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Fri Mar 21 17:12:21 2014 UTClccn-n840436140.10Fred Ebb : (1933-2004)0.261.00The musical of musicals : the musical! /61741820Fred_Ebbn 840436141207105Ebb, Fred, 1932-Ebb, FredericEbb, Fredric 1932-2004エッブ, フレッドlccn-n82099819Kander, Johniveprfartlyrspkcrecmplccn-n86041334Gere, Richard1949-prfactlccn-no99032837Condon, Bill1955-sceauiauslccn-no95013287Zeta-Jones, Catherine1969-prfactlccn-n91078009Elfman, Dannycmplccn-no98084452Buena Vista Home Entertainment (Firm)lccn-n92027193Queen Latifah1970-prflccn-n86138329Fosse, Bob1927-1987prflbtprodrtccpantchrflmlccn-no95008164Baranski, Christineactlccn-n50041772Minnelli, LizasngproprfvocactEbb, FredDramaFilm adaptationsBiographyLegal dramaFilm and video adaptationsGuidebooksMusicFictionPictorial worksCaricatures and cartoonsMusicalsIllinois--ChicagoCriminalsFemale offendersWatkins, MaurineUnited StatesWomen murderersShowgirlsEbb, FredMotion picture musicMusicals--LibrettosKander, JohnMusicals--ExcerptsPopular musicLawyersComposersLibrettistsChicago (Motion picture : 2002)Film adaptationsMotion picture music--ExcerptsCabaret (Kander, John)Goodbye to Berlin (Isherwood, Christopher)I am a camera (Van Druten, John)Academy Awards (Motion pictures)City and town lifeIllinoisCrimeTrials (Murder)New York (State)--New YorkAttorney and clientDefense (Criminal procedure)Drawing, AustrianPierpont Morgan LibraryDrawing, GermanDrawing--Private collectionsRevuesConcertsTelevision specialsMotion picturesTelevision musicTrials in motion picturesTrialsFameSongs with pianoMusical theaterJazzCrimes of passionNightclubsDancersWomen musicians19322004193219451946194719511953195419551956195719581959196019611962196319641965196619671968196919701971197219731974197519761977197819791980198119821983198419851986198719881989199019911992199319941995199619971998199920002001200220032004200520062007200820092010201120122013225446661395791.4372PN1995.9.M86ocn052089326ocn036302879ocn028313192ocn124083539ocn036391495ocn039935144ocn065641491ocn654332324ocn004161148ocn037556762ocn036302879ocn039935144ocn041592065ocn013653775ocn022513699ocn123251748ocn045048887ocn055626988ocn042224317ocn051472393ocn065641491ocn065641491ocn781346948ocn122343977ocn691863686ocn742683253ocn691332220ocn691500702ocn762880006ocn732361612ocn658435115ocn742875136ocn012325094ocn652447706ocn725144767ocn725144786ocn725144793ocn725237933ocn724103540ocn725144752ocn725447669ocn185214568ocn725183949ocn725447661ocn800136460ocn799410110ocn417433764ocn085836970ocn156940707ocn566236399ocn854667637ocn122942282ocn078308956ocn084693541ocn674102475ocn691864289ocn674440768ocn691840541ocn746752571ocn724103617ocn817080688ocn781095495ocn692005751ocn692004865ocn692005743ocn659248460ocn691864289ocn641640853ocn691914978ocn415835135ocn742194966416050ocn052089326visu19970.20Kander, JohnChicagoFictionDramaFilm and video adaptationsFilm adaptationsLegal dramaAt a time when crimes of passion result in celebrity headlines, nightclub sensation Velma Kelley and spotlight-seeking Roxie Hart find themselves sharing space on Chicago's famed Murderess Row. They also share Billy Flynn, the town's slickest lawyer with a talent for turning notorious defendants into local legends. But in Chicago, there's only room for one legend!+-+1739233325324146936ocn036302879rcrd19750.23Kander, JohnChicago the musicalDrama10856ocn051449086rcrd20020.17Kander, JohnChicago music from the Miramax motion pictureMotion picture musicOverture ; And all that jazz -- Funny honey -- When you're good to Mama -- Cell block tango -- All I care about -- We both reached for the gun -- Roxie -- I can't do it alone -- Mister Cellophane -- Razzle dazzle -- Class -- Nowadays (Roxie) -- Nowadays ; Hot honey rag -- I move on -- After midnight -- Roxie's suite -- Cell block tango (he had it comin') -- Love is a crime82355ocn007613449score19660.33Kander, JohnCabaret : the new musical ...Caricatures and cartoonsMusicPictorial worksDramaSunbeam+-+841933633565112ocn028313192rcrd19920.24Kander, JohnKiss of the spider woman the musical : original cast recording6339ocn000029309book19680.29Kander, JohnZorbáImperial Theatre, Harold Prince (in association with Ruth Mitchell) presents Herschel Bernardi, Maria Karnilova in "Zorbá," a musical, with John Cunningham, Carmen Alvarez, James Luisi, Paul Michael, Al de Sio, Loukas Skipitaris, Alex Petrides, Lewis Gundunas, Joseph Alfasa, Jemela Oma, and Lorraine