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Thu Oct 16 17:55:49 2014 UTClccn-n848053470.00Scrapbook of newspaper clippings of reviews of some of the books of Fred Charters Kelly0.461.00Wilbur Wright and Orville Wright papers,30010358Fred_C._Kellyn 848053471187601Charters Kelly, Fred 1882-1959Kelly, Fred C. 1882-1959Kelly, Fred Charters.Kelly, Fred Charters 1882-1959lccn-n79077414Wright, Orville1871-1948lccn-n79077415Wright, Wilbur1867-1912lccn-n79089539Ade, George1866-1944lccn-n82268280Hubbard, Kin1868-1930lccn-n89640131Commercial Solvents Corplccn-n84805349Ross, David1871-1943lccn-n94031070Pforzheimer Bruce Rogers Collection (Library of Congress)lccn-n80034012Rogers, Bruce1870-1957np-burgess, sullivan$1902 1941Burgess, Sullivan1902-1941lccn-no92029925Hibbard, Spencer, Bartlett & CoKelly, Fred C.(Fred Charters)1882-1959BiographyRecords and correspondenceHistoryWright, Wilbur,Wright, Orville,United StatesAeronauticsAirplanesAir pilotsAde, George,Authors, AmericanSatiristsAmerican wit and humorHubbard, Kin,SolventsCommercial Solvents CorpSpeculationStock exchangesRoss, David,Psychology, AppliedBusinessSellingHumorists, AmericanIllinois--ChicagoHibbard, Spencer, Bartlett & CoHardwareSales personnelTrust companiesDogsKelly, Fred C.--(Fred Charters),Wright Flyer (Airplane)FlightHardware industryHardware storesHutton, Graham,Kettering, Charles Franklin,Tarkington, Booth,Angell, Norman,Anderson, Sherwood,Lahm, Frank Purdy,Bourke-White, Margaret,Sheldon, Charles M.,TravelBerg, Hart O.,GermanyHarding, Warren G.--(Warren Gamaliel),North Carolina--Kitty HawkWebster, Harold Tucker,West, Rebecca,Ohio--ToledoCentury of Progress International ExpositionTarkington, Susanah,Janis, Elsie,1882195919161920192219231924192619281930193219331934193619391940194219431944194519461947195019511952195319561958196219641965196619671968196919701972197419751977197919831984198819891991199319941996199920002002200320082012393855198BTL540.W7ocn001075682ocn005863231ocn558005845ocn494465868ocn459749735ocn459155668105947ocn000824909book19430.28Kelly, Fred CThe Wright brothersBiographyFor other editions, see Author Catalog+-+410517139566012ocn000606708book19470.53Kelly, Fred CGeorge Ade : warmhearted satiristBiography48114ocn001075682book19470.50Ade, GeorgeThe permanent Ade; the living writings of George Ade3319ocn017200643book19530.25Wright, OrvilleHow we invented the airplaneHistoryBeretter om hvorledes brødrene Wright byggede deres flyvemaskine, der blev det første bemandede fly, der fløj ved egen motorkraft+-+17110713953107ocn001370701book19520.56Kelly, Fred CThe life and times of Kin Hubbard, creator of Abe Martin2374ocn001461774book19360.74Kelly, Fred COne thing leads to another; the growth of an industry1937ocn033101256book19510.28Wright, WilburMiracle at Kitty Hawk; the letters of Wilbur and Orville WrightBiographyRecords and correspondenceEn samling af breve skrevet af brødrene Wilbur og Orville Wright. Et væsentlig bidrag til at belyse flyvningens historie+-+66215315853241396ocn011344545book19460.66Kelly, Fred CDavid Ross, modern pioneer : a biography10011ocn000562946book19300.70Kelly, Fred CWhy you win or lose; the psychology of speculation+-+0757891395594ocn001427269book19320.53Kelly, Fred CHow shrewd speculators win; a guide to behavior when the market rises495ocn001811604book19300.90Kelly, Fred CSeventy-five years of Hibbard hardware; the story of Hibbard, Spencer, Bartlett & coHistory462ocn002505254book19200.94Kelly, Fred CBusiness profits and human nature; how to increase the first by a knowledge of the second414ocn002482007book19200.88Kelly, Fred CHuman nature in business : how to capitalize your everyday habits and characteristics417ocn004031122book19260.63Kelly, Fred CYou and your dog362ocn003619539book19330.90Kelly, Fred CHow to lose your money prudently; being the truth about trust companies354ocn004043791book19240.79Kelly, Fred CThe wisdom of laziness235ocn002354457book19470.29Kelly, Fred CDie Gebrüder Wright, die Erfinder des Motorfluges; eine Biographie mit der Genehmigung von Orville Wright204ocn003619469book19230.53Kelly, Fred CThe fun of knowing folks; a book about you and me193ocn034383402rcrd19940.08Kelly, Fred CThe Wright brothers a biographyBiographyIn this biography, Fred C. Kelly, a former newspaperman, author, and an old