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Fri Mar 21 17:10:51 2014 UTClccn-n840425810.00William Crotch, a musical prodigy. Engraving0.831.00A system of harmony partly founded on that of Gottfried Weber29799884William_Crotchn 840425811177688William Crotchlccn-n82037862Temperley, Nicholasedtlccn-n79100123Hill, John Walter1942-edtlccn-n82242981Greenbaum, Matthew1950-clbedtlccn-n88603179Irving, Howard Lee1951-lccn-n86098876Rennert, Jonathan1952-lccn-n50054400Rainbow, Bernarrlccn-n50032067Burney, Charles1726-1814viaf-5126950Handel, George Frideric1685-1759lccn-n82227321Macfarren, G. A.(George Alexander)1813-1887lccn-n84024382Chappell, W.(William)1809-1888edtCrotch, William1775-1847Criticism, interpretation, etcMusical settingsArchivesPictorial worksMethodsHistoryMusic--Instruction and studyCrotch, William,Symphonies--ScoresEnglandMusical canonComposition (Music)ContinuoTuningFolk songs, EnglishBallads, EnglishDance musicSongs with pianoSymphoniesOverturesKeyboard instrument music, ArrangedConcertos (Organ)Great BritainMusic theoryMusic appreciationPope, Alexander,MotetsMusical analysisAnglican chantsPsalms (Music)Church music--Church of EnglandOrgan musicElectronic organ musicChoruses, Secular (Mixed voices) with orchestraChoruses, Sacred (Mixed voices) with orchestraChoruses, Sacred (Mixed voices, 4 parts) with organJonas, OswaldStyle, MusicalSonatas (Piano)Christ Church (University of Oxford)AnthemsChild musiciansChoruses, Sacred (Mixed voices, 5 parts) with pianoChoruses, Sacred (Mixed voices, 4 parts) with pianoChoruses, Sacred, UnaccompaniedSonatas (Harpsichord)CoronationsGifted childrenMusiciansShield, William,Epiphany musicOratorios--Excerpts--Vocal scores with pianoCrome, John,Coronation musicSmart, George,Cramer, J. B.--(Johann Baptist),17751847177917851790179317941795179817991800180218031804180518061807180818091810181118121813181418151816181718181819182018211822182318241825182618271828183018311833183418351836183718381839184018411842184318441845185018511856185718581859186118631864186518661868186918701873187418761877187818801883188518861896189818991900190519061907190819111916192619311933193719391943194919541955195719611964196519661967196919701972197319751977197819811984198519861989199019911992199519981999200220032009201120131763311509BM1001ocn842139295ocn842139294ocn844306408ocn767421012ocn844146022ocn765610292ocn661688792ocn842306607ocn318092107ocn174023427ocn76288067723810ocn011506222score19840.84Crotch, WilliamOne symphony13413ocn012516913book18310.92Crotch, WilliamSubstance of several courses of lectures on musicCriticism, interpretation, etc+-+5966968135324957ocn026490727book19900.93Crotch, WilliamElements of musical composition, second edition, 1830 [i.e. 1833]+-+07769681353249118ocn006540356book18120.86Crotch, WilliamElements of musical composition; : comprehending the rules of thorough bass, and the theory of tuning.4422ocn020288707score18110.79Crotch, WilliamPalestine a sacred oratorio3516ocn017380448score18070.84Crotch, WilliamSpecimens of various styles of music referred to in a course of lectures, read at Oxford & London, and adapted to keyed instrumentsCriticism, interpretation, etc322ocn016449018score18400.86A collection of national English airs : consisting of ancient song, ballad & dance tunes interspersed with remarks and anecdotes and preceded by an essay on English minstrelsy. The airs harmonized, for the pianoforte281ocn027832983rcrd19920.84Crotch, WilliamSymphony in F major (1814) Organ concerto no. 2 in A major (c. 1805) ; Overture in G major ; Symphony in E flat major (1817) unfinished224ocn025582208score19890.97Crotch, WilliamPart of Messiah, a sacred eclogue by Pope : for SB soli, SATB, ob, bsn, 2 tpt, timps, strMusical settings171ocn042345232rcrd19980.73St. Paul's Cathedral (London, England)Psalms from St. Paul's. Psalms 93 to 104162ocn615122227com20030.47Crotch, WilliamWilliam Crotch, Brustbild159ocn151173794score18380.90Chappell, WA collection of national English airs, consisting of ancient song, ballad & dance tunes interspersed with remarks and