Serabian, book by Joseph Stein, music by John Kander, lyrics by Fred Ebb, adapted from "Zorba the Greek," by Nikos Kazantzakis, choreographed by Ronald Field, scenic production designed by Boris Aronson, costumes by Patricia Zipprodt, lighting by Richard Pilbrow, musical direction by Harold Hastings, orchestrations by Don Walker, dance music arranged by Dorothea Freitag, production directed by Harold Prince56425ocn016698771score19740.29Kander, JohnChicago : a musical vaudeville+-+62153363354853ocn052127261book20030.28Kander, JohnColored lights : forty years of words and music, show biz, collaboration, and all that jazzBiographyThe autobiography, in dialogue, of the composer and lyricist of Chicago and Cabaret as well as a wise and witty memoir of forty years of American musicals+-+K8866762054642ocn041252121book19990.25Kander, JohnCabaret : the illustrated book and lyrics+-+883895200645728ocn051949840book19760.23Condon, BillChicago : [the movie and lyrics]GuidebooksDramaDiscusses the origins of the musical "Chicago" and the era on which it is based, recounts how the theatrical work was adapted to the screen and the production of the film, and presents the sceenplay and the lyrics of the songs+-+K32095200642912ocn051998976score20020.22Kander, JohnChicago : movie vocal selectionsAn album, containing songs from the film, "Chicago"+-+10040598154204ocn124083539rcrd20070.21Kander, JohnCurtains original Broadway cast recording3829ocn016420225book19740.31Ebb, FredChicago : a musical vaudevilleMiscellanea+-+163531820532437624ocn013350682score19670.24Kander, JohnVocal selections from Cabaret+-+059933633537115ocn029617999score19920.32Kander, JohnKiss of the spider woman : the musical : vocal selections+-+812935981535113ocn036391495rcrd19720.19Kander, JohnCabaretMotion pictures34116ocn003411332rcrd19680.28Kander, JohnZorbá original Broadway cast3205ocn065641491visu20060.18Minnelli, LizaLiza with a Z a concert for televisionMusicIn 1972, Liza Minnelli and Broadway legend Bob Fosse took the Oscars by storm for Cabaret. That same year, the two paired up once again to create the spectacular musical special Liza with a Z, making television history and carting home four Emmys in the process30229ocn015339301rcrd19770.25Kander, JohnNew York, New York original motion picture soundtrackMotion pictures2814ocn017289131rcrd19870.18Minnelli, LizaLiza Minnelli at Carnegie Hall the complete concert8423ocn379478021file20090.53Leve, JamesKander and EbbCriticism, interpretation, etc<DIV><DIV><DIV><P style="MARGIN: 0in 0in 0pt">Composer John Kander and lyricist Fred Ebb collaborated for more than forty years, longer than any such partnership in Broadway history. Together they wrote over twenty musicals. Their two most successful work+-+22396655852186ocn612347696book20110.70Garebian, KeithThe making of CabaretCriticism, interpretation, etcA handy and engaging chronicle, this book is a detailed production history of the original Broadway version of 'Cabaret', showing how the show evolved from Christopher Isherwood's Berlin stories, into John van Druten's stage play, a British film adaptation, and then the Broadway musical+-+8497824465643ocn082673699book20070.90Dervaux, IsabelleFrom Berlin to Broadway : the Ebb bequest of modern German and Austrian drawingsExhibition catalogs41ocn056907953visu20040.47Broadway, the American musicalHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etcBiographyThe fifth segment in a 6 part series on the history of Broadway musical theater. Part 5: In the late 50s and early 60s, Broadway continued producing enduring hits, including the groundbreaking West Side story choreographed by Jerome Robbins with music by Leonard Bernstein. But in the era of rock & roll and tumultuous social change, Broadway reinvented itself and established new traditions. The conceptual theater of John Kander & Fred Ebb's Cabaret, as directed by Hal Prince, was followed by the rock musical Hair and the urban angst of Stephen Sondheim's Company. Bob Fosse showcased sexy cynicism in Chicago, and Michael Bennett created the blockbuster A chorus line. With Prince and Sondheim's production of Sweeney Todd, the musical reached unexpected heights in style and material31ocn611339856com0.19Fred Ebb : (1933-)Criticism, interpretation, etc11ocn133583808visu20031.00[Interview with Chita Rivera : raw footage]InterviewsRaw interview footage used for the documentary Broadway, the American