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Fri Mar 21 17:10:53 2014 UTClccn-n848004260.00Methodicum chimicum : kritische Übersicht bewährter Arbeitsmethoden und ihre Anwendung in Chemie, Naturwissenschaft und Medizin /0.670.81Fused pyrimidines /32069152n 848004261071089Armarego, W. L.Armarego, W. L. F.Armarego, Wilfred L. F.Armarego, Wilfred Louis Florio.lccn-nr2003024755Chai, Christina Li Linlccn-n50047644Perrin, D. D.(Douglas Dalzell)1922-lccn-n84800425Perrin, Dawn R.lccn-n84180387Brown, D. J.edtlccn-no00037213Wiley InterScience (Online service)lccn-n84058221Elsevier Science Publisherslccn-n78040897Gallagher, M. J.lccn-n82100494Hitchings, George Herbert(1905-1998)lccn-n88211458Elion, Gertrude Belle(1918-1999)viaf-201091767Chai, Christina Lin LiArmarego, W. L. F.Chemicals--PurificationPyrimidinesHeterocyclic compoundsStereochemistryQuinazolineNitrogen compoundsPurines196619671977198019811982198319881989199219931994199619971998200020012002200320042007200920122013564517204542TP156.P83ocn2996144784663145ocn054394022book19660.66Armarego, W. L. FPurification of laboratory chemicalsNow in its fifth edition, the book has been updated to include more detailed descriptions of new or more commonly used techniques since the last edition as well as remove those that are no longer used, procedures which have been developed recently, ionization constants (pKa values) and also more detail about the trivial names of compounds. In addition to having two general chapters on purification procedures, this book provides details of the physical properties and purification procedures, taken from literature, of a very extensive number of organic, inorganic and biochemical compounds which are commercially available. This is the only complete source that covers the purification of laboratory chemicals that are commercially available in this manner and format. * Complete update of this valuable, well-known reference * Provides purification procedures of commercially available chemicals and biochemicals * Includes an extremely useful compilation of ionisation constants+-+86202150253267ocn000275870book19670.81Brown, D. JFused pyrimidinesIntroduction to the Pteridines. Primary Syntheses from Pyrimidines. Primary Syntheses from Pyrazines or Other Heterocycles. Pteridine and Its Alkyl and Aryl Derivatives. Halogenopteridines. Tautomeric Pteridinones and Extranuclear Hydroxypteridines. Aloxypteridines, N-alkylpteridines, and Pteridine N-oxides. The Sulfur-containing Pteridines. Pteridine Amines and Imines. Pteridinecarboxylic Acids and Related Compounds. The Hydropteridines. Ionization and Spectra. Table of Simple Pteridines. References. Index+-+569583629530912ocn002373127book19770.81Armarego, W. L. FStereochemistry of heterocyclic compounds2208ocn000293429book19670.73Armarego, W. L. FQuinazolinesTeil 1+-+6857385295398ocn310642955book19670.37Armarego, W. L. FFused pyrimidines296ocn029006714book19770.32Armarego, W. L. FStereochemistry of heterocyclic compounds. Part 1. Nitrogen heterocycles227ocn027503912book19770.29Armarego, W. L. FStereochemistry of heterocyclic compounds. Part 2. Oxygen, sulfur, mixed N, O and S and phosphorus heterocycles101ocn174426194book19770.47Armarego, W. L. FNitrogen heterocyclesBand 171ocn630984285book19770.47Armarego, W. L. FStereochemistry of heterocyclic compounds42ocn536092903com19670.47Armarego, W. L. FFused Pyrimidines+-+685738529541ocn769309556book19670.47Fused pyrimidines31ocn849499911com20130.47Armarego, W. L. FPurification of laboratory chemicals, seventh edition31ocn019063432book19770.47Armarego, W. L. FStereochemistry of heterocyclic compounds pt. 2: oxygen; sulfur; mixed N, O and S; and phosphorous31ocn256306837book19770.47Armarego, W. L. FOxygen; Sulfur; Mixed N, O, and S; and Phosphorus heterocycles11ocn867416966book19670.10Fusod pyrimidines.11ocn646842310com19920.47Delia, Thomas JFused pyrimidines11ocn838891890book1980Methodicum chimicum : kritische Übersicht bewährter Arbeitsmethoden und ihre Anwendung in Chemie, Naturwissenschaft und Medizin+-+8620215025+-+8620215025Fri Mar 21 15:41:40 EDT 2014batch10661