anecdote, and preceded by an essay on English minstrelsyHistory145ocn019727109score18190.90Crotch, WilliamMotett, Methinks I hear the full celestial choir, for five voices, with instrumental accompaniments, as performed at the Philharmonic Concert131ocn020162595score19610.79Peek, RichardPrelude on "St. Michael's" : organ solo, with registrations for pipe, Hammond, and all electronic organs135ocn018716832score18000.95Crotch, WilliamMethinks I hear the full celestial choir : motet125ocn021834901book18220.76Crotch, WilliamSpecimens of various styles of music referred to in a course of lectures, read at Oxford & London, and adapted to keyed instrumentsCriticism, interpretation, etc117ocn002000987score19110.56Crotch, WilliamLo! star-led chiefs95ocn019994333score18200.59Crotch, WilliamPractical thorough bass, or, The art of playing from a figured bass on the organ or piano forteMethods83ocn024305362book18090.92O'Neill, HughSix etchings by William Crotch, from sketchesPictorial works86ocn181766364score18430.47Handel, George FridericAnthems for the coronation of King George II ... [Score]Archives1914ocn040460126book19990.88Irving, Howard LeeAncients and moderns : William Crotch and the development of classical musicCriticism, interpretation, etc+-+99519659361812ocn001602696book19750.81Rennert, JonathanWilliam Crotch (1775-1847) : composer, artist, teacher864ocn508495822com17790.70Burney, CharlesAccount of an infant musician. By Charles Burney, doctor of music, F.R.S. Read at the Royal Society, Feb. 18, 177921ocn223175733book18990.73Marshall, EmmaCastle meadow : a story of Norwich a hundred years agoFiction22ocn054176237book17790.92Burney, CharlesAccount of an infant musician21ocn011456450book19670.81Kitto, Armand WilliamWilliam Crotch (1775-1847) and his vocal works11ocn020499640mix18000.47Crotch, WilliamMaterial relating to William Crotch : Coleman 644 (now numbered COL/7/43-5311ocn047115330book19640.47Crotch, WilliamExhibition of fifty drawings & watercolours by Dr William Crotch 1775-1847 : [held at] Charterhouse Studio 1964Exhibition catalogs11ocn270672232book18850.10Bennett, James Robert SterndaleLondon, to Mr. WinghamDiscussing the career of his father, William Sterndale Bennett, mentioning [William] Crotch, [Cipriani] Potter, Hummel, Field, etc11ocn808162832visuWilliam Crotch as a child, a musical prodigy. Engraving11ocn214300820book18090.92O'Neill, HughSix etchings by William Crotch, from sketchesPictorial works11ocn779553056visuWilliam Crotch, a musical prodigy. Engraving11ocn270582790book18230.10Murray, John[London], 21 February [1823], to Lord Burghersh [later John Fane, 11th Earl of Westmorland] in FlorenceSaying that the [Royal] Academy of Music will soon open, describing the examinations to be given to entering students, naming the examining professors--Crotch, Smart, Greatorex, Horsley, J. and F. Cramer, Shield, Bochsa, Cahusac, Latour, Dizi, and two more--, noting that the king has recommended a student, complaining of lack of funds, etc11ocn061536909book19811.00Clark, Caryl LeslieThe lectures of Dr. William Crotch conservative thought in English musical taste at the turn of the nineteenth centuryCriticism, interpretation, etc11ocn270583026book18280.10Novello, Vincent[London], 22 November 1828, to George GwiltSaying that he is about to publish a collection of "the masterly Cathedral Compositions of Purcell," that Shield, Crotch, J.B. Cramer, Thos. Adams, George Smart, Attwood, Jacob, and Stevens have all agreed to help, adding that he would like to find an authentic likeness of Purcell--the two best he has seen are an oil painting formerly owned by Dr. Burney and a drawing by Godfrey Kneller--, asking if Gwilt knows to whom the drawing was sold at Mr. Bartleman's sale, suggesting that it might still belong to Mr. Holloway, who made an engraving from it, etc11ocn056940205book1.00Crotch, WilliamA system of harmony partly founded on that of Gottfried Weber :Manuscripts11ocn039044490score17951.00Crotch, WilliamOvertureManuscripts+-+0776968135324+-+0776968135324Fri Mar 21 15:41:40 EDT 2014batch26676