musical. Actress, singer and dancer Chita Rivera discusses her career in the musical theater. Topics include her ballet studies as a child in Washington D. C., and her scholarship to the School of American Ballet in New York; landing roles in the road company production of Call me Madame, and the Broadway productions Guys and dolls and Can can; her role as Anita in West Side story, on which she worked with choreographer Jerome Robbins and developed greatly as a dancer; the musical's portrayal of immigrant violence; her experiences with prejudice as a Latina performer; Broadway's inclusiveness; her work with choreographer Bob Fosse in the show Chicago and with Michael Bennett in Bajour; her definition of sexiness onstage; Fosse's choreography, which expresses his love of women and his sense of humor; her admiration for dancer Gwen Verdon, with whom she appeared in Can can; the songwriting of duo John Kander and Fred Ebb; the difficulties for up-and-coming performers, as well as stars, to find consistent work on Broadway; the various types of musicals from the past, and Broadway's production of revivals in current times; the continuing need for new works for the musical theater on Broadway; the responsibility of having a lead role in a Broadway production; her disappoinment in her show The rink, in which she starred with Liza Minnelli; more on the lyrics of Fred Ebb; the "feeling" of Broadway from the performer's and audience perspective; the space of the stage, and what it calls forth in her. Last few minutes feature silent depiction of the Broadway street below and its theater marquees11ocn603339390com0.10Fred Ebb : (1933-2004)Criticism, interpretation, etc11ocn850547068mix1.00Gibson, MichaelMichael Gibson scoresMichael Gibson (1944-2005) was an orchestrator and arranger for Broadway and Off-Broadway musicals, films, and concert productions by Broadway artists. His scores include orchestrations for several musicals by John Kander and Fred Ebb, as well as for other Broadway and Off-Broadway productions. They also hold orchestrations for Broadway performers such as Barbara Cook, Patti LuPone, Kristin Chenoweth, and Chita Rivera11ocn144528327visu20031.00[Interview with Jerry Orbach : raw footage]InterviewsRaw interview footage used for the documentary Broadway, the American musical. Actor Jerry Orbach, known for his work in the musical theater, as well as television and film, begins a discussion of his stage career with his role as the lawyer Billy Flynn in the 1975 musical Chicago. Orbach discusses the numbers he performed "All I care about is love" and "Razzle dazzle"; Chicago's style of "world weary decadence"; its source material, the 1926 play which introduced the character Roxie Hart; and the objectives of its choreographer Bob Fosse. Orbach describes the "wonderful, seedy, crummy, glorious" Broadway of the mid-1950s through the 1970s, which began to change after that period. Orbach discusses the commentary on celebrity in Kander & Ebb's Chicago; the songwriting of John Kander and Fred Ebb, whose witty and stylish songs for musicals pushed the story along dramatically. Orbach goes on to discuss the 1980 musical 42nd Street in which he starred, and its producer David Merrick, a former lawyer from Saint Louis who became one of the most famous and prolific producers on Broadway. Orbach, who was close to Merrick personally, describes Merrick's commercial and artistic activities, his facility for knowing what works in the theater, and his ability to get those with whom he worked to do what he wanted. Orbach discusses the opening of 42nd Street, during which Merrick cancelled previews, changed the date of opening night, and finally after the last curtain call on opening night, came onstage and announced that the show's director Gower Champion had died that day. Merrick, Orbach says, "had a flair for the dramatic, a flair for the press." He describes 42nd Street as a classic backstage story, a love story and a story of the Depression. He also discusses its tunes, which refer back to Vaudeville and Burlesque. Orbach discusses the production on Broadway of large scale shows from England, beginning with the musical Cats by Andrew Lloyd Weber, which arrived on Broadway in 1982. These shows, Orbach feels, offer pageantry, high production values, and some wonderful performances, but do not live up to the standards of the musicals in which he performed. Orbach