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Thu Oct 16 17:59:07 2014 UTClccn-n840769050.00[Publications relating to Peace and Freedom Party (Cambridge, Mass.)]0.571.00Discrimination and poverty a social science approach /5001478n 840769051170764シュワーツ, Mlccn-n84076904Mintz, Bethlccn-n50063520National Farmers' Alliance and Industrial Unionlccn-n79108930Baraka, Amiri1934-2014lccn-n87920894Neal, Larry1937-1981lccn-n90634316Babbs, Kenlccn-n80088900Perry, Paul1950-lccn-n90634317Ortenberg, Neillccn-n50044585Kesey, Kenlccn-no2012067971Merry Band of Pranksterslccn-n81122283Mizruchi, Mark S.edtSchwartz, Michael1942-HistoryBiographyUnited StatesCorporationsDirectors of corporationsFinancial institutionsSouthern StatesNational Farmers' Alliance and Industrial UnionSocial historyFarmers--Political activityAfrican AmericansAfrican Americans--Intellectual lifeElite (Social sciences)CapitalismBusiness and politicsSubcultureTravelKesey, KenBeat generationBus travelFriendshipCountercultureNovelists, AmericanFunctionalism (Social sciences)Capitalists and financiersBusiness ethicsConservatismSocial policySocial problemsApplied ethicsPolitical scienceIraq War (2003-2011)War--CausesDestruction and pillageSmith, Adam,Perfection--Moral and ethical aspectsEmigration and immigrationGermanyRefugeesAssimilation (Sociology)YouthInternational relationsIraqWar on Terrorism (2001-2009)Military participation--AmericanDiplomatic relationsSociology--Study and teachingIndustrial managementJapanCapitalIndustrial organizationAgriculture--Economic aspects194219681969197619851987198819891990199119921994199619981999200220082012201343492370332.10973HG181ocn468825458ocn468213930ocn468064670ocn797212980ocn46837953289511ocn010996873book19850.56Mintz, BethThe power structure of American business+-+835680177532467511ocn002331053book19760.63Schwartz, MichaelRadical protest and social structure : the Southern Farmers' Alliance and cotton tenancy, 1880-1890History+-+40879217753246441ocn018908634book19890.47Neal, LarryVisions of a liberated future : Black arts movement writings5954ocn015790752book19870.63The Structure of power in America : the corporate elite as a ruling class+-+70125469353245623ocn021524616book19900.27Perry, PaulOn the bus : the complete guide to the legendary trip of Ken Kesey and the Merry Pranksters and the birth of the countercultureHistoryBiography+-+K96607510644018ocn015629138book19870.74Intercorporate relations : the structural analysis of businessAdopts a structural approach to the study of business. The authors argue that corporate behaviour cannot be understood in terms of the actions of individual firms alone, and that in order to understand how businesses operate, it is necessary to explore the relationships among them+-+98508867053243112ocn036858164book19980.77Social policy and the conservative agenda+-+95763622061532ocn226976416book20080.74Schwartz, MichaelWar without end : the Iraq War in context+-+K904036846212ocn263292796book20080.21Schwartz, MichaelWar without end : the Iraq debacle in context+-+K904036846191ocn015077477book19680.59Schwartz, MichaelStudy guide to the Study of sociology, by Joseph S. Himes102ocn036538803book19960.97Gendai kigyō no shihai to nettowāku : Nihon to Amerika61ocn490316566book19990.47Hoffmann, DierkGeglückte Integration? : Spezifika und Vergleichbarkeiten der Vertriebenen-Eingliederung in der SBZ/DDRIn der Bundesrepublik wurde eine längere Phase des Desinteresses, wenn nicht gar der Tabuisierung bereits im Laufe der achtziger Jahre durch neue wissenschaftliche Anstrengungen durchbrochen, die insbesondere den westdeutschen Gründungs-""Mythos der schnellen Integration"" zu differenzieren trachteten. Ebenso kam es zu Versuchen der Geschichtswissenschaft der DDR, die totalitäre Form der Tabuisierung der ""Umsiedler""-Integration aufzulockern, wobei man jedoch bis 1989 zwangsläufig den SED-Mythos schneller und erfolgreicher Integration unbedingt verpflichtet blieb. In diesem Band werden die Er51ocn041158099book19990.22Schwartz, MichaelManaging the new product supply chain : an industural organization perspective32ocn675005942book19940.47Kigyōkan nettowāku to torishimariyaku kenninsei21ocn863122265book20130.47Ethics, values and civil society21ocn490730034book19990.47Erobert oder befreit ? Deutschland im internationalen Kräftefeld und die Sowjetische Besatzungszone (1945/1946)11ocn864142376book20130.56Moral saints and moral exemplarsThe purpose of the series is to explore the central and unique role of organizational ethics in creating and sustaining a pluralistic, free enterprise economy. The primary goal of the research studies published here is to examine how profit seeking and not for profit organizations can be conceived and designed to satisfy legitimate human needs in an ethical and meaningful way11ocn760647817book19880.47Zapata, FranciscoMichael Schwartz (comp.). The structure of power in America : the corporate elite as a ruling class. Nueva York, Holmes and Meier, 198711ocn867899889book20120.50Schwartz, MichaelApplied ethics remembering Patrick PrimeauxThe late Patrick Primeaux, a past editor of this series, was an outstanding teacher of business ethics and a longtime chair of the Theology Department at St John's University in New York City. Patrick, through his teachings, research articles and books, had a profound influence on how many contemporary business ethicists both teach and think about business ethics. Some contributions in this volume are from his colleagues and reflect his influence as both a business ethics teacher and as a scholar. Others are the result of a conference held in June, 2011 at the University of Tasmania by the Australian Association for Professional & Applied Ethics. Those contributions too reflect Patrick's influence and also argue themes which Patrick would have fully endorsed11ocn018868789rcrd19691.00Gordon, ScottDiscrimination and poverty a social science approach01ocn061070498book[Publications relating to Peace and Freedom Party (Cambridge, Mass.)]+-+8356801775324+-+8356801775324Thu Oct 16 15:42:01 EDT 2014batch12948