verkregen+-+7815175754324272ocn814328049book20070.07Bodaken, BruceZhu guan ke bu ke yi shuo shi hua?261ocn016981474rcrd19850.19Fritz, RobertThe path of least resistance direct route to successComposer, jazz artist, and founder of the Institute for Human Evolution Robert Fritz takes listeners on a journey of self-discovery, in which they learn how to achieve creativity in their lives, thinking, and orientation effortlessly251ocn259989620book20080.18Bodaken, BruceUw organisatie optimaal laten presteren : de kracht van waarheid als managementtool211ocn813743693book20010.06Fu li ciLing zu li guan li206ocn062149623book19120.79Fritz, RobertDie Bestimmung des Grundbegriffs der Körperverletzung in einem künftigen Deutschen Strafgesetzbuch182ocn814255126book19970.07Fritz, RobertCong ling dao wu xian : yin bao sheng ming xing dong li161ocn187950532rcrd20070.14Amato, MichelleCeltic ladies151ocn067037846book20010.21Fritz, RobertDe weg van de minste weerstand voor managers : over creatief leidinggeven van succesvolle organisaties121ocn018930944book19850.24Fritz, RobertA short course in creating what you always wanted to but couldn't before ...11ocn162522244score1.00Fritz, RobertSome say existence like a pirouot and pirouette, forever in one place stands still and dances, but it runs awayManuscripts+-+6703378925+-+6703378925Fri Mar 21 16:11:02 EDT 2014batch14122