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Fri Mar 21 17:11:08 2014 UTClccn-n840388750.00Perak St. John Ambulance Review and Souvenir of the Visit to Perak of Countess Mountbatten of Burma on Sunday March 12, 1950. [With illustrations.]0.271.00Por amor da Índia /35266381Edwina_Mountbatten,_Countess_Mountbatten_of_Burman 840388751160998Ashley, Edwina Cynthia Annette, 1901-1960Mountbatten, Edwina 1901-1960Mountbatten, Edwina Cynthia Annette Ashley Mountbatten, Countess, 1901-1960Mountbatten of Burma, Edwina 1901-1960Mountbatten of Burma, Edwina Cynthia Annette Ashley Mountbatten 1901-1960Mountbatten of Burma, Edwina Mountbatten, comtesse, 1901-1960lccn-n79145174Mountbatten of Burma, Louis MountbattenEarl1900-1979lccn-n80152993Morgan, Janet P.lccn-n79018128Hough, Richard1922-1999lccn-n79109335Nehru, Jawaharlal1889-1964lccn-n50044137Masson, Madeleinelccn-n2007008212Von Tunzelmann, Alex1977-lccn-n81038434Clément, Catherine1939-lccn-n50032673Holman, Dennis1915-np-brecknock, marjorie minna jenkins pratt$countess ofBrecknock, Marjorie Minna Jenkins PrattCountess ofnp-thorne, stephenThorne, StephenMountbatten of Burma, Edwina Ashley MountbattenCountess1901-1960BiographyPictorial worksMountbatten of Burma, Edwina Ashley Mountbatten,--Countess,Mountbatten of Burma, Louis Mountbatten,--Earl,Great BritainStatesmen's spousesIndiaPartition of India (1947)StatesmenMarriageNehru, Jawaharlal,Manners and customsNobilityBritishDeveloping countriesCountessesHospitalsBunker, Ellsworth,Medical collegesMissionaries, MedicalWomen in scienceScudder, Ida Sophia,Social historyWomen missionariesWomen physiciansMissionsChristian Medical College (Vellore, India)Scudder, Vida Dutton,Scudder familyFamily recordsChristian Medical College (Vellore, India).--HospitalViceroys' spousesFriendshipBurma190119601922194719501951195219581960196119731975198319841985198619891991199319951996199720012005200820493467920.7DA585.M622ocn561296847book19520.50Holman, DennisLady Louis; life of the Countess Mountbatten of Burma21ocn559665823book1973EDWINA MOUNTBATTEN PAPERSThe Edwina Mountbatten Papers. Occasional paper no. 1, etc22ocn563059335book19580.47Masson, MadeleineEdwina : the biography of the Countess Mountbatten of BurmaBiography21ocn561741681book1950Churches, Institutions, Orders, etc. (JOHN, the Baptist, Saint)Perak St. John Ambulance Review and Souvenir of the Visit to Perak of Countess Mountbatten of Burma on Sunday March 12, 1950. [With illustrations.]11ocn316200789book19730.47Wilson, HaroldThe first Edwina Mountbatten memorial lecture (first President of War on Want)11ocn504775981book19610.37PRATT, Marjorie MinnaEdwina Mountbatten : her life in picturesPictorial works9008ocn023386351book19910.22Morgan, Janet PEdwina Mountbatten : a life of her ownBiographyBiografi om Edwina Mountbatten, gift med Indiens sidste vicekonge6877ocn011288908book19830.24Hough, RichardEdwina, Countess Mountbatten of BurmaBiographyThis portrait of Lady Mountbatten details her spirit, her appetite for extremes, and her incredible personal achievements in England, India, and elsewhere. Widely known for her beauty, wealth, and self-indulgent way of life, which reflected her generation, she was the object of widespread scrutiny and controversy. She married Prince Louis Mountbatten, a career naval officer who would one day be Admiral of the Fleet. During the war, she suddenly underwent a metamorphosis, identifying herself first with the Jews in Hitler's Germany and then with the casualties of World War II. The war gave Edwina's immense energy focus and satisfied her desire for work and action beginning with joining the St. John's Ambulance Brigade. Thereafter, with great dedication and courage, she became totally involved in providing relief for the suffering and homeless. Countless thousands of refugees, liberated prisoners, and wounded soldiers benefited from her concern. She was a much-decorated chief of numerous charities that she was working when she unexpectedly died in 19601317ocn002543023book19580.47Masson, MadeleineEdwina : the biography of the Countess Mountbatten of BurmaBiography956ocn029861226book19930.53Clément, CatherinePour l'amour de l'IndeFiction"Entre la fantasque Edwina, fière Anglaise à la peau transparente, et le résistant Nehru, futur Premier ministre de l'Inde libre, est né un amour fou."