friend of the Wrights, tells the story of the two brilliant, dedicated, flight-obsessed bicycle mechanics from Ohio who first realized mankind's age-old dream of conquering the skies. Long considered the definitive Wright biography (the manuscript was read and approved by Orville Wright), this book recounts the Wrights' small-town boyhood, their early interest in all things mechanical, the establishment of the Wright Cycle Shop, and the complete behind-the-scenes story of how they designed, built, tested and flew the first "Flyer" in December 1903+-+5584561325141ocn003619448book19280.24Kelly, Fred CBut, on the other hand--!11ocn849528103mix1.00Kelly, Fred CFred C. Kelly PapersArchivesPapers of the American humorist, journalist, author. Collections contains correspondence, 1892-1959; typescript mss. of articles, books, poems, speeches, and stories; notebooks; photographs; and memorabilia, including clippings, drawings, genealogical material, reviews, a scrapbook, and a subject file relating to Orville and Wilbur Wright, of whom Kelly wrote a number of articles and books. Correspondents include, among others, George Ade, Sherwood Anderson, Norman Angell, Newton D. Baker, Nicholas Biddle, Margaret Bourke-White, Bruce Catton, Winston Churchill, Irvin S. Cobb, Homer Croy, Warren G. Harding, Arthur Hosking, John T. McCutcheon, André Maurois, H.L. Mencken, William Sydney Porter (O. Henry), J. B. Priestley, Clarence Rook, Theodore Roosevelt, Vilhjalmur Stefansson, Ida Tarbell, Booth and Susanah Tarkington, Albert Payson Terhune, Harry S. Truman, Wendell Willkie, P.G. Wodehouse, Orville Wright, and Art Young11ocn053150135book19261.00Tarkington, BoothAbout Fred C. Kelly, author of Kellygrams11ocn155130120book0.10Kelly, Fred CWhy I am pro-Russian11ocn247660189book1945Indiana State LibraryScrapbook of newspaper clippings of reviews of some of the books of Fred Charters Kelly11ocn501313739mix0.47Garrett, Maude RocksMrs. Harry B. Garrett CollectionA guide book for Chicago's World's Fair, 1933. Official pictures in color: A Century of Progress, Chicago, Illinois, 1934. Fringes of fact and fancy, by Harry B. Garrett, New York, Exposition Press, ca. 1941. A Centennial souvenir book of Decatur, Michigan, 1848-1948. A photocopy of The Spirit of the Lakes, by Harry B. Garrett, n. d. A photocopy of Bible records of the Thomas Baldwin family. Three watercolors by Maude Rocks Garrett11ocn014210943book0.47Ohlinger, GustavusGustaus Ohlinger papersCollection covers both personal and business aspects of Ohlingers life, including a journal written in South Africa and China (1902-1905), incoming and outgoing correspondence, speeches, articles, photographs, clippings, a scrapbook, and ephemera. Ohlingers correspondents, a significant aspect of the collection, include Warren G. Harding, John F. Kennedy, Theodore Roosevelt, Ellery Sedgwick, and Charles M. Sheldon. Of special interest is an audio tape he made recalling his 1901 interview with the young Winston Churchill at the University of Michigan. The family papers series is also a significant record group in this collection. It includes papers created and generated by several members of Ohlingers immediate family including an extensive group of papers from Constance Ohlinger, sister of Gustavus and pilot, teacher, and music lover11ocn070980263file1.00Wilbur Wright and Orville Wright papersHistoryRecords and correspondenceWright family correspondents include Katharine Wright Haskell, Lorin Wright, Milton Wright, and Reuchlin Wright. Other correspondents include Henry Harley Arnold, Hart O. Berg, Griffith Brewer, Octave Chanute, Robert J. Collier, Earl N. Findley, Benjamin Delahauf Foulois, Fred C. Kelly, Roy Knabenshue, Frank Purdy Lahm, Charles A. Lindbergh, Grover Cleveland Loening, Glenn L. Martin, Charles Stewart Rolls, G.A. Spratt, Paul Tissandier, Harry A. Toulmin, and Pliny W. Williamson01ocn122570517mixKelly, Fred CArchivesCorrespondence, 1892-1959; typescript mss. of articles, books, poems, speeches, and stories; notebooks; photographs; and memorabilia, including clippings, drawings, genealogical material, reviews, a scrapbook, and a subject file relating to Orville and Wilbur Wright, of whom Kelly wrote a number of articles and books+-+1711071395+-+1711071395Thu Oct 16 15:23:57 EDT 2014batch19404