admires the current Broadway production The producers, as well as the work of choreographer Susan Stroman, and Twyla Tharp in Movin' out, but feels that there are very few "great," original musicals currently being produced on Broadway. Orbach discusses amplification in the theater, a "huge" change which affected the musical, which Orbach believes delivers an inauthentic experience to the audience, and dissuades performers from learning to project to the back of the theater. Orbach discusses his feelings as he hears the overture begin backstage as a performer, his enjoyment of communicating with the audience, and his inability to become bored with his role, even after several months of performing it. Orbach concludes discussion on tape one with his views on what the theater means for the audience, and the images Broadway conjures for him11ocn676807387mix1.00Prince, HaroldHarold Prince papersHarold Prince (1928-) is an American director and producer, primarily of musicals, but also of plays, operas and, occasionally, films. His Broadway career, which began in the 1950s and continues to the present day, has earned him 21 Tony Awards, more than any other individual. The Harold Prince papers (1954-1999) consist of administrative files and production files documenting his professional life as a director and producer, and a small amount of personal papers. Administrative files illustrate the day-to-day operations of Prince's production office. Production files contain detailed information on virtually all of Prince's shows from The Pajama Game (1954) to Parade (1999). Materials include business records, subject files, ledgers, contracts, professional and personal correspondence, scripts and drafts, photographs, programs, publicity materials, awards, costume sketches, set designs, lighting plots, and scrapbooks11ocn081262625visu19671.00The 21st Annual Tony Awards11ocn056962490visu19911.00And the world goes 'round (premiere: arrivals)Unedited news footage showing the arrival of several celebrities at the premiere of the Off-Broadway musical And the world goes 'round, a revue of songs by John Kander and Fred Ebb. The show premiered at the Westside Theatre on March 18, 1991. Those in attendance included Dorothy Loudon, Liza Minnelli, Madeline Kahn, and Chita Rivera11ocn040622862book19981.00Neuman, Jeffrey Scott"And that's show biz, kid" : self-referential theatricality in the musicals of John Kander and Fred EbbCriticism, interpretation, etc11ocn080850003visu19971.00Theater talkInterviewsMaripat Donovan, star and co-author of Late nite catechism, a one-person show in which she portrays a nun, explains the origin of the piece and discusses audience response to it. This section begins at 12:5511ocn707677204mix1.00Rockwell, EricThe musical of musicals : the musical!Parodies, imitations, etcDramaPlotless revue consisting of parodies of Broadway musicals11ocn080657403visu20041.00The 2004 Lucille Lortel awards for outstanding achievement Off-BroadwayParodies, imitations, etc11ocn144659580book1.00Steel pier (Musical) [clippings]Drama11ocn140496404visu20031.00[Interview with Marvin Hamlisch : raw footage]InterviewsRaw interview footage used for the documentary Broadway, the American musical. Composer Marvin Hamlisch discusses the American musical. Discussion begins on tape one at ca. 30 min. Hamlisch speaks about his first Broadway job as assistant to the vocal arranger for Funny girl. The show starred Barbra Streisand and its music was written by Jule Styne, a composer and mentor who Hamlisch believes understood how to write music for Broadway. Hamlisch discusses being hired by director/choreopgrapher Michael Bennett to write the music for A chorus line. Interview ends after 15 min. on tape one and resumes on tape two11ocn489261732visu20091.00The musical of musicals the musicalParodies, imitations, etcRevuesLive performance of the musical revue/parody. Structured into five acts, each is a short musical parody paying homage to the style of a famous musical composer, structured around the same classic melodrama plot. Styles parodied include those of Rodgers & Hammerstein, Stephen Sondheim, Jerry Herman, Andrew Lloyd Webber, John Kander and Fred Ebb11ocn079431475visu20051.00The musical of musicals : the musical!Parodies, imitations, etcDramaPlotless revue consisting of parodies of Broadway musicals+-+8419336335+-+8419336335Fri Mar 21 15:08:17 EDT 2014batch49231