--Cover861ocn861339661book20080.21Von Tunzelmann, AlexIndian summer : the secret history of the end of an empireHistoryBiography"The stroke of midnight on 15 August 1947 liberated 400 million Indians from the British Empire. One of the defining moments of world history had been brought about by a tiny number of people, including Jawaharlal Nehru, the fiery prime minister-to-be; Gandhi, the mystical figure who enthralled a nation; and Louis and Edwina Mountbatten, the glamorous but unlikely couple who had been dispatched to get Britain out of India without delay. Within hours of the midnight chimes, however, the two new nations of India and Pakistan would descend into anarchy and terror."--P. [2] of cover+-+0077701696431ocn001199663book19520.50Holman, DennisLady Louis; life of the Countess Mountbatten of Burma392ocn006091226book19610.37PRATT, Marjorie MinnaEdwina Mountbatten : her life in picturesPictorial works203ocn731031822com20080.10Von Tunzelmann, AlexIndian summer the secret history of the end of an empireHistoryAt midnight on August 15, 1947, 400 million people were liberated from the British Empire. With the loss of India, its greatest colony, Britain ceased to be a superpower. This defining moment was brought about by a handful of people: Jawaharlal Nehru, the fiery Indian prime minister; Mohammed Ali Jinnah, the leader of the new Islamic Republic of Pakistan; Mohandas Gandhi, the mystical figure who enthralled a nation; and Louis and Edwina Mountbatten, the glamorous but unlikely couple sent to get Britain out of India61ocn152412161rcrd19850.10Hough, RichardEdwina, Countess Mountbatten of BurmaBiographyEdwina, later wife to Lord Mountbatten of India, worked tirelessly during World War II to relieve the suffering of refugees, Jews, and the wounded. The author traces her life and political rapport with Pandit Nehru62ocn041217776book19970.98Meyer-Stabley, BertrandEdwina Mountbatten : scandaleuse, libre, vice-reine des IndesBiographyRetrace la vie de la petite-fille d'Ernest Cassel, épouse de Lord Mountbatten qui fut le premier amiral en chef des forces britanniques. Elle devint en Angleterre une héroïne de la guerre, en sauvant des milliers de prisonniers dans les camps japonais et entra dans l'histoire par son titre de vice-reine des Indes et par ses amours avec Nehru41ocn037689906book19970.92Meyer-Stabley, BertrandLady Mountbatten : libre, scandaleuse, vice-reine des IndesLes origines, le milieu familial, la personnalité, le mariage, les voyages, la vie sociale de l'épouse du dernier vice-roi des Indes31ocn006469912serial0.81Edwina Mountbatten papers31ocn036456461book19950.19Clément, CatherineZa miłość i IndieFiction21ocn039315460book19970.10Clément, CatherineAiḍawinā te Nahirū : itihāsaka nāwalaFiction21ocn033957549book19951.00Clément, CatherinePor amor da ÍndiaFiction11ocn083687393visu19221.00[International news11ocn528755235mix1.00Scudder, Ida SophiaCollection includes correspondence, biographical material, guest and address books, and photographs of Scudder. Also included are annual reports and printed material pertaining to the hospital and medical school in Vellore11ocn051136291visu19221.00[Lord and Lady Mountbatten at the White House]Left to right: Colonel R.M. Thompson, Lieut. Frederick Neilson, Lord and Lady Mountbatten and Mrs. Frederick Neilson11ocn122557394mix1.00Scudder, Ida SophiaFamily correspondence and correspndence with school friends and fellow missionaries, diaries, notebooks, speeches, articles, pamphlets, guest and address books, photos, and clippings give a full picture of Scudder's life. Included are correspondence, biographical information, and a diary of Scudder's niece, Ida Belle Scudder, also a physician, who joined her aunt in India in 1931, eventually to become head of radiology at the College at Vellore. The collection also contains annual reports, speeches, newsletters, and other printed material pertaining to the hospital and medical school11ocn702145697art2001Mountbatten, Edwina Ashley, (1901-1960)Biography+-+0077701696Fri Mar 21 16:03:22 EDT 2014batch15697